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Journey through the Dark Cave

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Deej, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Snow drifted down from the sky and the person walking the route had to kind of admit that it was pretty, from a weird point of view. It hadn't taken him long to move on from his hometown after he'd caught the pokemon now trodding along beside him.

    Mountains rose up from either side, framing the sky above them both as they worked their way up the path... or down it, if one was to look at a map. Which the human was doing, trying to make sense of the map as he traced a finger along the route he'd planned, hoping against hope he wouldn't have to go through New Bark Town just to get to the first gym of the region.

    "Sneeeasel." The pokemon murmured as they hopped down another ledge and landed safely, though the human himself winced a bit as his right leg wobbled once it made contact with the ground. Both stood there for a moment as the boy checked his leg, rubbing it with another wince as he tried to get some more feeling back into it.

    "Dunno what you just said, but... ugh. You really are an energetic guy, aren't you? I mean, sure we're on our way to Faulkner but..." He trailed off, sitting down on the ground as he pulled out a granola bar from a pocket, and a handful of pokemon food from the other. "You should at least slow down and take some time to relax."

    He couldn't help but smile as the Sneasel sniffed at the food for a moment, then greedily picked the handful up and started eating. Both human and pokemon stayed like that, the former resting in the warmth of his long jacket and jeans, purple shirt like a beacon underneath to all who might be coming or going up the route.

    "Snea Sneasel!" The pokemon stood on its feet, clearly antsy and ready to go defeat the first gym, standing like it was already triumphant of something.

    ((Anyone wanting to join in, can. I'm none too picky, just get to know the area around Route 45 and feel free to post! Looking for about 3 others to join, hopefully one with a fire type for lantern use))
  2. I'd really love to join, but with spring break coming up I won't be able to post for at least a week. Would you mind keeping a spot open for me?
  3. ((Hey hey, no problemo! Just feel free to join in when you can. I doubt this'll get many more views, but hey! It'll be a start. :3))
  4. ((OOC:Hi! Thought I'd join in. If I'm intruding, message me and I'll just delete the post))

    Alex pulled his fingers through his hair to cover the scar on his face as he walked behind his Charizard, Carly, to avoid the cold and snow. He had traded his usual hoodie and shorts for a green jacket and brown jeans. He pulled his lugia shaped sword, wrapped in cloth, onto his shoulders.
    "Come on, it's gotta be here someplace!" Alex groaned.
    He had been looking for a lake south of black thorn that his sister had told him would be a great training spot. She just forgot to give him a map.
    "Carly, can't you just fly up and tell me where it is?"
    He felt her thoughts through her aura as she said,"Alex, you know I cant fly when the weather's like this. We'll find the lake, how hard could it be?"

    Alex sighed, they'd been walking for hours and hadn't found anything yet. As he hopped down from a ledge, he slipped on a patch of snow and fell on his face right next to a very surprised Sneasel. Alex jumped back, Pokemon like Sneasel and Weavile always made him very nervous. When he saw it's trainer, he got up and said," H-h-hi, I'm Alex."
  5. ((Ooc: Hi i'm going to jump in if you think in'm inturding tell me via personnal message and i'll act like I was never here.))

    Lewis found him self in next to a sign that said "Route forty five north exit Blackthorn City south exit Route forty six."

    He sighed and thought out loud "How did I end up in Johto?"

    The howl of the wind answered him, and he looked up and saw the snow falling steady, impairing his vision he pulled a pokeball from his belt and threw it , hitting the ground, reveling his newly evolved charmeleon giving him a better idea of what's around him. He said to the charmeleon "You never know how much I like that tail you have."

    "Char," it replied slightly annoyed.

    He started walking, shivering, until he saw see two trainers. He walked over and said " H-h-hello, My name is Lewis."

    "Hi my name's Char, nice to meet you."
  6. The trainer couldn't help but blink as he saw not one, but two members of the Charmander family approaching him. He'd seen some working at the pokemart in Blackthorn, but he had to admit that these were rather impressive members of their species. He shuffled his feet as he stood up, clearly used to the roaring cold surrounding them as his breath fogged up the air.

    "Umm... hi. To both of you." He shifts nervously, hoping he won't be called to battle anytime soon, though he seems to favor his right leg in the process. "I'm Deej... and this is umm... umm..." He looked down at the Sneasel, who looked rather impatient as it slipped into a fighting stance, ready to fight despite the type disadvantage.

