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Ask to Join Home is where the heart is - Gen VII idea

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LilMsJester, Dec 5, 2016.


How did I do with my first post?

  1. Vague plot, boring character and the post was an eye sore

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  2. Character is interesting but the plot needs to be worked on

  3. Great Detail, Well thought out Characters and fun plot!

  4. Not sure how to get involved...

  5. I can definitely see myself fitting into this idea!!

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  1. Hi there! So this is officially my first post on this site but i've been involved with roleplaying for quite some time - over 5 years! So let me tell you about my Own Character.

    Name : Molly Reed
    Profession : Traveller, Pokemon Trainer, Herbologist
    Interests : The Documentation and Research of Alternate Coloured Pokemon - a.k.a Shiny Pokemon, Creating and Drinking Tea for both human and pokemon consumption, Enjoys good food
    Backstory : Molly Reed was born and raised in the Alola Region by her mother who specialisefd in botany. It was from this that the young woman now specialises in grass type pokemon as she had been raised around them. When she came of age though, she was eventually convinced by her childhood friends - Kukui and Molayne - to take part in the island challenge. Her adventure started with Rowlet but despite how hard she tried, she continued to fall behind her two friends - even having to ask them for help on more than one occassion until finally she gave up on her island challenge. Instead of returning to her home though, Molly decided she wanted to travel to the other regions in an attempt to make herself stronger as well as learn about pokemon from other regions. During her time in Johto, she discovered her first alternate coloured pokemon - a bulbasaur that had been gifted to her from an egg. Since then, she's made it her job to learn everything there is to know about alternate coloured pokemon. Many year later, she now returns to the Alola Region in the hopes of not only becoming a part of the School to teach what she has learned but to also earn the title of Professor.

    PHEW! So that was a bit of an eyeful but the plot idea is this : I am hoping to find one or two characters to start their journey in Alola and to become students to Professor Reed. What would be perfect is to also have someone wanting to play Professor Kukui as a friend and potential love interest - though that's not the central plot of the story. The plot is to explore, have fun and grow as a pokemon trainer in the Alola Region! It'd be great to have some Canon Characters in also such as Team Skull Leader Guzma as Team Skull will be more dangerous in this RP then how they're portryed in the Sun and Moon games.

    Message me if you have any character ideas, i'm a pretty open minded individual!

    --UPDATE--11th December
    So I have been checking the poll and i've noticed that there have been a couple of votes regarding the plot and being unsure on how to fit in. Remember, i'm more than happy to discuss things via message!

    The plot is this...

    Two trainers (or more if there are more applicants wanting to get involved) are starting their adventure through the Alola Region and taking part in the Island Challanges. Molly Reed has returned from her journey and has a proposition for them both - asking them to help her with her research. She too will be taking part in the Island Challenge since she never managed to complete it when she was younger.

    So it will be an exploration through the Alola Region to uncover the secrets of its pokemon and to become stronger individuals.

    During this, the Pokemon League is being built by Professor Kukui...but he's not the only one who is busy. Team Skull is also lurking in the shadows.

    Now in this universe, Team Skull is a lot more dangerous and somewhat feared. Guzma was another who did the island trial when he was younger alongside Kukui and Molly but felt he was pushed down by Kukui - made to feel weak. His organisation - Team Skull - are bullies, vandalisers - anything in order to make themselves feel stronger. This could be the kidnapping of pokemon, the robbing of weaker trainers etc. Now I don't want to reveal too much as I do have a few plans along the way for you. ;)

    So effectively you can come to Alola as a) a trainer b) a bad guy c) a researcher. The opportunities are endless and I am more than happy to discuss anything! Please bear in mind that this is a story of progression and as such, your team will be limited until you complete a certain amount of trials.

    Sorry if this is a bit of an eye sore but I want to make sure everything is ironed out...this is my first time planning a roleplay. ♥
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  2. This sounds like a good RP.
    I'll be fine with playing Professor Kukui, but if you don't want me to, that's fine. And if I can be Professor Kukui, can I also be another trainer?
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I could RP as Team Skull members, although i'd probably need more detail as to what they'd do and when they would appear.
  4. Hi there! That would be greatly appreciated! And yes, you are more than welcome to introduce your own trainers. What do you have in mind? Although I do request that for the start of the roleplay that you have a maximum of 3 pokemon - just so we can make it fair and there can be progression!

