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Into the Night

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Midnight Shadows, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. (Hey guys, another fic idea i've been working on, I'm still playing around with the plot and is a major work in progress and everything.. tell me what you think ^^ Also sorry for spelling errors x.x)

    Chapter 1

    The opressive night enveloped everyone at the funeral, their tears falling as fast and heavy as the never ending rain that continued to drench the family members of the girl, the friends, and the priest that murmured the prayers. The surrounding forrest stood as still as the dead, and when they finally lowered the coffin into the ground the only sounds to be heard were that of the rain, pattering down on the ground. The lanturns were extinguished and goodbye glances were given, and one by one the few who attended the girl's funeral evaporated.

    Suicides in the city were a common occurance. After the numbers reached into the thousands, people stopped caring; news reporters no longer reported deaths in the daily news, funerals of someone you knew would happen so frequently that people would stop attending. It was only a matter of time before you were the next victim of the city. The mortality rate was far higher than the birth rate, which was already so low that no one knew how a population could survive in the city. Though somehow it managed.

    The city, and the surrounding forrest on the outskirts only had one forecast: rain. To compliment this, it also had only one time as day as well: night. No one quite knew why it was like this; but they only assumed that because of such bizarre weather and lack of sunlight that people became depressed and soon after, committed suicide. The people weren't trapped in the city, they were free to come and go as they please. Something about the city however mesmerized them into staying, and those who stayed long enough and reached into their 20's and 30's became so sensitive to light that even the slightest exposure of any kind could permanantly blind them or burn their skin.

    Zyra had been watching the funeral from a distance, like she often did whenever someone in the city had passed. Though out of view from everyone who had attended, her misty grey eyes had scanned everyone down there as well as their emotions. Once everyone had disappeared she sighed and jumped down from the tall tree branch in the canopy, her black leather boots squishing the muddy and grassy Earth beneath her and placing some mud on her dark blue jeans. The soil wasn't like any other soil you would find, even in particulary rainy areas. Instead of flooding, the rain water would disappear into the Earth like a drain and never been seen again. Some people would say that it was filtered back into the city, and then purified, giving the city an endless supply of water. But those whose family had been there for generations knew better and just accepted the fact that it disappeared.

    Scanning the trees around her and reassuring herself that she was alone, Zyra started the hour trip back to the city. To her, the forrest was calming and set her at ease and because of this she wore an olive green t shirt to match the trees as a thanks to them. She was not afraid of the dark, and as long as she could remember, she never was. Always living in a state of darkness, her eyes adapted to the absence of light and could see perfectly in the dark. As she was approaching the clearing, Zyra turned around and gave a slight nod to the forrest, the animals, and her comfort zone, turned around again and continued walking towards the city limits and evenutally made her way into the city itself.

    The City was filled with too many skyscrapers, too many apartment and houses stuck too close together, too many big business owned buildings, had a few fast food chains on one block, had its fair share of stuck up aristocrats, and above all, had numerous gangs and gang related crimes. There wasn't any mall, any source of social entertainment, there were just office buildings and you found ways to entertain yourself with either your work life or your famly life. Now turning into an alley, Zyra quickly scaned it for any sign of gangs or their prescence nearby before exiting it quickly and making her way towards the old abandoned movie theatre in one of the more rundown parts of the city. Though the district the theatre itself was located it was one of the more poor districts of the city, when it was still opened it was filled with people who had worked all week just to sit, relax and enjoy the hour and a half, maybe more before them before getting back to their hard working, boring lives. It was the lower classes only source of entertainment, and only means of being social with the other members of the city. When it was forced to shut down due to light from the screen hurting peoples eyes, many rioted, though their attempts resulted in failure, it was the last riot the city saw since. The officials punished anyone and everyone involed and senteced them to a life of imprisionment. No one even thought of doing anything like it again.

    Zyra placed her hand on the old fashioned door knob and looked behind her to make sure no one was watching or could see her entering, before finally opening the door and entering the dim lighted abandoned theatre inside. After she rung her hair out, letting the waterfall soak the floor beneath her she walked up the the dusty consession stand and browsed the food they still had in stock. Deciding on a bag of salt and vinegar chips, she jumped over the counter and grabbed three bags off the shelf before opening one for herself and popped a chip in her mouth. Since the theatre only had one room, Zyra turned left and made her way toward the huge room, the door already propped open. Like the previous room, this too had dim lighting, not enough to hard her skin or eyes but enough to provide sufficient lighting. When she made her way to the seats, she turned and faced them, slightly leaning on the railing and then tossed the two bags of chips into the air, which were caught by two seperate hands.

