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HGSS: Johto Saga

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by UchihaHibiki, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Hello, this is my first post of fiction on 'Charms! Well, this fic has grown considerably popular on fanfiction.net, but I decided to post it here as well!

    Now, to explain, it is rather canon at the beginning, with some alterations, but nearing the middle and end, it grows WAY more non-canon. Also, there is a sequel being written by me currently, but I will, obviously, finish this here, then start posting the sequel!

    So, enjoy!

    HGSS: Johto Saga

    Chapter 1

    Newly Em'bark'ed Journey

    The alarm clock buzzed. Next thing he knew, forty things were happening at once. He fell out of bed, the sun blinding him when connected with his eyes. Suddenly, a Doduo smashed through window, having used Drill Peck and was off aim.

    The boy blocked the sun and stared at the quick moving, two-headed bird. He scrambled up and dove for Doduo. It was slightly smaller than most Doduo, so he knew it was a baby practicing a new move. He carried, while it kicked and thrashed about, to his window and gently let it out. It hopped down the roof and out of sight. The boy sighed, but smiled at the same time.

    "Well, I guess I did have to get up anyway. Eh...I'd better get ready to go!"

    The boy found some clothes. He put on a black undershirt, with a red, white-collared jacket to go over it. He slid on his shorts, specifically jams, and his red and gray Running Shoes.

    Before he was finished, he brushed his hair down and out, where the long tuff would stick out an inch or so. He then finished off his look with his black and yellow hat, turning it backwards to the tuff would stick out. He then grabbed a backpack and barged out of his room.

    Downstairs, his mom has a case double-wrapped in papertowels. She slips it into his backpack's inner compartment.

    "Okay, Ethan, you'd best be heading out. Goodbye, dear. Oh, and I'll have your Pokegear soon, it just needs to come back from the Repair Shop!"

    Ethan headed out the door, dust flying in his wake. "Bye mom! I'll tell Professor Elm you said hi!"

    He headed out the door, a smile on his face and closed it gently behind him. His mother sighed and beamed widely.

    Ethan dash quickly on the road outside his house. He could see Professor Elm's lab just around the block as he turned. The fenced roads made it difficult to get lost. He stopped at the door. He suddenly noticed a red-haired boy on the outer side of the house, peeking in through a window, muttering sourly to himself.

    Ethan peered around.

    "Hey, who are you? Do you know Profess-" Ethan was cut off as the boy lunged at him, taking him down, skidding across the ground.

    "What the...?" Ethan stuttered.

    The boy stood straight. He went back to his muttering at the window.

    "Sheesh, sour much!"

    Ethan ignored it and walked inside.

    A man, in a long white trench coat with sandy colored hair stood with his back turned to Ethan as he walked in.

    "Professor Elm?"

    The man turned around and revealed his face. It was bright and full of life, smiling at Ethan.

    "Ah! Hello Ethan, I've been waiting so long for you! I'm glad you're here. Well, let's take a look at what you're obviously expecting." Elm turned to a table in the middle of a smaller area.

    "This cart holds three pokeballs upon it. Choose one to your liking. You may send the pokemon out and choose by who they are." Noticing Ethan's slight hesitation, he shoved him on. "Go on! Choose!"

    Ethan nodded and stepped towards the pokeballs. He picked them up and lobbed them into the air. The white lights protruded from them and three pokemon were revealed.

    "These three are, as follows, Chikorita on the left, Cyndaquil on the middle, and Totodile on the right! You can choose whichever one."

    Ethan gazed at them hopefully. "Wow, they're so amazing. But, I think I know which one I want!" He took two of the pokeballs and aimed them at Totodile and Chikorita. They went back in. "I want Cyndaquil."

    A sudden and whispered shriek was heard.

    "Ah! Cyndaquil, a wonderful choice. He's easy to raise, and very responsible. Be careful though, since he is still a slight baby! Well, Ethan, here are five pokeballs for other wild pokemon. Oh, and take this." Elm handed him a potion.

    Ethan recalled Cyndaquil and placed him in the outer pocket of his bag. He then placed the pokeballs in the same one.

    "Thanks Professor!"

    "Oh, and Ethan!" Elm called out as he was leaving, "You might want to visit Mr. Pokemon soon, he has something for you. He lives on the Route that separates from Cherrygrove City west from here. Now, move on Ethan!"

    Ethan waved as he departed from the building.

    As he made his way out of the pathway to the lab, he stopped, closed his eyes and turned his head upwards. Outsctretching his arms, he grinned and took in a deep breath.

