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Jocelyn's Spirtes

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by jocelyn213, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. hi everyone my requests are OPEN.Well i can do custom trainers,cosplayers and fake pokemon.here are some of it [​IMG],[​IMG]

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, I am no longer taking requests on the IAWW sprites, unless you have been a regular to my thread or have something very simple, my life is about to start up again with school and the IAWW's take up waaay to much time. So sorry guys!
  2. could i have a trainer in a tyranitar costume ;D thanks.
  3. here ya go [​IMG] for franzo!
  4. Thnks it's really good. :D
  5. your welcome!
  6. Can you make the trainer in my sig and a cubone like that you make for ashley?
  7. here ya go [​IMG] for cubone!
  8. Thank you!
  9. i'm sorry to bother you again but i think your really good so could i ahve a custom trainer
    Head:any-yellow hair
    Body:any-yellow top
    Trousers:any-yellow trousers
    trainers:any-guess... no not yellow, blue
  10. can you make a better desprition of your trainer
  11. Nice sprites!

    I really like the Mismagius one, its really well done!
  12. thank you
    you can ask me for IAWWs
    but on friday,satrday or sunday.
    i may do pokemon overworld too
  13. Could u possibly help me out with something,please ???
    I'm new here,and I just joined up on
    Saturday, January 05, 2008
  14. I love your Misdreavus/Mismagius cosplayer, the hat looks perfect :p

    I hope you dont mind taking some more requests, Im looking for a Psyduck female cosplayer or a shiny numel cosplayer (female preffered). Id love to see what you guys do with them before I make my own attempt.
  15. [​IMG]
    here it is
    i also made a pic[​IMG]
  16. Cool Pic, and cool Psyduck cosplayer! (I like your version of my sprite.) Is Professor Oak selling Pokemon? Or giving them out for free? Keep up the great work! :)
  17. he giving pokemon to new trianers.
  18. wow that was fast O.o really great work thanks a bunch :D
  19. thanks jeydis
    EDIT: a new pic [​IMG]
  20. That's a cool pic. (Who's going to win? The level 100 Vaporeon? Or the unknown level of Umbreon?...) I think you should try making some comics. :) You'd be really good at that.
  21. thanks my umbereon is level 96
  22. Might I request a sprite of my own? ^_^; I'm new... Trying to get all interested in Pokemon again. xD
  23. so what do you want to request?
  24. I was wondering if you could do one of the larger sprites, but with more of a 'goth' sort of thing? XD; Cutesy long, blonde pigtails, black or purple shirt and pants with crossties on the pants? Sorry if it's complicated. ^_^;
  25. i will start tommow becasuse it that a long time
    for shiraz [​IMG]
  26. Sorry about the lateness, I was out working yesterday and passed out right after the fact. ^_^; That's absolutely adorable, though! Thank you so much~ :heart:
  27. Cool new pic. *"Yippee! I caught a Chikorita!" shouted Ashley with a smile on her face.* :) I still think you should make Pokemon comics. I also like how you turned a table into a swimming pool. Keep up the great work. :)
  28. a scacthed luxray! [​IMG]
  29. awesome luxray (and all of your sprites)! I agree with ashley, you should make comics!
  30. i agree with ashley too, you shoul make a sprite comic, and if you do make a comic wonder who else will show up and what it will be about. I need to tell you something about your sprite pictures some of them look a little spaced out and there are no houses or buldings. Other than that keep up the good work. oh almost forgot can you make me a umbereon costplay of the guy from my sig, but with white rings insted of yellow hope thats not to much.
  31. sorry it took long to replie I have no more time left thanks to school. Anyways thanks so much i have always have been a fan of umbereon since silver and now i have a costplay of it. Thanks
  32. Ooh! That's so nice! I want that large kind of sprite like Shiraz's. I would like black, a bit longer than shoulder length hair, dark blue hoodie (with aeropostale words be nice
  33. would you mind doing the first/second sprite in my sig as an iaww please?
  34. i will start diamondphantoms and trainer_skles on friday becasue it takes a long time and i have school tommow
    EDIT: sorry diamdphantom and trainer skle as i was going to me your IAWWs i have to go some where with a laptop but it does not have paint sorry :'(
  35. It's okay, as long as I get it done. =D So take your time.
  36. Hi I am a newbie who has been here for months already and I was wondering if you could make me a Trainer Sprite?

    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    With any clothes that you chose
    With pokemon: Plusle and Minun

    Hope its not to much trouble?
  37. for Zaddia01[​IMG]
    and for diamondphantom and trainer skle as i was doing yours my computer keeps freezing so i have to cancel your request sorry :'(

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