    "Back already, Zyra? Must've been a short one." A male voice said chuckling at the end. This was followed by the sound of openining the chip bag. There was a slight thump noise, "Ouch! What was that for, Riley? Geez chill out."

    "Cole you are SO insensitive I swear, I mean have a little respect will you?" The female voice Riley said. Cole rolled his eyes got out of his seat next to Riley and walked towards Zyra.

    "So nothing interesting this time?" Cole leaned his back against the railing and turned his head and looked at her, ignoring Riley's comment. He was eighteen, had messy brown hair, chocolate brown eyes that to her seemed bored all the time, a white designer t shirt with a tribal design on it, baggy blue jeans with a huge tear in the right knee, black italian designer boots, gold rings on his index and ring fingers on both hands and a silver crescent moon necklace around his neck, like everything else in his outfit, was stolen. All three of them had this necklace to symbolize that they stuck together, no matter what, and although it was Riley's choice of the necklace because of her fascination with astrology, neither of them cared because they enjoyed the design of the necklace as well.

    "I doubt anything interesting would happen at a funeral.." Riley walked down from her seat and sat closer to the both of them talking, a row behind the railing. She was sensitive on the subject of death, being an orphan like the other two and mostly tried to stay away from the subject at all costs, so whenever Cole brought it up she got annoyed but eventually quieted down. Like Zyra, she was seventeen, a had a punkish apparel. She had dark purple hair that only reached past her chin slightly and dark emerald eyes that she enjoyed to put heavy amounts of eye makeup on. Along with her crescent moon necklace she also wore a black leather spiked choker, black skinny jeans, black converse and to top it off, a black corset vest that had faux fur on the collor, lace accented straps, and a black and dark purple inset with hook and eye detailing and lastly, a row of buttons on each side being linked together by a black band.

    "No, nothing interesting this time, same kind of funeral, same emotions, same everything." Zyra said sighing.

    "Why do you even go to those anyways?" Cole said after popping another chip into his mouth and licking the salt off his fingers. Zyra shrugged and looked at Riley, knowing how uncomfortable she was about this topic and quickly changed it.

    "Any gang related news to report Cole? Riley?" Zyra said looking to one then another. Riley shook her head, and Cole tilted his and looked off into space as if trying to remember if he heard of or say anything. He then snapped and turned towards Zyra.

    "Actually, the gang from the East Side have been talking about something...though I can't remember exactly I might have to check it out tomorrow, if it's anything worth mentioning i'll let you know." He said then reaching his hand into the chip bag and finishing off his chips before crumpling up the bag and tossing it into the trash can. The gangs of the city were violted people, all of them orphans like the three of them. They wanted nothing to do with the gangs in fear they might reveal their location and send them back to the orphanage, and that was the last place they wanted to be, having escaped from there five years ago and living in the streets until they found the abandoned movie theatre a two years ago. Zyra, Cole, and Riley avoided contact with a lot of people, and although they were fine with it on the outside, it slightly bothered each of them in the inside, wondering if their lives would be any different if they weren't orphaned.

    Zyra looked at each of them. "Are either of you tired in the slightest? Or am I the only one fully awake?" Riley yawned, Cole shrugged and Zyra rolled her eyes.

    It wasn't often that she slept, unlike the both of them, who enjoyed it a lot whenever they got the chance to. Though she didn't blame them, if you were up most of the night learning whether or not your enemy was one step closer to finding you, or stealing expensive things from stores, you would be tired too. "I'll take that as a yes then." Zyra laughed slightly and jumped over the railing into the closest seat to her, taking off her leather jacket and boots and reclining in her seat before closing her eyes. "Fine you party poopers, I guess tomorrow we'll save for whatever it is we'll steal next..I have no idea what I'm going to take to be honest and.." She opened her eyes, to find Cole and Riley sitting each a few seats down from each other, sleeping already. Zyra smirked and closed her eyes, yawning. "Amateurs." Then fell asleep.
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  2. I always loved your writing ♥ I'll continue to help you along with this amazing idea Dani :) Keep going <333

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