    "I guess you can call him MJ... I haven't really decided on a name for him yet... just got the guy..." He jerked his head back towards Blackthorn. "Caught him in Ice Path." He stopped for a moment, before pulling something from his coat pocket, a trainer's card that looked oddly new and fresh.

    "Just got my trainer's card too, so... please don't expect me to battle? I'm not even sure how powerful this guy is yet." He runs his fingers through his brown hair, twirling one of the white highlights as he huddles under his jacket.

    "So... umm... care to introduce me to yourselves?" He finally finishes, the Sneasel by his side finally shifting out of its fighting stance and sitting on the ground, picking at its claws with a few mutters of "Sne sneas Sneasel!"
  7. "Don't worry, Deej", Lewis said with some hesitation because he noticed Char started blowing a small amount of smoke from his mouth. Char usually did that when he was ready to fight.

    "Char calm down were not here to battle."

    He took another pokeball from his belt threw it revealing Pillar, his Caterpie.

    "This is my first Pokemon ever his name is pillar and he's a stubborn Pokemon but he is a little tired", Lewis said rubbing his forehead, like he does when in disbelief.

    "I can't believe he's still asleep, he's been like that since we left the Blackthorn City Pokemon center", Lewis said recalling Pillar into it's pokeball.

    "I'm Lewis Koal, I'm fourteen years old, I have no badges, no contest ribbons, I have my focus spread thin at the moment. My family is missing so I started traveling to find them. So far nothing, And I currently have seven Pokemon. So tell me, what's your story?
  8. Deej actually gives one of his few smiles as he stands a bit straighter. "I'm going to challenge the Johto league... my hope is to become a gym leader with my pokemon. I..." He stops, looking a little disconcerted. "I'm nineteen, and I started my journey a few days ago. Though most of it so far has been laid up in the hospital." He smiles weakly as he pulls up the right pants leg, reveal a bandage going from about his ankle to mid thigh and possibly beyond.

    He lets the leg fall back down. "I was stupid. I went into Ice Path without borrowing someone else's pokemon. I just... I wanted a pokemon of my own to start my journey and... well. MJ here was the first one I came across. I just underestimated how badly wild pokemon will hurt you if you're bone-headed to tackle them without your own. So he gave me a nice Slash on my leg for it."

    He stops for a moment to let all the information sink in. "Anyway, I'm trying to get to Violet City, so... you wouldn't happen to know a good way there?" He says, pulling out his town map computer, clicking it until the position he was in was highlighted. "I need to challenge... umm.. Faulkner, for my first league badge. I just dunno how to get there, except to cut through New Bark and up through Cherrygrove."

    He looks over to the other trainer, then shows him the same thing, making sure that Sneasel is behind him, putting himself between the two pokemon, just to make sure they don't fight.
  9. Alex tossed a pokeball and out popped a Flygon.
    "My name is Alex Blazer and this is my Charizard, Carly and my first pokemon Gabe.I'm from Celestic town in sinnoh. I kinda just jump around looking for a new challenge so sometimes if I land near a gym I'll take it on but I've never been to johto so I'm kind of lost."
    Alex noticed the sneasel again and took a step closer to his pokemon,"Sorry, Sneasel and weavile kind of give me the creeps."

    When the other boy showed his leg Alex laughed,"Looks like we're more alike than I thought." He pulled the hair out of his left eye to reveal a thick scar over it."When I was eight, I rescued gabe from this weavile. I fought it off with this sword on my back, but not before it gave me this for my troubles."

    Alex thought for a second and said,"You know, if you just caaught your pokemon, maybe you should battle. In battle you can learn alot about your pokemon's strategies, tendencies, even their personality."
  10. "Alex is right, Deej", Lewis said taking note of Char exhaling more smoke. "Char calm down", He said pulling his gloves out of his pocket and putting them on. "From battling a trainer can learn a lot about their Pokemon", He said sending Pillar out again he sighed seeing Pillar was awake, it crawled on Lewis' shoulder and sat there. It took heed seeing Alex's Charizard and Flygon, "Don't worry Pillar they won't hurt you", Lewis reassured The caterpie. But Lewis wasn't sure him self. Lewis reached into his jacket and pulled out his wrist watch the one he never wears and looked at it frowning. He put it back in pocket and something bumped him on the arm " Was is it Char?" Lewis said looking down at the Charmeleon and saw it was shivering "Alright, return", he said recalling it to it's pokeball.

