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Hostile Takeover

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Chadwyck, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. "What do you mean, ‘the flights to Johto are cancelled'? My friend is at the airport waiting for me!" The young man of about fourteen shouted to the clerk behind the desk.

    "We're sorry for the inconvenience, but there is something big going on in Johto. All travel to the region has been banned until the situation is under control." The man said, he sounded worried, like someone he cared a lot about was in the region as well. The stress marks around his eyes and the apparent lack of sleep made it seem even more likely.

    "What kind of situation is it?" The boy asked, worry gleamed in his dark brown eyes. He grasped the counter tightly with his hands, fingers clenched around the edge of the counter so tightly that his knuckles began to turn white. Not that they were visible from beneath his fingerless, brown riding gloves.

    "We aren't sure; the police are looking into it." The man said, his dark blond hair was beginning to grey, which meant he was close to middle aged. He sounded like he was somewhere else entirely.

    "You don't understand, that big idiot can't take care of himself out there. He'll run head first into certain death if he thinks it'll lead him to his sister. You have to let me over there!" Tears fell from his eyes down to his grey sweater; he quickly turned and ran a hand through his orange-brown hair to hide his tears.

    "I'm sorry, I can't." The man said.

    "Fine, then I'll find my own way to Johto. My Altaria can get me there, even if she hasn't flown that far before." He added the last part mostly for himself and turned to leave, storming toward the front door of the sleek, modern office. There were dozens, if not hundreds, of people inside, all trying to board some form of transportation to Johto, all of them being turned away.

    "Wait! What's your name, kid? I'll try talking to the police for you. You're Altaria can't fly all the way to Johto from Snowpoint, no matter how strong it is."

    "Flyn Logan. And thanks." He walked back over to the counter, and waited while the clerk walked away. Into a group of police officers standing near the entrance to the docks.


    "That kid will never learn, he was supposed to meet me here yesterday." Rein let out a deep sigh as he stretched out on the seats of the lobby. Rein raised a questioning eyebrow when he noticed that there hadn't been a single plane all day, but let it go, he was too tired to care.

    "At least he had the decency to call and tell me he'd be late." He was a young man, about seventeen years old. He was wearing a white dress shirt with a black vest over it, in his vest pocket was a Poketch that he had attached to a chain. He was wearing black pants, black boots and draped over the chair behind him was a black trench coat that would go down to his knees when worn. His hair was short and black with streaks of pale green, the color matched his eyes.

    A bored looking Umbreon beside him yawned and adjusted in the seat; resting its head on Rein's lap. "I know, he has no consideration, we've been sitting here for well over three hours. He better not of missed his boat. Lunara, what do you say we just take off?" He asked, a grin coming to his lips as he thought up the idea, a look from his Umbreon made it disappear again. "It was just a joke."

    A noise that reminded Rein of thunder echoed through the lobby, causing all the heads in the place to turn. Rein immediately recognized the people causing the sound, even if he didn't remember them personally. The sound was marching, a huge number of people in black uniforms marched into the lobby, and each one was holding a firearm. "Everyone stay calm, we're taking over." A man who looked like he was having too much fun inciting fear said from the front of the group. He walked up to the counter and held the gun to the clerk. Rein's heart stopped when he saw the red ‘R' on their chests.

    "What can you possibly gain by taking over an airport? Has Team Rocket surrendered all reason?" The clerk asked, trying to sound brave, but the wavering in his voice proved otherwise.

    "Nothing at all on its own. But together with the rest of our plan, a lot can be accomplished. Like shutting down all outside contact with the other regions, for example." The man smiled. Then, rather abruptly and sadistically, he shot the man in the arm. "Don't bother hitting that button, no one is coming." The man he shot yelled out in pain, and fell to the floor, holding the bleeding wound.

