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Open Hollyoaks Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by chredwards, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Hello! This is a roleplay for the British Soap Opera Hollyoaks. If you have not heard of/watched Hollyoaks, but still want to join, I'll give you a bit of insight. Hollyoaks is a village in Chester, England. It is inhabited by many people. Villains, heroes, teachers, police officers, doctors, you name it. If you want to make your own character, that's fine (who knows, they could be made real). Please fill out the form below. For the characterisation part, look here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/hollyoaks/profiles (Hollyoaks - Profiles - All 4) for your character's profile.
    (If you've no idea about this but still want to join, please do a bit of research)



    Characterisation (Personality):
    Clothing Style:
    How Long Have You Been Staying in Hollyoaks?:
    Reason To Be in the Village:

    Here's mine.
    Character: Marnie Nightingale
    Age: Mid-Late 50s
    Occupation: Owner of Nightingale's Restaurant, Interior Designer
    Family: Nightingale: James & Nathan Nightingale (Sons) Ellie Nightingale (Daughter) Alfie Nightingale (Stepson) Mac Nightingale (Estranged Husband) Tabitha Maxwell-Brown (Mother)
    Characterisation (Personality): Marnie Nightingale, the sophisticated ice queen who exudes elegance… She captivates men and influences women, but also comes with a seriously mean streak that she can’t help but indulge!
    Clothing Style: Incredibly formal, dresses, suits, hats
    How Long Have You Been Staying in Hollyoaks?: Several months
    Reason To Be in the Village: Originally: Cause trouble for Mac. Now: Stay with children, run restaurant.

    Marnie looked around the village, it was a lot quieter than usual. Marnie walked over to Price Slice, she smiled at the worker there. She picked up a newspaper, it read "MOTHER ARRESTED FOR FATHER'S DEATH" and below was a picture of Sienna Blake. Marnie had never had the pleasure of meeting her, but had heard rumours about her. Marnie made her way over to The Dog in the Pond.
  2. Character: Eleanor Nightingale
    Age: 16
    Occupation: Student
    she never knew her real family and so her legal guardians are James Nightingale and Harry Thompson
    Characterisation (Personality): short tempered, has very bad anger management issues and a past of drug use. Loud and confident
    Clothing Style: short dresses, crop tops, leather jackets and high heels
    How Long Have You Been Staying in Hollyoaks?: since she was born
    Reason To Be in the Village: James and Harry as well as to go to school

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