    Hi there. I'd be more than happy to discuss what Team Skull do. I like the appearance they have already - a bandana over their face to hide their identity. However, I was hoping that Team Skull would be taken more seriously, even being dangerous. Like the newest gen of Team Rocket though their reasoning would be just like in Sun and Moon - they feel like outcasts that aren't taken seriously and are thought of as weak and so rebel against the Kahunas and such. I'd be more than happy to talk over what you'd like to do with them as i'm sure you have great ideas also. :)
  5. Thinking about it, it might be an interesting thing to have an undercover Team Skull member taking part in the island challenges - to scope out anything rare or interesting to report back to Skull. For example, the shiny pokemon research? I'm sure that the Team Skull would love to mayb[e raidthe lab at some point - might think Shinies are worth money or might have strength to give them a better name?

    It is entirely up to you though. :)
  6. Name: Mara Rose
    Profession: Trainer looking to become champion
    Interest: Mara loves to draw, write stories, cook, martial arts, and especially Pokemon battles! She loves learning about new things and absolutely loves learning if it's about Pokemon.
    Backstory: Mara grew up in a house with just her father. She did the chores and cooked, because of how her mom isn't with her anymore. It was hard growing up, but she learned how to stay strong and positive. Later, she found a Poke-ball that was dropped by someone, she wanted to return it, but no one would take it and say it was there's. She decided, "eh, why not" and went out to catch a Pokemon. She looked everywhere and she couldn't find anything, until she went to an alley way and saw a weird looking Pokemon. At first she thought it was a Pikachu, but in closer expection, it wasn't, it was a Mimikyu. She didn't know if she should catch it or not, so she did what she heard on tv, when trainers in Alola get their starter Pokemon, they must decide if the starter Pokemon will want them. So she stared at the Mimikyu with determined eyes, and the Mimikyu liked her at first sight and Mara caught it. She decided to not have Mimikyu in it's Poke-ball and lets him roam around. Many years later, now that Mara is 18, she decided to leave home and go on a journey. Her father decided to live with one of their relatives. In those years she only caught two other Pokemon, a Salandit and a Bounsweet. Even though she has three Pokemon, she still has much to learn, so she decided to sign up to go on a trip to Alola with certain a Ms. Reed.
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  7. Very nice! I am curious as to how old she will be for this? And also will she be just starting her trials or will she be halfway through them?
  8. She is going to be 18 and she is also starting her trials
  9. Great! Will it be just the Mimikyu to start? Or will it be the three pokemon from the very beginning? It'd be nice to know what level they are too. Since it's a progressive story, it'd be preferred if they started at a decent level - Such as maybe lvl 18? 20 even?

    But it is up to you. I'm pretty lenient with this as there are only two people interested - including yourself.
  10. She's going to have all three Pokemon and all her Pokemon are going to be Lv. 12
  11. Updated the first post with a bit of extra information after reading the poll results. I hope it 'clears up anything!
  12. Awesome :) So far, you're the only definite I have. I'd like to wait just a little bit longer before we start - as I can start with just us and have people jump in later - but we do have that other potential RP to discuss about Kukui and Molly Reeds past. :)
  13. I could get behind this! I will use my Poke Researcher OC I made for Sun and Moon Rp.

    Name: Jason Cedar, Age: 27
    Occupation: Pokemon Researcher, Aspiring Professor.
    Interests: Legendary Pokemon, Specifically the ones from his home region, Sinnoh, that have the power to cross dimensions, and space-time
    Backstory: Grew up in Canalave town in Sinnoh, Became a research assistant to Rowan while challenging the Pokemon League with his Piplup and studying the Legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh along the way. Before he could challenge the Elite 4 he received word from Rowan that Professor Mohn had discovered something called the "Ultra Wormhole" in Alola, he went to Alola in search of Mohn and discovered he's missing. Since Mohn is nowhere to be found he has settled with assisting Professor Burnet in her research into the Ultra Wormholes.
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  14. Why hi there! I'd love to get you involved in our RP! Professor Burnet - who studied wormholes - has been removed from this universe so it would be great to have a replacement! I am curious as to how you would get involved...will you also be travelling the region and taking part of the island challenge?

    For example, my character will be attempting the trials again after she failed them when she was younger.

