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Jappio's Supposedly Awesome Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jappio, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Would love to be able to rebuild my entire thread, but I haven't the time or patience at the moment.

    Paper Mario styled Octorok

    Pointless Diglette Animation

    This proves Kirby is one of the few things that can get me int he holiday spirit.

    My rendition of one of my favorite video game characters, Rita. She's a black from Tales of Vesperia. No particular style here.

    My friend's RP character, Red Ryu. Done in the Disgaea sprite style.

    Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda.

    Lazengann from Gurren Lagann.

    A friend's RP character. Name is Vargas. Attempt in a style used in a game called Meltyblood.

    Old sprites I was making for a fighting game. I've stopped since I want to get better and do them over in the future. Character name is Raizou, one of my RP characters.

    A Relicant Evo I made for someone I did a bit of an art trade with. Raelen Solo is the name of it's creator, I merely sprited it for him.

    A Torkoal Evo. I held a raffle and the winner got a request from me. This is the result. Concept idea goes to Turtle King.

    A person by the name of Icyblue created a drawing of a critter. He asked if I would sprite it, and I figured he was a cool enough guy. So here is the result:

    Splice Sheets 49-53

    Super Poke World:
    A project where I'm replacing the sprites of Mario world with Pokemon. (More videos on channel)

    Splice Tutorial (Large image): http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r15/ ... 1220980814
    Video Splicing Tutorial
    Shorter Video Splicing Tutorial
    Also on my Youtube channel I have a few videos of me critiquing other people sprites and fixing them. Sort of tutorial like I suppose.
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  2. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    I love the way you've sprited your muk/ golem mix its very clever.


    p.s do you plan to take requests
  3. Banskulina looks quite good - though I prefer it more with the bone ears than the ghost.

    I can also see why you might start to hate the Scyther/Scizor line. People consider them cool and therefore you must join it with everything. Not unlike batter.

    I would take Banskulina home with me, but I'd probably have nightmares :|
  4. For almost my entire splicing career I've taken requests. I'll be happy to take them again. Can't promise I'll do them in a timely order though. They get done and posted when I get a nice full sheet. Also I reserve the right refuse if I happen to not like the Pokemon being mixed.
  5. Wow. I like your sprites, especially the Blizor one. And the Gastlord, that must be the biggest pokemon ever, yet one of the lightest. Keep up the good work.
  6. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    May I request a drifblim+girafarig+gardevoir mix please. :)
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  7. I like your Muk + Golem Splice, it's not something one would expect when you spliced those two together, as well as the Banette + Duskull + Weavile + Giratina one. :O
  8. I really like your sprites. My favorites are the Banette-Duskull-Weavile-Giratina mix, the Muk-Golem mix, and the Baltoy-Vibrava-Toxicroak-Flygon-Magmar-Gabite mix.
  9. Did some fixing to the first post. Includes more of my work. Still lacks like all my Fakemon and PokeWorld stuff sadly. I'll get to it eventually.

    More splices.

    Funny how only recently my little ghastly thing got popular. A bunch of sheets back I did the same thing to a Snorlax and it never got any from of popularity...

  10. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    thank you jappio the fusion I requested looks fantastic, eevarachi is adorable and your arcanine+grovyle+staraptor+mightyna, ninetales+gastly, slugma+feraligatr and slugma+gastly are fantastically made! :)
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  11. Ugg, finally done with large influx of splice requests. Don't expect sheet 56 too soon after this >_<

  12. Arcanine and Luigia were amazing
  13. Oh. My. God. These splices are epic. The best splices i've ever seen... :O
  14. More work done on my Link sprite. As you can see I'm going for a spin move animation. Finished two new frames for it. I will obviously add more frames in between and enough to obviously finish the whole move. I'll also need to make some glow and stuff for it.

  15. I'm amazed that their is such a large amount of sprites, yet they are all of an amazing quality. Can I please request a splice of Mothim, Croagunk and Hitmonlee? It should make for a very interesting (Still totally awesome) mix.
  16. First time doing back sprites, and would be happy to hear some feedback or advice.

