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Open Hetalia World Confrence

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by NihonSakura, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. "Run Japan!" yelled China from across the meeting room.
    Why did he tell me to run?
    RUSSIA was behind me. Why?
    I might have angered him by touching his sunflowers.
    But I just thought they were pretty!

    Any Nation! たすけて❗️ Help me!
  2. "You looked and touched at my precious sunflowers and want to destroy them Da?" "Well How about I destroy you with my Magic Metal Pipe Of Pain!" Russia was then surrounded buy his signature Kolkolkol Aura. Kolkolkokolkolkolkol. Russia was chanting loudly. Most countries in the room looked absolutely terrified. But Japan had they "I'm about to die a painful death" look on his face. "I love imaging me pounding my pipe into your face. How relaxing Da?"
  3. Save me!!!!!!!!

    I yelled from across the room, as loud as it took to get noticed!

    Kamisama! Send someone! Where's Roman Empire-San when you need him!

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