    Pillar looked at the charizard, whimpered and crawled in to Lewis' arms "Do you want to go back into your pokeball too", he asked the Caterpie. It nodded " okay then, return", he said and in a flash of light the Caterpie disappeared.
  11. Alex called back both of his pokemon and said," I'd be happy to battle you if you like, and after wathcing your sneasel for a bit I know just who to use."
    Alex tossed up a pokeball and in a flash of light there stood his Gallade, Gallant. He gave MJ a hard stare.
    "So Alex, you need me to fight another weakling.This will be quick!"
    "Be nice! This is their first battle and we don't even know if they'll say yes!" Alex scolded.
    Regardless, Gallant's armblades extended and he took a fighting stance towards the Sneasel.
    "I think he's ready to battle. want to give it a shot?"
  12. ((Ooc: Who are you talking to?))
  13. ((OOC:I was aimming this towards deej. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.))
  14. "Urgh... I probably should..." He took a look at the pokemon that was offered for battle, blinking a few times. "A psychic/fighting against a dark/ice? I wouldn't stand a chance unless he kept using something like Psycho Cut." He stopped for a moment, then looked up at the snowy sky.

    "Then again, I might have a bit of an advantage in this snowy weather. Snow and things like that boost an ice-type's powers." He grinned, looking down at MJ. "Well? Do you wanna take your first ever battle, MJ?"

    "SNEASEL!" The pokemon shouted, once again slipping into the fighting stance. Both trainer and pokemon grinned.

    "You mind officiating, Lewis? It'll be fun, I'd like to think." He smiled, staring down Alex while MJ stared down the Gallade. "Though, I've never seen a real Gallade battle. Just the ones on TV." He smirked, getting ready to start the battle.
  15. Alex called out to the other Trainer," Hope it's okay if I take the initiative? Alright, Gallant let's start things off simple, jump and use slash!"
    The armblade pokemon leapt high into the air and began to spin as it slammed it's blades toward the sneasel.
  16. ((OOC: Hai, sorry if I'm interrupting...but I've been really itching to get back into PRPing. So if you're mad, pm me and I'll just disappear ;) ))

    Nireena looked down on the icy path with little interest. Then one of her obsidian eyes spotted not one, but three trainers gathered on the snow below, and they looked as if ready to battle; two pokemon standing face-to-face. A Gallade and a Sneasel... she pointed out easily.

    "C'mon, Rishu..." she urged her Salamence. The dragon simply nodded and landed nearby the group of boys. "Hey..." Nireena waved, removing her hood as soon as she was in hearing distance of the three. Long black hair cascaded down her back.

    "Do you mind if I watch? I haven't seen a battle in a while." she asked one of them, the one that had had a Caterpie on his arm, a small grin on her face. "I'm Nireena, by the way, and that's Rishu, my Salamence." The black haired girl jabbed a finger over her shoulder at the blue-green dragon, who was pawing at the snow in an attempt to find a place to, no doubt, take a nap while its trainer conversed.
  17. "MJ, jump!" Deej called, but it was a bit too late. The Sneasel caught a good portion of the blades right across the chest, slamming it back into the ledge next to Deej. Quickly, Deej helped MJ to his feet. MJ seemed wobbly, but determined to prove itself to its trainer, starting to ready an attack.

    "All right. Sneasel use Icy Wind!" He called, even as the Sneasel did just that, the wind whipping around them getting redirected to the Gallade and icy crystals striking and stinging at the Gallade's form.

    "Not really doing much, but hopefully that slows ya down!" He called, clearly getting into the battle.
  18. Gallant stumbled backwards as he was battered by the icy wind attack."Gallant, counter with psychic and leaf blade!"
    Gallants eyes glowed violet as a psychic energy parted the icy wind and he rushed in and slashed at the sneasel with glowing green blades.
  19. That last slash across the Sneasel's chest was about all it could take. It looked like it might continue for a moment, stumbling towards Gallant with its claws glowing, readying a Slash attack, but the moment it got within range, it fell over, eyes turning into spirals as it groaned weakly.

    Deej immediately ran for him, wary of the Gallade for a moment as he fished in his pocket, pulling out a red and orange colored bottle, spraying down the Sneasel's chest frantically. Soon, the Sneasel recovered, giving a weak little smile as it was pulled onto Deej's back, wrapping its claws around the trainer's neck to keep itself steady.

