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Open In the Future

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tumekarusnaha, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Hello hello! Welcome to my RP, everyone. This RP takes place in the future of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. What if time wasn’t restored..? What if the planet was paralyzed..? Join if you wish to find out...

    Also, I am planning to make a fanfic of this RP, if you do not wish for your character to be in this fanfic, PLEASE say something beforehand. Thanks!

    1: Please no legends/myths/megas/etc.
    2: This is a pokemon only RP, since humas don’t exist in PMD sertings.
    3: If you wish to join, just post the following, along with your RP post.

    Anything else we should know:
    4: If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
    5: Have fun!

    Name: Curaçao
    Pokemon: Litleo
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A litleo with reddish brown fur instead of the usual brownish grey. He has one blue eye and one green eye. He always wears a navy blue harness.
    Personality: Determined and cocky, refuses to give up, proud, strong.
    Goals: To restore time.
    Anything else we should know: Nothing.


    Curaçao woke up in... a strange place. It was dark, and cold, even for a fire type like him. Everything was monochrome, except for the litleo himself. What was happening?! Where was he?! Those questions were unknown to Curaçao... All he knew was that he was trapped in the dark...
    He looked around, seeing nothing but darkness. On one sidd, however, there were iron bars. He was stuck in some kind of prison cell! The litleo jumped back, frantically darting around to try to find out what was going on. Processing all of this was much for the young litleo! After calling down, he shifted his eyes around the cell. Were there... Others..?
  2. Name:Ark
    Appearance:Has a bandage on his Bose and a ribbon wrapped around his leg.He also has a huge cut on his Shell but ignores it.
    Personailty:Gentle,doesnt like to lose and doesnt like to be alone.
    Goal:To conqure all Challenges.


    Ark had got and accidentaly hit his head on the bar.He was trapped somehow.Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a litleo that didn't look like the others he'd seen.
    The litleo looked like it was suffering a bit and Ark wanted to help him.Even though there was nothing he could do,he still wanted to help.
    "Hi"Ark said as he observed his cell.
  3. Upon hearing another voice, Curaçao yipped, snapping his head towards the source. “Oh uh..! Hi!” He tried to smile, but it looked forced. The litleo took one last look around before turning back to Ark. “...So you got trapped too, huh? You got any idea on where we are?” He asked quietly, not sure if anyone else was nearby.
    After asking, he sat down and waited for a reply, swishing that tail of his back and forth.
  4. "Apparently"Ark said flatly."we need to get outta here!any ideas?"Ark asked.
    Ark tried to find out what was the material of the bar.Even in the dark he could tell that it was pretty rusty."A steel bar"Ark said."We might be captured in an enemy's lair"Ark suggested.Ark continued to search the bar.
  5. “Hmmm... Steel you say? Steel is weak against Fire, so maybe...” The fire lion huffed, releasing a flame from his mouth. “I can burn them!” It made sense to Curaçao, so he figured it was worth a try. He opened his maw, charged up a ball of embers, then released them right into the metal. The steel turned dark red, showing that it could easily be heated, but Curaçao’s flames weren’t enough to melt the steel quite yet. “Rrrr... Maybe we can bend it so we can get through? My fire made the steel easy to bend, so it could work!”
  6. "I'll do the rest"Ark said.Ark used rapid spin in between two bars,creating an opening just enough to let them out."Thanks to the metal being easy to bend,rapid spin allowed me to press against the bars and open them.Genius!"Ark cheered."Now, whatever your name is,Let's make an escape"Ark directed."But very quietly"He added as he waited for the litleo.
  7. “My name is Curaçao, and you are..?” The litleo asked as he squeezed between the metal bars. Before he could let Ark answer, he heard a cry for help! The litleo perked his ears up and looked around for a few seconds. “Someone’s in trouble! Hey you!” He said, nudging the squirtle a little. “C’mon! We’ve gotta rescue that pokemon!” So Curaçao started to run towards the voice, hoping that he wouldn’t get caught by anyone. “We’re coming! Don’t worry!” He exclaimed, but still made sure to stay somewhat quiet. He wouldn’t let anyone get left here alone!
  8. Ark was quite confused by Curaçao's rush of adrenaline.But he sensed it was because he found another Pokemon.Ark Obeyed Curaçao and went the find the extra prisoner."I think a see a flying-type!"Ark said.Curaçao let's try and break him out.But very quietly"Ark added.
  9. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    (Out of character, I forgot the pokemon rp rule. So uh.. yeah i`ll change it)
  10. A_Normal_Snivy

