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Jessie Mulay's Burim Exclusives.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jessie Mulay, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. So I decided to open up my shop again (I'm XJirachiX if you guys think I'm stealing).

    NOT doing ribbons.

    Just request whatever, just be real specific.

  2. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    hi can I request a girafarig plate and gold trophy please? :)
    #2 BlackRoseJack, Jul 10, 2010
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  3. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Thanks for requesting!

  4. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Those are cool 8D

    May I get a Jigglypuff plate, angel, and frozen

    AND (if I can) a Ralts and Skitty fusion?
  5. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Oh goodness a fusion! I'll try to get all of them on by today, if not, tomorrow.

    Edit: I got all except for the fusion. I'll get that tomorrow

    Plate; Had a laugh at this.
  6. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Hi there! I like all yur sprites, especially the plate sprites. On to the request, could I have a mareep plate please?
  7. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    These are really cool. Could you make me a leafeon plate and trophie?
  8. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    I'm on it. Check back in a bit you guys.

    Uhgh. Not good at fusions. Sorry.


    Leafeon Plate

    Leafeon Trophy
    Mareep Plate, gahh he needs bigger eyes and a longer tail.

    Thanks for requesting, come agaiN!
  9. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Thanks for the mareep plate! Its great :D
  10. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    I love them. Thanks so much.
  11. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Thanks, I'm glad you guys like them.
  12. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    I like how they all look. Can I have a Turtwig Trophy, a midget Uxie, a Pikachu pokeball, and a Jolteon plate?
  13. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Ooops, sorry. I don't do midgets. That was a fusion, it was an oddish + drifbloom. Sorry. I'll get on the others though.
    #13 Jessie Mulay, Jul 12, 2010
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  14. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    It's ok. I now see. But it was a great fusion anyway.
  15. Nim


    Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    These are really good. Keep it up and I'll be back to see your new work ^^
  16. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Hey there:D Great sprites. Anyway I was wondering if you could do a fossilized Garchomp and maybe a black jolteon with yellow eyes and a yellow mane. Its okay if you can't, thanks regardless :)
  17. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Not good at palletes..
    Thanks, come again.
  18. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    They all look great. Again, sorry about confusing that fusion. I espcially like the Turtwig Trophy (I AM ADDICTED TO TURTWIG!) Keep up the good work.
  19. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Thank you very much :)
  20. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Hello? Yes... I was wondering if I could have a Fossil Larvitar, Angel Bulbasaur, Torchic Pokeball, and Milotic Plate, and Charizard Trophy. Thankies!
  21. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Hello, Gaga! Could you do me a fossil Skarmory, a Gardevoir PokeBall and a Blaziken Trophy?
  22. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Did yours Model P. Not sure ShineBright's coming back.

    Skarsil Code:
    Gaurdiball Code :
    Blazephy Code:
  23. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Wow, you're pretty good. I think I'll stalk this thread for a while... Anyways, I like the Pokeballs, and the Devil/Angel Poke's. And the Midget, LOL. Make some more good ones, and I may request!
  24. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Nice! The Gardevoir PokeBall is my favourite by far, I'd totally buy it in-game.
  25. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Hey! I'm here!
  26. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Can I have a gardevoir angel, and trophie?
  27. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Hey sup love teh sprites will ya make meh a scyther plate and trophie hgss sprite plox
  28. Re: T3hCookingGaga's Shop.

    Sorry I was gone everyone. I was on vacation :\. Anyways I'm back now. So you can request.
  29. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Can I have a lucario trophy please
  30. Hey! Your work is great! May I please have an angel Jumpluff, a bronze Doredia trophy and a bronze Jumpluff trophy? Thanks. :D
    #30 Louie Forest, Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  31. Can I have a Giratina Trophy? ALso a charizard one please?
  32. may i request an angel glaceon, re-elemental glaceon (fire), angel manectric and angel houndoom? If ur busy an angel Mencetric and glaceon is cool ^^

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