    Or if you have any other ideas of how to get your character involved, i'd love to hear it!
    #14 LilMsJester, Dec 11, 2016
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  15. I'd be fine with Replacing Burnet, I can tweak the backstory after failing to find Mohn he decided to set up his own lab to study the Ultra Wormhole phenomenon with the help of Kukui. Jason Cedar will travel the region with his team of Pokemon setting up equipment to monitor the Wormhole activities on the islands while completing Island Challenges along the way.
  16. Perhaps he arrived to the scene after he'd disappeared and to save the work he'd done so far, Cedar could have taken over?

    I think exploring the region and setting up equipment would be a fantastic idea! What team idea were you thinking? I have put a limit on team - so a maximum of three. As you do more challenges, you can unlock more pokemon! Just so there's progression. Don't want to make it too easy for you after all. :p
  17. That sounds good, I could say he collected Mohn's research data after discovering his disappearance, then decided to continue the research.

    For team Members he will have Empoleon his starter he took with from Sinnoh, and Bronzong since its Pokedex entry deals a lot with the theme of Portals to other worlds, but he saves these two for emergencies only(Team Skull, Stonger Trainers, etc). His first Pokemon in the Alola Region would be the one given to him at the start of his Island Trial by Kukui, an Alolan Sandshrew since Kukui noticed Cedar's love of steel types.
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  18. That sounds fine to me though try to restrain from using Empoleon if you can since its from another region and can't be found in Alola. I'm fine with Bronzong as its part of your research - much like Mollys Shiny Ivysaur. :)

    I'm not sure when the roleplay is going to start as I have two definites and a possible thus far.
  19. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Here is my first character i'm submitting. I might make another one
    Name : Captain Jamie Hold (Also known as Professor Hold)
    Age: Around 50yrs old
    Profession : Ship Captain, Pokemon Researcher, Pokemon Trainer, Traveller
    Appearance: Wears typical pirate clothing, such as a red cap
    Personality: Enthusiastic, hearty, fun, tries to complete research in fun ways, energetic
    Interests: Driving/leading crews of shipmates, facinated by the Alolan islands and the sea that surrounds it.
    Backstory : Originally, brought up from a group of pirates terrorizing a number of the islands, Jamie broke free, and helped defeat them. He created a crew of rightous shipmates who set sail to protect the Alolan seas. After a good 8 years or so of doing this, Hold became a researcher. He became associated with many of the pokemon professors, especially Professor Kuikui. He has decieded to finally take on the island trials, being one who was originally considered for an island captain. Additionally, he aims to document all pokemon available in Alola and hopefully discover so new ones. He has three pokemon, although his Toucannon will probably evolve from the Pippek line he will hopefully get a the start of the RP.
    New Idea: He had a Toucannon previously, but he managed to aquire an egg from it by breeding it. This Toucannon flew to another region to migrate and left the egg behind.

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  20. Hi there! Both of these characters seem very interesting. I think the only thing i'm questioning is both of them seeming to know a lot of the main characters and be good friends with the Kahunas and Professor Kukui - one of them having even been considered as a Captain despite having not taken on any trials.

    There is also the inclusion of the shiny diglett. Given their rarity, I would prefer it if he found the shiny diglett during the roleplay - perhaps some time after being asked to help Molly Reed with the discovery and documenting of shiny pokemon? That way, it'll make it a bit easier to fit you in. :)

    Their stories are very interesting though! :)
  21. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I was thinking could Bryan be given a non-shiny Alolan Diglett as a gift at the start instead? I could change that and I could also change the part about Captain Hold knowing Kuikui. These two things are not compulsory. Thinking about it as well, I could have Bryan wait until he found an Alolan-Diglett in the wild.
    What do you think?
  22. That is entirely up to you! :) As I say, Molly Reed is a researcher of shiny pokemon and so she will give you adrenaline orbs to help find shiny pokemon. So Bryan having a shiny alolan diglett is an option. I'm happy with Captain Hold knowing Professor Kukui - though it might be an idea to let the user 'I didn't' know as they will be playing as Professor Kukui.

    In fact, 'I didn't' and I will be doing a roleplay of Kukui and Molly when they were younger taking part of the Island Challenges - just to get a better idea of their relationship with one another. If you'd like, a younger Captain Hold could join us as well?
  23. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I think I will let @I Didn't know if he/she hasn't read this by the time the RP starts. When is it starting by the way?