    "Well, seems he's not a very good pokemon yet... but I think he'd be stronger than Faulkner... folks say he's a pretty low-levelled trainer." He smiles briefly, giving the Sneasel an oran berry plucked from inside of his seemingly bottomless coat pocket.

    "Anyway, that was a great battle, I'm just not good enough it seems." He shrugged, reaching back to rub the icy pokemon's head. "But... maybe we should get out of this snow, yeah? It looks like it might pick up to a blizzard any moment now." As if to confirm his suspicion, the wind whipped a bit more furiously, turning into a howling gale for a brief second.
  20. "Alright that sounds like a plan", Lewis said waving to an apparently new arrival "hey we're going to find some shelter and wait for the blizzard to die down" he called to her, " you said your name was Nireena right?" " hold on for a second", Lewis said pulling a pokeball from his pocket "Armidill come out and use rollout at the ground , she can make fairly good cave so we'll use that if it's all right?"
  21. OoC: I sent Deej a PM but i'll do my entry post then delete it if Deej says no.

    BiC: Lucas was looking down at Johto whilst doing a test run on his newly evolved Pigeotto. "It's nice to get some fresh air, Isn't it!" He shouted to the three pokemon behind him, all of which gave him a poisonous glare, "I thought you'd say as much!" Lucas turned his head back and ducked it, making the bubble, bullet seed, and ember that came from the pokemon miss. After he had stopped sniggering (which had earned him three slaps on the back of the head), Lucas noticed three people down below on Route 45, two of which were having a pokémon battle. As he saw the Gallade finish off the sneasel, he thought he should introduce himself. He told his Pidgeotto to land near them. When he landed a fair bit away from the trio, he walked up to them just before they entered the cave made by a pokemon one of the trainer sent out and introduced himself. "Hi, my name's Lucas and this is Charmy, Bulby, and Squirty. What's your name?" he said, motioning to his Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, respectivly.
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  22. "Hi Lucas. The name's Nireena," the black haired trainer smiled softly. She lifted an arm, pokeball in hand and returned Rishu to his pokeball, the other pulling her hood back up. The wind began to pick up, sending snow at her face. Nireena shivered slightly before following Lewis into the Pokemon-made cave.

    "Hurry up, Luc. Can I call you that? Anyway hurry up, the blizzard's about to pick up. And I honestly don't think your Pokemon can make it outside their pokeballs," she told him over her shoulder, always one to say more than necessary. "So who're the rest of you guys? I'm Nireena, if you didn't catch it earlier."
  23. "Hi Nireena. Charmy, Bulby and Squirty are fine. We had to camp in route 217 once. They survived." Lucas replied, "And yes you can call me Luc, although I would prefer Lucas." He said, before picking up his pokemon before putting Charmy's hands around his neck, Bulby on his head and Squirty on his shoulder and running after Nireena. "So, how old are you Nireena, I'm 10. I started about 4 months ago." he asked.
  24. "I hate to break up a welcoming party but if we don't get in the cave we'll all freeze", Lewis said recalling Armidill to her pokeball. He went in the cave " pincher come out and use crabhammer", he said while pulling a pokeball from his belt, throwing it revealing Pincher, his Krabby. It's claw started glowing a light blue, almost white, and it struck the ground with a sickening crack, the ground gave a cloud of dust. After a the dust cleared Lewis sighed and said "barely a dent", he recalled Pincher to his pokeball and said " no fire pit with that I guess." He called Armidill back out " rollout in the center of the debris", the little armadillo made a shallow pit and stopped and smiled at him " Thanks, you usually don't stop until you dig a cave", he said petting the small Pokemon. "Alright return", he said recalling Armidill to it's pokeball again. "Pillar, Char come on out" he said pulling the two pokeballs and throwing them, landing with a small thud, revealing Char, and Pillar. " Pillar string shot at the pit", he pointed at the small pit and soon it was filled with Pillar's string "Char use ember on the string", Char's ember did the trick putting the string on fire. He walked back out "Hey there's a fire inside, if you want to stay warm I suggest you go before it goes out", he said and then added " Sorry about earlier, I get like that when I'm a bit out of my comfort zone", He walked back in, sat and recalled his Pokemon back into their pokeballs.
  25. Alex sighed as he called back his Gallade,"Overkill as always. Hey Deej, great battle." Ale x hed out his hand in congratulations. as it began to get colder. Lewis used his sandshrew to make a cave and fire pit as the wind picked up to a blizzard. As Alex walked into the cave and sat down next to the fire, he took his sword off his shoulders, and began to polish the Lugia-shaped blade.
    "So what're we supposed to do now? If we're waiting things out here it looks like we're gonna be stuck here a while. I am Alex by the way. Nice to meet you Nireena."
  26. "Not sure I said this before but I'm Lewis nice to meet you Nireena", he said looking at the fire under which he saw the string waiting to burn. " Not sure how long that will last with string shot alone" Lewis said calling out Pillar " string shot in front of me", he told the Caterpie and it spit more of the thread in front of him. He reached over and picked it up, looking closely at it " interesting", he muttered feeling the string. " I plan on staying here until the blizzard dies down some", he told Alex looking away from Pillar's string back at the fire. " use another string shot at the pit", he said to Pillar as it started another string shot. It made contact with the flames but didn't catch fire. He pulled a P.D.A. from his pocket and scanned the string in his hand, a message popped up on the screen that said 'This string belongs to a Caterpie that's close to evolving into a metapod'. he looked at Pillar who looked back and Lewis said "your close to evolving aren't you", it nodded and Lewis smiled " your one step closer to becoming a Butterfree", Lewis said and in one swift motion Pillar tipped it's head back, using string shot, encasing itself in a cocoon, completing it's evolution.
  27. "Nice to meet all you guys," Nireena smiled as she settled on the ground beside Lewis and Lucas. "Yeah...I think it'd be smart to stick around until the blizzard blows over. By the way, Lucas, I'm 14, and good thinking, using your Caterpie's String Shot as fuel for a fire, Lewis."

