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Private/Closed Imperfect Trainers (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DManArt&RP, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Discussion thread here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/imperfect-trainers-discussion.21516/

    Feel free to join at any time! I am keeping a journal for the key parts of the story for any newcomers looking to join late in the role play. ^^

    Start: The Choice Arc!

    As the sun rose upon the planes of Redells small town Kaishi, so too were the people and Pokemon. With those people and Pokemon was a new trainer, Lucas. The sun shined into Lucas' room lighting up all of the random objects lying around his room. He slowly opened his eyes to see buddy, Buizel, sitting beside him. "Yawn, good morning buddy. Ready to get up and..." In the shock of realization, he jumped up out of bed sending Buizel flying into the air. Lucas reacted quickly, catching him before he hit the floor. "Oh my god! Today is the day! I'm starting my adventure today!"

    He ran downstairs with Buizel in his arms racing all around the house. His mother came downstairs responding the the ruckus. "And I thought your father made a lot of noise getting ready for work." Lucas and Buizel both turned their heads to look at her, looking as if she woke up a second ago. "Oh, sorry mom. I am just really pumped for my adventure today! I'm almost ready to meet up with Mr. Johnson to confirm my adventure. But I feel like I'm forgetting something..." His mother laughed and pointed back upstairs towards his room. "Maybe it's because you're still in your PJ's." Lucas nodded and ran upstairs to get dressed.

    After a while, he had gotten everything ready to leave the house. His backpack was full of supplies for the trip towards the next town, give or take two days of food. "Alright, I'm heading out now!" He gave his mom a hug and ran out the door. "Stay safe Lucas!" He gave a thumbs up and started walking down the street towards the edge of town where Mr. Johnson would be waiting for the new trainers to leave town. He is in charge of all new trainers and makes sure that they get started with their adventure properly and orderly. "Just a few more steps and I will be on my way. Isn't this exiting buddy?" Buizel, who was walking next to him, nodded and cheered. "I wonder what life has in store for us..."
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  2. Quentin Borough yawned, opening his eyes. He mumbled something and rolled over, wanting to go back to sleep. He realized something, opening one of his eyes. A rush of adrenaline came in, and he sprang out of bed. He is a morning person, and by that I mean wakes up immediately at the notice of being conscious. He did his 'morning routine' of sorts, which included polishing the lens of his glasses carefully, and other stuff I guess... He trampled down stairs, looking at the empty dining table. None of the other members of his family were morning people, but of course he had to be the exception. He made himself breakfast, ate it all, and put it in the sink for future dish washing. He tried to make this day the perfect day, as today was THE day. He turned around and was surprised to see his mother awake at seven in the morning. She was still dressed in a nightgown and rubbed her eyes, showing many signs of still being drowsy. "Oh! Quentin.", she said in a rather exhausted tone," Get the... that one thing, it's on the porch, and... Oh yeah, have fun!" She went up to hug him, which was quite embarrassing for him, though he knew she was being sincere. He raced out to the porch and grabbed his backpack. It was a school backpack. He forgot to unpack it last night, so some school supplies were still in there, but otherwise he was packed full of everything he needed. He attached a belt which held two PokeBalls and looked around for something. He looked inside the doorway for a bit and saw it. It was a Larvesta, curled up in a sleeping position on a dogbed. "Hey, Flambeau.", he whispered, not wanting to awake anyone. The Pokemon opened one of it's eyes like Quentin, and perked up the same. "Vesta!", it cried, ready for the morning. The Larvesta followed him as he made his egress to --- well an adventure! He had a Deino from the Pokemon nursery and a Venipede from his father, so he felt pretty cocky about his journey. He never really left Kaishi Town, come to think of it, and was very excited for an adventure. He stopped right before the first Route to take a deep breath.
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  3. RING! Paratmos awoke to the sound and went to shut off his alarm which then electrocuted him. "Sorry Rotie" Paratmos said now fully awake.
    Rotie was Paratmos partner and also liked possessing Paratmos phone and often acted as an alarm. Paratmos got dressed and put his bag on and decided to leave because today was the day when Paratmos would start his journey. As he stepped outside his house he realized he forgot something. He grabbed his thunderstone the one thing his parents left before they disappeared. So he left onto route 1.
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  4. Johnathan's mother Delphia had dropped him off at Redell long ago, specifically a small town called Kaishi. Watching his mother fly off on her Metagross whilst he stood there in a completely unfamiliar place was not the most pleasant experience. He still didn't understand why she had insisted he come here. Johnathan was a late bloomer in terms of Pokemon training but that didn't mean he couldn't go around Kalos. It didn't matter, she had made up her mind and this was where his journey was to begin.

