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How lucky did you get in pokemon games?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by iOwnShinies, May 17, 2009.

  1. How lucky did you get in your game? Like, did you find shinies and find rare items? Rare gender/getting the rare one?

    I've got lucky in my game, when I restarted pokemon emerald, first time, I got a female torchic. After like---5 battles, my torchic got pokerus. I had 2 pokeballs on me, and a shiny poochyena appeared. I caught it luckily with my last ball. I just restarted my emerald last night, and my pokemon have amazing stats. :) I have gotten a lot of luck in my old pokemon diamond until I started AR'ing it. I found 3 legit shinies, and flawlessly caught every legend possible. and got to every ninteno event.

    What happened to you guys? ;)
  2. On my Diamond game I got pretty lucky.

    This is all on my first and only playthrough of it:

    -ID number of 6000

    -Female starter

    -Female Eevee from Bebe

    -I caught a shiny Bibarel with one of my last PokeBalls
  3. Linkachu

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    *Whistles innocently*

    Hmm... I was rather surprised my last play through LG that my starter was female (didn't even notice at first). On top of that, I encountered my shiny Pikachu on the same game.

    Not sure there was anything else too special about that playthrough... Beat the second E4 fairly easily, but wouldn't call that "lucky"...

    EDIT: Apparently it wasn't LG I received my female starter on - it was my most recent play through Gale of Darkness. So, that shiny was my only lucky grab during the game... Ah well. Still nice ^^
  4. People are too lucky.. or perhaps it's Lady Luck and Father Fate snubbing me.. ;__; I have NEVER gotten a shiny. Never.

    On another note:

    *Giggles at Katie* u r 2 KEEEWWT~! ^___-
  5. I got lucky on Platinum. My Turtwig was female on the first try! So, I beat the elite four and get Pokerus in the same day. Next- about 9 days later, I got my 3rd random Shiny, it was a Sycther! I was randomly walking around, and caught a shiny Bidoof. I also captured Zapdos with it's HP still in the green, with a quick ball.

    One LG my Bulbasaur was Female. I was going to SR for a shiny, but after it was female I decided not to. xP

    Pokemon is based apon luck most of the time. Usually I'm not so lucky, but on Platinum I was, but for the most part that's it.
  6. Just yesterday I caught Articuno with just one Great Ball.
  7. Well I came upon a shiny zubat once... That's as far as the luck went. I was with someone and she killed it before I could throw the stupid ball. >:(

    At least I saw it. :D
  8. Unlucky. I have one of those, love the shade of green.
  9. woop! new forum!

    Well I just got lucky.. I think :O
    While EV training my Pokemon I've been using the radar, and so far I've found a shiny bidoof (yeah D:) and a shiny geodude!
    The Bidoof even has a pretty good ability and Im sure that a adamant bidoof in shiny can wreck some havoc :D

    haven't checked the stats on the geodude yet~
  10. Well only three days after getting my shiny Piplup on Platinum, I encountered a random shiny Rhyhorn while looking for a Timid Houndour. Above that, it was Adamant natured and I didn't have a synchronizer in my party to increase the 50-50 chance. I only had three/four badges.

    Other luck includes my first soft reset shiny I got four years ago in my Fire Red which was my Squirtle. I only restarted the game a few times in one hour to mix up the shiny frames and out pops shiny Squirtle :3
  11. Man, there is some primo luck out here. I don't have much that will compare, but I'll share anyway. Three mini-stories:

    As far as catching shiny pokémon, I actually have done it twice. Sneasel and Graveler. Second one is better, because Graveler is prone to self-destructing itself.

    I think my best story is catching Groudon on Emerald. This is no ordinary catch, I only had five Ultra Balls, and three Poké Balls. I put it to sleep and brought it down to the red, and threw Ultra Balls until I had no more left. Then I shrugged and said, "What the heck? I'll throw everything I've got before I reset, at least I can say I tried." First and second Poké Ball did nothing. Third one went all the way. I caught Groudon with a Poké Ball! The one that costs 200! That fateful catch inspired me to catch sixteen legendaries with Poké Balls.