    A little background on this guy. Someone contacted me, wanting to do an art trade. I'm going to get a drawing of something, and in return I was to do make this guy for some hack he is doing. He gave me a few parameters, like making it have two bones and what not. The guys name is Raikumi and he hasn't named this yet.

  17. I luv the azurill+spoink :3
  18. Wow, it's been awhile since I've gotten anything done. I'm sorry for those who follow me who might have been hoping to see anything new from me. Hopefully now I can get back to getting some sprites done and posted.

    Now as most of you know, Pokemon White and Black have been released in Japan. With a bunch of new Pokemon, there are even more splicing options. However I will not be partaking in them. I do not want to know anything more than I already do about 5th generation, and that include the Pokemon. I've only seen about the first 8 or so that were revealed, and I DO NOT want to see anymore. So in general, I have no access to the sprites, and WILL NOT take requests on them. I'd also appreciate if no one brings anything up about the new games. I want to play them as blind as possible. An early "thank you" for your discretion.

    I might get some Fakemon or Splices up soon, or another PokeWorld video soon. Depends which I finish first.


    More work on the Link sprite. I got two more frames, and now I was able to make a sort of beta animation. Now I do plan on making more frames. I'm thinking either a frame ever 60 or 45 degrees of the spin. I might get lazy and do some more blurring and less detail work, because having to always reshade and redo every little detail in each of these frames is a pain.


    Here are the stilled frames for those who want to look at them more closely.


    As always, I would love any comments or criticism you can give. I'm giving these sprites my all, but I know that probably won't be enough.
  19. I suppose Link goes unnoticed, oh well.

    Here are some new splices I've finally gotten around to finishing up. That Metagross+Salmance+Dialga is a bit of an experiment. Clearly not my normal style, as I really went all out as far as not scratching. Not sure how I feel about it though. It took more time than a splice generally will, and there's just something weird about it.


    Also messed with my first post so my tutorials are included again.
  20. Finished up my redo of this line of Fakemon. Thanks to other projects I haven't been showing my Captace region the attention I owe it. However lucky for it, my spriting ability is better now, so hopefully they'll look even better as I go through them.


    A Psychic family line. Lizwiz, Lizgician, and Lizarlock. I'll soon get a video uploaded of me making the second stage soon actually. I'll edit it in here after work.
  21. I likes ur splicese. Would it possible to get a Substitute Typhlosion splice, Substitute Magikarp Splice, and Arceus Sunkern splice if possible.
    Thank you!
  22. Today marks the end of my 3rd year of splicing. 3 years ago today was when I first posted my splices, and ever since I've looked to improve. Although this is a bit of a small batch, I wanted to post something today to celebrate. I hope you enjoy them.

  23. I don'y know why your sprites haven't received that much attention. You are a simply brilliant Spriter. Your fusions are so creative and well-made it's unbelievable. IMO you are one of the best spriters in this forum. Way. To. Go. (and have an awesome fourth year of Spriting :D )
  24. I've been asked a couple of times if I could do a tutorial on scratching sprites, sort of like I've done with splicing. I usually turned those people away, saying "I'm not a good enough spriter to teach scratching yet." Well I don't think I'm all that better yet, but I think I'm good enough that I could make a decent tutorial for it, even if I'm not a pro yet.

    I will be doing a Fakemon as the example sprite for it, but hopefully I'll make the tutorial in a way that will apply to most sprite styles. I've written up a sort of rough outline for how I'd do it. It would be multiple videos, all split up into these categories. I know if I make it too long most won't want to follow, but I really want to hit on all points that I can.

    Sorry this isn't me posting anything that could be consider true content. I haven't gotten any finished sprites to show since I've been jumping between projects and don't have anything that's ready to show quite yet for that.

