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Private/Closed Hoenn League Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SquashLeApple, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Discussion HERE: https://pokecharms.com/threads/hoenn-league-tournament-discussion.19693/

    The cruise ship just arrived to the Ever Grande City, where the Hoenn League would be taking place. Trainers on the ship stared at the gigantic city, everybody down there getting ready for the Pokemon League. Snack stands we’re still getting ready, people were selling T-shirt for the league, and some kids were talking about who would win. The cruise arrived at the port, and all the trainers now took a different way to get to the stadium, by riding a train.

    The train soon arrived at the league itself. There was an entrance right to the stadium, but there were also tons of stands with their own little islands that connected to five big ones on the outside, leading to the league doors. Inside the league, was the stadium, which took up most of the room. Luckily there were dorms, each with a PC to switch Pokemon for the trainer’s battles. They had nice, fluffy beds, too.

    Upon entering the doors, there were three, nice looking clerks at the registration counter, ready to except letters and scan Trainer IDs. To be honest, it felt pretty exciting for the participants and the clerks.

    A boy with fluffy hair and an Aipom riding on his shoulder were one of the first ones to bolt out. Racing down the ramp way with a few other speedy trainers, he ran up the small flight of stairs, and entered the door. The third clerk was open, so he took her. She scanned his ID and asked for his name and letter, which he gave to the clerk. In return, he received a room key and two Premier Balls for participating.

    “Aipom! Today’s the day. The league is coming up in a few hours, so let’s get ready!” The boy bounced off with his partner and headed outside the league doors.
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  2. The registration section soon became crowded with talented trainers across the region lining up to get a chance to participate in one of the greatest events in Pokemon history.

    The Pokemon League. It was the place where every trainer dreamed of. It was a gathering of elites, veteran trainers who have overcome the initial test by defeating the 8 gyms that scattered all over Hoenn, so having arrogant and smug trainers were a common sight to see but most of them were all bite and no bark.

    "Hey, who do you think is going to win this year's championship" One of the trainers who were there just to spectate eagerly asked his friends.

    "How should I know? Trainers who have the qualifications to participate in the League are strong in their own way. It's pretty much anyone's game."

    "My bet's on the one that had beat Sootopolis's Gym with only one Pokemon."

    "Wait, only one?!" The trainers were stupefied to hear this and turned to the one that had said this.

    "Don't you guys know? This guy's pretty famous. He was the winner of the annual festival in Slateport City. I think back then, he only had a Skarmory and a Nuzleaf, but man, those two were genuine speed demons. He swept every participant with only these two and still came out on top."

    The trainers were amazed when they heard this. Only using two pokemon against dozens of trainers. This was already proof of how skillful this trainer was.

    "Who's this guy? What's his name?" They were curious about this mysteriously strong expert and inquired the trainer.

    "I think it was..."


    Back in the registration section, the once lively room had suddenly gone to whispers upon the arrival of a certain trainer.

    "It's him..."

    "Crap, I knew he would get an invitation. I really hope I won't go up against this guy on the first round."

    Seeing the sight of the trainers looking at him in awe and fear, Marcus was pleased. This was the result that he desired. Everyone was fated to be below him, and what better way to show this that through might and infamy. Of course, Marcus didn't wish to fight against these background characters who went limp at the sight of him. No, he looked around more and saw some eyes that were burning with a fighting spirit, or those that had arrogance with them and saw him only as an ant at the side of the road. Marcus enjoyed fighting these types of people, especially the arrogant ones. He enjoyed seeing their looks of despair as he bulldozed over their pokemon with his own team.

    Walking towards the registration counter, the crowd of trainers intentionally made way for him. Seeing Marcus swagger his way with the trainers looking at him with fear and respect, some of the stronger trainers looked at him with an annoyed look. This was basically him telling them, "I'm going to be number one. The rest of you will be my stepping stones to my success."

    Seeing this type of trainer, the receptionist who was in front of him had a wry smile not sure what to think of this type of situation. It was okay to be competitive and having a bit of confidence in yourself, but this trainer really had it all...

