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Heroes of Ruin [3DS]

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Fumanshu, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Yo

    I got myself the Heroes of Ruin demo from the 3DS shop and it directly convinced me to grab this game.

    Its a dungeon crawler type of game for the 3DS, not much unlike Diablo or Torchlight, but with actual dodgeroll and block mechanics which makes it the king of the genre imo.
    You get to pick from 4 classes and off you go.

    Storymode seems to be ~20+ hours long which is great, multiplayer adds quite a bit as it rewards you for playing with others and the devs give you additional challenges every day.

    Looks like a great game overall. Especially for a portable.
    Here's a video showing some stuff.

    I like it so far and I'm looking for people to play with.

    Anybody else got it?
    For those that are interested I recommend to download the demo as it shows you some later parts of the game with a nice boss fight.

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