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Private/Closed Isle of the Myths Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. You were living a normal life until something...unexpected happens you are..suddenly forgotten...like you disappeared without a trace. Only one parent becomes obsessively overprotective of you because they seemed to sense something "special" about you but love you very much. However, something unexcepted happens, you black out and end up in a strange building called the Isle of the Myths. Your memory is hazy, not remembering the day you were brought here or why you were here in the first place. What your parent said was true that they sensed something "special" inside of you. The Isle of the Myth's suddenly "changed" you in a different way like your not human anymore. The structure of the Isle is very complex, difficult to figure out. All the doors her locked tight openly being opened by fingerprint confirmation and the windows only have strong metal bars to block the opening but no glass. Your left confused but are determined to find a way out even with all the high-security preventing you from leaving and not to mention, the very thick fog that can cause you to hallucinate. A barrier is also placed around the building for extra protection but also to prevent "flight" escape. A Mystical Animal of your element guides you though the Isle and is one of the rarest you have seen. The question is will you be able to regain that hazy memory of how you got here and find your way out and adjust to your "new" appearance?

    Rules as follows:
    ~Can be two species~
    ~Can have two elements~
    ~Crushes allowed(but keep it pg)
    ~No autoing/bunnying please!~
    ~No double posting~
    ~Don't force any ones char to do what you want to do just let them play their char the way they want to~
    ~Must be a paragraph long
    ~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
    If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator without issue and have her/him lock this down. Other than that enjoy this rp ^-^.

    Fire: Luss Regensitsu(@Clite of Dragonbow)
    Water: Ekera Kasa @Sentorus67
    Wind: JC @LunarSilvally
    Electric: Ekera Kasa @Sentorus67
    Ice: JC @LunarSilvally
    Dark: Luss Regensitsu (@Clite of Dragonbow)
    Light: Milo (@Willow Tree)
    Poison: Jack @DevVoid
    Psychic: Milo (@Willow Tree)
    Earth: Jack @DevVoid
    (So no elements repeat)

    Species(3): (wolf, vampire, angel, deer etc.)
    Appearance: (Casual white clothing)(Females wear a white dress and white flats, males white shirt, pants, and shoes)
    Features of your species: (ears, tail, antlers, wings etc.)
    Element/Power(2): (Fire, Water, Air, Ice etc.)
    Name of Mystical Animal:
    Gender of Mystical Animal:
    Species of Mystical Animal:
    Appearance of Mystical Animal:
    Engraved Marking:
    Item presented around the animals neck:
    Element of Mystical Animal:

    Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Species(2): Deer/Angel/Vampire(half)
    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady that stands at 5'3 in height. She has a well feminine build with dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with a bang covering her right eye. She has light blue eyes, right slightly blind which her bang covers to keep hidden. She wears a white dress with white flats as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears bandages around her wrists and ankles. She wears glasses upon her face with a silver and black cross necklace.
    Features of your species: She has the antlers, white ears and tail of the deer with the white wings of an angel shown on her back.
    Element(2): Ice/Wind
    Personality: Quite distant, Gentle, Brave(acts the part), Understanding, Strongwilled, Strategic, Thinks before acting, Slightly Stubborn(mostly), Stern
    Name of Mystical Animal: Fenrir
    Gender of Mystical Animal: Male
    Species of Mystical Animal: Mystical Deer
    Appearance of Mystical Animal: He has all white fur with large sized antlers that are black and shiny with clear ice shiny roses resting on them. He is rather muscular with a firm build with ice blue eyes with long fur coming out from behind all of his hooves which are black. His pelt has specks of ice shards which makes him glow in the beam of moonlight. His legs are the length of a deer but just a slight longer but are powerful to be able to defend JC if they tried to harm her as he is overly protective of her.
    Engraved Marking: Dark blue feathers that are together at the tip with the ice shards outlining them to see the feathers clearly on the side of his upper neck.
    Item presented around the animals neck: A clear ice collar with three feathers hanging at the end as dark blue beads hold them in place with a hint of gold on the feather pieces and the collar
    Element of Mystical Animal: Ice
    Parents: Kaun(M)(Father)(Deceased)(Deer), Sherri(F)(Mother)(Alive)(Angel)
    Siblings: Shadow(M)(Older brother)
    Crush: N/A
    Other: She wears a white deer mask with blue streaks at the sides as she is mostly seen in a very high area looking up at a high barred window mostly keeping to herself with Fenrir extremely close to her. When she is alone, she will play her violin when she feels lonely. Her vampire side is more harder to control due it her being half but once she sees blood it's hard for her to resist the urge to drink blood which is why she wears her deer mask to not be able to see the blood but just smell it which proves to be more difficult to handle.

