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***Introduce your Trainer OCs***

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by nuclearsushi, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Hey all!
    I've recently made up a simple trainer card meme I'd like to see used if I'm honest. As much as I like to create characters and write stories, I love to see what others come up with too! Hopefully, you guys will want to show off your characters and post them up on this thread. When you post, please include as much information about your OCs as you'd like. And if you've got a story or comic about them, feel free to provide a link to it ;) If you don't want to use the trainer card meme provided, please don't hesitate to post up your original trainers and their pokemon teams on this forum anyway. I'd still love to see your characters and hear their stories!

    Here is a sample:
    I changed the colors of the original image by using Photoshop CS6. I placed two fill layers over the image, used the "Overlay" option for the layer type, and changed opacity to adjust for the colors. Finally, I edited it all in PaintXP for Microsoft.
    The meme asks for a name, ID # (which is missing in this sample lol), trainer class, hometown and a small "about" blurb. It also has space for 6 pokemon and their respective nicknames. If you fill out this meme, please be respectful and remember to keep my user credit in tact.

    Here is a blank meme in grayscale and a sample of the text I used:

    Other resources:
    Small Pokemon Icons:
    Downloadable Pokemon Pixel Font:
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