    But, she was only a receptionist so she just put these thoughts at the back of her mind and focused on doing her job.

    "Trainer ID and badges please, as well as your invitation." The receptionist put on a forced smile as he asked Marcus for his credentials. Marcus didn't notice this, or rather he noticed but he didn't really care, so he just gave the receptionist what was asked for.

    After registering Marcus, the receptionist returned his things as well as pin badge that had "74" written on it.

    After having gotten what he needed from here, Marcus didn't wait for the receptionist to speak to him before walking away.
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  3. There was plenty of excitement in the air to have said the very least.

    Natalie, better known by those close to her as "Nat", had landed off the main ship that carried them to Ever Grande City which is where the Hoenn League was set to take place. This was a big moment for Nat, who gazed the sights and sounds of the area in clear wonder with her partner Blaziken right by her side.

    "Man, look at the number of people! This tournament is packed, this won't be easy that's for sure." Nat said to her Blaziken who seemed to be scouting the competition as Nat had a small smile on her face.

    "Not that we'd have it any other way of course. Will make it all the more rewarding to stand on top if there is quality competition." Nat said as her Blaziken gave a nod at this before they noticed some commotion that seemed to concern this one trainer. A trainer who, by Nat's estimation, had that "Look how much better I am than you" expression on his face as he walked by some other trainers who were either impressed, annoyed or simply rolled their eyes at the guy.

    Nat & Blaziken however paid him no mind, as they simply walked past him to the registration desk. As if he was just like any other stranger as she smiled at the receptionist.

    "Hello there. Trainer ID and badges if you wish to take part in the Hoenn League?" The receptionist asked as Nat gave a nod as she handed her Pokedex which contained her ID along with her badge case as the eight Hoenn League Gym Badges she worked hard to earn were on full display. The receptionist scanned both over, and after entering the information on a computer before she smiled and handed a card with the number "76" on it along with her own Pokedex and badge case.

    "Everything's set. Best of luck my dear." The receptionist said with a smile as Nat took bad her items and gave a thankful nod before she and Blaziken left the perfectionist desk to see if there was anything interesting to see. They did have some time to kill after all.
  4. "It's been a long time since I last been to my home region." A voice spoke as he walked down the ship that landed on Ever Grande City.

    That was Carlos, a Trainer born in Hoenn. He was back to participate in the Hoenn league, alongside the Pokemon he met and befriended throughout his travels. Having his trainer card at the ready, he walked in to find the clerks so that he can register himself to the league.

    Following behind him was a Swampert and a Luxray, both talking to each other through the typical noises they produce, one welcoming the other to his home region as well. "Well, both of you are too big to fit inside, so into the Pokeballs you go." He spoke as he returned them to their respective balls, and he walked further in.

    Seeing the commotion, he sighed and walked onwards. "Trainer ID, please. And please show the badges as well." The kind voice of the clerk spoke as Carlos presented his trainer card, along with one of the two boxes he brought. Opening it, he showed the complete Hoenn Badges, and with a nod, he received his number, 78. "Thank you," Carlos spoke as he walked back outside to gather some fresh air, bringing his Swampert and Luxray out once more.

    "Welcome to Hoenn." He spoke to the Luxray, gently rubbing the Lynx's head. He also gave his Swampet a basket of Oran berries for him to feast on. "I'm sure we will go far in the league." He sighed as he looked at the crowds of people.
  5. “Aipom! Fire a Focus Punch! Pronto!” Squash’s Aipom nodded. His tail hand curled into a fist, and blue energy was rushing to the palm. Soon, the fist turned a bright blue, and Aipom charged towards the nearest tree. The blue energy now poured behind the purple normal type, coming off as a wave, before centering to the palm once again, and being released on the tree. A massive hole was implanted in the tree. Aipom sighed, and sat down, worn off from the attack.

    “You did a good job Aipom,” Squash began. “But you need to work on balling the energy first and moving faster. It may seem heavy, but like the move says, you need to focus. Soon you’ll do the attack at lightning speed!”