    - What is Spriting
    - What it can be used for
    - Scratching
    - Overview of tutorial
    - Explain what I'll be doing
    - Explain I'll be making a Fakemon, but I'll do my best to explain other styles too as I go along

    - Start off by explaining people should have a plan
    - What will be the purpose of the sprite?
    - Go over styles and games that they might choose from
    - Show that starting with a hand drawn doodle can be a good way to start off
    - Show off doodles and planning stages I have for the example

    Basic Form/Line Art
    - Introduce them to MS Paint
    - Should explain programs like YY-CHR and others for game sprites alterations
    - Start by showing two methods of basic form
    - Blotchy method
    - Doodly method
    - Saving as .PNG
    - Describe things like how to do curves
    - Explain that looking at examples can help
    - Fixing up and double checking stuff

    Coloring and Shading
    - Color choice
    - Palettes
    - Light sources
    - Saving as .PNG
    - Textures
    - Form through shading

    Finishing Touches and Posting
    - Check around for errors and fixes that can be done
    - Saving as .PNG
    - Presentation choices
    - Uploading
    - Posting
    - Dealing with critique and responses
    - Closing

    Since I am doing this to teach others, I do not mind at all if anyone makes comments on my plan so far for this. If you think there is something else I should include or explain, let me know, and I'll see if I can get it added.
  25. I really dont have much to say about this, do I? It's another set of Fakemon I guess.

    I'm taking a risk with the lack of a border on the wind there. No Pokemon in 3rd gen really had just wind going about them, so there wasn't really a standard to go by there. Everything seems to almost always have some form of border, but the attack gfx for wind doesn't use borders, and some things like Ghastly's gas don't use a border, so hopefully my lack of it doesn't break too far away from the usual style GameFreak uses.

  26. Jappio you are such a talented spriter :DDD!
    I love your splices you are very good at them :) Alsoo, you are very creative with which Pokémon you fuse :DD! Wish I was that creative ^^;
    I also love your Fakémon :>! they look very official if I must say so myself :DD! Like Weeds said it's weird how you haven't received a heap of attention cause your very talented ^^!
    I would love to see the more sprites to come ;D

    Shaymin ~*
  27. Jappio I have a request for your amazing awesomeness!(Which you are very good at splicing and scratching!)Yanmega+Umbreon+Togekiss fusion using Toge as a base?
  28. I am totally jealous of your amazing spriting skills! They're all so awesome! All of them are so creative and interesting to look at!! =DD
  29. Well I'm loving W/B a lot. Now that I've been able to pull myself away from it I can work on some splices. Oh and I officially am working with 5th gen guys now that I know what they all are. Their sprites are cool and have some cool potential, but the different shading style is going to take awhile to get use to. Mixing 5th gen with anything else before it will be difficult probably thanks to that.

  30. Here are some over-worlds I'm working on for a friend's RPGmaker game. Although I suppose that isn't all too important.

    The little fox boy is a character of my friend, Red Ryu. The big guy is of course my usual Raizou guy.

    The sprites are based/styled after some of the generic sprites from RPG maker.

  31. Hey look, some Fakemon I either made or remade for a contest! Yipee!

  32. can you do more kirby pokemon
  33. Maybe if I get the urge to one day, but it isn't something I plan on doing more of. Sort of just a one time fool around. I'd imagine I eventually will. Pokemon and Kirby are two of my favorite series around.

    Well I finished up some PokeWorld sprites and have learned a little palette editing finally.

  34. I know it's been a bit, but some time ago I mentioned how I was working on a scratching tutorial. Well I finally took the time to go back to that in finish up a sort of intro. Now this isn't the finished product. Before I move onto the real meat and bones I wanted to sort of post this video and see what you guys think, a rough draft.

    There's some extra fluff and added images in this intro just because I don't have anything to show off otherwise. Less padding will be in the actual learning videos since I'll have the actual sprite making to show off.

    So any comments or tips will be appreciated. Hopefully the other parts won't be as difficult to edit as this one so they can get done in a timely manner.



    Oh and I did some work with some Fakemon. Some of this isn't new, but a few tweaks here and there.

  35. Put together part 2 of the scratching tutorial. Still not up to the true meat and bones yet, but it's getting there. All useful info I feel though.

    Of course any comments are appreciated. I'd rather know something is wrong with my teaching method now rather than later.


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