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Journey through the Universe (Open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ingusto, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. (In this roleplay trainers will venture through the entire pokemon universe! This is open to anyone and anything. Message me details about your character after you join. Thanks and have fun!)
    Oshiro awoke from his slumber. "Ooh boy, today is the day to start my adventure. I will explore every region there is and find every Pokemon!" Oshiro went downstairs to get his bags and his only Pokemon. It was a tiny little Silcoon that he'd found alone on the side of a trail while walking one day. He had named her Silke and she loved adventure. Oshira grabbed some hot toast and ran out of the door to his friend's house. In his bag he carried potions, berries, a brand new pokedex and some clothes. As Oshira approached the first house he hoped they too would join him on his journey. He knocked on the door," Hello, are you there? Today is the day!"
  2. Cheyenne had barely been able to sleep the previous night, having been too excited excited for the day to come. When it was an appropriate hour, she got up from her bed and got dressed, hurrying down the stairs to grab her bag that her mother had stitched for her. "Mom, today's the day! Is dad up yet?" The young woman beamed at her mother, excited to get going. She had chosen her very first pokemon today, a Fennekin, and was ready to start her journey. Once she had said her goodbyes, there was a knock at her door. "That's probably Oshiro! Goodbye! I love you both!" She hurried to the door, and opened it.
  3. Somewhere in a small town by a lake, Monti had one last pokeball.
    "Venasaur, use razor leaf!"
    As told, the borrowed Venasaur sent razor sharp leaves at the wild Poliwrath. The attack connected, and Monti was ready to catch her first pokemon. Raising her arm back, she threw the pokeball at the Poliwrath, a sure catch. Monti grinned as the pokeball opened to capture the pokemon in its weakened state. However before it could, a wild Magikarp leaped out of nowhere. Monti and Venasaur's faces fell into utter shock, as the known to be useless pokemon, was instead taken in by the red light. The wild Poliwrath fled.
    Successfully capturing the Magikarp, the pokeball bounced back towards Monti as she dramatically fell to her knees.

    "Thanks for letting me borrow Venasaur." Monty muttered, as she handed back the pokeball to her cousin.
    "Oh? How did it go? Did you catch your first pokemon?"
    Monty stared blankly into space before replying with a, "Yeah. I got a Magikarp."
    Attempting and failing to stifle his chuckles, Monty's cousin burst into a fit of laughter. "Oh Monty, you're great. Really."
    With a subtle pout, Monty grabbed her bag from the table.
    "Are you actually going? I'm not so sure you'll be able to make it with a Magikarp. Wild pokemon can be dangerous you know."
    "Yeah, yeah. I'll make it." She said, nodding and gesturing a goodbye before leaving the house.
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  4. Oshiro joined up with Monty and Cheyenne later that day. "Hey Monty, I see you have a Magikarp there. I used to breed them actually with my dad for a few years. I won best in my city fourteen years in a row with all of my Magikarps. It too was my first pokemon, here I'll show you." Oshiro pulled out a Net Ball and sent out a huge Magikarp. "His name is Cornelius, and I've had him for sixteen years. We've done a lot together and we have a strong bond. But I recently got this little Silcoon here from the adoption agency. Her name is Silke and she'd been abused by her previous owners. But enough about that, time to start our epic adventure! Now who's ready? One more thing, keep in mind I'm allowing more people to join our group as we travel as friends and allies. They can help us a lot. You guys need to get anything before we go?" Cornelius flopped around "Magikarp!!"
  5. Cheyenne smiled as her two friends spoke about Magikarp as her Fennekin perched on her shoulder. She adjusted her bag and looked at Oshiro, her smile widening a bit. "Actually, do you think we could stop by the pokemon center really quick?" She asked, glancing at her Fennekin, who she decided to call Todd. "I think it would be a good idea for me to stock up on potions, just in case Todd gets poisoned or something." She rubbed Todd's head, though still looking at Oshiro. "Maybe I'll buy some pokeballs, too!" She exclaimed, excitement rising in her chest. She was excited to fill up her pokedex and befriend as many pokemon as she could.
  6. "Sure, whatever you need to do. This is totally fine with me, take all the time you need girls. Whenever you are ready, we can go. Just let me know when you are ready. I'll be at the library with Cornelius if you need me. Take Silke with you, she need to get to know you better, but don't give her spicy food she is allergic. See you in a bit Cheyenne and Monty!"
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  7. "See you soon, Oshiro!" She spoke, taking Silke from him, turning to Monty. "You want to come with me to the pokemon center?" She asked, a friendly smile on her lips. "I'll only take a minute, and then we can start our journey."
  8. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    'Nurse Joy, can you heal my Pikachu!?'
    'Nurse Joy Nurse Joy! my Machop is poisoned, please help me!?'

