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Open Kalos High - Sign Ups and Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. To the trainers of the world, you have received this letter because you have been accepted into Kalos High. Whether it's for your academic standard or maybe your bond with your Pokemon, we welcome you to Kalos High. Located in the famed, Lumiouse City, Kalos high offers a range of studies and activities. From competing in Pokemon Showcases to battling gym leaders, Kalos High allows you to do it all.

    School Starts on 3rd of March.

    -Principal Mayors

    Principal Mayors - Teaches Pokémon History
    Professor Lesley - Teaches Battling
    Professor Lucile - Teaches Performance
    Professor Woodcrest - Teaches Care
    Professor Dew - Teaches Riding
    Mr Bryant - Teaches P.E
    Professor Holly - Teaches Pokemon Research

    Year 7 - Year 9:

    9:00am - 10:30am: Research
    10:45am - 12pm: Battling
    12:10pm - 1:30pm: P.E
    1:35pm - 2:35pm: Performance
    2:40pm - 3:10pm: History
    3:10pm - 3:50pm: Break
    3:55pm - 4:20pm: Riding
    4:25 - 5:10pm: Care

    Year 10 - Year 12:

    8:30am - 10:00am - Research
    10:05am - 11:10am - Performance
    11:15am - 12:40pm - Battling
    12:45pm - 1:50pm - Care
    1:55pm - 3:00pm - P.E
    3:05pm - 3:50pm - Break
    3:55pm - 4:20pm - Riding
    4:25pm - 5:00pm - History




    Home Region:

    Pokemon Species:

    All Pokecharms Rules Apply
    Be Kind
    No swearing
    Romance is allowed
    No Mary Sues
    No legendaries
    No mythicals
    No Ultra Beasts
  2. Name: Sapphire Crest
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Year: 10

    Appearance: Sapphire has bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair tied up in a high pony. She had light skin and is about 1.7m tall. Sapphire wears a light blue tank top and black shorts with white swirly patterns. She wears dark blue and white sneakers and wears a pale, soft pink ribbon in her hair.

    Personality: Sapphire is an outgoing and friendly person. She's quite smart and fun to hangout with. She loves Pokemon a lot. She's adventurous and a bit cheeky.

    Skills: Sapphire is good at performing, climbing and she's also good at drawing
    Flaws: Sapphire isn't the best at P.E or history, although she tries.
    Goal: Pokémon Performer

    Home Region: Kalos

    Other: She's the niece of Grant the gym leader
    and she was living with them as her parents were on vacation in Johto

    Pokemon Species: Espurr
    Nickname?: Bonnie
    Shiny?: No
    Moveset: Psychic, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Psybeam

    Clothes: Bonnie wears a little pink sweater, it matches the colour of her eyes
  3. Name: morty
    nickname : morty the ghost
    Age: 16
    Gender: male

    Appearance: morty has purple eyes and blond hair he wears a black shirt , a purple band and purple shoes a black trousers he is slim and tall ( 1,81 )

    Personality: Morty is a loneliness student , he hates to help peoples , he like to make everything by himself , and he is always sad

    Skills: he can talk with them
    Flaws: he can't controle other types
    Goal: best ghost trainer
    he wants to revenge of his parents killers

    Home Region: Kalos

    Other: his parents died by a dark pokemon team
    so he lived with ghost type Pokemon in an old house ( that's why he can talk with them )

    Pokemon Species: mimikyu
    Shiny?: No
    Moveset: destiny bond , shadow claws , play rough , sword dance
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  4. Okay so, I only have a few issues with this post.
    Could you add a bit more detail to the personality and appearance

    Also there is no picture of a Mimikyu, just a Gengar... The cloths bit is about if the pokemon is wearing any clothes, the trainer's clothes should be in appearance

    If you could fix that up then you're good to go!
    (Also make sure you've read the rules)
  5. i fixed it
    PS : the gengar pic is my signature
  6. Alright, then you're accepted. Although your character can't be sad or angry all the time. Maybe he's just very emotional, everyones got to be happy sometimes
  7. yea
    by the time and his friends his personalities will change
  8. Name: Jake Taido
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Year: 11

    Appearance: Jake is a decently tall and is a normal weight for his age.He has brown hair that is a curly mess.He has a bit darker skin because all the free time he spends training with his Pokemon outside.He usually wears a normal,green t-shirt that has splatters of color on it.He wears brown shorts and red sneakers,as well.
    Personality: Jake is quiet,but tries to keep everything happy.He will usually stop arguements that are occurring and hates sadness.

    Skills: Jake is very smart and can think of strategic actions in battles
    Flaws: Jake sometimes feels like he's getting overwhelmed in a battle,so he'll just freeze up.
    Goal: Beat at least one league

    Home Region: Johto

    Pokemon Species: Phanphy
    Nickname?: Rollout
    Shiny?: No
    Gender: Male
    Moveset:Rollout|Defense Curl|Magnitude|Protect
  9. Accepted! Well that's a bit of a change in personality ;)
  10. Well... Sapphire's normal
    Morty gets sad
    Jake gets Happy

    It's a change in personalities from you to him
  11. Well, variety is good
  12. Yeah, guess so
  13. Name: Philipp Sands
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Year: 10

    Appearance: Philipp has brown hair, and he is tall (1.8 m. tall). He wears black t-shirt with green pokeball on it and black trousers.

    Personality: Philipp is friendly, and likes to go on parties, but he is a good student. He is very confident and loyal to his friends but mean to his enemies

    Skills: Philipp is good at creeping, talking and swimming
    Flaws: He is totally bad at biology
    Goal: Enjoy his life

    Home Region: Hoenn

    Other: He's parents have hotel in Hoenn

    Pokemon Species: Sharpedo
    Nickname?: Sharpie
    Shiny?: No
    Moveset: Crunch, Swagger, Surf, Earthquake

    Clothes: None
  14. Name: Shane
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Year: 10

    Appearance: Black spiky hair, black jacket, white t-shirts, Black jeans, Red sneakers, dark brown eyes, Necklace with crescent moon on the end, a blue earing, slightly tanned.

    Personality: Quite, coldhearted, adventurous, smart, optimistic and loyal

    Skills: Shane is athletic and is smart
    Flaws: Shane isn't very good at history.
    Goal: Defeat all evil organisations

    Home Region: Kalos

    Pokemon Species: Greninja
    Nickname: N/A
    Shiny: no
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: water shuriken, ice punch, dark pulse, shadow sneak.
  15. Name: Leo Clain
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Year: 11

    Appearance: Leo has shiny silver hair and neon green eyes, he is fairly tall and usually wears black jeans with shiny black dress shoes, a blue button up shirt, a red jacket with gold buttons and black fabric on the inside. Leo also has a pair of gold hooped bracelets and a black and red wolf like mask on the side of his head

    Personality: Leo is overconfident and thinks of himself very highly, Leo may act very cocky most of the time but he is very kind and caring though he doesn't like to admit it.

    Skills: Leo is a natural at performing, history and battling.
    Flaws: Leo doesn't care for any other subjects exempt those that he finds interesting or worth his time.
    Goal: to go to Unova and become a famous actor with his Pokemon.

    Home region: Sinnoh

    Species: Lucario
    Nickname: N/A
    Shiny: no
    Gender: male
    Moveset: shadow claw, close combat, metal claw and Aura sphere

    Clothes: Lucario has a jacket that matches the one that Leo wears

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