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Just One Wish

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kalseng, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. An ancient civilization, the first to discover the powers of magic, proudly stood for a millennium, until all members of the civilization mysteriously vanished. The buildings still stand, the forest surrounding the buildings reclaiming the land. No one knows the reason, and everyone fears that they never will. Centuries later, a group of archeologists discovered the ruins, and they set up a large camp nearby. They found vast treasures, and they became a rich camp.

    Before long, travelers came onto their camp, and found more treasures in the ruins. They all ended up staying in the camp, each financially set for life. Soon, the camp became a settlement, and before long, it was a town, the town of Shayle. The ruins were then reclaimed, but the town no longer needed them, as it was then one of the largest and most prosperous cities on the continent.

    The buildings were large, and each crafted of stone. They had some of the largest stores in the area, one of the longest royal lines, and possibly the most extensive library in the world. Some of the worlds most powerful sorcerers would flock to the library to research the most ancient texts and valuable scrolls in the world, each containing infinite wisdom and vast resources.


    Aaron had his nose shoved in a book, the text of said book very fine and curvy. His deep blue and green eyes had an issue focusing in on the letters, straining to read it. His hair wasn't neat, for he would fiddle with whatever strands were nearby to relieve the tension. His skin was clean, having just washed himself this morning after going for a whole week without bathing or being in a town, the slightly tanned skin only broken by the many runes that decorated his arms, hands, neck, back, and forehead. His clothing had maintained a very clean condition since its wash last night. His black jacket remained pristine, the white strips forming an X on the front not even smudged. The leather straps that started at his shoulders and connected on a metal ring in the back of his jacket were still clean, even after a night without a wash. With Aaron, this was a big feat. His jeans however, were not so lucky. Any ink from the old books covers or backs collected along his finger tips, and he smeared them into his jeans. It barely even left streaks after being worked in, but Aaron didn't concern himself with that, after all, he would was hit out in a week, maybe even tonight if he stayed here longer. His shoes weren't dirtied, for it had been a day since they had last seen a dirt trail.

    His metal staff was not nearly as clean as anything else. It was abused, because it was never to be washed, for fear that the special runes on it would wash off. The staff was a magical one, allowing him to focus his powers, and increase his magic, due to the runes and the opal inside the core of the staff. The metal was also a special one, only mined in the caves around his hometown. The metal was rare, but almost impractical. It was very hard to smelt, reshape, or build with, leaving only specially trained craftsman to work it, but with every sale, it made them considerably richer.

    Aaron had heard that there was an item around this area of the world that held a genie, and would grant the holder of the object one wish. That was all Aaron wanted, so he was staying in this huge town for the simple purpose of its location and extensive library. Aaron slammed the large tome, and he sighed. "Not a thing in there about this artifact," Aaron said. His hopes were slowly fading away with every wasted minute, but he could waste a whole lot in this room, because he didn't mind reading or researching one bit. Aaron didn't care that all the information he had found could be written on his palm, or that the books he had read would need to be carried by at least four men to move anywhere, but at least he had that information.

    Aaron slid the old, leather-bound book next to a stack of other read books. Aaron reached over to the small pile of unread books, pulled one over, and opened the cover. The binding cracked with age, and the parchment looked stale and fragile. Aaron turned the pages delicately, and browsed the table of contents. He spied something about the old civilization that had once formed here, so Aaron flipped to the section of pages pertaining to that. As he skimmed to the end, a sentence caught his eye.

    Upon further investigation of the runes, we found them to be a society inclined to magic, and the artifacts that harnessed these powers.

    Aaron looked closer at the book, and re-read the sentence to make sure he didn't read it wrong. Aaron kept on reading, his hopes rising.

    The artifacts located in the ruins were very interesting, but one of the walls translated meanings caught our attention. It read: Thy lamp of magic, to grant thou a wish, lie ahead but a chamber. If thou doth seek thy magic lamp, then though may rejoice. We were thrilled, and proceeded into the next

    Aaron turned the page, but only found a new chapter. There was no writing on the back, as the inks would have blended together back when this book was written, nearly three hundred years ago. Aaron flipped between the two pages, and noticed that a bundle were missing, indicated by the tear marks along the inside of the spine. Aaron sighed, and read back to find the approximate location, and wrote that down on the palm of his hand, the flipside of the runes. Aaron slid that book back into position, and pulled up another book. Much like the last one, it cracked as it opened, and the parchment looked even more frail than the last.

    Aaron had barely turned to the table of contents when the doors of the library swung open with a loud crash. A man, looking rather old and derranged was standing in the doorway. His clothes were tattered, and looked almost one hundred or more years old. He opened his mouth, and began to yell and shout. "I know! I know the location! I've seen it! I've seen it!" Aaron turned towards him, and saw a fistful of papers clutched in his hands. "It's in the ruins to the southwest! I've seen! I've seen!" A team of two guards came in the room, grabbing the shouting man aronud his arms. His hands opened wide, dropping the papers to the floor.

