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I don't mind the chaos. (Open for All)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Marshie, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Marshie looked at the stone, laying on the ground with nothing to do than obstructing the wind, trying desperately to get through, so it could blow random leaves away from the ground.
    The girl kept staring at the boring object with her bog green eyes, letting the calm wind brush away the coral pink shaded hair from her petite chin. Her body was covered in dark clothes, something usually seen from a gothic, horror-themed movie. But she didn't mind the many looks strangers would give her, because they wouldn't affect how she felt like dressing.

    A little furry, ball-shaped bug suddenly jumped in front of Marshie, but the worried look in the pokémons eyes didn't shock her at all. It was just her first and only pokémon, Venonat, that probably felt restless as they hadn't moved for half an hour. It wasn't hard to feel sympathetic for the little sweetheart. In Marshies opinion, there really weren't anything to do in this small village, mostly populated by farmers and old folks.

    "Veno.. Venonat.."

    Marshie took away her eyes from the grey stone to look passionately at her bored friend. She lifted her thin arm to brush her fingers into Venonat's fur, so they almost disappeared in the violet forest.

    "Don't worry Venonat.. We'll get to train soon.. Or so I hope.."
  2. A medium rumble began to tremble the earth, something neared the little place where the girl sat. Suddenly the wind rushed through the terrain. A big bolder'ish Onix came moving through and on it's head a long coated, brown curly haired, clear glassed with blue jeans and t-shirt young man sat on it. He was calmly and cool while the big blocky Onix was terrifying and serious.

    He was on the way against the girl he saw forward him. It could look like he was about to tremble though her but suddenly the Onix slowed down and just a few meters from the target and lowered its head. The young boy jumped down for the big Onix head. He came closer and closer with slow walking legs. His eyes was calmly and soft, the lips were thin and cold while the body language was strong and knightly proud.

    "excuse me lady, could you maybe point me at the nearest town in this area?" his voice was deep with a pinch of warmth and creamy vibration.
  3. Marshie lifted her head to see what in the world caused such shakings. It wasn't hard to see the huge pokémon, that looked more like boulders glued together with a head-shaped one at the top. But she didn't move from her spot, nor did she intend to get up. Instead her leg laid itself on top of the other, so they made an x in mid air.
    Venonat, not nicknamed yet because her trainer hadn't given her one yet, probably reasoned with the fact, that their friendship still were new and delicate. But even so, Venonat jumped up and landed on her trainers lap, after the leg had shifted position, and looked towards the huge, living string of rocks with a protective glare.
    And that made Marshie grin a little, letting her hand softly brush the furry little pokémon. And then the boy stepped down from the pokémon. She just waited for him to finish his question, before pointing to the left.

    "If you had been a little more observant, you would have noticed the multiply buildings 10 minutes walk away from here. It shouldn't have been hard, especially not from the height you were in just a moment ago."

    The voice had been carefree and yet a little irritated, mostly because of his surprisingly horrible sense of direction. Then she once again let her eyes take a glance of the violet pokémon on her lap, before she talked again with a little more kindness. Her fingers were still cuddling the hair of Venonat's.

    "Sorry if I sounded a little evil, but I had just gotten used to being bored out of my mind.. I'm Marshie, living in that tiny village you wanted to visit.. Do you have a reason to be going there, and if I may ask, what's your name?"

    It wasn't even a facade. Marshie was honestly interested in this weird-looking man, even more so, because of her own strange taste when it came to clothing and accessories.
  4. At first he thought she was quiet rude to answer in such a way, and was wrinkling with the nose, but when she apologized a smile came on his thing lips. The eyes was softly laid on her while he gently led one of his hands stroke the big rock snake.
    "well sometimes it can be hard to see even from that high" he said and looked up on his Onix whom slowly laid itself down like it wanted to rest.

    "but too answer your question, the thing I am after in the town is resting, and a pokemon center since my pokemon is pretty tired after we explored a little cave" he said and showed her a little rock shiny rock. "it's an everstone, makes a pokemon not able to evolve."
    His eyes walked down to the little furry-ball of a Venonat. "It is a cute pokemon you got there, what's it's name?"

    He gently smiled and led his eyes walk up to the girls face whom he found very pretty right now for a start. The left hand raised and poked his nerd-glasses a bit in, he was depending on his glasses for seeing anything at all at distance. His coat's long arm slided a bit down on the left while he poked his glasses and revealed a snake-like tattoo that went from the backhand and down the arm. Small symbols covered the snake-like tattoo body that looked like a difficult language. When he discovered the sleeve had slided he quickly pulled it back so the tattoo once again was covered.

    "By the way, my name is Ralph, but people call me Ralphie... then is it only Marshie or the lady have a nickname too?" he gently asked her like he was a gentleman or some rich-guy.
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  5. Marshie lightly pushed Venonat, so it jumped down to the ground, so that she could get up and finally give the guy the attention he deserved when being so friendly. She rummaged her hair a bit and took a short glance at the so-called everstone he probably found precious.

    "I'd like to find one of those too. I think my pokémon is cool as she is."

    Venonat walked over to the Onix, poked it a bit with one of her white tentacle sensor-thing out of curiosity. She didn't think of the fellow pokémon as a threat anymore, and now wanted to know more about it, as she had never seen that kind of pokémon before. In that village, there really weren't that many extraordinary pokémon. Mostly Rattatas, Tauros' and Hoppips.

    Marshie only caught a short look at the tattoo engraved into the guy's skin. But didn't think more about it, as she had a tattoo herself on the left leg, being a black skull with white eyes. Then she smiled a bit as he complimented her pokémon, and she nodded towards Venonat while answering.

