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Ask to Join Hope's Peak High ((Roleplay))

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by TheUltimateAssassin, Aug 20, 2017.

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  1. This is a roleplay about a high school. but not just any high school, the people who were accepted into this school have a "special" ability so basically, you will have a title if you were in the roleplay for example ((THE ULTIMATE ASSASSIN)) so is kinda like your special to your ability.

    Now for the boring part (rules): The rules are pretty simple no intense romance kissing and things are allowed but no uhh.... love making, Also no intense swearing like you cannot just swear for no reason it has to be at an appropriate time and no words that people might take offence too, as usual, no god-modding, and the rest of the rules are in the simple role play rules :p

    Character sheet:


    Title (as in the ultimate ----):



    Appearance (You don't need this):

    Extra (if there is one more thing you want to add you put it here):

    Name: Jason


    Age: 16

    Background/History: Grew up in a small town and didn't discover he was a ghoul until he was 6 years old unable to control his hunger he ate his mother his dad unable to stand his son anymore tried to kill him but he managed to escape and moved in with his aunt finally getting a new chance a few years later at Hope's peak high

    Appearance: Unneded

    Extra: Is a one eyed ghoul instead of just a average one
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  2. Name: Nathan
    Title: The Ultimate Actor
    Age: 15
    Background/History: Grew up in a city close by to Hope's Peak. Started acting when he was in school and was noticed by a producer and was then acting for tv. He then was scouted by Hope's Peak and attends it.
    Appearance: Black and White hair with a black vest and pants and white shoes and shirt
  3. RP:

    As Jason walks to the school he sees plenty of students "Wow this place is.....a crazy" he said. he opens his locker using the 4 digit number that the school gave him.
  4. Name: Dave Strider
    Title: The Ultimate Dave
    Age: 16
    Background/History: He was born an orphan, and raised by his adopted brother. It wasn't until he was 12 did he realize he was the best Dave out there, and strive to accomplish mote than any other Dave in history.
    Appearance: Profile Pic
    Extra: He is never found without his shades.
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  5. Uhm accepted...? just make sure you clairify your special talent in the roleplay xD
  6. UPDATE ON LE RP: I have decided you may have more than one character if you would like they have to stick with the rp sheet
  7. Name: Haise Juuzou

    Title: The Ultimate Ghoul Hunter

    Age: 16

    Background/History: She is the daughter of Suzuya Juuzou and Touka (yes Suzuya is a male) She takes her fathers personality she is a hard worker but never very serious unless she has to be she is a one-eyed ghoul but uses her strengths to try too hide it she hunts ghouls alongside of her father and finds food with her mother after awhile she had tryed too get into hope's peak but failed after awhile they scoped her out and noticed she had major talent

    Appearance: prof pic

    Extra: trys too hide the fact she is a ghoul
  8. As Nathan walked through the gates that lead to Hope's Peak he saw a lot of people in one building and one that looked abandoned. As he started to walk towards the building that was full of people he then saw someone with scars entering the other building. He then saw a few others students walk into the building and as he looked towards the building a sign read "Ultimate building" while the other read "Reserve Course". He then went towards the abandoned looking one and saw quite a few students. He then saw the person with scars and went up to her. He then said " Hi I'm Nathan also known as the Ultimate Actor. May I ask what your name is?"
  9. "Heya im Haise! and im the ultimate ghoul hunter!!" she said as she sharpened her knives you "mind if I see what ya got "ultimate actor" she put away her knives and takes out a white suitcase not letting him see whats inside but looking closely at it she ran her finger across the blade cutting pretty deep inside of her pointer finger as she closed the case and looks at him she ponders what hope's peak wants with an ultimate actor
  10. "Well sorry to disappoint, but I can't do anything right now. Though may I ask on how you got into the school? The reason being is just curiosity, but if you don't want to say then you don't have too." Nathan said with a small grin. His attention went straight towards the suitcase she was carrying. He then starts to image what could be in the case. He then asked " Question why do you have that suitcase close to you is it important?"
  11. "I guess you could say that," Haise said with a smile on her face "and if you're wondering maybe I can take ya down to the practice yards and show you a thing or two," she said holding up two fingers, as the bell rings she puts her big white suitcase away "Welp gotta run" she said as she dances her way to class with her eyes completely shut
  12. As he saw her dancing off towards class he was filled with more questions and more confused before their conversation. He then tried to ignore what just happened for now and try to find his class. When he arrived he noticed that it was the same class that Haise is in. He then said to himself " Well this will be a long day." After saying that he opened the door to the classroom and sat in a desk next to a window. He then saw the reserve course students and wondered about them and why they didn't have classes together.
  13. Haise shouts from her seat "Oh hey buddy!!" as she kicks her feet up onto the top of the desk

    Meanwhile, Jason walks in bumping into Nathen and he grunts "outta my way before a force you out..."

