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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by kosheh, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. before i start: i loevs myouki lets be friends
  2. Brendan=AMAZING

    As for the other one....the proportions are a little off and the head is severed.
  3. friends.... sure, why not ^^... i loved the comment you left about me on the trainer maker board XD

    i like the card you've made so far... (panning for ideas...) oh, maybe a bleach themed card (i would say naruto, but i know someone already did that...) i think that would be pretty popular (i'm not a big fan personally, but it's a good show) if it made it on the card maker... or maybe a spyro theme card or harry potter game themed card... or a riviera theme? or golden sun theme? (those ought to be good, right? i'm looking through the gba games i have... but majority are all the pokemon games XD)
    which reminds me, the pokemon mystery dungeon games.... has anyone made cards for that yet?

    just some ideas to throw out at you... wouldn't want you to get bored at your job through lack of motivation ^^

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