    "Ah! My first adventure...it's gonna be awesome. The fresh air, the intense battles...WOO HOO!" Ethan smiled brightly. He saw a man walking away from his house with a clipboard and a Pokegear sign on his hat.

    "Oh, it looks like my Pokegear came back." Ethan then heads home quickly.

    Inside his house, Ethan grins when he sees his mom holding the blue Pokegear.

    He takes it and attaches it to his wrist. "Thanks. Now I'm all set. I'm headed out to Cherrygrove City." Ethan noticed an exasperated expression on his mom's face. "I'll try to call with updates, mom! Bye!" Ethan dashes out the door and his mom heaves a great sigh.

    As Ethan is about to walk onto Route 29, a small blue and white pokemon slams into him. Ethan stumbles forward, but looking back to see a Marill sprawled on the ground.

    A young girl, same age as him, runs up and picks up Marill.

    "Marill! Watch where you're going." She looks up and her face turns bright red. "Oh, hey! I'm Lyra! What's your name?" The girl was wearing tube socks the went past her knees, white shoes, a a pair of mini-overalls over a pink, collared shirt and a large white hat over brown hair curled up.

    "Lyra. Mhm, my name's Ethan. Nice to meet you. Cute Marill you have there!" Lyra smiles and pats her Marill on the head. She pulls out a pokeball and withdraws it.

    "Well I'd best be off. Bye Ethan!" She then walks off, her arms clenched to her side. He was sure she was blushing.

    He silently waves and continues on his way.

    Down the path, he took in the sights he'd never seen before, taking out his Pokegear and snapping some pictures here and there.

    Soon, he witnessed a trainer battling a wild pokemon.

    "Oh cool! A chance to see it up close and personal!" Ethan ducked quickly behind a tall tree and peered from behind.

    The trainer, about ten, started commanding his pokemon. "Okay, Rattata! Use Quick Attack!" The small rat pokemon sped quickly through the tall grass and slammed into the wild Pidgey.

    "All right! Go..."

    Suddenly, he saw that the pokemon was gone. "Huh? What happened? Did it escape?" He then returned his pokemon and dashed off, calling the wild pokemon's name.

    "Well, that was a blow!" Ethan said angrily. He stood up and sighed.

    "I guess there's more where that came from though...I'll have to catch my own pokemon soon...Hm?" He saw the grass move. Ever so more. Then a little more. Inching easily towards him. Suddenly, an owl popped out and said "HOOT".

    Ethan was caught off guard, but quickly reached for Cyndaquil. He threw his pokeball and Cyndaquil came out.

    "Cyndaquil! Use...um...Tackle!" Cyndaquil lobbed forward and slammed into the Hoothoot.

    "Yes! Cyndaquil...use, um, Ember!" The massive flame on Cyndaquil's back spurted high, then Cyndaquil released beads of flames. The sparked all over Hoothoot and it fell to the ground, fainted.

    "All right," he pulled out a pokeball and enlarged it, "go Pokeball!" He threw it and it hit Hoothoot. Hoothoot went into the pokeball and it landed on the ground. After shaking three times, it stopped.

    Ethan beamed and bolted over to the Pokeball. He picked it up. "I just caught, my first pokemon! Hoothoot! Thanks Cyndaquil! You were so awesome!" Cyndaquil danced on its hind legs, celebrating its first victory.

    "We're gonna make an awesome team!" Cyndaquil was then recalled to its Pokeball. "All right, now I just keep going until I reach Cherrygrove City!"
  2. Here's Chapter 2. After reading it over for the fourth time here and on fanfiction, I actually realize how bad the first chapter is and I considered a re-write, but so far, I've backed against it.

    So, Chapter 2!

    HGSS: Johto Saga

    Chapter 2

    Happy Trails

    Ethan stumbled as he descended the small hills leading to Cherrygrove City.

    "Whoa!" He shrieked as he tumbled head-first down the hill. He rolled until he stopped in front of an old man. He shook it off and stood up.

    "Oh, hello youngster. And what might your name be?" He asked with a potent grin.

    "Hi mister, my name's Ethan," Ethan answered brightly.

    "Ah! Well, well. That's a nice young name there. Tell me, are you familiar with facilities around the Johto Region?"

    "Well, I know about Po..." Ethan was cut off as the man started walking away, waving a hand signaling for Ethan to follow. "Oh, okay."