    Finally, it was my first playthrough Platinum. I trounce all the trainers and Roark's first two pokémon with one Bubble attack from my Piplup, who was one level away from Prinplup. His Cranidos turns out to be a problem though. It can take more than one Bubble, and it's strength on top of his Potion made it capable of beating my Piplup. It was the final round, since he was faster than me, I figured he was going to win. But I had the Quick Claw! I had a low level Zubat and Shinx with me, not the best to have against Roark, so if I lost here, I would most likely lose the battle. My gambit on the Quick Claw paid off, I went first, used Bubble, and finished off his Cranidos! Man that was great!
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  12. altogether I have caught 2 shiny ones, once in leaf green with a seal, and later on emerald with a torkoal. but for luck, most of mine is in the battles, though i'm not that lucky.

    my main lucky thing seems to be fighting Cynthia. whenever I used my Garchomp to battle her one, I always won, even though my one was like 10 levels weaker. She can take me out in a hit, and i can take her out in two hits.

    But somehow, she always is slower, despite being stronger, and she never did a move that could knock me out, so my garchomp always wins, depite the fact it is weaker
  13. My guess is that throughout the game as you were training Garchomp, you were unknowingly training up its speed EVs.
  14. One platinum I caught both Palkia and Dialga with just a quick ball. Dialga took multiple tries though.
  15. Pfft. In Platinum Diagla and Palkia are so easy to capture. I caught it with only a couple Ultra Balls...(I guess that should have gone in my lucky stories, xD) I believe thier capture rate is 30%, instead of the usual 3% for legends.
  16. @ Shinny
    haha. True their catch rate has increased. So i guess it's not 'that lucky.'
    The only other time I can think of luck with any pokemon game would have to be yellow/poke stadium; I caught a shiny Articuno but I didn't know it was shiny at the time.
  17. Good thing for me is, I caught Uxie so easily, other than that me don't have much of a patience.
    Still haven't go to catch Dialga and Palkia in Plat as yet .
  18. It hasn't increased, it was the same in DP.
  19. well i caught Mewtwo with a pokeball...which was very lucky.But then again i have never even seen a shiny pokemon in one of my games before :-\
  20. The luckiest moment for me was when I caught Azelf and Uxie with pokeballs because I forgot to restock, but I've never gotten a shiny before though.
  21. My luckiest moment was when I found a shiny porygon in Trophy Garden. I love the grey and yellow mixture it reminds me of steel type my second favorite.
  22. I don't think that's a shiny since the shiny looks like this usually and I have never heard of multiple shinies [​IMG]
  23. ...
    Bidoof are the commonest things.

    Anyway, I found a Shiny venomoth by chaining, and I was only doing it for fun XD
    I also found a Shiny larvitar on a chain of 16.
    I also was randomly trying to chain vibrava with a cacturne out in front, when I went into the grass, I use the poke radar and I saw a possible vibrava patch.I got intercepted by a Shiny cacturne along the way XD (My lead Cacturne was male XD)

    That's about it.
  24. Ha I just caught Suicune in Crystal with a single Ultra Ball.
  25. I was particularly lucky in my catch of Platinum's Giratina. I had it paralyzed by my Luxray (at the time KOed), down to hardly a miniscule red bar of HP, and had ten balls left, total. It was most likely close to Struggling, which I hoped it didn't due to the low HP. I did not have any Timer,Ultra, or Dusk Balls left, meaning I was essentially hopeless. In a last attempt before I soft-reset, I desperately threw a Net Ball. Oddly enough, it wiggled three times (dramatically, of course) and clicked! I actually screamed "YES!" when I caught it, scaring the driver (I was in a vehicle). Nonetheless, I was still ecstatic.

    Wasn't I lucky? I named him Chaos for all my trouble. :p

    However, he still comes out of a wimpy Net Ball instead of a sweet Dusk Ball, noted a friend. XD
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  26. I a not really lucky, but I have a "right place, right time" ordeal. At 11:00 this morning, I recieved a shiny Cranidos, caught a Giratina with a repeat ball, and got a perfect Regigigas. That's not weird...
  27. I'm not lucky at all. I can;t get past a chain of six no matter what, I can never seem to find what I want and I lost more than half of my Pokemon, including my starter and Giratina.
  28. i had one lucky moment that was when i got platinum and i just got my first rod i putted it in the water and pop there was the shiny magikarp i know it's funny but it's 40 now and it hase pretty good attcks
  29. I got lucky when I had nothing but 2 regular poke balls and a Sceptile at half health to catch Rayquaza on Emerald AND I DID IT! Plus, I was chaining Zangoose on Platinum, on the route left of Hearthome, and I ran into a shiny Ralts.
  30. Okay, scratch what I said, I hatched a shiny Bagon!

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