    Aipom slowly nodded, before falling on his back. “Take a rest, Aipom. You’ve got plenty of time until the Pokemon League starts. Naps don’t hurt anyone.” Aipom sighed, and went off to sleep.
    The rest of Squash’s Pokemon were already napping or chatting with each other. Sitting on a nearby rock, Squash pulled out a Pokegear and began calling his mom.

    “Hi Mom. I’m at the Hoenn League. Sorry I didn’t call you earlier. At least you’ll see me on TV...no Mom, I’m ok...please, not now. Ugh.” Squash closed up his Pokegear and sighed. She goes on all the time, just talking. Maybe she needs to take a break, too. The boy yawned, and laid down on the grass, staring at the open sky.

    Soon, he heard two trainers talking. One was complaining about an ultra strong trainer who he thought he was going to beat. The other was worried about getting his first match with him. Squash smiled.

    “A strong trainer, huh? Exciting!”
  6. Along with what he got from the receptionist was his room key and number so Marcus planned to check out his room before going out to check on his pokemon.

    Not that they needed it, of course. Marcus had great confidence that his team would lead him to the championship and become Hoenn's strongest trainer. After that, Marcus aspires to go to other regions and become the strongest champion that had ever lived! This was what he aspired to become: to be the strongest trainer in the world!


    After walking around for a dozen or so minutes, Marcus found his room. He slid the key into the keyhole and entered his temporary living space. Entering the room, Marcus was greeted with a nice loft that had a double bed. Beside the bed was the terrace where one could look at the grand scenery Ever Grande could offer.

    Dumping his bag over the bed and opening the sliding door that led to the terrace and stood by the railings, breathing in the fresh ocean air brought in by the wind.

    I've finally made it. Marcus thought to himself.
  7. Nat saw the curious trainer that attracted attention had left as she simply shook her head before she decided to go outside an explore. Blaziken remained close to her as she half considered either making a call to her mother or simply going to her room to check the place out. Though any decision was cut off as she glanced over and saw a trainer who seemed to be chilling with his party of Pokemon.

    The display was a bit too causal for her Blaziken, as it felt that before a big tournament a trainer should not be so laid back, though Nat seemed more appreciate of it. Least she could say this trainer was having fun with the experience rather than just already proclaiming his victory and creating unneeded negative energy.

    "Well, why don't we go say hi? If it makes you feel better you can consider it "scouting" the competition." Nat said to Blaziken as it gave a nod before the two walked to the trainer that was chilling on the grass with its party as she offered a smile to them.

    "Hello there, enjoying your time here in Ever Grande?" Nat said with a smile as she figured it was a good ice breaker question.
  8. "Trainer Id and Badges please," A receptionist asked a trainer, he held out both his trainer Id with the name Sol and his badge case with all eight badges, the receptionist gave him his room key and his number, 80, "Thank you," Sol said taking them and walking outside, he let out his squirtle and shiny ampharos, "So we`re finally here," he said as they looked at the ocean, "Well, let`s just hope we don`t lose the first round. What am I saying? Let`s win this thing!" he said getting exited.

    He returned his ampharos, squirtle jumped onto his shoulder and he began to walk "Let`s check out our room," he said. After a bit of searching, they found the correct room, he opened his door with his key and dropped his bags next to the bed, and then closed the door taking out his key.

    Sol checked his pokegear, he had a message from his parents, "Oh geez," he though, the message just asked if he was there and was ok, he replied and walked out to the balcony, leaning on the railing, he looked around and saw Marcus a few rooms away from him also on their balcony, Sol waved over happily and so did his squirtle who was standing on the railing next to him.
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  9. As he was busy taking in the scenery of Ever Grande and basking in his own achievements that lead him here, he was interrupted by a figure by the corner of his eye.

    Turning around, he could see a cheerful looking trainer with a Squirtle on his shoulder having the same expression as its trainer.

    "Heh..." Marcus smirked in disdain, seeing the Squirtle on the trainer's shoulder. Squirtle was the first stage evolution of its species, meaning that it was weak compared to other stronger evolved pokemon. It was quite a miracle how this trainer managed to bring a Squirtle into a gathering of elites.

