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Ask to Join Heavens Arena: The Road to Glory! (A Hunter x Hunter RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by OmnipotentOnion, Jun 30, 2018.

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    A man who looked like he was in his 30s, crumpled to the ground as his legs buckled from underneath him. The crowds cheered as the victor of the current match pumped a fist into the air in triumph before awaiting the referee's next instructions. "Good performance. You are cleared to go to.." The ref punched in a few keys into a small device before continuing. "The 30th floor."

    Another, a bit older looking man sat in the stands, surveying all of the matches. Yet again, the new generation of fighters in Heavens Arena isn't looking too promising. If they keep up like this, they won't even survive the Nen greeting. He sighed and got up from his seat, heading out of the building to make his way home, pulling his hood over his head. Suddenly, the man was interrupted by two men with sneers on their faces as they brandished a dagger in their hands. One of them held out his hand as he approached, saying, "Alright, you know how this goes. Valuables. Now." The man in the hood sighed and scratched the short stubble on his chin before pulling back his hood. The two muggers' confident expressions quickly changed to that of shock and fear as they quickly backed away, one of them sputtering, "You..! You're--" He never got to finish his sentence.

    Moments later, Norou Zoldyck continued to walk down the streets, his right hand now covered in blood. His hood was once more pulled over his head as he made his way home, still rather miffed at what had happened. What a bother, he thought, his icy blue eyes flashing with annoyance as he walked.

    Approximately an hour later...

    A boy in his teens had a look of shock on his face as he attempted to see the entirety of the giant building that stood before him. "I-It's huge!" He managed as he gazed at the top of the tower, which looked like the edge of a thumbtack from where he stood. The boy finally composed himself after taking a few breaths and headed inside, walking through the automatic double doors. He stood in front of the clerk behind the counter and gave his name, to which the clerk responded with a smile, "Okay, you will be number 6472. It will be called soon, so take the remaining time to prepare for your fight. One thing you should know is that weapons will not be allowed until you reach the 200th floor and above. Welcome to Heavens Arena, Mr. Kenji Miura."
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  2. Tsero, as it seemed post people did, bore a simple, hooded dark cloak. Long, dark hair pooled around her shoulders and fell over her chest, and her movements were slow, as though she was wary. Admittedly, her brow lifted in awe at the massive building, although no further emotion crossed over her face. She entered, tugging the hood off as to not draw any attention, making her way to the front desk.
    “Hello,” the clerk greeted, her voice overly chirpy and welcoming. Tsero merely nodded her response, and when the woman asked for her name, she muttered a quiet “Tsero”.

    The woman smiled and told her the girl’s number- 6478.
    “Welcome to Heaven’s Arena.”

    Tsero thanked her quietly, proceeding forward. Her dark eyes caught on a boy about her age, who seemed thoroughly amazed with the architecture. She walked past him, praying for no interaction.

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