    I'll tag others to start but feel free to tag others

    @DevVoid @Willow Tree @Clite of Dragonbow @Shadow_Pup
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  2. I can reserve elements of fire and darkness (I would later make character Bio)
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  3. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Dammit! Someone took fire and dark before me! Rats! XD

    Name: Milo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species(2): Swan Siren
    Appearance: Milo is a boy that stands at the height of 6'0, his curly hair putting up another inch in height. He got emerald green eyes which stand out well against his pale complexion but it also makes him look like he's glowing in the dark to which he despises. A white shirt with dripping frilly sleeves accompanied along a white short, which reaches to his knees. White shoes that reaches slightly upwards above his ankle is more defined without any fabric of the pants getting in the way, it help make his legs look longer.
    Features of your species: White wings sprouting from his back, commonly mistaken for those of an angel, though they're a tiny bit smaller. He his feature is slim, not at all muscular and supported a naturally arch back, somewhat resembling a swan neck. If in contact with water, scales will appear to show his Siren side. Can also breath under water.
    Element/Power(2): Light and psychic
    Personality: Milo is a mischievous fellow, never taking something seriously like he really is supposed to all the time unless fooling around is not an option to his situations. He is a mysterious guy, looking like he's hiding something all the time but yet, he's transparent when showing emotion, leading to people having to figure out whether or not to trust him. Even with that unsettling personality of his, he's overall a friendly guy and loves chatting and socializing with other people, preferring to stay on the bright side no matter what and is stubborn on that fact. Even with all the bright mood, Milo is timid when talking to others, not because he was shy, but because he's afraid his voice will hypnotize those dear to him and cause them to do unruly things that usually ended up killing themselves.
    Name of Mystical Animal: Jewel
    Gender of Mystical Animal: Female
    Species of Mystical Animal: Phoenix
    Appearance of Mystical Animal: Just...just a regular Phoenix.
    Engraved Marking: Wings that sprout flames that spirals downwards to shape the tail.
    Item presented around the animals neck: Teardrop pendant.
    Element of Mystical Animal: Light
    Parents: Michael (Father)(Swan)(Alive), Sherlyn (Mother)(Siren)(Alive)
    Siblings: None
    Crush: Depends on who's joining and their characters I guess.
    Other: He also wears a white mouth mask which helps muffle his voice slightly. He talks in a sing song tune that is almost as equally as dangerous as if he were to straight up sing, so he hopes having a muffled voice can reduce the damage. (More might be added)

    (Luv ya rp, they're always so interesting.)
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  4. Sorry,sorry...
    (I know those elements are popular)
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  5. Yes I can reserve the elements for you both xD
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  6. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

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  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Name: Jack Sterling

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Sexuality: Straight

    Species: Minotaur/Dragon/Wendigo (It's like a form that triggers when he looses control of his negative emotions, primarily rage. It also activates when he is near-death as a last resort to do something to help him get out of his situation. )

    Appearance: Black Fur (Fur only available on his head since the rest of his body is covered in dragon scales), Amber-yellow eyes (Glowing, without iris or pupil; entirely amber yellow), White horns, Dark Purple - Black Dragon Scales and dark-purple dragon webbing (such as the webbing inbetween the wings), claws are white aswell. Muscular stature and 7'5ft tall (both from being a minotaur). Carries a giant two-headed axe strapped to his back, as does every minotaur. For clothing, he wears a black leather garb (source), along with a simple black leather kilt (with boxer shorts underneath). No boots though, since he has hooves instead of feet. (Only in his Wendigo Form), half of his head's fur falls off, revealing his skull. Eyes become entirely black, horns grow out into antler horns. His scales fall off and expose a rotten bull carcass underneath. (of course these things grow back if he turns back. This is all just for vanity pretty much)

    Features of your species: Dragon wings, bull horns, sharp dragon claws, heat-resistant tough dragon scales, poisonous breath. (Can spew out gases with varying toxicity/poison levels from his mouth, aswell as huff out poisonous gases from his snout.)

