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'Internal Hollows'

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Toru, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. OoC: Finally, with of all of the experience and tips I have gained in my short time on Pokecharms, I'm finally going to make a really good RP with a gripping storyline, but please PM me if you would like to join, but please make it a nice and long post... Also, it would help if you sudied my Character Bio as well: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=903.msg89854#msg89854
    Right then, are we sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

    The pitch black world of darkness pulsated around the dark shadow, that giggled in a distorted, high pitch. The Shadow's face could not be seen, instead, a basic blank white actors mask covered his face, ever changing to his emotions, but to this time, It was a chuckling mask of glee. He looked at Daiko, who was attached to a black board with dark appendages tying him to it.

    'Eheheheheh! Daiko, you sure like being mentally tortured don't you? Come on, come on! Tell me everything you know! Or do we have to carry on playing?' Daiko looked at The Shadow with weary yet fierce eyes, which were showing The Shadow he was begging for mercy - but Daiko still tried to hide that emotion.

    'I don't know who you are or how you got here, but I don't know what you mean! Plese stop this manical torment!

    The Shadows mask slowly merged into an extremely impatient one, and he made the tendril-like appendages tighten, choking the life out of the young boy. The Shadows voice became a lot deeper and blood-chillingly evil, but stil distorted. 'You are really starting to test my patience, boy. Fine! If you won't tell me anything, you are REALLY going to suffer now! The area flashed and the tendrils tightened so hard, he couln't say a word. Daiko's bones suddenly started to crumble with his spirit...

    'Daiko, Daiko! Wake up honey...'

    Daiko awoke to his ever-loving partner, Petal, still wearing that odd black flower in her hair. And he suddenly realised he was on the great Region surfer train, taking him back to his home city, Fortree, with Petal. 'What's wrong Daiko? Hmh?' Petal clenched Daiko and looked up at his face. 'Mhm, nothing Petal, just a bad dream. He straightened up and pecked her on the cheek. 'Come on, I think this is the stop! Fortree City! It's been a while huh, Daiko!?' Daiko got up, and grinned. 'It sure has!' He ran out of the train and threw his arms out, engaging the beutiful scenery of that which is Hoenn. 'IT'S BEEN A WHILE, HOENN! EVERYONE, DAIKO STORM HAS-' He hesitated and saw something horribly wrong with the scenery.

    The clouds were slowly blanketing the sky, they were as black as ink, as they surged with lightning. He swallowed, and turned to Petal. 'We should leave, fast.' He called out Swellow and he got on top of the bird type with Petal. 'Come on Swellow, to Fortree, and make it quick!'

    They took off and soared, ever further coming to there favourite tree based City. Petal turned around and could see the clouds gathering even further around where they had took off. She looked closer, and screamed, almost falling off Swellow in shock, as a strike of black thunder crashed down, and she was too scared to look anymore, as she clung onto Daiko's back in retreat. Daiko could guess what had happened due to the noise, and he took a deep breath into the foggy, dense air.

    'Just... Just what is going on?'
  2. ((I would love to join, but the Trainer Card Maker is down right now...Is it ok if I join without one?))
  3. Katsu leaned with Arlie as the Staraptor turned. Kit, Katsu's Flarion, complained at the movement, getting more under Katsu's chest. Katsu smiled as the ground came up faster. The weather was aweful for flying but he wanted to get there fast. Landing roughly, Katsu recalled Arlie.

    "Kit, ember."

    The Flarion lit the branch Katsu was holding before her, the flames lighting up the area. Katsu looked up through the foliage he had just come through and smiled gently. The clouds were enclosing fast and he had to move. Kit stayed parallel with his ankles as Katsu ran to the town near by: Fortree.

    Katsu slowed as he and Kit came closer to the edge of the town. Katsu knelt, putting the torch out and allowing Kit to climb onto his shoulder. Standing, he played with the mark on the back of his left hand; a faded silver Riolu on the back of his left hand. Because of the mark, he understood Pokemon like he understood people but with a downside. He always heard the Pokemon. But as he crept closer to the town, he realized it was quiet. Really quiet.

    "Katsu?" Kit asked, shaking on Katsu's shoulder. "Where are all the other Pokemon?"

    "I don't know, Kit," Katsu said, rubbing Kit's gray head fur. "I don't know."
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Erm... What does this have to do with joining a role play? Toru also asked people to PM him about joining, so this is nothing more than SPAM.

    Please read the rules on RPing here as well as the global rules if you haven't already. Also read any personal rules set out by topic creators. Consider this your first warning.

    I'm also wondering if PokeDemon had permission to join as Toru specifically said "long" posts, and PokeDemon's is fair... but certainly not long for an intro. I've looked into your other posts, too, and it seems these needlessly shortish posts (meaning non-conversational) is becoming a trend. You've got good writing style, PokeDemon, but you need to put more effort and detail into your RP replies. Even just doubling the length - which honestly wouldn't be asking for that much - would make a world of difference to the quality of the story telling. Explaining this mark thing might be good, too, as it seems everyone these days can talk to Pokemon without any real reason why...

    Otherwise... The two warned, heed the words above, and continue on with the RP.
  5. OoC - Sure thing, Link! btw, sorry, It's a bit shorter than I expected, but a reply to that sort of post gave me a pretty decent length, no offence.

    BiC - The air in Fortree City was normally a really nice, welcoming sweet smell whenever people came, but now that couldn't be said as soon as Daiko arrived. The air smelt mormal, nothing life like to it, and the horrible ink-black clouds from before had blotted the scenery. Daiko returned Swellow, and made his way to His Parents' Herb Store with Petal. He couldn't belive it. Where are all the Pokemon, grazing in the natural beauty? Where were all the people, going about their daily jobs? Silence. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of the wind, blowing the trees. Petal clinged onto Daiko's arm nervously as they walked, her long, black hair flowing with the wind. A mist, slowly enshrouded them on the way to The Herb Store. Daiko looked around, scanning the area for any signs of life.

    'This is pathetic, stop hiding yourself in mist! Show yourself, whoever you are!' Daiko's voice echoed through the dark, lonely City. The lightning from the black-ink clouds surged even more, making less of a silence, and more of a fitting scene for a horror movie. The figure was lit up by what seemed to be a Flareon on a boy's shoulder. Being a trainer, one of the ovious Pokemon basics came to his mind;

    'Water beats fire!' Daiko's thoughs crawled through his mind. He instantly sent out His Floatzel, which looked up at Daiko, waiting for a command. Daiko held his arm in front of Floatzel, telling him to wait. 'Petal, Floatzel, wait here.' Daiko ran straight at the figure, and stared at him, waiting to see what sort of character came out.
  6. The wind played with his charcoal gray hair, throwing it into his face. It was because of this that he didn't see the boy coming. By the time the boy was a few feet away, Katsu saw him and quickly pulled out a pokeball.

    "Kendor! Ice beam!" The Glacion appeared and created a wall of ice that stopped at Katsu's chest. Katsu pulled out another pokeball. "Kit."

    The Flarion disappeared and Katsu, stepped over to the wall, looking at the boy. The cream yellow hair on the boy's head stood out like a torch in the growing darkness. The ice glistened between us. Katsu's amber eyes narrowed as he leaped over the ice wall with ease, Kendor leaping to his shoulder as he did so. He landed lightly and stood before the boy, slightly frustrated that he himself had changed out of his normal trainer outfit. He made a mental note to change as soon as possible.

    "I am Katsu Shadow from Sandgem Town," Katsu said, stroking the top of Kendor's head. "What do you want?"

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