    Haise doesn't notice because her eyes are shut and she's humming songs that no one notices
  14. "Oh hi Haise didn't notice you there." Nathan said with a nervous grin. As he was about to get up from his seat someone bumped into him. He then looked around to see who it was and apologize to the person. He then noticed the person walking in the class. Nathan then said " Oh sorry that I was in the way. You aren't hurt are you or didn't bump you into someone did I?" As Nathan finished he heard Haise humming something which made Nathan wonder what song it was, but was afraid of what it might be. He then thought in his head " Well there are some interesting people and characteristics here. Maybe I can try to develop these characteristics for something."
  15. Haise sniffs the room and notices there is a ghoul in the room and try's not to go overboard so she just continues to hum "So Nathen how old are ya?" She said still humming a few more students walk into the room and she finally notices Nathen is next to her

    "CAN YOU STOP HUMMING?" Jason said as he slams his hand onto his desk
  16. "I'm 14 years old so I would be a freshman. How old are you?" Nathan asked then realizing that it might be a bit rude. As he was trying to think of an apology he heard Jason slamming on his desk and yelling. Out of defense Nathan said "If you don't like the humming then why are here there are different seats around here where you can't hear the humming." Nathan started to feel a bit embarrassed after that. He then asked a question he asked before. "So Haise how did you get into the school were you scouted or sign up?"
  17. "Im 16! and don't mind him I see him all the time at the bus stop he's just a little off edge recently and I don't know why...." Haise said with an adorable smile on her face. the teacher walks into the classroom already writing things on the board "IM MRS. SASUME YOU WILL CALL ME SASUME SENSAI AM I CLEAR?" Jason looked at her surprised on how bossy she is and says "Yes" With his hood over his head Haise says yes in a snarky way it was almost like she was laughing at her
  18. "Yes Sasiume sensei." Not realizing that he said that he started to head towards his seat, but stops and goes back towards Haise. Nathan then says " Let' talk more when it's lunch time ok." He then went towards his seat and looked at the board. Not knowing what was going on he just sat there and tried to understand. He then looked back towards Haise to see what she was up to and saw that she was still humming a bit. He just turned around and then looked towards the window.
  19. "Gotcha," Haise said as she carved her name into her desk with a knife sounding like chalk grinding on a chalkboard "Now class come up and grab your work for the next 20 minutes," Sasume said slightly calmed "Ugh" Jason groaned not wanting to get up "Oki *Giggles* ASSiume sensei" Haise said and flipped the knife and it landed right into her knife holster on her hip
  20. As Nathan heard the teacher say that there was work he went up and grabbed a sheet. He then heard Haise's "pun" and thought it was her kind of humor. He then looked at the work and was confused by it a bit. He then realized it was something he wasn't good at so he payed his head down for a bit then tried to do the work. When he did it he waited for everyone else to finish so that it would be over with.
  21. Haise writes ASS all over her paper not answering a single question just putting her name at the top saying Haise was here Jason focuses hard on the test almost finished he gets stumped and slams his head on the table while Haise walks up to the table and hands in her work smirking at the teacher
  22. Nathan saw Haise get up from her seat and saw what she wrote all over her paper. He then went up and handed the teacher his paper and hoped that some of it was correct. He then waited till either the bell rang or the teacher to say something. As he was waiting he started to doodle on a sheet of paper he found. He then started to think about everyone in the class and wondered how they all got in. He thought that they might be thinking the same thing, then again he couldn't read minds so he just kept his thoughts to himself.
  23. "HAISE PRINCIPALS OFF-" The bell rings before Sasume could say anything "Toodles teach" She prances off to her locker and laughs Jason walks away with his hood up when Haise grabs her White suitcase and dances to the lunchroom and stands in line behind a girl with blades for hair
  24. As Nathan was heading towards the lunchroom he sees that it is partially fully. He then saw Haise in line for lunch. He brought his lunch to school and sat at a table and waited for Haise. As he was he noticed that Jason was there too, but looked like he was in a bad mood.
  25. Finally, Haise gets to the front of the line and she grabs a mysterious meat that smells like rotten flesh and looks like human she picks a table and realises that she sat next to Nathan "Oh heya Nathen!" she said kicking her feet on top of the table
  26. "Hi Haise so what did you choose to eat?" As he said that he looked at her tray and it didn't look edible. He then said "Know what forgot I asked. Just wondering what does the ultimate ghoul hunter do? Like to you hunt for ghost and monsters or is it that your looking for certain people? Cause if so I would like to help if possible then again I might regret it later, but it would be fun to try."
  27. "Eh kinda if you finish eating in time ill show you a thing or two," Haise said redundantly "Oh and what im eating-" She shoved a chunk into his mouth as he got ready to speak and she finishes what she said "It's human flesh" She smiles and laughs a bit and she drinks a cup of what looks like blood then starts to mess around with the mysterious white suitcase
  28. "Um so why are you eating human flesh? Is there a reason why because I'm not sure if that is healthy." Nathan then started to slide a bit away from her afraid that she would get an idea. He thought of why the school would have human flesh. He then went back to eating his lunch and finished since he was curious about Haise's talent.
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  29. "Heheh well ghouls can only eat flesh if they eat anything else they get the burning urge to throw up," Haise said
  30. Name: Jotaro
    Age: 17
    Background/History: Jotaro Kujo is a punk, no doubt about that. He used to get in a lot of fights at his old school, normally sending people to the hospital even in group attacks. He was scouted simply for the reason that he put himself in jail simply to "protect people that want to fight him"
    Appearance: https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11/113509/5737750-anime.jpg
  31. Name: Mayra Misuaki