    A_Normal_Snivy Previously Team Rainbow Hope

    Name: Aereon
    Pokémon: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A shiny eevee
    Personality: A little harsh, but scared, nicer once you get to know her, surprisingly tough
    Goals: To survive
    Anything else: Is it ok if she has the dimensional scream ability? I won't put it in unless you say yes.
    She noticed the odd pair. A Squirtle and a---Litleo? She followed them, trying to hide herself. Where they friend or foe?
  11. Name: Yoshi
    Pokèmon: Shinx
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: His left eye is dark blue and his right eye appears to be golden in the dark, a star shape rests in the center his forehead and he always wears a black bandana around his neck
    Personality: Loyal, can be quiet sometimes, likes being alone, can be short tempered and can be prone to stealing, takes responsibility for his actions and never gives up even when he is defeated and can hide in plain sight
    Goals: To be persistent and help whenever he can


    Traveling lightly on his paws, he made sure to stay low to the ground. Having his ears laying flat on his head, he then presumed to dash forward in order to catch the sleeping Buneary, but the moment he did, it awoke from it's slumber, dashing away into the forest.

    "Hey! Come back! I just wanna play!"

    While in pursuit of the rabbit, it took a hard left turn. Unfortunately, he had missed the turn signal, which sent him tumbling down a slope and made him ram into a certain Eevee.

    "Ow, my leg!", he said squirming beneath her.

    One of his hind legs were stuck underneath her in a uncomfortable position. Still trying to wriggle his way free, he unsheathed his claws in a effort to pull himself out.

    "Umm, do you mind getting off?", he said stopping abruptly.
  12. A_Normal_Snivy

    A_Normal_Snivy Previously Team Rainbow Hope

    She wiggled free in an instant, somewhat dazed. "Wha-?", she said. She viewed the Shinx, studying him from every angle. Somewhat rudely dismissing him, she continued her tracking. "If you'd like to come, I suggest you remain quiet. We need not gain the attention of the flying type over there", she said, pointing at the duo and the pokemon they encountered. She crouched down, studying the situation. Seeing that they appeared to be in danger, her eyes flashed. She leapt forward, smashing into they flying type. "Usually", she said calmly, "I don't do this for others, so you're welcome."
  13. "Wow. Thanks for the compliment..", he said shaking off the dirt that was draped over his fur like an blanket. Lowering his voice in anticipation, dropping once more into his hunting stance, flattening his ears against his head attempting to catch the doduo. Getting anxious, his tail started to swing low against the ground impatiently.

    Looking over at the Eevee once again, waiting for the signal before starting to close in on the bird. Being hidden, but now closer, he dared not to move. 'This time, I'm gonna catch it!', he said to himself, making sure to stay in his stance. It was much too tempting, he was two fennekin lengths away. Making sure to keep control of his emotions and staying alert, he waited quietly until he was given orders to move.
  14. A_Normal_Snivy

    A_Normal_Snivy Previously Team Rainbow Hope

    Body-slamming into the bird pokemon, she then realized in a 5 millisecond glance that the pair haven't been noticed by it yet. Not wanting to embarrass herself, she said the only reasonable word. "Ouch!"
  15. Name: Axle
    Pokemon: Shieldon
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A few small dents and scratches in his face shield
    Personality: Knowing full well that he’s a steel type Pokémon with a shield for a face he decided that protecting others and being friendly to those who needed help would be something he would be good at.
    Goals: To protect Pokémon.
    Anything else we should know: Using the ability “Bodygaurd” (from Pokémon Conquest) Axle has a keen sense when it comes to other Pokémon attacking and will jump in the way of attacks to protect others.


    Axle, while walking down a random path, noticed a giant wooden doorway. When he tried to open it he realized it was locked. Being the adventurous Pokémon he was he decided to Headbutt it. The door barely budged. Then Axle got an idea, he would get a running start before headbutting it. He executed he plan smoothly, minus the fact that the door didn’t open all the way. After doing it three more times the door bust open. He would like to say that sunlight had filled up the open space inside but, sadly, it appeared everything was monochrome. Even worse, it was extremely dark inside. Axle made his way down the hall, bumping into the walls every now and then due to the fact that there was no color difference between it and the darkness surrounding him. He hoped that whoever was here could tell him what had happened to the beautiful world.