    Key could not take all of the constant noise that echoed through out the Pokemon center, his head felt as if more than a thousand Tauros had stampeded over his head. The young trainer took a deep sigh, releasing warm minty air from his mouth, he then proceeded to lean back against the wall of the center, his Jolteon was asleep on top of his lap.

    Key had already begun his journey over a week ago. He had been waiting to go off on his journey with his best friend Reggie, who had been standing at the Pokemon center counter. Reggie; compared to Key was a short trainer, who if you were on the other side of the counter could only see his head from his stance. Reggie unlike Key, was born into royalty, he was very spoiled and bratty, but he was Key's best friend ever since they were little. He protected the kid as much as he could, and since Key didn't talk much with others, Reggie did most of the talking for them.

    "Comfortable huh jolt?" he said.
    Key reached down to stroke the sharpened spikes on Jolteon's back. They were soft, and warm but only to Key. Jolteon had evolved from Eevee just yesterday after a thunder stone fell from his backpack. The electric fox Pokemon opened one eye, it was a deep pool of black, so beautiful and so wonderful, he barked up at Key in happiness.
    'Jolt~ Jolt~'
    Key smiled back at his partner, but after minutes went by and finally an hour, he grew impatient towards Reggie.
    Key stood up and as he did Jolteon reacted quick enough to pounce off his lap as well. He twisted his orange, cyan blue and black hat backwards on his head and stormed over towards Reggie, slamming his hands down on the counter startling half of the Pokemon center guests.
    "What the hell!"
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  9. "Really? Damn, I guess my Magikarp and I need to keep up with you and your Cornelius, Oshiro." Monti smiled, feeling a little better to see Cornelius flopping around. I guess Magikarps are kinda cute, She thought.
    As Oshiro left for the library, Monti turned to Cheyenne and hung her arm around the girls shoulders. "Yeah!" She sang, feeling the excitement of their adventure rising. "Let's go, lets go!~ I need some pokeballs and maybe some antidotes myself."
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  10. Cheyenne smiled, laughing a little. "Alright, well let's be on our way!" She spoke excitedly, beginning to walk towards the center. Once they had entered the pokemon center, Cheyenne was instantly hit with a wave of commotion. She groaned internally, but kept a positive smile on her lips. She approached the front desk, being met with a line. She waited patiently, but was startled out of her thoughts when someone slammed his hands on the countertop. Her smile dropped into a scowl, and felt compelled to approach the stranger.
    "Hey." She spoke firmly, hoping to get his attention.
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  11. Waiting in line, trying to keep his cool in the heat of all the commotion, Reggie stands in front of the counter of the Pokémon Center with arms folded and foot tapping quickly to an unheard rhythm. "What in the world is taking so long? My Scyther should have been healed by now!" Seconds seem to drag on for minutes and the situation seemed to worsen with all the trainers behind him yelling, practically demanding for nurse Joy to come and heal their pokemon.

    "NURSE JOY, MY POKEMON GOT POISONED BY A SWARM OF WEEDLE! HE'S GOING TO DIE, HELP!!" one trainer panicked holding a practically limp Rattata in his arms, streaming tears onto it's back. "Ugh, THIS bloody fool. He should have had a poison heal on hand..." Reggie tries to tune out the world around him so he wouldn't have to listen to all the other trainers who went venturing unprepared.

    "NURSE! NURSE! MY POKEMON HAS A TUMMY ACHE FROM EATING TOO MANY BERRIES!" another trainer exclaims standing next to Kangaskhan holding it's baby in it's arm attempting to comfort it as best as it could. "Are you KIDDING me!? A tummy ache!? Get outta here you scrub trainer!" The poor blonde headed trainer was losing an uphill battle with his temper with each passing second. Almost stomping now, Reggie starts humming a tune...aloud.

    "NURSE, MY MEOWTH LOST A TOOTH!" says a third trainer holding up a Meowth appearing in very minimal pain. It yawns a mighty yawn, opening it's mouth wide to reveal a missing fang.

    Reggie was at his breaking point. No longer able to contain his boiling rage, he turns around to the crowd of inferior trainers and opens his mouth to- "JEEZ REGGIE, WILL YOU HURRY THE HELL UP!..."