    Ethan started behind him. The man stopped in front of a small building with a sign out front. "This is called a Pokemart. It's where you can buy essentials and different types of things for battle use. Next to it is a Pokemon..." Ethan cut him off.

    "Center. Pokemon Center, where Nurse Joy takes your pokemon gladly and heals them. Right. That, I know about," Ethan said confidently.

    "Right, right. Well, I hope my little tour has helped! Bye now!" The man took of in a whir.

    "That was strange. I actually knew what all this was...anyway, I'd better be heading up Route 30."

    As Ethan was walking towards the Route, a scream came to his ears. He turned to face a small lake. A man was in the middle of the lake, water pokemon surrounding him every which way. "Help someone! Help!"

    Ethan hurried over. "Help! I can't reach my pokemon, I'm too scared! Help!"

    Ethan breathed easily. "Go Hoothoot!" He threw his pokeball and the flying pokemon came out and landed on a rock in the water.

    The pokemon gazed up. Ethan wasn't sure what they were. The had smooth heads, and two large red spots.

    The jumped up and two tentacles shot out towards Hoothoot. "Hoothoot! Dodge it and use Confusion!"

    Hoothoot jumped sharply over the two pokemon and its eyes glowed blue. Suddenly, the pokemon were levitating. Hoothoot lobbed them farther away and they were gone, out of sight when they were submerged into the clear water.

    The man started swimming towards the water's edge, still recovering from his potential shock. "T-Thank you!" He stammered through loose breath.

    Ethan helped him out of the water. "You're welcome. Glad to be of service to someone in need. Hoothoot return!" Hoothoot was recalled to its ball. Ethan helped the man to the Pokemon Center and then he headed out.

    On Route 30, Ethan walked on, noticing the trainers battling, different types of pokemon being used: Rattata, some bug pokemon he could sort of identify and some others.

    Soon, he found a quaint little house sitting out in the prairie, or what sort of was a prairie. More of a grassland, forest hybrid.

    He rapped on the door and awaited an answer. Suddenly, the door creaked open and a bright eyed man appeared before him. He was wearing a brown suit and a business hat.

    "Hello! You must be Ethan. Professor Elm was telling me you were on your way over. Nice to see a young, bright face! Come on in, child!" Ethan greeted him as well and walked in, taking note of the intricacy of the inside, or moreover how neat and tidy everything was. All book were arranged alphabetically on the shelves, from how to make "Apricot Apples" to "Zangoose v. Seviper: The History", the glass tables placed in direct alignment with the leather couch, and a desk with a computer placed so that the screen was perfectly protected from any sunlight that would shine in through the four windows in the house.

    "Please, I have something for you. My good friend, Professor Oak from Kanto, wanted deeply to present you with a Pokedex after he gave another young girl one not too long ago. He, however, was not able to make it to Johto today. So now I present you with the latter, a Pokedex!" He showed Ethan a very well crafted red device.

    Ethan slid it open and a screen appeared. It read "Hello, I am Pokedex version VI, Mogen. I will serve as your pokemon scanning device."

    "Awesome. Thank you, Mr. Pokemon."

    "Well, you probably need to get going! Shove off now, Ethan!"

    Ethan waved him goodbye as he departed from the building. As the door closed gently behind him, his PokeGear beeped at him.

    He flipped it open and Professor Elm's face popped up.

    "Ethan, I need you back at the lab, quickly! Something's happened. Head over here ASAP! A pokemon's been stolen!"

    Elm's face bleeped off and Ethan closed his PokeGear.

    Ethan quickly sped of down the path.

    In Cherrygrove City, Ethan was about to head down the leaving path as someone smacked into him.

    He looked up from the ground to see that it was the same red-haired boy from before. But now, he had changed his outfit. He was wearing a black shirt with red seams, blue jeans and red and black shoes.

    "Huh? Hey, aren't you the same guy that was peeking in on my business back at Elm's lab?" He said coldly.

    Ethan stood up and glared at him. "Yeah, why?" He notices the pokeball on his waist. "Hey, what pokemon do you have there?"

    The boy smirked. "You wanna see it so bad, why don't we have a battle?" He threw the ball and a Totodile was summoned from it. Ethan whipped out his Pokedex.

    "Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokemon. Totodile has the habit of biting anything with its developed jaws. Even an experienced trainer needs to be careful."

    Ethan grimaced. "Go, Cyndaquil!"

    "Totodile, use Scratch!"

    Totodile started bolting towards Cyndaquil.