    "Venonat. I haven't given her a nickname yet, but I intend to, when I know exactly what it should be.
    And what a fine name, a little ordinary in comparison to your persona, but still a nice one at that. And I don't really. Most of the villagers call me Marshie or 'The weird girl'.

    She sighed deeply, but then clapped her leg and started walking towards the city with lightly fast, yet graceful movements.

    "But come on. I'll follow you to the center, it's pretty near, so it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Tops."
  6. He nodded quietly at Venonat, the little fluffy pokemon was pretty cute looking even with the big insect eyes of its. Tough Marshie talked too him, Ralph kept an eye after his Onix, since he was a bit new caught, so he wasn't that shure of how Onix would react too Venonat.

    When she mentioned 'The Wierd Girl', his eyes quickly went too her and quickly studied her look
    "you don't look that weird if i may say.." he quietly said.

    Ralph took out his pokeball and called Onix back too the ball.

    A little smile came on his lips "20 minutes, that is some distance" he said and made a friendly face. "But thank you for following me to the pokemoncenter.. Marshielilly" he said and walked over too her side.

    He was quiet for some time but then turned the head to marshie "I have too ask. What is the best meal that your city's restaurant has??" and saw on her with pretty hungry eyes, "I have growen pretty tired of berries and dry bread... it gets really nasty after a week with it only". Ralph smiled at Marshie and poked his glasses in with his pointing-finger.
  7. She looked at the boy with wonder in her glittering eyes, as if he had said something complicated.

    "20 minutes is a short distance. Aren't you a traveler? You should know that it's almost nothing compared to how much we humans walk weekly."

    She kept walking straight forward, once passing a villager she knew, and waved to him for a short second. The villager then yelled towards her with obvious curiosity.

    "Who's that, Marshie?"

    She then yelled back, not stopping her slow paced walking though.

    "A trainer looking for a place to stay!"

    The villager then grinned and spoke his last words to her, before going back to his work.

    "How nice! Remember to show him our head attraction!"

    Marshie nodded and then looked at Ralph with an almost apologizing smile.

    "Sorry; the guys here is way too curious when they see a new face."

    Marshie speculated for a little, before then finally answering his question. They had walked for about 6 minutes, and there were still a fine way to go before they would even reach outer part of the town.

    "Chili und Slowpoke-tail. It's delicious but pricey as hell. But if they didn't take overprice, this town would run down."
  8. He began to laugh highly and uncontrollable, and small tears came in his eyes, "oh i am a very slow traveler, you could compare me to a slowpoke, if it weren't for my Onix".

    His eyes caught the villager and payed attention to how they reacted to each other. *I wonder who that is.. and head attraction??* he wondered a bit of what the head attraction could be, food maybe, or maybe something entertainment?

    He just gave her a smile and nodded "i know, it is usually in small towns, witch is why i prefer these kind of towns compared to big crowded towns, where the only thing you really want is to get away"

    He scratched his neck quick and started mumbling a bit "Mmmh, Chili und Slowpoke-tail.. sound very spicy but pretty delicious at the same time... i think i try one" he smiled and then turned his head at her, "would you like to join me?" he knew that she could just walk away, but she seemed kinda curious, so maybe they could get a great talk, and on the other hand, it would be nice to talk too a human once in a while, than a pokemon.
  9. Merrily strolling down the street whistling some undecipherable tune, a young boy marched up to the same stand that Marshie and Ralph had just received their Slowpoke tails. The boy, dressed in a traveler's gear--of which consisted of a beige tunic, olive green pants, traveler's boots and an onyx black hooded cape--had wavy brunette locks which framed his bright, eager blue eyes that shone with a thirst to explore the world; Although, it was his smile which shined brightest of all.

    "Two fried slowpoke tails please!" the boy beamed at the salesman.

    "These both for you?" the salesman inquired.

    "Nah," the boy exclaimed as he retrieved a newly polished poke-ball from one of the pockets inside his tunic. "My buddy Wacky's hungry too!"

    Almost as soon as he mentioned the Pokemon's nickname, the poke-ball opened up for a rather tiny Cubone that appeared at the young boy's side. "Bone! Bone!" Wacky chimed in agreement.
  10. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    Jake rode by on his Rapidash, his sparkling green Kabuto riding a rather stressed-looking ninjask nearby. As he walked through the streets, he noticed people were staring at him with awe. He shrugged it off, watching as a boy and a girl, and then an even younger boy, bought slowpoke tails from a stand nearby. Jake got off of rapidash, and put rapidash and ninjask into their pokeballs. Owning only two pokeballs, Jake set Kabuto on top of his head, and walked over to the slowpoke tail stand, buying a fried slowpoke tail.
    As he ate it, he wandered through the city, not minding that people were staring at the green Kabuto on his head. two people in particular caught his attention. The same boy and girl at the slowpoke stand a few minutes earlier. So he did the first thing he thought of. He went up to them and said hi.
  11. A young and perfect Chef, Pascal Gotingurst, is the Cook in the restaurant in witch Marshie and Ralphie where eating "Okay! Gurst Gyarados slices Times two, Chili Slowpoke tails Times two, Magby with Pepper`nd shrimp souces Times one? Okay. Help Gourgheist!" he said while he took off his chefs hat and send out his pokemon helper. he putted his big, chefs hat on his chocolate coloured hair. His honey coloured eyes glittered and he smiled while he was cooking. It was his passion.
  12. Juno walked into the cafe disgruntled. he sat down at a table and order enough food to feed at least three armies. he was stuffing his face when he saw the chaos outside. He sighed a bit as he got up and walked outside to figure out whats wrong.

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