    "YOU SHUT THE 'ELL UP YOU BLOODY WANKAH BEFORE I BASH YE- Key!?" Reggie was already standing on the counter shouting at volumes that would overpower a quartette of Whismer in heavy dismal. The whole center had already gone quite with everyone either staring at Reggie in shock or others hiding in cover, like nurse Joy for example. Taking deep breaths while looking over the crowd of people, Reggie comes to realize the situation he's in. Before he could apologize, he did his best to take advantage of the opportunity he gained. Clearing his throat, he calls for the startled nurse seeking refuge under the desk.

    "Pardon me nurse, but I wish to inquire information on the well being of my Scyther. Is he fine?"
  12. Leaning her weight onto the counter, she propped herself with her elbows and felt the amusement drain from her body. Monti's peridot eyes strayed sideways, flickering left and right at the room in unnecessary havoc. Bringing her white cap down closer to her face, she began to whistle in attempt to block out the lovely noise.
    Like hell this is lovely.
    Startled by a sudden smacking of hands, she slightly jumped, then eyed the two not too far from her. She felt pretty bad for the nurse, and considered changing occupations to help the poor girl out. But she wasn't selfless enough to ever follow through with that. "M'aam? Are you alright?" She asked the nurse.
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  13. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Nurse Joy blinked in shock, after hours of trying to calm down the explosive wave of novice trainers, two kids were able to do it in an instant. A bead of sweat ran down the side of her face as she chuckled in amusement.
    'Oh yes, here you go, please forgive me for the long wait' she said, as she handed the foreign boy his Pokemon. She was very interested in the child's accent. 'You must be from out of the region, thank you for your patience' she repeated again. Nurse Joy turned her body, and in a flash she was back to helping her assistant Pokemon; Chansey, Audino and Wigglytuff, take care of the rest of the children's Pokemon. She scrambled, delivering healed Pokemon to their trainers, handing out antidotes and making tea for stomach ached Pokemon she seamed to forget some of the trainers that were in line. That is, until one of her assistant's took over the counter, within a flash everyone who had been waiting in line had been dealt with, the Pokemon center's rowdy, upset atmosphere had changed to a calm and relaxed one, the air was a little more breathable. Nurse Joy, bent over from being out of breath, took a deep relaxing breath in and exhaled out. She wiped the bead of sweat the trickled down her face and neck away.
    'M'aam? Are you alright?' said a girl in a white cap.
    Nurse Joy turned to the girl, she leaned her head to the side and gave the most relaxing of smiles.
    'Yes young lady thank you for your concern, I appreciate the concern' she replied.
    Nurse Joy made her way back towards the counter.
    but before the change in tension..

    Key had turned towards Reggie in a rage. He begun to open his mouth to return Reggie's sly remarks back at him, but he was stopped by a feminine voice that came behind him.
    'Hey' said the female,
    Key turned to her, meeting her gaze with his. he noticed the a soft shiver of her eyes as she glared up at him. He sighed and stood up with average posture, then he turned his gaze over towards Reggie and placed his hands on his side and gritted his teeth in embarrassment. Key hadn't noticed but his cheeks had turned a slight pink from the glare of the female that had stood beside him as he was standing next to Reggie.

    "Whatever.. Reggie, I'll be waiting by the door.. Come on Jolt" he said.
    Key proceeded to walk past the girl. As he passed her he took off his hat, in a slight breeze his cyan blue hair had been picked up with the slight static from the inside of his hat. He ruffled it up between his fingers. Key's hair was cyan blue with a black underlining; two toned colored. He kept the hat in his hair constantly ruffling his hair. He was irritated and impatient, but he knew he wasn't about to leave Reggie. So he waited at the front door with his partner Jolteon next to him. The Pokemon playful bounced around Key's legs, entertaining itself as him and Key waited for Reggie.
  14. Moments Prior
    Kenneth sat cross legged, his body tense and expression lax.
    Leaning his hands onto his knees, he stared down at the glowing
    egg. It had been a day since it had started glowing, and in truth,
    he was starting to feel a little impatient. Without exchanging
    glances or unspoken words, his Scyther stood beside him with stern,
    dark eyes.