    "Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen and ram it with Tackle!" Cyndaquil reared back and released a cloud of smoke. Cyndaquil then sped into the smoke and collided directly with Totodile, throwing it back.

    Totodile skidded on the ground, but gained its bearings and stood up.

    "Totodile, Water Gun!" Totodile released a stream of water and it hit Cyndaquil directly, knocking it out.

    "Cyndaquil! Return." Cyndaquil is called back.

    "Hmph, I'm done here. I don't care what Elm says about me. I'm gone." He returned his pokemon.

    "Wait, what's your name?" Ethan asked behind him.


    "I just want to know."

    "So you can report me?"

    "Probably not, I just want to know," Ethan explained.

    "My name's Silver." Silver walks out of sight.

    Ethan nods, hollering back his name. He then takes off back to New Bark Town.

    In Elm's lab...

    "His name was Silver. That's what he told me," Ethan says to Elm.

    "Thank you Ethan. I can't believe someone would come in here and take the last pokemon. And Totodile too. Well, I hope he has his history with handling abrasive pokemon. Totodile can be rough. Well, Ethan, I guess you'd better be going again. You should go to Violet City, that's where the first Gym is, that is if you're going for the Johto League."

    "Johto League?"

    "Yeah, it's where you travel around the Johto Region battling the 8 Gym Leaders: Falkner of Violet City, Bugsy of Azalea Town, Whitney of Goldenrod City, Morty of Ecruteak City, Chuck of Cianwood City, Jasmine of Olivine City, Pryce of Mahogany Town, and Clair of Blackthorn City. But, each leader gets stronger by each place. Be careful and good luck."

    Ethan heads out and Elm sighs a happy sigh.

    "Good boy he is...good boy..." Elm turns and gets back to work.
  3. I realize my writing is rather inferior to the amazing writing on this site. I'll try to post some better stuff that I've written...But still, try to enjoy! *sadness* I'm putting Chapter 3 and 4 together, because between those, I had writer's block and 4 is short...

    HGSS: Johto Saga

    Chapter 3

    The High-Flier

    Ethan looked on over a hill and saw a quaint town sitting in the distance.

    "That must be Violet City. Almost there, too!" He said eagerly.

    He zipped down the hill and entered the small, quiet town.

    Taking in the sights, he breathed the fresh air.

    As he's walking with his eyes closed, he suddenly bumps into someone. He turns to see that it was the same girl he'd met before, Lyra.

    "Oh, hey Lyra. What are you doing in Violet City?" He inquired.

    "Hey Ethan. I got my started pokemon so I thought I'd start my adventure. I left while you were dealing the stolen pokemon," she explained perkily.

    "Oh okay. Um, do you know where to get registered, exactly?" Ethan asked.

    "I'll show you. It's the same place you get registered for Pokemon Contests! Come on!" Lyra tugs him away towards a Pokemon center. As they enter, she thrusts him toward the counter.

    "Um, hello. I'd like to register for the Johto League," he said in a shaky voice.

    "Okay, I just need your Pokedex," Nurse Joy asked. Ethan handed her the device. She slid it into a machine and his picture and the two pokemon he has were entered into the system. "All set Ethan. Have a nice day!"

    "Thank you Nurse Joy," he replied as he took his Pokedex back.

    As he exited the building, he noticed someone in the air, hang gliding over the city with a Pidgeotto. Crowds of people were gathering to watch this boy.

    He soon swooped down and skidded to a soft landing.

    "Hello everyone. Just another day of hang gliding!" He expressed.

    "You're so good, Falkner!" A crowd of girls screamed. Within that crowd was Ethan's friend Lyra.

    He squirmed over to her and pulled her out of the crowd.

    "Lyra, who is he?" He whispered.

    "It's Falkner, the Gym Leader," she said in a calm and collected voice.

    "The Leader? Then I need to battle him! Huh?" He was cut short when two figures in a black garb started walking towards the Gym Leader.

    "Out of our way, punks!" One of them barked at Lyra and Ethan.

    Falkner's expression dropped to grim as he saw those two coming towards him.

    "Who are you?" Falkner asked.

    "You don't need to know that right now. Give us all of your Flying type pokemon now!" One of them said hatefully.

    "Absolutely not! Pidgeotto, use Whirlwind!" His Pidgeotto swooped down and flapped its wings violently. The two men were not fazed.

    "Go, Koffing!" They both yelled. Two Koffing were sent out.