    "Come with us, sir," One of the guards demanded.

    "I've seen! I've seen!" The man kept shouting as he was taken away. As the doors shut behind them, Aaron wandered up to the fallen papers. One was a map, a map of the surrounding area, with the nearby forest marked. And arrow was pointing to it, labeled "Artifact!" In big, bright letters. Aaron took a mentla snapshot of the map, silently rejoicing in his head. He dropped the papers on the floor in a rush, and left quickly.


    Aaron was sidestepping the trees and branches as he wlaked through the hot, muggy forest. The area was thick with trees and hamrless wildlife, but it was still hard to get through. Aaron found himself navigating through briars, squeezing between near walls of trees, and sweating bullets. Soon, the trees broke into a clearing with a large, vine-covered temple. The vines had grown everywhere, crawling through the cracks, covering the entrance until it was barely visible, covering every oraface, and connecting at the top, where a tree had started to grow.

    Aaron walked up to it, and touched the warm stone structure. His hands traced over the visible sections, his eyes softening. "I've found it..." He said out loud, to no one in particular. "I'm so close to the artifact..." Tears formed in his eyes, and he whiped them out. He strode up to the enterance, and found the vines to be thick and heavy. He took a couple steps back, and flicked out his left hand.

    "Fire Rune. Flaming Arrows." He said flatly. The runes on the back of his left hand glowed, and a small plume of flame jetted up from the ground, burning the vines. They burned up a ways, just far enough for Aaron to comfortably walk through. "I'm going to get my wish!" He said loudly. He peered in, and found a tunnel and large room lit by the sunlight on the outside. He strained his eyes to see, but figured he'd be okay once he got in. Aaron took a few strides in, keeping his hand close to the wall, until he found the large room.

    He groped around on the wall and found a torch. "Fire Rune. Flamin Arrows." A very small plume shot up on the torch, which was next to a small trail of oil. It circled around the room, lighting various torches on it's way. Soon, the room was lit up, and a giant chamber was revealed. The vines were wtill growing inwards, growing over a large door with engravings decorating its surface. The door was large and magnificent, with numerous signs of degredation showing, but no holes where visible, meaning now vines, no air was getting through that door. Aaron stood, the only sound was that of the flames and his deep, awestruck breath.
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  2. "Well that is certainly something you don't see everyday." Serena muttered as the old man was dragged off by the guards, still shouting at the top of his voice: "I've seen it! I swear! You must listen to me!" The man's voice was amazingly strong for someone who was as old as he was, for Serena could still hear his voice through the dusty windows of the library.

    Serena right now was one that could be easily overlooked, provided that you didn't see her thigh-long white hair. She sat in a corner behind a bookshelf, her black and gold cloak hid her easily in the shadows. She sighed and gently closed her book on the ancient spells used by the people here, listening to the crackling of the centuries-old paper. Her mind was caught up in a whirl, and now the already hard-to-read words on the paper seemed to dance away from her blue eyes. She set the book back in its niche and ran her many ringed fingers through her hair, her ocean blue eyes observing the dust moats swirling in the sun beams filtering through the window. She scuffled her boots on the rich-colored wooden floorboards and stared blankly out the window. Her right hand absently fingered and rubbed the smooth, egg-shaped dark blue stone tied around her neck with a black silk ribbon; she suddenly stopped and leaned forward as she saw a blurry figure through the window.

    They really need to wash this window, Serena thought to herself and she tried to open the window. And oil it. She added as the window stubbornly refused to budge a millimeter. She squinted, trying to make out where the figure was going, it seemed to be headed outside the city. She made her way to the entrance of the library, something about whoever that was seemed...different, she didn't know why. Just one of those people who instantly get your attention. Serena stopped when she almost trod on a scattered pile of papers, the same ones that the half-crazed old guy dropped as the guards hauled him out. Glancing around, Serena told herself that no one was looking, and she bent down and scooped up a handful of the nearest papers. She held them gently, for the material in her half-gloved hands seemed to dry and old that Serena was afraid that they would crumble into dust if she held them too strongly. Most of the parchment had research notes, not unlike that of an arcaeologist's, but a particular one caught her eye. Shifting through the papers, she saw a map, in one of the corners was what looked like the city, and the rest of the map was one of the surrounding forests.

    Howver, there was a small red circle in the middle of the forest illustration, with an equally red arrow pointing to it, the word "Artifact"!" was scrawled at the beginning of the arrow. Carefully pocketing the map, Serena frowned in slight confusion, yet inside was smiling. I guess today won't be spent buried in dusty old papers about long-forgotten spells. Serena thought to herself as she quietly splipped out of the library, after all, whoo would pay any attention to another normal fifteen-year-old girl?


