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KageX's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Burst Ninja, May 4, 2009.

  1. heres some sprites ive submitted to the trainer card maker, some of these are old and others are revisions. tell me what you think.

    alice [​IMG]
    drew [​IMG]
    paul [​IMG]
    zoey [​IMG]
    wes [​IMG]
    red from r/b/g pokespecial [​IMG]
    red from yellow pokespecial [​IMG]
    red from g/s/c pokespecial [​IMG]
    red from fr/lg and emerald pokespecial [​IMG]
    silver pokespecial [​IMG]
    silver game [​IMG]

    i will have more soon
  2. Wow. These are pretty good. However, the outlines of Alice's and Zoey's hair are too dark for their hair colors. Maybe you could try a lighter color.
  3. thanks for the advice, ill pobably edit those later but for now i have a few new sprites.

    [​IMG] a lucario devamp

    [​IMG] some pokespecial ruby sprites

    [​IMG] also heres a few custom characters
  4. I have mixed feelings about your work, but never the less... They are rather good.
  5. why thank you

    also heres some new stuff
    [​IMG] a fakemon riprok
    [​IMG] hunter/teal the hero of my hack that will come out eventually
    [​IMG] a custom red in g/s/c style
    [​IMG] my best fakemon yet shargodon, its an evolution of sharpedo
    [​IMG] aurancario a lucario evo
    [​IMG] gliscor pixel art
    [​IMG] blue in r/b/g style
    [​IMG] riley in fr/lg style
    [​IMG] and my ground/rock eeveelution quakeon
  6. Wow, all of your work is very good. You're talented. :D

    I've always loved the main character's G/S backsprite and I also love your edit of it, it looks great. I can definitely see why you consider Shargoden your best fakemon yet, it's really well done and creative, that thing would scare the crap out of me though...

    I really like all your various little sprites, they're all unique and fun. I'd shoot myself if Lucario got an evo but I like your idea :}
  7. hahahaha, well thanks im really glad you like them.
  8. That Sharpedo Evo is my favorite so far ^^ I like all your shading on them. If you knew me, you'd know I can't scratch shade for my life XD

    Good work ^^
  9. well im happy that you like my shading

    heres just the game heros in g/s/c style with a custom g/s/c heros and rival.
  10. Shargodon is pretty sweet. I would train it for just looking awesome.

    I sure hope it's still Water/Dark, though. Those are two of my favorite types.

    Eee! Gliscor is cute. I love the expression and the shading.
  11. well if you like shargodon so much heres his pokedex entry
    Name: Shargodon
    Name meaning: shark+megalodon
    Species: Brutal Pokemon
    Type: Water/Dark
    Height: 9'3
    Weight: 380 lbs
    Ability: Rough Skin
    Evolution: level up sharpedo in dive spot while holding deep sea tooth
    Dex Entry: Shargodon are the king of the sea. Not many are found because they live at the bottom of the ocean but legend says seeing one will grant good fortune.

    now shargodon won a contest on deviant art so i was given this as a prize.

    now for sprites...
    a devamp of shargodon for my hack [​IMG]

    the heros to my upcoming sprite comic [​IMG] (the blonde haired boy isnt mine but will be appearing in the comic)

    and my pokemon ows made to be size accurate not game accurate [​IMG]
  12. Rai


    I really do love that shargodon sprite, it's really epic. ( Nintendo should make sharpedo evolve. C: )
    I also really like you pokespecial sprites too, you made sure to include the details in all of them!
  13. thanks a lot!

    ok so in honor of heart gold and soul silver i give you...
    ok so here i have his new clothes with his old ones. for the second sprite i tried to make it look like the original pose so im aware the body looks weird...anyhooo im really pumped for hgss anyone else?
  14. hello I want to make a request I want a battle sprite and overworlds of this description: male, blonde hair, a black and red striped hoodie, blue jeans, black boots, emo style bangs over my left eye and a ponytail like this http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/File:Shikamaru_Nara.jpg and green eyes
  15. sorry buddy i dont do requests
  16. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    OMG i luv the two fakemon aurancario and shargodon

    btw gliscor is so cute
  17. Eee! Shargodon looks amazing, even devamped. You are very good at devamps, I've noticed.

    Maybe you could try making your own versions of HGSS sprites. A less funky looking Pikachu would be great. Pikachu in Platinum just looks like it has some issues.
  18. well for devamps originally i had planned on devamping sinnoh for my hack. sadly i got bored and realized i kinda hate sinnoh haha.

    so speaking of sinnoh...and devamps

    its a gliscor in g/s/c style. majority of the sprites were scratched, id say around 80%-90%, somthing like that
  19. Cool. Gliscor looks shiny…


    Just kidding! I think it looks quite good. The white patches of shading matches up with the spritage style of GSC very well.

