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I need Help Getting Memento on Smeargle in Diamond/Pearl

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Ruko, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Topic title pretty much sums up what I need help with.
    First I should list everything that I've tried:

    1) Enter a double battle at the cafe and have Stunky use memento, and then smeargle use Sketch on it. Since Stunky was KO'd and I didn't have a target anymore, it failed.

    2) Sleeping ditto strategy that worked in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (possibly FR/LG too)
    Get a pokemon with memento in your party, and let a wild ditto transform into it.
    Switch and put the ditto to sleep, and let it try to use an attack while it's asleep.
    Sketch and copy the move it tried to use.
    How I did it:
    Level 37 Stunky first in party with nothing but memento. The Stunky was holding a Lagging Tail so I'd know it would go last.
    Ditto would transform into Stunky, and then I would use memento to suicide out that same turn.
    In comes Smeargle which spores it, and Ditto attempts to use a move that turn while asleep.
    Next turn I use sketch and successfully gain Transform which isn't even a possible move for the ditto to have attempted while asleep as Stunky. Failure. >>

    3) Paralyzing strategy. Paralyze the pokemon with the self KO move you want, and sketch when they're too paralyzed to move.
    How I did it:
    Jolteon and Stunky in the Café double battle.
    Stunky uses protect as Jolteon dispatches one of my opponent's pokemon
    Jolteon Thunderwaves Stunky every turn until protect fails after that.
    I switch Jolteon for smeargle and have Stunky use protect again.
    I have Smeargle spore the remaining pokemon on my opponent's side of the field, meanwhile my slower, paralyzed Stunky attempts and fails at using Memento because of the paralysis [got lucky on my first try].
    I tell Smeargle to sketch, and viola, it learns Protect >>

    4) let it die, revive it, switch it back in (with other party members)
    Had Smeargle spore one person, and Stunky Memento'd the other
    Switch in Breloom, revive with smeargle and then swap Breloom out that same turn
    then Sketch with Smeargle... Fail

    5) let it die, revive it, switch it back in (without other party members)
    Spore and Memento on first turn
    Revive second
    Sketch third... Fail

    6) KO the targets to see if Memento fails
    Double battle in the Café with Breloom and stunky just to see if it would even fail with Stunky still alive
    Breloom uses Swords Dance, and Stunky protect
    Breloom Rock Slides and KOs both opponent's as Stunky attempts to memento
    "it missed" and Stunky is KO'd

    7) Last ditch: have smeargle use protect and see if by some miracle Stunky doesn't KO itself like the previous matchup... it still did XD

    8) Fake out flinching the Memento and then trying to sketch it. Fail

    So, as one can see, I'm rather desperate at trying things that I don't think will work now, if you have an idea, Please post it here XP
    If I can find a pokemon I've got with Damp, I'm willing to try that even though it's only supposed to stop Selfdestruct and Explosion.
  2. Lowering Accuracy didn't work is my guess? But, it sounds like even if it misses, the Pokemon is still KO'd.

    I could hack it for you. *Totally did not mention an AR.
  3. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Just tried flashing it, got lucky and it missed the first time around... Stunky still self-KO'd though :/

    And I'm afraid I'll have to turn down your offer XD
    especially if it's not possible legally.
  4. In Psypoke's Pokedex, it mentions Memento being un-Sketchable.


    And locking this, since that answers that right?

    You can open it back up if you need it.
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