    Rein quietly returned Lunara to her PokeBall, and then he picked up his trench coat and slid it on inconspicuously. There were too many of them for him to do anything on his own, he needed a plan and he was too preoccupied with old memories to properly formulate one. He drew a bit too much attention to himself, and the man with the gun made his way over to him with a grin on his face. "Those eyes, I've seen them before."

    "I doubt it." Rein replied, staring the man in the eyes.

    "Not your eyes, but someone like you. They belong to a girl." He said, Rein was careful not to give anything he was feeling away, instead he changed the subject.

    "Aren't you boys a little bit out of your element? Team Rocket usually operates in Kanto. Or has that changed?"

    "Make no mistake, Kanto is still our base of operations, we're just expanding the empire."

    "By capturing an airport? What's next, a bus station?"

    "Actually, not next, at the same time. We have members all over the world, an army fit for Team Rocket and we are executing a region wide take over as we speak."

    "That's insane, there's no way you can take over a whole region. That's just not possible."

    "Yet here we are, and no police have come to help you, no reaction of any kind. Soon we will spread through the world and take it over."

    "Like a plague." Rein said quietly.

    "Hopefully you enjoy your time in Johto, or shall we say Rocketland?" He laughed.

    "No, I think that some other lame, self-glorifying name would work better."

    The man raised his gun to Rein, smiling wickedly, "I don't like your attitude, Rein Vanguarde."

    "Ah. I see I've got a permanent record with you folks, then?"

    "It's a shame my commander says I can't harm you, oh how I would love to kill you here, you no good deserter." He pressed the gun into Rein's stomach.

    "Wouldn't want to make your commander mad, he might put a mark on your permanent record."

    The man kept the gun in Rein's stomach for a second more; it looked like he was wondering whether or not the consequences would really be all that bad, then he whispered, "Up against the wall." He turned and walked to the center of the room, "All of you, up against the wall!"

    Rein reached down onto his belt and grabbed a PokeBall, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he released the PokeMon inside and yelled, "Nevara, use blizzard!" The red light of the PokeBall became a Froslass and it immediately froze the air around it, creating a torrent of wind and ice inside the building that obscured all vision. Rein could hear gunfire resounding around him, luckily the other people in the building took the opportunity to run while Team Rocket focused on him, and he ran through the hail and snow toward the nearest exit, a window in the corner of the room. Without thinking he leapt through it, shattered glass cut him in various places, shallow cuts that stung as he landed on the ground, rolling up onto his feet. Without figuring out where he was going he just ran down the nearest alleyway, toward the nearest town exit that he could find. Luckily Olivine was surrounded by a forest to the north and he disappeared into the thick trees. "Brings back memories," He grunted as he ran for his life through the forest, not knowing if his next destination would bring his salvation or his doom.


    "Kid, I'm sorry, I don't think that they are going to let you through. It seems that Johto has been taken over by a terrorist group. They somehow managed to seize control of the whole region. I had heard Team Rocket had a lot of resources, but I never imagined they were that powerful." The clerk patted Flyn on the shoulder before he walked back over to continue talking with the police.

    "Team Rocket." Flyn breathed, "Rein's in trouble now. I've got to help him." Flyn turned and ran outside, pulling a PokeBall from his belt as he did so, "I'm sorry girl, but you've gotta try and get us there," He said as he tossed the ball up and an Altaria emerged from within. Flyn pulled his blue-lens aviator goggles down over his eyes and pulled a black and grey checkered scarf up over his mouth. A Haunter emerged from his shadow, looking concerned, Flyn knew it was serious if the Haunter could find no humor in the situation. "I know, Legion, we'll get there in time, don't worry." He climbed up onto the Altaria's back and it took to the sky in an instant.

    OoC: All right, before we start I'd like to state that if anyone wishes to join, feel free to join. Write up your post in a PM and send it my way. Also, you can have whatever backstory you want, so long as you end up in Johto.
    One more thing, this story stands on its own, I don't intend for this to actually be in Rein/Flyn's timeline, it's just sort of its own thing that I came up with. So yeah, send me a PM ^^
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