    Present Moment
    Monti's brows raised at Nurse Joy's calm demeanor, a hint of red colouring
    her cheeks. Averting her peculiar coloured eyes, a soft smile crowned her lips.
    People who worked under pressure with ease had always charmed Monti.
    Smiling into her hand which supported her weight, she stood upright and tucked
    a loose strand of copper brown hair into her cap. "Cheyenne," she called, walking
    over to the girl who was the same age as her and lived close. Stretching her neck,
    she smiled, "You good to go?"
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  15. Cheyenne watched as the boy exited the room, her eyes softening as he did. She turned and walked to the counter behind Nurse Joy's, where potions and pokeballs were sold. She got what she could afford for now; two Parylz Heals, three Awakenings, and five pokeballs. She turned to her neighbor as she was called, smiling gently as she bent to pick up her Fennekin.
    "Yeah, I'm good. Let's head out, yeah?"
  16. Nurse Joy, working as hard as she can with the help of her Pokémon aids to assist in the rush of the clamoring trainers, returns to the Napoleon-esque with a standard pokeball in hand and sets it on the counter. "I'm so sorry it took so long, heres your Pokémon fully healed to peak conditions!" Her face bears a smile, a forced smile that appears too joyful and abnormally stressed as if someone snapped a photo of her the moment she felt an icecube run down her back. It was a clear guise that she was hiding her stress, embarrassment, and fear from the young nobleman.

    Reggie, still agitated but not as much as earlier, snatches the ball. "Gee, it's about time! You're lucky I don't have access to my family's fortune, otherwise i'd buy this place out and have the lot of you replaced with robots!" Reggie turns around, barking an order at the crowd of people to clear a path for him like a drill sergeant to day-1 recruits. He makes a brief gesture at his companion at the counter as he makes his way to the exit. "C'mon Key, lets bounce."
    Before the two of them make it out of the Pokémon Center, Reggie looks over his shoulder towards the counter where Nurse Joy stood, still forcing out a nervous smile. He feels a sudden unease as if someone were about to sneak up behind him and nail him in his blind spot. He spots a female trainer glaring at him amongst from where he once stood waiting for his Scyther. Stopping just at the indoor placemat, Reggie slowly turns halfway to meet the girls gaze and presents her with a question? "We got a problem miss?" He asks sternly, returning with a gaze that appears most nonchalant.
    (Fixed, hope you enjoy.)
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  17. Overhearing the boy, Cheyenne shot a dark glare his way, her usually bright golden brown eyes now could and dark.
    "Hey!" She shouted, hoping to get his attention. "Learn some manners, brat!" She hissed, eyes narrowing a bit more.
    "Nurse Joy is already under so much stress. You're in no place to threaten her!"
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    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Key's eyes were closed, he had just drifted off into his mind at how he was about to run his Pokemon at the first gym. Seeing as they are currently in the Hoenn region, the first gym leader was Roxanne.
    'Key, Lets bounce.' said Reggie as he
    'Hey!' shouted a familiar voice.
    The angry screech of the feminine voice and the Reggie both woke Key back to reality and he turned towards his friend Reggie as he made his towards him. One thing Key knew more then most people, is that Reggie has an unnatural ability to read peoples emotions and he desperately hated when people faked on they feel. So it was no surprise that the same girl got irritated with the rude remark Reggie had said towards Nurse Joy.
    'Learn some manners brat!' said the girl.
    Key became irritated at both this random female and Reggie, but he was an very timid soul towards new people so he took a deep breath and looked over at the girl. Key placed his hat back on his head and turned in backwards and walked towards Reggie.

    "Sorry Reg, one minute, let me grab my Poke balls, I air headed" he said towards Reggie.

    Key patted Reggie's shoulder in assurance that he'll be quick with his purchases, since both Key and Reggie were smart enough to had already backed up all of the necessary items, he was just missing some Poke balls and they'll be ready to set off again. So, Key walked, one foot in front of another back towards the Poke mart employee that was also connected to the Pokemon center, but before he reached the counter, he stood in front of the girl. He glared down at the girl, One of his eyes was hazel-green; the color of a beautiful Leaf Storm, and the other was cyan blue and gray; the color of a powerful Water Pulse.

    "You're.. very.. weird.." he said towards the girl with the golden brown eyes.

    He proceeded to walk past her and walked up the mart, purchasing 10,000¥ worth of Poke balls, which was 10 Poke balls and one special ball. Key held the blue, black and yellow Poke ball in his hand and smiled, he slide it into his bag and walked back towards Reggie. He held out one of the Poke balls around his belt and called back Jolteon.