    It was early when Johnathan had been horribly abandoned as he put it, so there was plenty of time to walk around and get to know the town a little before people woke up. He did do that for a while but he soon found himself worrying about the contents of his bag, wondering if he had everything. The new trainer found a tree to sit underneath whilst he rummaged through the contents of his backpack, making sure all he needed was in there. The backpack was a black one, matching his outfit. Only the three Pokeballs on his waist stuck out, the red being very visible against the background of black that were his clothes.

    When the sun had settled far enough above the horizon Johnathan set off towards the edge of town. He just couldn't sit around any longer, it was beginning to tick him off. His excitement was hidden underneath a blank expression on his face, his hands buried deep within his pockets as he made his way towards the exit of the town.
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  5. (Note: As a few questions about Mr. Johnson have arisen, the conversation with him is optional as I will kind of explain in this post.)

    Lucas came up to the little stand that Mr. Johnson was waiting at and smiled. "Good morning Mr. Johnson!" He nodded in reply. "Good morning. Are you going to register for your journey last minuet?" The registry is only needed a month before hand to at the latest a second before you start. It was a form that basically stated that you were going out of town for a long time for a journey. "Yes sir! I want to wright the most recent information possible for when I leave. And I am glad I did because I actually got something that is very recent and important." Mr. Johnson laughed and handed him the form. "Well whatever it is I hope it is as important as you say."