    She watched in awe as said Caterpie encased itself in a cocoon made of String Shot. It hardened and the worm-like pokemon glowed for a moment. When the bright glow died down, the Caterpie was no longer there. In its place was a green Metapod. No matter how many times she'd seen a Pokemon evolve, it was still always amazing to watch.

    Nireena pulled out a pokeball from her waist and tossed it lightly a few inches up into the air. A red beam shot out of the classic red and white ball. The beam formed to a furret looking creature. It immediately looked around, taking in its surroundings.

    "Oh, chill, Kisha. There's nothing wrong. We're not in trouble or anything," the black haired trainer giggled, petting the Furret's head gently, feeling it calm down and crawl onto her lap, curling up like a cat.

    "Mmm...So where are you guys headed?" she asked, turning her attention back to the guys.
  28. "I'm headed to Mt. Silver to look for my family", Lewis said picking up his newly Evolved Metapod. "I have a hunch that's where they are, oh and thanks Nireena", He said rubbing the Pokemon's back. He pulled five pokeballs from his belt throwing them, all of them landing next to where Pillar evolved, revealing his Sandshrew, Pidgeot, Krabby, Charmeleon and Roselia.

    " These are my Pokemon Armidill, Flapps, Pincher, Char and Thorn", he said pointing at each one, showed them Metapod and then recalled them to their pokeballs. He sighed and said "Pillar is my best friend and the only Pokemon I wanted to evolve at first, then Char evolved and I just figured that a Pokemon evolves if they want to, not when their trainers want", Lewis took out his wrist watch and looked at it frowning.
  29. "14 huh, okay. I was actually flying around on Percival, my Pidgeotto. He had evolved yesterday and I thought I should give him a test run. I saw you guys having a battle and I thought I'd introduce my self. The last time I was In Johto I was in Goldenrod. Right Charmy?" Lucas told everyone. Charmy grinned and nodded, remembering the day they went there. Bulby and Squirty however, looked at him with a puzzled expression. "Oh, Nireena what is your hometown? Mine is Pallet Town." he asked.
  30. Deej hurried into the cave, desperate to get out of the cold, setting the Sneasel down as soon as they got in. The pokemon went off to a corner, away from the fire, examining the walls within, even as the blizzard started to pick up, howling outside.

    "Umm... I think it might get worse out there, so does everyone have any supplies? I've just got a little pokemon food and a few sandwiches I made before I left from town." He sighs, pulling the mentioned food from his coat pocket, and one from the hood behind his head. MJ seemed a little more upset about the events earlier, starting to use Slash after Slash on the rock wall, digging his claws into the rock and trying to break it apart.

