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Hi... Sprite...

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Pikachumon, May 23, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    Its not much... Ummm... I'm stupid.
  2. You're not stupid D: Your sprite doesn't look that bad. My only suggestion is to use shading with the hair, and change the blue's outlining to a darker shade of blue instead of using brown.
  3. I agree with Doggy Ears. In addition, those green blobs (if you want to keep them) need to be shaded as well.

    Was this made in Paint?

    In addition, this looks like some sort of Aura controller. Is it?
  4. The blobs need to be moved, I think. One of them covers part of the face. I agree with Secad in that the blobs should be shaded. I think it would be nice if the blobs looked like circles of light instead of, well, big neon green blobs. The neon green color doesn't seem right for some reason either.

    I'd like to see more of your work. I've had drawings myself that didn't look as nice as others I'd done. That may just be the same with this.
  5. :-\ well he's an aura controller and i think you guys are right. I'm not that good at spriting. In fact, i started a few months ago. I used to have lessons from someone on another forum. I did use paint. well, i'll be right back with a new on... thanks. ;D
  6. If you took lessons from someone before you must have other work done before, right? I understand no one is exactly a natural sprite artist, but once you see what you need it isn't as hard as it looks. Maybe if we saw your other works we could give you information that would help.
  7. My spriting teacher was too busy and i have no other works. i deleted them all because i could never get them to even look like a sprite.

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