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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Hazard666, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Hazard666- I need all of the starter Johto pokemon and i am almost willing to trade anything for them all. WARINING not any lv 100s are up for trade. :-\
  2. If you have any shiny Pokémon I'll trade you the starters. Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chickorita.
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  3. I will trade my level 100 shiny forretress for all three of them
  4. Alright, deal. Would you like them as eggs or hatched?
  5. hached but if not ok.
  6. is there anythig else I can give for them tho?
  7. Hatched is fine. Unfortunately I only really go for collecting shiny critters. If you like I can put good items on each one, just specify what you'd like and I might have it.

    Are you able to trade in roughly 20 minutes at quarter to the hour? I'll have all three done by then.
  8. r u shure (sob) im trading like a piece of my heart away.
  9. If you don't want to trade your Forretress then I'm certainly not forcing you. If you want to keep it then please do, but I'm only interested in trading for shiny Pokémon currently.
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  10. Alright mabe later. But I can get almost anything alse u want if you change your mind.
  11. Well if it's a shiny Pokémon I don't have then I'll probably trade. Also they're all nearly hatched.
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  12. well I dont have any other shinys..sry :'(
  13. No worries then, I'll hold on to these three in case you change your mind.
  14. dude i just caught a shiny lv 52 fearow would that work?
  15. I'd trade the Fearow for two of them if that's alright with you.
  16. totodile and cyndiquil
  17. That's fine with me, though I'll have to leave the trade till a bit later tonight since I still need to do some work on a law essay, so please bear with me.
  18. what time should I get on?
  19. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Hazard, warned for double posting.
  20. PM me when you're next about and I'll probably be able to do the trade then.
  21. I like giving free rare-ish Pokemon, and I'll do you that justice. I have those 3 Pokemon's evolved forms, and I'd love to give their eggs to you for free. Just catch 3 unneeded Pokemon and PM me to tell when we should trade. Hope they hatch into what you want them to be!
  22. Just to point out Eevee Lover, that seems incredibly rude considering there is already a trade agreed upon then you appear and offer what I'm trading for free. Please don't do that in any of my future trades.
  23. Oh, sorry Xan. I thought one of those starters was left out, Chikorita. Because he has that shiny Fearow, and you were going to trade it for just Cyndaquil and Totodile? I dunno, maybe I read it wrong and Chikorita was included. Sorry again!
  24. Chickorita is indeed left out, yet you said 'Just catch 3 uneeded Pokemon'. It seems unlikely you planed on giving away 3 Chickoritas there.
  25. Oh... Darn, I keep confusing myslef like that. I type not what I wanted to, but what was on my mind. I will be continuously pounding my head for awhlile. Again, sorry! You go on ahead and do the trade, but the Chikorita offer still stands!
  26. Thanks Eevee Lover, I appreciate it.
  27. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    If you have a
    1 Manaphy Egg
    2 Arceus
    4 Shaymin

    then I can trade you any shiny pokemon # 1-386 due to my glitched Ruby!

    Suggestions ( All Shiny ):
    LV 99 Male Kirlia
    Lv 100 Shiny Charizard
  28. well sry to tell u xan but i got a better trade for cyndiquil and totodile so sry to tell you but no trade. Sry to get your hopes up. :-[
  29. I figured as much. However I'm still interested in the Fearow, so feel free to post in my trade thread about it should there be anything else you want.
  30. well what shinys do u have?
  31. Quite a few, but they are rarely for trade. Since I try to collect shiny critters trading them away only makes sense when it's a good deal. I wouldn't trade a shiny for a shiny Fearow.
  32. r most of your shinys from trade or the wild?
  33. Nearly all of them are from trade. I've only managed to nab a few in the wild, with most obtained that way from my Fire Red or Sapphire.

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