    "Alright Reggie, let's get going.. first stop is Rustboro City. Roxanne is the first gym leader, she is a rock type master." he said.
    Not before long, Key and Reggie had made their journey towards Rustboro city.
  19. Cheyenne was blown away at his heterochromia, but kept her angry demeanor.
    "Is it so weird to stand up for people?" She retorted, going to extremes to protect Nurse Joy.
    "Is the world so used to hate, that an act of kindness, and protection, is considered weird?"
    She asked seriously, her face dropping to a look of pure curiosity. She looked over at her friend Monti, nudging her slightly.
    "C'mon, Monti, let's go..." Cheyenne hugged her Fennekin closer, beginning to walk out the door.
  20. Ty was training in the forest with his pokemon as a young tranier approached him "Do you want to battle!" the Youngster said with a evil smile "No I am fine get lost I am not on your level." Ty replied harshly "I have seven badges and fully evolved pokemon" said the boy "I do not care get lost!" Ty snarled "I have a charizard" replied the boy. Before he walked off Ty heard the words "Charizard" he immediately turned around and said "You better be worth my time" Ty said as he sent out his Grovyle "Pssh you use second stage pokemon you are weak you act tough but you are weak HaHa!" boasted the novice tranier as he sent out his Chandlure. The match began the youngster commanded the Chandlure to use Fire Spin, Ty said "Grovyle use quick attack to evade it and then use Night Slash on its back" the Grovyle appeared behind the Chandelure and striked him on the back, the Chandelure fail to the ground and was returned to its PokeBall "What ever, I'll send out the big guns, Charizard I choose you!" yelled the youngster "Charizard scorch him!" as Ty sent out his Charizard. The youngster told the his Charizard to use Steel Wing but, Ty interrupted and told his Charizard to use Dragon Breath but the Youngster's Charizard blocked it with Protect, suddenly the Youngsters Charizard used Overheat again interrupted, Ty's Charizard used a Flamethrower attack but the youngster's Charizard overpowered Ty's Charizard and burned Ty's Charizard. "Scorcher no!" Ty said worried as the boy was laughing and saying "WEAK" suddenly Scorcher and Ty came from the smoke. "Impossible" said the boy, then Ty said "Use Fire Pledge" as pillars of fire came out of the ground scorching the boy's Charizard. The Charizard could barely get up but the Youngster said "Get up you useless piece of junk" "HEY do not be harsh on your pokemon give them love and they will give you there best" said Ty as he returned his Charizard "Now I am going to the pokemon center I think you should do the same" Ty said softly as he walked to the city.
  21. Taken back by the rude remarks of a trainer, Monti glanced at Nurse Joy. She could tell she was one of those types that smiled even when stressed, flustered, or given verbal shit.
    Monti wasn't too sure if that was something to look up to. Actually, she realized it was hardly anything to be admired, but rather pitied.
    Parting her lips to give words of encouragement to the poor nurse, they quickly sealed back close. The strained look in her eyes and smile made Monti realize how aware she was of her own crap taking nature. That was something the nurse had to figure out. It really was no ones problem but her own- a quick road to independence.
    Monti stifled her laughter as she imagined the nurse finally snapping one day. It was still in a way, kind of charming, to see someone collected lose all their composure.

    Brows raising, Monti moved to block the path between her friend and the trainer who glared down at her. Despite being a pacifist in nature, Monti had unconsciously stepped forward. Thankfully he walked away before any violent confrontation broke out. She let out a breathless sigh and eyed her friend who nudged her.
    "Don't worry. You're not weird or wrong. You're probably the most sane person in the building." She said, adjusting and raising her cap to show she was being honest. "Don't doubt yourself."
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  22. [​IMG]
    Maxx cringed as yet another Dragon Breath came in contact with her Skitty, who she had yet to name. The little kitten-like Pokémon was knocked back, but quickly got back up. "Skitty, use Feint Attack!" She watched as her Pokémon dashed up to the foe, paws glowing a dark purple-ish black, and swiped at the Bagon. It dodged swiftly out of the way, jumping up and springing off of Skitty. Skitty let out a surprised "Skit?" And spun around. "Skitty! Dodge the Headbutt, then use Copycat!" "Skit, Skit!" Maxx watched as her partner jumped out of the way, quickly using Copycat to ram her head into the side of the foe, knocking the Bagon off its feet. "Great! Quick, use Sing!" Skitty started to sing, setting the Bagon into sleep. Maxx dug into her bag and took out a Pokéball, throwing it at the opponent. After tapping against Bagon's head, it put the Pokémon inside it and fell to the ground, shaking a few times before letting off a little 'ding!', signifying the capture. "Yes! I got a Bagon!" She rushed over to the new Pokémon that belonged her to. She picked up the ball, bending down on her knees. Skitty hopped up on her head, as they have always traveled, and layed there, wanting to meet the new member of the team formally. "Okay, Bagon, you can come on out." Maxx pushed the button on the Pokéball, and it came Bagon. "Bag, Bagon!" It looked at its new trainer, head tilted. "Hi there, Bagon! I'm Maxx, and this is Skitty!" "Skit skit!" "We're all partners now, 'kay?" The Bagon thought for a moment before jumping up and yelling "Bagon! Bagon bag!" Maxx smiled as her Skitty joined in, and she watched as the two jumping in circled.
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  23. Cheyenne sighed as she turned away, smiling a little at her friend. "Thanks, Monti. Let's go, yeah? I don't know if I can handle another moment of this chaos."
  24. After leaving the pokemon center, Reggie finally managed to calm down. He was finally away from the imbeciles that called themselves pokemon trainers and he could hear himself think for once with the noise gone. However, there was a fleeting feeling of disappointment, almost an itch in the back of his neck; he really wanted to battle. It didn't matter who it was, but he preferred the female trainer Key walked past. Reggie sensed the tension in her voice as she tried her best to defend the understaffed establishment, and by the sound of it, she spoke as if she wanted to "teach him a lesson or two". His Scyther was ready without a doubt in his mind, it was put through the toughest of training regimes money could afford. He could have easily taken her out, but he felt that there was potential locked within her... Or maybe he just wanted to keep a lowlife in it's place. How dare she speak to royalty in such a way! If my etiquette instructor was here at this moment to see me now, he'd german suplex me into oblivion for my actions; however, that girl best pray to her collective deities that we not cross paths again...

