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Ask to Join High School Demon Slayers

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by JacobRaze, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. This is a RP idea that i hope yyou sign up for. Its based on my work DSZ and it would be simpler if you read it. (Also the school thing is overdone, but i am really happy with DSZ and the work i put into it, so i'll start this.


    About 20 years after the end of DSZ(Which isn't up yet, but will be sooner or later.), the school is running on an island off of New York now in 2048. You will learn skills like math, but also how to be a good demon fighter, so you, as the next generation of warriors, will continue to keep this world safe.

    Let me know by creating a bio.

    Brawler or Sorcerer:
    Brawler Weapon/Sorcerer specialty(Again, refer to book. Sorcerer Specialty is like Healing or Increasing power)
    Basic Face/body appearance:
    Personal Attributes:


    • This amazing websites rules ofcourse ♥
    • You cant be both Brawler and Sorcerer
    • Please try to balance out Brawlers and Sorcerers
    • Tell me your favorite Cartoon in other so i know you read this
    • Darius and Others, may make appearances, but if tbey do it will be way later.
    • Demons aren't at the school at all, but in the other realms(Also in book) they will be.
    • Demons are in a class system Class A-F, A being able to vaporize a human witha punch, and F being as measly as a small bug. As weak students, We could barely handle Class D by ourselves, so don't make a character able to destroy Class ABC or anything.
    • Before you Auto Partner, make sure its alright with the other person.
    • I will allow two people, but at max two.
    Again, still an idea, but i want to work on this, and I hope you guys want to be a part of it.

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