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XY/ORAS I have some shinys!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Pudge329, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Currently I am unable to post pictures. Either way, I will post the specifics of the Pokémon here. I only have sub par stuff to trade. Only a couple things are Kalos born. But others are battle ready and make for good breeding. Some are just trophies. I do not care about the Kalos seal. But the things I'm looking for need not be shiny. My feelings aren't hurt for not wanting any of my subpar collection. That said:

    Things I'm Looking For:
    Modest/Timid Chlorophyll Lilligant(Shiny?)
    Adamant/Jolly Leavanny
    Calm Serene Grace Togepi
    Adamant Snorlax
    Shiny Meloetta
    Bold Cofagrigus, Shiny and Toxic Spikes?

    Shiny Muk, Level 38, Lax(Nature), Sticky Hold(Ability), 3 IVs non KB
    Shiny Drifblim, Level 34, Relaxed, Aftermath, 4 IVs non KB
    Shiny Gigalith, Level 54, Serious, Sturdy,4 IVs Non KB
    Shiny Gallade, Level 20, Adamant, Steadfast, 6 IV Non KB
    Shiny Eevee, Level 29, Bold, Anticipation, 5 IV Non KB
    Shiny Breloom, Level 100, Adamant, Technician, 5 IV Non KB

    Shiny Sableye, Level 1, Relaxed, Prankster, 5 IV KALOS BORN
    Shiny Pokeball Vivillon, Mild, Compound Eyes, KALOS BORN
  2. BlackoutSLM

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    Hi. Would you like to trade the shiny Eevee for a shiny jolly Leavanny?
  3. Kawaii Unicorn

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    One thing, meloetta is shiny locked so you would have to be in the same place as that person to get it. Until Nintendo officially releases it's shiny form it will only be tradable via same house stuff. But what gender is the shiy eevee? Also I can get you an adamant snorlax, I'm hoping to get the Pokeball vivillion or the shiny eevee
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