    "Lyra, we'd better help him out! Cyndaquil, let's go!" Ethan sent out his Cyndaquil. Lyra sent out her Marill.

    "Marill use Water Gun!" Lyra ordered.

    The Marill spit the tight water stream and it bashed a Koffing to the ground. Falkner ordered his Pidgeotto to use Wing Attack. It slammed into the other Koffing.

    "Cyndaquil, use Ember!"

    "Marill, use Water Gun!"

    "Pidgeotto, use Featherdance!" The three pokemon fired their moves and the two people were thrown into a jumble of trees.

    They all withdrew their pokemon.

    "Thanks for helping me. What are your names?" Falkner asked.

    "I'm Ethan and that's Lyra. I also heard you, Falkner, were the Gym Leader," Ethan replied eagerly.

    "Yes, I am. I'm guessing you want to battle me? If you do, meet me in my gym in one hour. We can battle then! See you there." Falkner then waved them off, with a hand in the air.

    Ethan grinned. "Then I guess we have that time to train!"

    Outside the Pokemon Center, Ethan battles a trainer.

    "Onix, use Iron Tail!" The pokemon rushes forward and slams its tail into the ground.

    "Cyndaquil, use Ember like we practiced a few minutes ago!" Cyndaquil fired Ember gently so that it could in turn swallow it. Its fire burned bright and intense. "Now, use Tackle!" Cyndaquil rushed forward and slammed into the rock snake.

    The boy withdrew his pokemon. "That was a good match, guy!" The boy grinned. He then ran off, making little kid noises.

    "Well, I think it's time for our Gym Battle!"

    Later, in the Gym...

    Ethan walks in with Lyra. They look around, not seeing the Gym Leader. They then see a gear in the ground. Stepping on it, they are lifted about twenty feet. Another floor has Falkner standing on it, waiting.

    "Okay, Falkner! I'm ready." Ethan challenges.

    "All right then!" He presses a button on the wall and stage flies up through the air and out the roof of the gym. The roof closes and the field sets down, making it much larger for battle purposes. "Go Pidgey!" He sends out a small bird, similar to the one Ethan saw a trainer attempting to capture when he started his journey. He pulled out his Pokedex.

    "Pidgey the Tiny Bird Pokemon. Common in grassy and forest areas, it is very docile and while chase away enemies by flapping up sand."

    "Go Hoothoot!" Ethan sent out his first pokemon. He held up the Pokedex to it.

    "Hoothoot can use these moves: Peck, Hypnosis, Foresight and Confusion."

    "Cool." Ethan expressed.

    "Pidgey, use Sand Attack!" Pidgey reared forward and jerked to a stop, flapping its wings and sending dust, dirt and wind towards Hoothoot.

    "Hoothoot, propel yourself into the air by springing your legs!" Hoothoot slammed one of its feet onto the ground and was immediately in the air.

    "Now, use Peck and come down fast!" Hoothoot span a bit and its beak started to shimmer white. It then darted down speedily.

    "Pidgey, ram into it with Tackle!" Pidgey swooped into the air, but Hoothoot collided and sent it packing hard into the ground.

    "Pidgey return. Now, go my Pidgeotto!" He sent out the larger bird pokemon he used before.

    "Pidgeotto the Bird Pokemon. It renders its prey immobile by using well-developed talons then carries the prey more than 60 miles to its nesting grounds, if necessary."

    "Hoothoot, use Peck!" Hoothoot darted across the ground, its beak shining.

    "Pidgeotto use Wing Attack!" Pidgeotto flew towards Hoothoot and slammed into it with wings shining as brightly as Hoothoot's beak.

    Hoothoot fainted instantly. Ethan recalled it. "Go, now, Cyndaquil!" He sent out his small fire pokemon.

    "Pidgeotto, use Twister!" Pidgeotto flapped its wings roughly and created a spinning vault of high pressure wind. It then span down towards Cyndaquil.

    "Cyndaquil, use Ember straight into the vortex!" Ember shot straight through it and sliced through the sides, creating a rip and the twister slowed down and lost pressure. "Cyndaquil, hop over it and use Ember!" Cyndaquil vaulted itself over the twister and shot Ember directly at Pidgeotto. It was a clean hit. Pidgeotto shook it off.

    "Pidgeotto, use Wing Attack!" Pidgeotto darted towards Cyndaquil, who had just landed.