    If its trainer was Marcus, it would have been a Blastoise ages ago.

    Thinking that this blonde trainer was just a fan of his and not actually a competitor, Marcus just shrugged him off by the side and returned to his room, not even reciprocating the warm greeting the blonde trainer gave.
  10. "Weird," Sol thought, they both walked back into the room as well, "What was his deal?" he asked himself sitting on his bed, "Well who cares, let`s see some of our competition," he added, "Squirtle, Squirt," his squirtle replied, they both got up and walked out the door, locking it as they left.

    After some walking they found their way back to the crowd, "So any one of these people could be our first opponents," he thought to himself as he looked around walking through the crowd. All the trainer`s seemed tough, this wasn`t gonna be like challenging the gym leaders where they wanted you to win, these were actual trainers, it made him wonder how far he would get.

    "No need thinking of that now," he said aloud to himself, scaring squirtle, "Oh, sorry, just thinking," he said looking at the squirtle on his shoulder, "I wonder who we`ll be battling first," he said still looking around. Soon he bought a lemonade at a drink stand, he sat down at a small table and began to drink it by himself.
  11. An extremely young looking girl and a Ninetales entered the league building, the girl having a determined look on her face that met up to the look anyone with that many bruises on them would. Karen, as she was named, joined a short-ish line and began to wait until she could enter the league. Her Ninetales gave off an abnormally annoyed look, as if he had just been doused with water from the tip of his ears to his toes. Karen held her invitation, badge case, and trainer ID in her hands, waiting silently without making a peep as she and her Pokemon progressed through the line. As soon as she approached the front of the line, a lady with dark skin and a kind smile asked for all three things she had held, she placed them down on the counter and the lady looked over them before nodding, and typing something onto her laptop that she had beside her.

    ' ' Thank you ma'am! We hope you have fun participating in the league! ' '

    ' ' Thank you... ' '

    The two ladies exchanged few words, and Karen turned to leave with her items in hand after scooping them back up. She had also received a room key along with this, and she made her way to the nearest bench and placed all of her things down. She took off her backpack, and proceeded to place all of her items back into the thing. She then lifted in back onto her shoulders, before turning to Kenny, the proclaimed Ninetales the trainer owned, and nodded to it.

    ' ' Come on, Ken! Let's do a bit of practice over here before we go to our room for some rest. ' '

    ' ' Nine. ' '

    Kenny nodded his yellow-furred head, and he and his trainer moved over to an empty spot near a few artificially planted trees. Karen looked at Kenny, and Kenny looked back, nodding again. The Ninetales had opened his mouth, and a ball of embers began to form at the tip of his tongue. He then released the ball of fire as soon as it grew too large, and it hit a tree before releasing into microscopic sparks that fell to the ground. Karen gave a little whistle, congratulating the fox and petting his head.
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  12. “Hmm?” Squash bent his head a little bit back on grass as he saw the girl and her Blaziken. Aipom’s ears twitched, and the purple monkey woke up, almost startled at seeing a Blaziken, but soon got over it.

    “Oh, hello there! And yes, I am enjoying it here at Ever Grande. Seems my team is too. I figured that after a little training workout, they could all use some fresh air out of their Pokeballs. It seems to be working too, so I think in the first rounds my team will be more confident and collected. I never introduced myself either. I’m Squash! Weird name, don’t ask.” The boy bounced up and held out his hand for a handshake. Aipom jumped on his head, startling Squash, but making Aipom hysterical.

    The rest of his Pokemon soon began to wake up, just in time for the bell to go off. The announcer was fumbling for papers as he turned on the intercom. The director sighed and snatched the microphone from him, and began to speak.

    Attention ALL Pokemon League participants and spectators, at this time, please return to the stadium, as the League will soon begin! Hurry! I repeat, please return to the stadium, as the League will begin shortly! Finish up registerastions, and hurry!”