    Title: Super High School Level Notebook Artist

    Age: 16

    Background/History: When she was in middle school, Mayra always got made fun of because she was "weird". She taught herself how to draw and became popular at her school because of her talent. She was scouted because of how her talent helped her be successful in her social life.

    Appearance: 20170901_153745.jpg

    Extra: None
  32. both accepted (sorry my wifi has been acting up so ye)
  33. As Haise responded to his question he then lost his appetite. "I'm not hungry anymore. Switching topics how did you manage to get into this school? Did you get scouted or applied?" Nathan started to ask questions that he then realized he was being rude and stopped. "Sorry I guess I overwhelmed you with questions."
  34. "A little of both I tried to get in once and got rejected but then they scouted me," she says as she finishes way before the bell rang "meet me at the training yards when you're done I wanna show ya something," she said as she danced away she got to the yards and took out a scythe that's about 7x taller than her and slices through the practice dummies like a knife cutting through cake as she released her kagune it looked like https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/04/97/05/0497056a2eaccf897f421a3feb345489.jpg and she started shooting shards at the dummies behind her still slicing through the others as she stopped she realized she had a small crush and giggled
  35. "Gimme a damn break. I can't even lay down without having to deal with someone here." Came a voice from a darker corner of the yard. A giant, muscular man rose from the was resting on, and looked at the girl. She appeared to have red spikes coming out of her back. "What the hell? This must be some sort of stand..." Jotaro thought to himself.
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  36. (They come out of the back) She puts them away "Oh hey didn't see ya there" she smiled adorably she leans on her scythe "I won't bother ya but shouldn't you be at lunch?" she wonders happily
  37. ( I thought I put back but my phone is so meh I expect anything )

    "Nah, I'm not really feeling it. Not that I'm one to ask, but what the hell is that coming out of your back? Even my star platinum knows it's not a stand, so what is it?" He asked, walking closer to the woman
  38. she stops leaning and spins the giant scythe in-between her fingers "it's called a kagune" she says with a smirk "it's something that only ghouls have" she puts her head down for a sec then stares at him as one of her eyes goes https://orig14.deviantart.net/271c/f/2015/086/f/0/ghoul_eye_by_korinkku-d8nbmmm.png and if you tell anyone we're gonna have problems capiche" she said with a demented smile on her face her eye goes back to normal
  39. As Nathan finished his lunch and headed to the training yard and started to wonder why there of all places. As he got there he saw a scythe that looked like it could cut a skyscraper in half. He then saw that Haise was the one that had it and started to get a bit worried. "Um Haise where and why do you have that? Isn't that against school rules or do they let you do whatever you want? If so then out of everything in the world you bring a giant scythe." Nathan then looked over and saw that Haise was talking to someone else. "Oh I'm sorry didn't realize that you were there. Guess I should introduce myself. I'm Nathan and I'm the ultimate actor."
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