    "Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen!" Cyndaquil released the black puff of smoke, concealing Pidgeotto. "Now, jump above it and release a full power Ember!" Cyndaquil jumped high and released the strongest Ember it could muster, showering the entire field with it, clearing the smoke, Pidgeotto was revealed being pounded with Ember. "Finish it Cyndaquil! Use a full power Tackle!" Cyndaquil did a flip then straightened itself. It slammed into Pidgeotto, fainting it quickly.

    Falkner withdrew his Pidgeotto.


    Falkner presents Ethan with a wing shaped badge. "Here is your Zephyr Badge! Good job on beating me, not many people do it as easily as you did, Ethan. Good work!" Falkner congratulated.

    Ethan accepted his badge and cheered with Hoothoot and Cyndaquil.

    "Yes! We won! That's one step closer to the Johto League...and we're gonna climb all of those steps!"

    The next day...

    "So, Lyra, where should we head next...?" Ethan asked, looking at the map on his PokeGear.

    "We?" Lyra said, her eyes shimmering.

    "Yeah, we're traveling together aren't we?" Ethan asked tentatively.

    "Oh, well, um, yeah! I think we should," she blurted, now looking at her PokeGear, "head over to Azalea Town. It's southwest of here...um, let's go there," Lyra blushed.

    "Okay, then. Off to Azalea Town!"

    HGSS: Johto Saga

    Chapter 4

    Union Passers

    Lyra and Ethan passed down Route 32.

    "Wow, there are a lot of cool pokemon out here!" Lyra shrieked. "Look, some Sentret, and Wooper...Oh so awesome!"

    She went into the grass and pulled out a sketch pad from her shoulder bag, dropped the bag and continued to sketch a family of Wooper lying asleep. "This is a perfect picture to sketch. They're sitting just right so that they look ADORABLE, and the sun is hitting them just right to magnify the specific details..." she mumbled.

    After some time, Lyra stood up, and slid her pad into her bag. "They m-m-moved!" She stammered. "I only got their heads...Let's go!"

    Lyra walks ahead.

    "Uh, okay. Where are we going?" Ethan asked.

    "Union Cave. It connects directly to Azalea Town. We'll be there in no time!" Lyra answered, happy now.

    As they reached the bottom of the route, they noticed a hole in the side of the small mountain. They entered it, after noticing that a sign said "Union Cave".

    Inside, the dank smell of the cave almost overwhelmed Lyra and Ethan. "Uck, it smells like old and wet together in here!" Lyra gasped.

    Ethan nodded his head in agreement.

    They made their way to the middle of the cave, where they saw a man with his Koffing, using sludge on the walls.

    "Stupid landmarks like this...rule the world..." he muttered. Ethan and Lyra got closer. They soon noticed he was wearing the same garb the guy from Violet City had worn.

    "Lyra, see him? He's soiling the cave!"

    "I doubt it can be soiled anymore..." Lyra joked. Her face turned serious. "Hey, you! What do you think you're doing to this landmark!" She screamed. Her voice echoed off the ponds inside, but stopped when the sound waves hit the dank walls and ceiling.

    "I don't need to explain myself! Koffing, use Sludge!" The Koffing sput huge globs of toxic sludge at them.

    "Chikorita, use Light Screen!" She ordered as she sent out Chikorita. Chikorita put up a block of yellow energy around them and deflected the attack.

    "Koffing, Tackle them!"

    "Chikorita, use Vine Whip and lash 'em out!" Vines shot out of Chikorita's neck and slapped Koffing to the ground.

    "Return Koffing. You two will hear about this from my boss...WAHH!" He ran out, seemingly crying.

    Lyra sent out Marill and told it to use Water Gun on the walls, to rid the place of the horrible sludge.

    "Who was that guy?" Lyra asked.

    "His uniform had a big 'TR' on the front. Since there was more than one, I wonder if the 'T' stands for something like 'Team' or 'Trio'. Maybe someone in Azalea Town, or anyone at all, will know. Lyra, are you ready?"

    Marill finished spraying the walls, the sludge oozing off in a mud-like state.

    "Yep, all set. Marill, Chikorita, return!" She recalled her pokemon and they continued on.

    When they exited Union Cave, they breathed fresh air immediately.

    "Wow, a peaceful little area," Ethan said, commenting on the flowing grass and petals floating along in the Autumn air.

    They walked back around the small mountain and saw another one of the men with the weird outfit on.

    "Lyra! There's another one! Who are they?" Ethan shrieked.

    The man noticed them, grimaced and dashed down a hill, and hopped into a well-looking thing.

    Ethan and Lyra followed.

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