    "Hey... MJ. No hard feelings okay?" He sighed as the Sneasel just continued obstinately on, carving the rock again and again. He finally turned to the group. "Well, I'm supposed to be a pokemon trainer, but I lost my first battle. Was expected, I suppose... and I'm heading to Violet City to take on Faulkner but... it might not go so welll"

    He just nodded as everyone gave their stories, looking into the fire as he settled in, ready for the long night, should it come to that, a glum look on his face despite Alex's praise earlier.
  31. " Come on Deej, you just need a little confidence is all! MJ is a great pokemon, and I can tell you have alot of potential, you just need to find your style! Now buck up, okay?" Alex reached out his hand, put it on Deej's shoulder, and gave him a friendly shake. Alex dug through his backpack and pulled out a small pot and a packet of instant soup.
    "I've got this if any one has some water."

    "Oh, and Nireena I'm from Celestic town. I came to train at a lake around here,but I got real lost." Alex took out a pokeball and a flash of white light his shiny Lucario appeared next to him.
    "Alex what's wrong?"
    "Nothing, your just really warm, heh heh!" She sidled up and sat back to back with him.
  32. "Heh, I'm from Snowpoint City, but like, I've been traveling so long, I haven't been home in a while. So now the cold bothers me a lot." Nireena confessed with a grin. "Deej you'll be fine. Losing your first battle's not something to be proud of...but it builds character and stuff...or something like that," she laughed. "If you want, I don't think any of us would have a problem against helping you train your Sneasel, or your other Pokemon, either." The black haired girl watched with interest as Alex brought out an oddly colored Lucario and sat back to back with it.

    "Anyway, I got some chips...snacks...not really what I'd use for a meal, but yeah...it's food." She reached into her backpack and pulled out four bags of chips. Then rummaged through her pockets and produced a few bars of candy. "As for water, Deej, I suggest somebody using Water Gun, Bubble, Water Pulse, or something. Or we could melt some snow from outside," Nireena suggested.

    The black haired girl scuttled back a little bit, leaning her back against the wall of the make-shift cave besides the Sneasel, who was bitterly Slashing at the wall in an attempt to break it. Then, stroking Kisha softly, Nireena whispered to the Sneasel. "Don't be like that, MJ. It'll be alright. You just need to work harder and soon enough you'll be plenty strong. Stronger than Gallade, and maybe even my Rishu," she was telling him, trying to cheer up the sadistic pokemon.
  33. "Sne...a... SEL" the pokemon growled a bit as its claws glowed with black energy, tearing thick gouges with a ghostly claw into the wall, causing Deej to sit up, blinking a few times.

    "Did... did Sneasel just use something other than Slash on the wall? I've never seen a move like that when I was visiting Blackthorn Gym. Then again, Ghost moves don't really affect dragon type pokemon..." He muttered, watching the Sneasel carefully.

    "Don't worry about him, Nireena. He's like this ever since I met him. Stubborn and hard-headed. He's just angry to have lost, so he'll be good when he wears out. Though I've only seen him like this once before." He mutters, looking around at the supplies everyone had.

    "Hmm.. we have enough for two days, it looks... and plenty of water between the snow outside and the water types among us. Let's just hope this blizzard clears soon... though I doubt it." Something in Deej's bones just said that this would be a long storm, even as a loud CRACK resounded from the back of the room. He whirled in time to see the rock wall that MJ was working on crumble, a continuation of the cave behind it.

    "Whoa. Umm... Hey Lewis? Did Armidill dig any other caves in here? D'ya know?" He stood, walking over beside the panting Sneasel as he looked into the blackened cave, just a few glimmers of water from beyond lit up by the fire in the little hovel they'd dug into the wall.
  34. Mj was still slashing at the wall, but now it was using a move Alex knew to well."Did... did Sneasel just use something other than Slash on the wall?"
    "That's a shadow claw, Whoa!" Alex was surprised the sneasel had learned a new move so quikly.

    Suddenly the wall cracked under the sneasel's claws, revealing another system of caves."Whoa. Umm... Hey Lewis? Did Armidill dig any other caves in here? D'ya know?" Deej asked.
    "Hey, that's Dark cave. We've tunneled right through into a cave!" Alex walked through the holeand called out Carly lighting up the cave.
    "Anyone up for some spelunking!"
  35. Nireena quickly jumped to her feet, her cloak bellowing around her legs as the wind from outside the cave blowing in. The rock wall behind her back had just practically crumbled. And it was MJ. Kisha feel to the ground on her paws, annoyance in her eyes, being woken up from her nap.