    “Oh snap, let’s bolt, friend! Return, everyone!” Each of his Pokemon, aside from Aipom, were recalled quickly. Squash raced towards the stadium in a blinding speed, laughing as well. Aipom was struggling to hold on.

    “This is it Aipom, here we come! Our second Pokemon League!”
  13. Finion had arrived with the main the crowd early on, showing his trainer ID and badges to the receptionists and so having got his room key and number, which was low at 37. He'd spent the majority of his time in the room he had, unpacking, resting and waiting for Sparky to wake up. The Pachirisu had been asleep for the whole journey, the electric squirrel seeming to get tired on boats and planes which is something Finion took note of. He planned to get a good look around when Sparky woke up, at the stadium and the surrounding area but his plan quickly fell to pieces.

    He was on his balcony when the alarm went off, Finion jumping slightly and looking around for the speakers before actually listening to what the director was saying. "Oh snap" Quickly he turned around and headed into his room, grabbing his bag and swinging it over his shoulder. "C'mon Spark- hey!" Finion had turned to look to where the Pachirisu was sleeping only for the Pokemon to jump on his face and practically smother him with fur. "Get ooofffff!" With a mischevious chuckle the eletric squirrel hopped off and ran for the door, Finion following close behind and opening it for the both of them.

    Despite the both of them being so small, Finion and Sparky were very quick. The Pachirisu of course took the lead whilst Finion trailed behind him, having to move around the objects that Sparky slipped under or climbed upon. One of which was a table where Sol was sitting. Sparky hopped onto it right in front of Sol before hopping off, shortly followed by Finion who had to side step out of the way of the chair he almost ran into. "Whoa, sorry- sorry!" He apologised to be polite but kept running after Sparky, the two of them beginning to approach the stadium. "Wait up little dude!"
  14. Sol listened to the intercom just after finishing his drink, barely seeing the pachirisu, "Let`s go," he said to his squirtle as other trainers began to walk to the stadium, they both entered the crowd, squirtle riding on Sol`s shoulder, he checked that 6 pokeballs where on his belt, which they where, as the crowed walked into the stadium, then the thought crossed his mind.

    "I have seven pokemon and no idea who I didn`t bring to this battle," he tried to think back to everything that had happened that day, "Well at least I have ampharos," he thought remembering when he had just gotten to the league, "Maybe I`ll have time to check," he added to the thought, now relieved, he didn`t want to lose in the first round, even though he new that will happen to half the people here.
  15. Oliver had been in his room, napping. He was one of the first few contestants to arrive, swiftly moving through the crowds of people as to avoid conversation. He decided that rest would be better for both him and his Pokémon rather than paying much attention to the competition. They would all find out soon enough.

    The sound of the intercom is what finally got him to move. On his way to the stadium, as the speaker had said, he called out his Ninjask. As they walked he pointed out some of the opponents to his Bug type Pokémon. Some were intimidating, some confident and cool, others just happy to be there. Personally, Oliver didn’t know what he was. Instead of dawdling he just decided that if he was anything, he was prepared. Oliver walked in and noticed there was a short amount of people, meaning he wasn’t late. He leaned up against a nearby wall, Ninjask hovering by his side, and waited for the next announcements.
  16. The stadium grew larger and larger as more people entered. About two hours passed before participants do spectators alike hudled in. Four boards surrounded the top edges of the stadium, with the smallest one turning on. The screen projected the Announcer’s room, where he fumbled for papers once again. The Director grabbed the papers and whacked him with it, sighing frustratedly.

    “Ladies, Gentlemen, and Pokemon alike, welcome to the annual Ever Grande Pokemon League! I am your director, and this is my humble assistant. Now that that’s out of the way, the Pokemon League shall commence! The first rounds will start with one on one battles, like it said in your letter.” The director pushed a button on the control pad, causing the second smallest screen to pop up on the other side of the arena.

    “These are the opponents you will each be facing in the qualifiers! Make sure you pick your Pokémon carefully, because in a few minutes, we will be starting the battles. But first...”