    Hee, hee, I like the back sprite. It looks like ‘Hey, I'll bash you with my claw! Bwahahaha!'
    #19 Secad MS, May 29, 2009
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  20. hahaha wow, my arts getting drooled over.

    a g/s/c band inspired by Loz:oot and loz:mm.
    the instruments used are a flute an ocarina a harp and some giant pipe things
  21. This reminds me of the band from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

    This is pretty cool, and suits the 2nd Generation style perfectly. However, it looks a little jerky in-between movements. Is that how the 2nd Gen looks?
  22. honestly im not really sure, ill have to look it up.

    i made silver in his new outfit [​IMG]

    then i put him with gold [​IMG]

    i did some ows in d/p/pt style (my first) [​IMG]

    also heres a little somthing i made for the june contest on pokecommunity [​IMG]

    pika and chuchu aka the surfing and flying pikachus [​IMG]

    croconaw revamps [​IMG][​IMG]

    and finally some g/s/c trainers [​IMG]
  23. Those are beautiful... I can only do recolors and mixes. xD
  24. KageX! Why didn't I post here sooner?

    May I just say that your sprites are very well done for the most part. All of your Pokemon Character sprites match their original descriptions very well, and I'm impressed! I will suggest one thing, however, that you watch out for lighting and shadows. On one of the sprites I saw, shading just went straight down the middle of the leg. Remember that legs are organic shapes, and that the shading should move with the shape of the leg.

    Your Fakemon, Shargodon, is extremely impressive. I love it. There is nothing else to say about that.

    As far as your g/s/c/r/b/y/g type sprites, those are great, too. I have absolutely no experience with those, so I can't give advice on them, but they all look pretty good to me.
    I also love the little band you have animated here.

    Overall, great work and keep it up.
  25. thanks ill try to work on a more organic shading style

    ok this is a fr/lg map of noken. this is my first time trying this so please be brutal on crit.
    [​IMG]heres a scratch trainer which will eventually be me [​IMG]
  26. dude!! just have to say!! AWESOME!! shargodon is awesome cool and congrats for the contest!! i also like riprock!! keep up the good sprites!!
  27. I am simply amazed. You may be one of the greatest sprite artists I have seen that is a bit newer to the site than the ones I already known. I thought you were just pretty good when you made that Lopunny, but after seeing all this, that must have been easy for you. I can't wait to see what else you do.
  28. wow, thanks. im glad you think im that good.

    ok so i took my old wes sprite that i snet in to the trainercard maker here and ive been working on it
    ive also got some okish riley ows in fr/lg style
    a little d/p/pt walking animation of me
    and two other entries i made for the june contest on pokecommunity
  29. Well I decided to hop on and do a critique or two. Kagex, your sprites are the lucky winners of gettting some. I'll only pick out a couple though. Before I get into the negative stuff though, I will say I think you are good at spriting.

    [quote author=KageX]

    Shargodon I would have to say is very well done. It looks like a likely evolution, it seems to match Pokemon style, and it in general looks cool. The concept in general is a little weird, I never thought Sharpedo was in need of an evolution.

    Near the eye, the two lines going across the hollow area, they don't look exactly right to me. They don't look like Sharpedos, which seem to bridge the gap. They more so look like they are on the inside. They also don't' seem to be curving in the same way, so they could match maybe a little better. I'm not sure how to fix it, maybe thickening it will help though if do able.

    The dark blue like border around the yellow part on his head seems a bit off. If the palette limitations allow, I'd say add just a new border color for it, the blue doesn't match the yellow.

    The yellow stars on the fins seem very flat. I don't know if that's what you wanted though. I'm assuming though they are meant to be spikes though. The one on its right fin could have a point with what angle it's on in my opinion. The one on its left fin doesn't exactly fit. The way it was done worked well on Carnivine, but it doesn't seem exactly right on yours.

    All these problems though was really just me scraping at the bottom of the barrel. The sprite is very well done, and in my opinion is great.

    [quote author=KageX]

    Quakeon is interesting. I'm not sure I like the idea of it being a rock/ground, Eevee is kind of the type to just have one stand alone typing.

    I can't decide if I like the shading on the main two rocks on the body. I'll look at it and go "something doesn't look right" then I'll think about it and go "wait, not it makes sense" then a second later its "something doesn't look right" all over again. I just can't get a good grasp on if it was done well or not.

    The rocks on its head are cool, but then again I'm a fan of Sandslash so of course they would be :p. I think though they could use some work. The back two seem to be in odd positions and sticking out to the right too much.

    I do also find the legs brown legs sticking out of the rocks a bit weird. The main problem is that they look like they are just kind of glued onto the rock, not coming out or part of it.

    The last issue I could have is the rocks look a tad shiny in a few spots, almost metallic like. Maybe find a way to tone that down or change the color on them to be more rock like.

    [quote author=KageX]

    You Wes is really good. It looks a lot like him. A little bit of a issue though, Wes seems to have a black collar around his neck from his undershirt, like a turtle neck, which you kind of don't have represented even though I believe that we'd be able to see it if he was standing like that. Should be able to be added, lower the jacket a bit and add it where his neck would be. Seems to go as high as his mouth.

    His visor thing could look a tad more shiny and metallic. Adding a white highlight in it could help.

    I like how he is holding a black Pokeball, just seems like a small and neat detail.

    The pants could also be more strap-like. His seem to have bands going around them or something.

    Also one more nitpicky character detail. He seems to have yellow eyes.

    The overworlds are looking really good though.

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