    Realizing he was lost in a daydream, Reggie snaps back to reality after hearing Key sneeze. Seeing his best friend wipe his nose from any loose mucus, his mind snaps back to the task at hand: Rustboro city gym. Key mentioned the gym leader is a rock-type specialist, if I'm not mistaken. I should bring a water type pokemon with me, just in case something unfortunate happens to Scyther - not that he isn't ready for a challenge, he's the toughest bug-type any rock-type had ever seen! Pulling the region map out of his backpack, Reggie locates their position in Hoenn and spots an ocean not too far from where they are. Perfect. A little training for Scyther and an opportunity to catch a water type. "Key, lets stop up here at Route 104. I need to catch myself a fail-safe."
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  25. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Key leaned back as he walked, he crossed both of his arms and placed his hands on the back of his head. A soft vibrating tone screeched out of his mouth as the boy whistled as he walked. Key and Reggie had left the Pokemon center not to long ago, they were pretty happy to have left all the commotion and ignorance behind them. In his mind, Key wanted to stay longer because it seemed that they had found a few trainers that would have peaked their interest.

    The beautiful gradients and tones of blue inhabited the sky's, not a cloud in the sky and it was sunny and cool. The sun's radiated down on Key and Reggie as they made their way out of Petalburg town. Key found himself listening to Reggie as he rambled on, as usual when something catches his eyes.
    'How dare she speak to royalty in such a way! if my etiqu- blah blah blah so on and so forth. After a while of Reggie going on and on about what happened, He learned to tone his young friend out. In the middle of the Reggie's glorious rant, Key felt a tight sinus pressure creep up into his nose, and with a forceful and painful blow, he sneezed hard, causing a heed of mucus to come flying out of the nose.
    "AHHHH~CHU!" he said. He quickly sniffed it back up and then took hold of a napkin he kept in his pocket and blew into once, for the damage and two for the aftermath. He proceeded to wipe and throw away napkin in a nearby trash.
    'Key, lets stop up here at Route 104. I need to catch myself a fail-safe' said Reggie.
    "Yea sure no problem" replied Key.
    He knew Reggie was pretty confident in his Scyther's abilities, but nothing was wrong with a backup plan for a battle with an old frontier brain. He also thought that it would be a good idea to catch some fish while Reggie was searching for a new partner; for dinner tonight, since between where they were and Rostboro, they would have to pass through a forest that would take them a whole day or so to get through. Between Reggie and Key, Key was the hunter, the true villager and wild man he knew how to be barbaric and hunt for his food as for Reggie who was givin his food most of his life, but had excellent knowledge in healing and other things.