    "I can't belive no one except that old guy has ever found this before." Serena breathed as she eventually came apon a magnificent temple covered in vines. It probably was a beauty in its time, but its time was long gone, and now vines ran rampant. Serena could pick up a medium sized tree growing out at the top. "But then again," she added, striding forward, "the old civilization probably knew about it." her eyes narrowed, "but it looks like someone beat me to it." From the looks of it, someone had gone up the front steps without tripping over the web of vines and roots, and burned a a large hole in the overhanging vines, revealing what Serena presumed to be the entrance.

    Stumbling over the many vines, Serena peered inside the entrance. When deciding that the someone who cleared the way was either inside or gone, she cautiously took a few steps in. A gaping tunnel wound its way in front of her, illuminated by the sunlight on the outside. Laying her left hand on the hilt of her sword for safety measures, Serena took large steps over the vines and into clear spots, to avoid anything lurking in the interconnecting webs of vines, mainly snakes. After a few minutes of this clownish act, the tunnel widened out in front of her, and she could see a golden glow of light in front of her. The room ahead was circular, with torches hung on all of the walls; Serena could make out a shadow of something being cast by the torchlight.

    Gripping her sword handle firmly, Serena stopped just outside the entrance of the room. "Who's there?" She called out loudly.
  3. The voice behind Aaron shot shivers up his spine, and he turned to find a sword wielding girl standing, ready to strike. He couldn't make out a lot of her features, but Aaron could tell by her demeanor and aura that she wasn't here to play a game of Gin. He tightened his grip on the staff he carried. "A-Aaron," He said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear. "W-What are you doing here?" He inquired. The girl was just about ready to attack, but Aaron had no intention of fighting. He wanted that wish. He slowly backed up, drawing himself out of the shadows. His runes tingled, as if identifying the presence of a strong magic source. Or they were warm. Either one worked in this scenario.

    He felt his hands touch the door behind him, and a finger precariously placed itself on a crack. He felt something odd. Like, a cool air, but not regular air. A rigid, magical air that tantilized Aaron's entire being. He wanted in that room, he wanted whatever was in there, to bottle it, to harness it, to own it. He cocked his head slightly, and he opened his mouth to talk. "Do you..." He started, choosing his words "practice magic?" He asked. His body wanted what was in that room, but he couldn't just open it with the turn of a doorknob. More importantly was the girl who stood in front of him, cast in the shadows.

    Aaron's mind focused on her face, trying to pierce through the darkness. He could make out her hair, the strange, flowing, white hair. He asked the more pressing question at this point in time, the one that might determine his fate. "Who are you?" He asked. Knowledge was power, and he would need all the power he could get to get through this maze of stone.
  4. Serena narrowed her eyes at the boy's uneasiness. He said his name was Aaron, and shot his barrage of questions at her. She decided to answer the easiest ones first. She allowed her grp to slacken a little on her sword and she took a step forward. "My name," she began, taking another step forward, allowing her face to be cast into light, "is Serena." Aaron seemed a little more, what was the word...anxious?

    She focused her mind, trying to sense any deception in Aaron's mind, but before she could, another feeling came by her. A wonderful feeling, like a cool breeze of air on a hot day. And it was coming from right behind Aaron. She wondered if he knew, but didn't say anything, she wanted to see what was behind him, but not now. "As for why I'm here," she went on, "probably the same reason why you're here. To get a wish." There were strange markings all over Aaron's body, Serena squinted to try to see them better, then her eyes flew open with shock. Runes...? She thought in confusion. No wonder why she had sensed him outside the library.

    "For that final question," she chose her next words carefully, "I wouldn't say I practice magic, more like it comes...naturally." Her hand came up to once again to finger her necklace, but she stopped it in time. "I've recently been trying to harness it by learning about the magic of the old civilization, but, it's a tiring process." She now looked Aaron strainght in the face. "Why are there runes all over your body?" She asked, now it was her turn to gain information.
  5. The ruins stood, a remarkable vista agaisnt the sky. Atop, two things. A tree, which had claimed the temple for itself. That tree, the figure of someone about 20. His long dark blue jacket ended in maroon tips. Two swords were crossed on his back. The deep blue hair that sat atop his head was motionless. Green eyes scanned the ground below, looking for threats. In his coat pocket, a book. The Book of the Ages, it was called.

    A divine gift from the gods, indeed. As a message of Armegeddon, they gave the book to him, for him to decide what would be saved. Using the magic of the gods agaisnt them, he stopped the impending doom.

    Now, Jayden used the book for his own selfish needs, and entertainment. Giving the annoying merchant the flu, subtley stripping emotions from neighbors. But, of all the ways the book could be used, it could not be made to make life or death. Grabbing the book out of his coat pocket, he climbed down the ruined temple. On the inside, it was said a wish could be granted to him.

    That wish, that could bring Her back to life.

    Upon getting to the empty space in the wall that was once the door, he carefully entered. Two people stood in the center of a large room at the end of the corridor. Sliding his way to the archway, Jayden opened the book. Magically connecting, the two people appeared on two pages. Should he need to, he could calm them down. He continued to listen as they talked.

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