    A man with a jogging suit and sweatband was struggling to keep running. He was holding the Pokemon League torch, and each step looked like he was going to drop it. A few trainer pushed him along, and the man soon made it to the top, arriving at the bowl. He placed the flame from the torch on it, and the flame ignited and expanded.

    “Let the Pokemon League...BEGIN!”
  17. Squash? A weird name indeed, but Vicky was not gonna judge him for it since he seemed nice enough. Blaziken kept an eye on that cheerful Aipom as Vicky extended her hand to give the handshake to Squash.


    Vicky never got the chance to introduce herself, as quickly the booming voice of a PA speaker was heard and instructed all trainers for the Hoenn League to make their way for the opening ceremony.

    “C-crap! We’ll catch up later!” Vicky said as she and Squash seemed to have similar ideas as quickly she and her Blaziken dashed to the arena in the hopes that they could make it before being late. Didn’t want to set a bad example for her family watching in the stadium or on TV after all.



    Vicky was in aww as the torch carrier lit the ceremonial flame. Vicky had seen this in broadcast plenty of times, but to be there in person was an entirely different experience. One that she’d charish for the rest of her life.

    Though Vicky could not dwell on that, she had to focus on her qualifying opponent. According to the display on the screen, it was a large and well built brunette guy named Mike. Though Vicky could judge nothing about the guy till she saw him, and more importantly his team. Though Blaziken seemed fired up, as when the torch flame was lit its wrist flames were sent ablaze as well. Determination written on its face, as Vicky had a smile on her face.

    He seems ready to go, but do I want to use him for my first match or not?
  18. Finion had managed to make it into the stadium along with the others, waiting for the director to once again speak due to the announcer's mistakes. He felt a little sorry for the announcer who was obviously cracking under pressure but found it rather funny as well, preffering to listen to the director anyways. He took note of who he was against, an lady in her late twenties, someone who looked to be from the countryside named Mandy. For a moment he tried to see if he could spot her in the crowd but he was unable to. As well as that his attention was soon drawn to the torch carrier, watching him run towards the ceremonial flame and then grinning as it burst into life.

    "Alright!" "Pachi-pachi!" Sparky and Finion let out a happy shout, looking to each other with a toothy grin. Whilst Sparky was more determined Finion was more happy. Despite his smile Finion was sharing the same thought as Vicky, knowing that Sparky was ready and hyped for battle but also not wanting to use one of his best Pokemon's in the first fight. The element of surprise was an important one.
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  19. Sol was in awe of the sheer size and power of the flame, the way it was kept in a bowl burning for so long like that was fascinating. After staring at the flame for a few second, his attention was brought back to the large screens, after a second of searching through the names, he found his name and picture next to another trainer who he would be battling.

    They where a short young boy, who Sol presumed was a year or two younger than him, they where wearing a black cap and red shirt, "So that`s our opponent," Sol thought. After looking around the arena he saw a few people who fitted the picture, so he would just have to wait and see.
  20. "Alright, Machoke. We've been waiting and training for this very moment. It's all or nothing!" A female trainer said with excitement on her face as she stared at her Machoke with a burning desire to fight. Likewise, Machoke had the same feeling that his trainer had. Ever since a Machop, he had dreamed of becoming stronger than his previous self. It wasn't out of spite of his weakness but rather, just a desire to fight. And it seemed this emotion had resonated with the trainer that caught him. No wonder these two were so close.

    "Okay, let's see who we'll be fighting againt." The female trainer looked at the screen to see who she was matching up against. The participants were many so she had a bit of trouble finding her bracket but she eventually found it. She was going to face against a dark-haired boy who looked around the same age as her, and really had confident look on his face.

    Seeing this, the female trainer was glad. She didn't want to face against someone that had a weak heart. That would only lead her a dissatisfied taste after the battle. But it seemed like she will be fighting against someone that had some skill.

    She was looking forward to it.


    Meanwhile, Marcus had a carefree look with his regular smug smirk on his face as he saw his opponent. He wasn't worried at all who he was going up against in the preliminary rounds. He can easily sweep away these background characters.

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