    Once he made it out of the hallway he noticed some empty jail cells, one of them with disfigured bars that were still warm. At least one Pokémon, a fire type, had been here not to long before. He listened quietly, noticing that there was a very faint and quick tapping sound coming from one side of the hall, possibly footsteps? He decided that was the way he would go, and went down the hall running as fast as his steel self could go.
  16. "Are you ok?", he said darting over to where she was making sure to keep quiet. Trying to restrain himself from making any more noise. He gently nudged her up with his muzzle so that she doesn't loose her balance. After she was able to stand up after awhile, he made sure not to invade her personal space. Turning his head away, he sniffed the air to keep track of the doduo. The bird pokèmon wasn't that far away, which meant if they made anymore noise, they would alert any pokèmon in the area they were there.

    align=center] [​IMG]
    Name: Rokai
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
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  17. A_Normal_Snivy

    A_Normal_Snivy Previously Team Rainbow Hope

    She got up slowly, somewhat dazed. "Did I....", she said, "Did I hit it?" She flopped forward, for the impact knocked a bit of health out of her. Her vision getting dark, she faded out of consciousness and blacked out.
  18. When she passed out, his mind started racing. He had no idea what to do, but he knew he couldn't give up. He worked his way under her the lifted himself up along with her body weight. Straining under the pressure, he smelled the air. "There must be some fresh water rivers around here..", he thought to himself. Laying her down on her side gently, making sure to not let her fall off. He wanted to get into the water and splash her from there, but he was an electric type, it wouldn't have worked.

    If anything, all he would've ended up doing was hurting her. Looking back at her to make sure she was safe a few times, he reached into the strong current and with a quick swipe of his left paw, he splashed water onto her face, hoping she would wake up.

    align=center] [​IMG]
    Name: Rokai
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
  19. A_Normal_Snivy

    A_Normal_Snivy Previously Team Rainbow Hope

    She opened her eyes, trying to comprehend what got her up. Aereon got on her feet, seeing the Shinx beside her. "I usually don't say this..", she said, "But I have to admit that you saved me." She looked at the river, with its gushing water pouring out. She was confused. "But...I thought all the rivers ended up being frozen in time? Could one have possibly survived?" She shook her head. "It doesn't matter right now anyway. We need to find shelter far away from here. Far, far away...." She stared at the stockhouse and its fierce light, being the only reason she could see. "Let's go.", she said, pulling the Shinx with her abruptly.
  20. "Not a problem, really.", he said brushing off what he did. Suddenly, the star shaped gem in the center of his head started to glow just as the river stopped which made him develop a indescribable headache. Trying to resist showing any sign of pain, he followed the Eevee and a few moments later, the river was back to normal. His headache had receeded and now he felt too weak to do anything, his body felt tingly and his muscles weakened as well. Feeling as if he was ready to collapse, but he still trekked on following closely behind her.

    align=center] [​IMG]
    Name: Rokai
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
  21. A_Normal_Snivy

    A_Normal_Snivy Previously Team Rainbow Hope

    Sensing a falter in his footsteps, Aereon stopped and looked back. "Are you ok?", she said, "Because we can stop here if you need to." She looked down at her feet, feeling more sympathy for the pokemon. Usually she was so hostile because that's what everyone was like to her. "And now that time has stopped...", she thought, "Then we all need all the help we can get to survive.." She turned to the Shinx. "Let's stop here for tonight."
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  22. "Fine. I'll rest, for now." Once they were inside, he settled down and rested his head on top of his paws staring off into the night sky. Until finally, he managed to close his weary eyes. A few moments later, he woke up from his crippling nightmare and decided to go get his mind off of it. He slowly made his way outside, found the highest tree and attempted to scale the tree. Gripping on with bare claws, he bounded upwards like running up a steep hill. All of the times he spent trying work on his climbing skills, now, he finally mastered it.

    Upon reaching the top, he found a tree that was taller than the current one. It was finally early morning, the sun was just showing in the sky and he spent most of the night training. His greatest fear was having a limit; knowing that he had a limit attached to the powers he wielded was pestering him every time a battle arose. This always seemed to make him stronger, remembering that he had a limit started to make him feel comfortable with himself. If he didn't have one, what would the purpose of training even be?
  23. He trained until the sun started to show In the sky, he couldn't stand being weak and helpless. "If I'm going to help", he said to himself, "I'm gonna have to get stronger!" While working on his tackling, he heard noise coming from behind him and saw the Eevee step outside.
  24. A_Normal_Snivy

    A_Normal_Snivy Previously Team Rainbow Hope

    Aereon ran in circles, used to always being on the move. She worried about the Shinx, but was scared of being found out. "No", she thought, "Rest now. You're fine." She sat down, and looked at a tree. Images flashed in her mind; memories of times when that tree had leaves, and when it would sway in the wind. "I miss that.", she thought, as she fell asleep.

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