    Key and Reggie had arrived at the beach, at route 104 a few hours later, he laid out his bag near the ocean and looked at Reggie.
    "I'll get dinner.. while you catch your Pokemon, you have about thirty or forty minutes" he said.
  26. [​IMG]
    Maxx, her Skitty and her Bagon played for a while before they layed down int he grass, staring up at the trees. They were quiet for a moment before Maxx sat up and said "Hey, I have an idea! How about Nicknames? Does that sound like a good idea to you guys?" "Bagon!" "Skit-Skitty!" The two Pokémon excitedly replied. "Okay! Skitty, you can be... Skippy! That's a fun play-on-wordsy kind of thing, isn't it?" She smiled as the little pink and tan Pokémon hopped around in a circle, and she turned to the Bagon. "How about just B for you? Short and simple, you know?" "Bagon." She nodded back as it nodded to her and she smiled. "Then it's settled! Skippy and B. Let's get you two to the Pokémon center. You both took some hits in that battle!" "Skit-Skit." "Bag, Bagon!" With Skitty laying on her head and Bagon walking at her side, they headed off toward the nearest town.

    "And here we are!" Maxx walked into the town, the noise of people talking and Pokémon playing filling her ears. "Let's see if we can find that Pokémon center." Taking her map out of her bag, she scanned over it, and exclaimed "There!" As she spotted it, pointing to it. "Hey, Skippy, can you find this spot?" "Skitty, Skit!" Maxx watched as the Pokémon lept off her head and starting trotting in the direction of the Pokémon center. After rounding a few corners and talking to a few of the citizens, the three of them made it to the Pokémon center. As they neared the building, Maxx made a quiet comment about how loud it was around here, and as she entered, she, Skippy and B all gaped at the crowded area. Turning around, Maxx walked away from the Pokémon center. "Okay, let's not go in there. How about we just wait out here for a while. How does that sound?" "Bagon." "Skit-Skit." Maxx walked over to the front wall of the Pokémon center and set her bag down, sitting down beside it. B sat down beside her and Skippy layed down on her lap. Maxx rested an elbow on her bag and an arm across Skippy, and she put her other arm a around B. She yawned, all her day's activities catching up to her. She stroked Skippy, who fell asleep almost immediately. Maxx herself was beginning to feel tired, and closed her eyes, falling asleep along with B.
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  27. Monti's honest appeal submerged as her expression relaxed, her lips spreading into the smile of a lazy glameow.
    "Excited to leave home, I see." She said with a wink.
    As the two left the center, Monti glanced down at her one pokeball attached to her belt. "So, I was trying to get this Poliwrath for Rustboro gym, when this guy butted in. I'm pretty sure all it knows is Splash."
    She scratched at her chin, "I'm not good with names. I might as well call it fish."
    Blinking, she remembered Cornelius and its trainer probably buried in books. "Are we going to the library?" She asked, though not really interested in seeing the new librarian. She was too nice, especially in comparison to the witch that used to work there. Before she retired, Monti would often drop by just to see her. She was so mean and snide, but it was better than the new librarian that added euphoric meaning to her rude comments.
  28. As Ty opened the doors of the pokemon center he sent out all of his Pokemon that was in his party. He had his Charizard, Grovyle, and Totodile with him "Please heal all my pokemon and give them a checkup" Ty said "Will do sir" replied Nurse Joy. Ty was overhearing about a local tournament that was being held the next day, the prize was a mysterious egg and 5,000 PokeDollars this was music to Ty's ears because he was, well, broke. Ty then signed up for the tournament, he was returned his pokemon as Nurse Joy said "We hope you come back".