    Lucas finished filling out the form and was finally ready to head out of town. It all went by in a flash. From the moment he got Buizel a year ago to the moment now that he started his journey, it seemed like everything happened in a heart beat. "Look out Redell, the worlds best Pokemon Adventurist is about to make his first step into the new world!" As he takes his first step, he slips and twists his ankle on a pile of mud from last nights light shower. "GAH!" He falls over and Buizel comes to his side to see what happened. "Oh no! Are you kidding me!?" He tried to stand up but ended up falling back over from the pain in his left foot. "Funny joke you got there world." He decided that there was no reason to just turn back because of a sprain, so he decided to try to keep going. "Hold on a moment buddy, I just need to assess the condition of my foot before I really try to make it to the next town."
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  6. An unnamed scientist ran in the room. "Professor we have some new specimens, your gonna want to take a look at these!" Said the unnamed scientist. Dolan walks over and looks at the fossils on the table. "I've never seen fossils like these before" said Dolan. Moments later one of the fossil began beeping very loudly. Then an earthquake came completely out of nowhere. Moments later Dolan woke up and looked around his room only to see his sableye standing beside him and his alarm clock that went off. "Oh my goodness! Saba you won't believe what happened!" The sableye looked at him puzzled and confused. Dolan lifted his Sableye, Saba up and smiled "today were going on an adventure!" Dolan cheered. Dolan fell out of his bed and ran downstairs with Saba a couple steps behind him. He grabbed his juice and ate his breakfast and ran to the door then immediately back upstairs carefully placing his mug back onto the table before heading upstairs to get dressed. He dressed, grabbed his drink and his bag and ran out the door with Saba hanging on his shoulder. His brother Doran in his room still looking through computer programs and his father still out working. Dolan decided to leave his bike and began walking from Kaishi town headed for route 1, "Look out world! Here we come!" Dolan cheered.
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  7. Quentin noticed a few people heading from Kaishi Town to Route One. He thought this would be a great opportunity to battle! He noticed one trainer slip on the mud, giving him a blank stare. He sighed, noticing another trainer approach. He had a brown color code in his clothes, reminiscent of Indiana Jones in a way... He had a determined look, nearly grinning. "Hey!", he called," I challenged you to a battle!" Acting much like an NPC, he blocked the gate of Route 1, holding a PokeBall out. There was clearly no escape from this, though he wanted to see where this was going.
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  8. Dolan heard some guys voice. He looked and saw a brown haired blue eyed boy with a sweatshirt and sweatpants look at him with a smile and a pokeball reached out. Dolan couldn't help but match his opponents energy, Dolan looked at his sableye, Saba and glanced back over at the trainer with a look of confidence and determination as he extended his arm out holding a pokeball. "Lets do this!" cheered Dolan. Saba let out a cheerful roar.
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  9. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Lyla woke up to her partner poking her in the face. "Inkay! Stop, I'm trying to sleep!" she said covering her face with the blanket. Then realized..."AH! I'm gonna be late for my first day!" She grabbed Inkay and ran out the door. "Crap! I need to get dressed." So she went back inside.
    After she got dressed, ate breakfast and said bye to her mother, she ran out the door and to the next town.
    (Yeah...I'm gonna need to know whats going on..)
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  10. Sableye leaped forward letting out a cheerful roar as he jumped about ready to battle. "I was going to choose Taben(shuppet) but you look so excited! How about it saba!" Shouted Dolan. Moments later... "excuse you! Over here!" A voice came from out of nowhere. It was Mr. Johnson and as he approached them, and while trying to catch his breath he said "you guys must be new trainers, You must be Quentin... and you must be Dolan. It's me, Mr.johnson! Yoohoo mr johnson, haha!" He said as he stood straight and tall. Saba climbed back on Dolan's shoulder. As he began talked to the Professor, and introduced his pokémon to him.
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  11. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    Lyla had gotten some instructions from her mother on where to go. "Route two, right?" She asked Inkay. Inkay shook his...body...no and pointed to a road. "Oh right! Route one! Thanks buddy, without you, I'd be lost." She giggled. So they headed down the road.
    Later she got to the edge of town and saw a professor. "That must be Mr. Johnson." She said to herself. So she ran over to him. "Good morning!" She told him. "Oh good morning! Are you here to register?" He replied, I nodded. I filled out the paper and saw a kid with a Sableye. "Hi there! I'm Lyla, whats your name?"
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  12. After the battle with quentin had ended with a tie. Mr.Johnson praised them both and used potions to restore their pokémon's health. "You two fought well! Your going to make excellent trainers!" Said Mr.Johnson. Moments later another voice emerged. It was a girl holding an Inkay. Saba let out a friendly roar while waving at the girl's inkay. Dolan smiled and said "hello! I'm Dolan!" Mr.johnson smiled and waved "you must be lyla! I'm Mr.Johnson First I run into a shiny sableye and now I get to see an inkay in such great condition! You must really care for your pokémon!" Mr.Johnson says overexcitedly.
  13. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    "Nice to meet you!" She said to Dolan. Then Mr. Johnson comes up to them. "Aww, thanks!" She said doing a bow. "I've never seen a Sableye before...wait! Its a shiny?!" Lyla exclaimed.
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  14. As Paratmos was walking down route 1 he saw some trainers and decided to run towards them. As soon as he was an inch away he tripped on his shoelace and fell before getting back up and saying "Hi I'm Paratmos and this is Rotie."
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  15. Finding route 1 was not a difficult task in the small town, what proved to be a challenge would be getting past the small crowd of people that had been formed there. There was one adult and three teenagers, probably beginning their journey just like him. From what he could see they were excited and sociable, talking to each other and conversing excessively. Johnathan sighed a little bit, standing still for just a moment before taking a deep breath and walking towards the entrance to route one.

    He was not local, he'd merely been dropped off there. No one knew him and he supposed he wanted it to stay that way. As Johnathan got closer he picked up his pace, hoping to just quickly walk past the small group of people.
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  16. Dolan smiled and said "I'm dolan!, are you okay? That looked like a nasty fall..." Saba let out another cheerful roar as he glanced over at room. Dolan glanced over at the other boy(Jonathan) standing in the distance and waved. He didn't seem like a local, but seemed friendly enough Dolan thought to himself.
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  17. "I'm good thanks" Paratmos said looking at his necklace. the thunderstone was still there he thought to himself with a sigh of relief.
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  18. Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Kasumi Daiyamondo Previously Misty Diamond

    (AAH! Out of character! I'll get it this time...)
    Lyla saw a boy with a Rotom who introduced himself. She waved shyly. Paratmos was a very chatty kid, she didn't want to talk right now. Then she noticed him play with his necklace. It was very interesting to her.
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  19. (Oof sorry for not replying sooner!)