    As a Wendigo only: Partial loss of strength and durability in exchange for agility, relentless but less strategic attacks due to him losing control of himself. Sharper, longer claws. Sharper teeth, eyes can strike fear into beings if making direct eye contact with others. Wings and tail rot off in exchange for heightened sense, reflex, environment awareness and parkouring ability.

    Element/Power: Earth/Poison

    Personality: Jack has a mercenary-like attitude, where he only does things he needs to or is told to do, and not much else. He can be nice to those he trusts, though it is pretty hard to gain his trust because he's pretty paranoid, which was a key trait that kept him alive for so long. He can also get pretty violent when he's angry, though it does take some time to really get him to that boiling point where he lashes out. Usually he keeps a calm, reserved look on his face, wherein he perfectly hides his cruel intentions and thoughts, originating from heiring a sadistic personality from his father.

    Name of Mystical Animal: Thanatos

    Gender of Mystical Animal: Male

    Species of Mystical Animal: Beholder

    Appearance of Mystical Animal: 5ft in diameter, Appearance is exactly the same as a Great Malboro as seen here (Source), with the exception that it has no other limbs asides the many eye stalks, and that it has scales instead of plant fibre.

    Engraved Marking: A pentagram burn mark on the back of the beholder.

    Item presented around the animals neck: A chain necklace that is attached to Thanatos' sides, with a clear crystal ball hanging in the middle below Thanatos, attached to the chain necklace. The beholder can create a light in this ball that only serves the purpose of giving vision to itself and others as while lit up, the ball doesn't even eminate warmth.

    Element of Mystical Animal: Poison

    Parents: Jill Sterling (Mother, F, Deceased)(Dragon), Rodriguez Sterling (Father, M, Alive)(Minotaur)

    Siblings: Cain Sterling (M, Twin Brother, Alive)(Same species as Jack)

    Crush: N/A

    Other: He's a cold-hearted man who is no stranger to death and crime, thus making him less fearful and more fearsome
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  9. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Oh, it went completely by me that males should wear white shirts, pants and shoes... well, to be fair, Jack wouldnt be able to wear pants or shoes, so the only thing he'd couldve worn was that shirt. Plus I mean, traditionally all minotaurs have worn some kind of garbs, so I thought I may aswell keep that tradition up. Is that alright?
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  10. You mean like a woolen cloth but if that's what you mean then yes it's alright
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  11. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    I mean like the garb shown in the picture, where it would be like a woolen jacket-like cloth simply covering the white shirt. That way, he would still wear the white shirt, but just have it not that visible
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  12. Oh yes that's fine as long as you have the white shirt under it @DevVoid
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  13. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Also uh, the elements, do they work like magic, where you can only have powers/magic that are only based on/around that element, or how does that system work?
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  14. Yes it works like magic which the Mystical Animal grants you. For example Fenrir had the element of ice so he will grant the ice element to her for her to use along with the powers with it like any type ice manpulation and healing but has for her wind element she had to learn it on her own to wield it. Basically without the Mystical Animal she can't wield the ice element and will only have the wind element to use it's like a connection in a way
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  15. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Oh, interesting. So then, Thanatos would have Jack be able to use Steel magic? Which, by the way, what exactly was steel magic? Is it like metal bending?
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  16. Name: Luss Regensintu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Sexuality: Straight

    Species(2): Demon, Wolfskin

    Appearance: Luss is 5'11" tall, he has black, pointed hair and silver eyes, that change colour with his mood. Luss usually wears white robe and sandals.

    Features of your spiecies: on his back, Luss has 4 wings, main pair is so big, that, They touches ground behind him. He also have two horns on his forehead. (Later) his wolfskin part is easier to see, on his head he has pair of red, wolf ears and has black-red, fluffy tail.

    Element/Power(2): Fire and darkness

    Personality: Luss is quite calm and nice person, but he is also quite shy. He doesn't like to speak to much with people, that he don't know well. He can be really protective and always trying to help, but he don't want to show off himself.