    Ty withdrew some pokemon to use in the tournament, he withdrew two pokemon just in case he won the mysterious egg. He was a veteran pokemon trainer even thought he was only 14 years old but, he has caught over 50 different kinds of pokemon. Ty was walking to his favorite place to train the place was a Grotto that had a waterfall and a big apircorn tree, but was rudely interrupted by a big explosion he sent out his Charizard and mounted on him "Scorcher let's see what that explosion was" Ty said worryingly.
  29. Kenneth's dark hair fell over his eyes as he tilted his head at a sleeping girl. Running a hand through his unruly hair, he continued into the pokecenter before sighing.
    "This isn't the best place to sleep, mate." Unwavering eyes stared at her, jade green and mischievous. He was squatting on his knees to meet eyes with her when suddenly an explosion set off somewhere in the distance. Brows raising, he glanced back in the direction of the forest.
  30. [​IMG]
    Maxx woke to see the face of a stranger - Kenneth. She blinked away sleep, looking toward the direction in which the explosion had come from. Skippy woke on her lap, while B slowly raised his head, letting off a yawn. She then moved her gaze to Kenneth, giving him a nod before lifting the uncurling Skitty from her lap, placing her on her head. "I guess you're right. Come on you two, let's see if the Pokémon center has cleared out yet." Standing, she pulled her bag up into her shoulder. She gave a small wave to Kenneth before making her way inside. The building had cleared out since she had fallen asleep, and only a few people stood inside, talking to eachother or their Pokémon. She walked up to Nurse Joy, giving her a friendly hello and putting Skippy and B into their Pokéballs. She set the two red and white striped capsules on the counter and let Nurse Joy take them, healing them in a machine before handing them back to Maxx. "They're all heathy now. See you again soon!" Maxx waved to Nurse Joy as she let B and Skippy out of their Pokéballs again. She let the Skitty climb up onto her head and crawl under her hat before she started heading out. Her Bagon skipped around her legs, letting out quiet sounds of excitement. Standing outside the Pokémon center, she set Skippy on the ground and smiled down at the two happy Pokémon. "How about we go check out the forest? There may be some cool Pokémon in there!" "Skitty, Skit!" "Ba-Bagon!" "Let's go then!" Laughing, she ran toward the forest; B beside her and Skippy hopping up onto her shoulder as she ran.
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  31. Ty and Scorcher rushed to the site of the explosion, and they were surprised at the site of it. The cause of the explosion was a Tyranitar and a Torterra he did not see a trainer near by so he tried to calm down the two but they wouldn't stop fighting. Ty then had know other options he sent out his Totodile and his newly withdrawn Dragonite he commanded Totodile to use water gun and Dragonite to use Dragon Rage. The two other pokemon used protect to guard themselves from the incoming attack, "What are we going to do?
  32. Oshiro walked back outside of the library with Cornelius in tow. He yelled really loud, "Is everyone ready to go? We need to get going soon! Let me know when you guys are ready, I'm itching to go!" Oshiro walked over to a small bench and took a seat. Cornelius plopped his fat self up onto the bench and let out a loud groan and fell asleep. Soon, even Oshiro succumbed to the drowsiness.
  33. "Bloody Hell!" Reggie says in frustration as he heals and releases another Maril back into the wild. "All these pokemon can barely take on a quick attack! How are they supposed to stand up to a rock-type if they can't stand a normal move like that!?" The poor kid starts pacing back and forth on a small path he had carved out in his frustration from calculating attack plans and eyeballing stats in his mind. How in the world am I gonna build a perfect team if none of these damn Pokémon can keep up with my Scyther? He stops in the middle of his path, fists shaking by his side.

    Breathing heavily from his workout, the Scyther takes time to cool off by honing it's blade-like appendages against a tree. It's been a while since he's been in a battle, probably 3 days from what he remembers, but in reality it was actually yesterday against a rowdy youngster. Feeling as if he we're loosing his edge, Scyther tries to impress his napoleon-esque trainer by going full speed and power with his quick attacks. "...can barely take on a quick attack!...," he hears over the scratches he's making against the trunk of the tree...Maybe he tried a little too hard.

    Reggie, feeling a flat surface pat his shoulder, turns around to face his Scyther. Looking down at the kid, the Scyther tilt's his head slightly to the left and utters a questioned "Scy?", trying it's best to calm his master. Seeing a gleam in the Scyther's emerald-green scales, he takes a moment to recollect his thoughts. That's right, my Scyther's the best around here isn't he? If not even 30 Maril can stand a chance against him, then surely not even a pack of roaming Graveler could, now could they? "You know what Scyther? I don't think that Roxanne lady can stand a chance against us." The boy looks back up into his scyther's eyes, his lips spreading into a smug smirk while doing so. "Isn't that right Scyther?" "Scy!" his Scyther responds cheerfully, as if agreeing with his sentiments.

    As Reggie and Scyther returns to sudden explosion from the distance catches both trainer and pokemon off guard, both of them turning in the every direction which to see where it may have originated. "Blimey, is Key fishing with dynamite this time?!" Unaware of the smoke cloud rising from the direction of Petalburg, Reggie rushes toward his friend to check his suspicion.
  34. "Krap!" Ty said as his Totodile was hit by a Leaf Storm attack, the Totodile fainted and Dragonite was on the edge of fainting. "Have to think of some other plan!" Ty commanded Dragonite to use Dragon Rush as the Dragonite was covered in a blue Dragon aura and bashed into the to pokemon. As the two pokemon were recovering from the blow, Ty sent out Grovyle to use Solar Beam on the Tyranitar and then said "Dragonite show Torterra your Aqua Tail and follow up with a Flamethrower" after taking the devastating blows the Tyranitar and the Torterra still didn't back off. "Come on you two just don't quit do you, Hmm let me try something" he said as he through a Ultra Ball at the Tyranitar. The PokeBall bounced off "Just what I thought Rouge trainer pokemon"

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