    I think I will let Bryan wait until he meets Reed. I will also consider this other RP you talked about. It sounds interesting too!
  24. Name: Jake
    Profession: Pokemon Trainer
    Interests: Loves water types and swimming
    Backstory: He used to live in Johto and wanted to become a water type gym leader but was rejected. For his entire life he's loved the water and the pokemon living there. So much so, that he feels at home in the water. He moved to Alola to prove to everyone that he was worthy of being a gym leader by completing the island challenge.
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  25. The RP will be starting very soon! I shall message everyone with a link to the RP once I make it.

    Hi there! This is a great idea and i'd love to have you on board. However, I do have a couple of questions. :) Would you be starting from scratch and journeying through the Alolan region? The maximum number of pokemon you can have on you at the start of this roleplay is 3. Once you get through the challenge, you can add more to your team. :)

    Also, how old is your character?
    #25 LilMsJester, Dec 11, 2016
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  26. @JohnsonAce I have read every post here, and I'm Ok with your character being associated with Kukui, and that goes for @Sehirin too
  27. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Thank you. Bryan might end up banding with Jason Cedar/become some sort of rival, due to the fact they both seem to love steel types and have teams heavily weighted towards the type. I may also make one more character if that's allowed.
  28. I didn't know you could only have 3 at the start so I guess this will be my card.
    I would like to eventually catch a wooper though. These will be the Pokemon I'm starting with by the way.
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  29. How your characters interact with one another is up to you :)

    Wooper isn't available in the Alolan Region. Cedar and Molly have non Alolan pokemon because they have travelled from other regions BUT they are not used to battle. So if you were to have a wooper, you would not be able to battle with it. :)

    I'm making the Roleplay now and getting up the first post - jump in however you like. For now, I will be playing the role of Guzma and Team Skull thugs. As tempting as it is, please remember that all characters have weaknesses. So should you be in a battle, dodging attacks all the time and knowing moves not suited to the level of your pokemon is discouraged.

    Otherwise - have fun! I'll be sure to throw some twists and turns here and there. ;)
    #29 LilMsJester, Dec 11, 2016
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  30. Oh ok I guess I just won't have a wooper
  31. @Nintenduck you could say that you have a relative in Johto, or somewhere else, and you can trade a Pokemon you caught in the Alola region to them, but if you don't want to do that, it's ok.
  32. That is a possibility too :) However, at the start of the adventure - you can have a max of three pokemon. After 2 trials, you can have 4 - after 4 trials you can have 5 pokemon and 6 trials lets you have a full team. :)

    The roleplay is up and ready so feel free to jump on in!

  33. Name:Shadow
    Looks:Looks like Shadow Grunt from Pokemon Black 2
    Info:Has traveled through all the Regions bored but finds out about Alola and travels there bored but does'nt start from scratch When Sparks the Raichu changes form she knows that she had to go though this region with Her partner Sparks and two other members Litten and Formatis go to the first trial now.
  34. Hi there. :) It'd be nice to know a bit more about Shadow - such as her plans in Alola and why she travelled to Alola. Also, while you said she isn't starting from scratch, there'll have to be a level cap on your pokemon just so there's fairness to the field. As for Litten, Litten would be awarded by the Professor or a Kahuna because they can't be found in the wild.

    Also, if your Sparks was not from Alola, it wouldn't be able to evolve into an Alolan Raichu - it would evolve into a normal Raichu. But you could catch a pichu/pikachu in Alola?
  35. I mean that sparks was a pikachu and then evolved into raichu in alola
    and litten was already picked up and she was there is alola for a weeks
  36. If you have travelled the regions before Alola, your Pikachu wouldn't be from Alola right? Therefore it can't evolve into an Alolan Raichu.

    I'm afraid i'm going to need a little bit more information on this character as a trainer. Why did they come to Alola? What are their plans while in Alola?

    As for having a Litten, starter pokemon are rare and cannot be found in the wild. So it would have been had to be given to them by a Professor or a Kahuna. Starter pokemon are considered endangered species after all.
  37. Also - please do not post in the roleplay until you have the go ahead from me. There are rules to the roleplay after all and I want to make sure they're all ironed out before you post.
  38. She got litten from the professor
    Sparks was from alola
    she came to the region to beat the trials and move from kalos
  39. You're not giving me a lot of details to work with here. You travelled from other regions, correct? But why did you come to Alola? Why are you there? What plans do you have while in Alola?

    As for the Litten, you'd have been given that if you had any intention of taking part in the trials...

    I'm sorry but until I have a bit more details, I can't give you permission to join in yet. But i'm happy to talk it over with you :)
  40. Why she came to alola its because she wants to beat the trials and the league..and she wants to surf :p

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