    Name of Mystical Animal: Kazia

    Gender of Mystical Animal: Female

    Species of Mystical Animal: Death Dog

    Appearance of Mystical Animal: Kazia has two heads, its a large monster with dark black fur.

    Engraved Marking: Black crystal between her heads, that can bright with red light, when its angry.

    Item presented around the animals neck(s) : A gold collar on the right neck and a silver one on the left.

    Element of Mystical Animal: Darkness

    Parents:... Already gone, change topic!

    Siblings: Irae (Older Brother)

    Luss-...Maybe I have one...
    Clite- JC
    Luss-Don't listen to him!

    Other: Kazia is ready to attack anyone, that comes too close or hurt Luss in any way. Luss usually sings, when He knows, that he is alone. Wolfskin part will (awake) later.
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  17. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @LunarSilvally You kinda glanced over my question. Also uh, how come the Steel Element was removed?
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  18. Oh well because it would seem unfair for just one person to her two elements instead of one that's why I took it out to make it even unless I had another element to make it even but also sorry yes it kind of his like metal bending but can also be used as a strong power @DevVoid
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  19. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

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  20. Name: Ekera Kasa

    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Species(2): Snake and Blue Glaucus
    Appearance: 5'4 in height, she has a weak body build with barely any hints of muscle. limestone skin with silklike dirty blond hair.

    Features of your species: She has bright blue sideways pupils, her lips are incredibly thin but her mouth stretches through a portion of her cheek. She has retractable fangs inside of her mouth. Her body is covered in uneven scales that give off a metallic shine. Her legs and fingertips are a deep ocean blue color.

    Element/Power(2): Electric, Water

    Personality: Either insane, evil or just plain idiotic. However, you describe her it is obvious whatever screw is supposed to be in her head is gone. Her manners seem to be both "lacking" and "unique" as she can seem to be dangerous or forgettable at any moment. Whatever she wants, hopefully, it doesn't cause problems.

    Name of Mystical Animal: Vee
    Gender of Mystical Animal: Female
    Species of Mystical Animal: Hydra
    Appearance of Mystical Animal: A very long thin serpent that has at least five heads
    Engraved Marking: A capital v with bright yellow lines surrounding it.
    Item presented around the animals neck: A multicolored seahorse made of stone
    Element of Mystical Animal: Electric
    Parents: Avery(Deceased, Snake, Mother), Rockwell(Missing, Father)
    Siblings: none
    Crush: none
    Other: Her fangs, fingers, and feet can release a paralyzing agent. Shes also unbelievably flexible.
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  21. @Sentorus67 accepted and I will post up the roleplay soon since all the element spots are filled
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  22. We are waiting for you @Sentorus67 I won't go on without u
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  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @LunarSilvally I changed my char to involve a new species, but I made it a transformation rather than an actual species, and I tried to balance it as best I could. Could you look over it and give me a second opinion on it?
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  24. I like the idea of the transformation @DevVoid it's give a new twist to the story so I'm ok with it ^-^
  25. I edited my Bio and added second Species. Hope, that it is okay.
  26. Please do not control my monsters.

    While you guys make the different main villains I want to be in charge of the different beasties on the island. I find it super fun to come up with a cool and dangerous ecosystem for our group to fight.

    Think of them as NPCs that once a person makes, they have control over their behavior. There is a reason why the Masti are not aggressive right now.
  27. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Oh, did I accidentally do that? I didn't mean to, really. Looking back at my post, I didn't really control the Masti. I only ever re-told the actions they did in your post. But anyway, I'll avoid in the future.
  28. it wasn't you but thanks in advance. though its somewhat of an unspoken rule for all NPCs, including @LunarSilvally 's surprise villain. If you ever have an idea for a monster go ahead give it a try. I just want to make sure not all monsters are big angry demons that insta die from a type of weakness.
  29. Sorry, didn't thought while I was doing this, if you want I may time travel a bit and erase this.. (Also, I didn't killed him. Just kicked, but still I may erase the part with using your beast @Sentorus67
  30. no need to change much. right now they're not attacking so if you want one just stumbling in your way thats fine.
  31. Don't worry, I won't take control of your monster @Sentorus67 it just keeps the roleplay going if it goes like that ^-^

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