    "Ohemgee," she said loudly, "that was awesome...See, I told you, MJ. You have what it takes to beat even the strongest opponents." The black haired girl watched the Sneasel's claw, still glowing with black, ghost-like energy from the Shadow Claw.

    She peered into the cave. It was literally a labrynth. "That's Dark Cave. We've tunneled right through into the cave!" Alex was saying. "Oh, wow..." Nireena whispered. "Anyone up for some spelunking!" he asked as he released the fire-type he called Carly. The tunnels immediately lit up, and Nireena squinted her eyes, the sudden appearance of light hurting her.

    "A'ight, I'm in, Alex," the black haired trainer said enthusiastically as she stepped over the rubble and into the cave. Kisha leaped up onto her head, and settled down, closing her eyes again.

    "Let's go already!" Nireena urged them, tugging on Alex's sleeve.
  36. "I don't think she did, Wait for me you guys", Lewis said recalling Pillar and sending Char out for while. He heard a shift in the rocks "Wait a second you two" He said " Char Flamethrower toward that sound", the charmeleon shot a burst of fire at the spot where Lewis heard that sound, only to find a Dunsparce blinking because Char's flamethrower almost hit it directly. "Hey Deej why don't you try to catch that?" Lewis suggested looking at him. "It might be a big help during your battle against Faulkner", Lewis could already tell this Dunsparce had a few tricks ready to pull.
  37. "MJ. Use Slash on that Dunsparce, ok?" Deej said, even as the pokemon was pointed out to him. MJ grinned ferally before leaping into the air, sharp claws gleaming as he dug into the small larva-ish pokemon. The Dunsparce didn't seem to stand a chance at all, though, its eyes quickly turning to swirls just from one attack.

    "Seems a bit pointless, but... pokeball, go!" Deej shouted as he tossed the red and white orb at the Dunsparce, the beam of red light shooting out as the ball opened.

    One shake.... two shakes.... three shakes... the pokeball stopped wiggling, and Deej burst into a grin. "Wow... I got another pokemon." He snapped his fingers, the pokeball leaping to its registered DNA owner, where it was clipped firmly to his belt.

    "Okay... let's see about getting through this cave... it looks like Violet City is on the other side."
  38. "Way to go Deej", Lewis said. "do you know why I suggested catching that Dunsprace?", Lewis asked looking around Dark cave. He leaned to look in to the entrance MJ made with shadow claw. He stepped in to the cave Char's tail lighting it up so he can see "Thanks ", he said patting the Pokemon's head. "With the light from Carly and Char's tails we should see good enough, but I might be wrong", Lewis said as he looked at everyone in turn. He started to shake as he thought about entering Dark Cave. He sat and started to shake more, and he started to cry.
  39. Alex stumbled a little as Niireena pulled him through the hole into the cave. It was massive with small lakes all over the place. Alex could even make out pokemon hiding in the shadow's
    "Woah! Just like Mt. Coronet back home huh Nireena?"
    Alex stood there admiring the scenery when Lewis called out,"Wait a second you two."
    He had discovered a dunsparce and suggested Deej catch it. Alex couldn't help but watch.

    After an extremely short battle, Deej walked away with a dunsparce and suggested going to violet city.
    "Um...one problem, how are we supposed to find our way there through a huge system of caves?" Alex asked confused.
    Lucy placed her paw on her chest,"Alex, I could find the way for everyone. " Alex considered it for a second and decided to ask the others about the idea.
    "Hey guys, Lucy thinks she can find her way through the caves if that's all right with you guys. Hey Lewis, what's wrong?"

    Lewis had suddenly sat down on the ground and was shaking and crying. Lucy walked over to see if there was something she could do to help. Alex followed her and asked
    "Lewis, you ok?"
  40. Alex and Lucy came over and asked him if he was okay. "The last time I saw my family was in a cave", Lewis said still crying. He slowly got up and said " but other than that yeah i'm fine." Lewis walked into the cave entrance turned around and looked at the Lucario "If you can lead me through the darkness", he said wiping away the rest of his tears "Then by all means that's fine by me." He pulled a pokeball from his belt and threw it revealing Pincher " Bubblebeam to put out the fire" he told the Krabby and after a few seconds the fire was out.

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