    Quentin was frustrated about the tie. He thought with his three Pokemon he could take down the Champion! He should think more down to Earth about this... Maybe he should get closer to his Pokemon for example... He returned his Pokemon to their PokeBalls, walking over to Mr. Johnson. It appeared numerous young trainers were starting their journeys on this exact day. He carefully filled out his form, staying relatively quiet the whole time. He finally filled it out, smiling at the prospect of him being a trainer. He looked at the other trainers with curiosity, still remaining quiet.
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  20. (no big deal)

    Dolan eagerly spoke with the other trainers and Mr.Johnson about their future journeys. Saba sat comfortably ontop of dolan's bag while trying to chew on a piece of saphire. Dolan started thinking about his battle and what he could have done differently like maybe if he had used Marr(cubone) first or trained Taben to dodge better. Dolan looked at Saba "we got a lot of training to do! there's bound to be all sorts of trainers on route 1! Dolan said cheerfully. after the discussion was over dolan ran towards route 1 and through some trees to some pokémon and after ome time battling against random bug and grass type pokémon Dolan came across a bug catcher. The bug catcher had a caterpie, wurmple, and a sewaddle. The battle was tough but easier than his previous battle with Quentin ,and as the battle ended with Dolan the winner. Dolan then healed his pokémon ready to keep moving on.
  21. When he walked past the group Johnathan had spotted Dolan wave at him. He seemed hesitant to reply, looking at Dolan with a blank but also most worried look before nodding at him and continuing on his way. Johnathan went straight towards route one, not bothering to interact with Mr.Johnson or any of the other trainers. His journey was relatively uninterrupted. Johnathan walked a good distance down route one, ignoring all trainers before stopping just underneath a tree.

    He'd been keeping to himself so much that he hadn't even seen what Pokemon he had. Johnathan hadn't exactly chosen his Pokemon. His parents had given him three random Pokeballs and they were to be his companions for the rest of his journey. Johnathan sighed a little to himself and decided it was better to get to know them now rather than in the midst of battle. He reached for the Pokeballs on his belt and realised the first one. A white light shot out from the device and spilled onto the ground, forming into a bird like shape and then revealing a Torchic. The little fire type looked up to Johnathan with happy little eyes. Johnathan stared back at it with an unsure expression.
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  22. Dolan sat down in a field and let out his two other pokémon, Taben and Marr. As Dolan sat with his pokémon he remembered his brother gave him some lava cookies from hoenn, since his brother enjoyed collecting unusual sweets. Dolan gave each of his pokemon a lava cookie as they sat and a fearow lead a flock of spearow off in the distance.
  23. Quentin noticed the departure of Dolan, deciding he should head to Route 1 as well. He gazed at Route 1's luxurious fields, a perfect start for an adventure. He had a determined expression as he made his egress into the route. While walking down a path, something jumped out of the corn stalks. "Tata-ra-ra-rah!", it cried. It looked like a common rodent Pokemon, Rattata if he knew correctly. He didn't see it as a threat, sending out his Venipede. "Venipede, Rollout.", he commanded with a serious tone. Venipede curled up into a ball, charging at the Rat Pokemon. It dodged by jumping, then attacked with Tackle. Of course, Venipede avoided it, then charged with all it's might to the Rattata. It fainted, lying unconscious in the path. Quentin brushed past it, his Venipede following suite.
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  24. As Dolan sat with his pokémon they saw quentin walk by. In the distance he thought I also saw another boy sitting on a bench under a tree. After a few minutes of relaxing Dolan put Taben and Marr back in their pokéballs and picked up Saba. Saba then climbed up to dolan's shoulder and let out a cheerful growl as they headed towards the next town.

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