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Ask to Join Harry Potter RP!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by ScribbleSplash, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. (Hello everyone! I have recently become obsessed with Harry Potter, so I decided to make a rp based around it! So basically, it's just Hogwarts during a Tri-Wizard Tournament year. The Ministrey of Magic has decided that anyone can compete, and its Hogwarts-Only. Just tell me in your character description if you want to enter, and the results will be randomized. Also, please fill out this character form!)
    Name: September Steele
    Year: 3rd
    Gender: Female
    Patronus: Tiger
    House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: September is grumpy and mean, which surprises many people because of her cute exterior. She has few friends, but when she does, she becomes exceedingly nice and fun. The girl is usually found with her nose buried into a book, drawing, or grooming her pet cat, Millie. Her best class is potions. She loves to combine ingredients and see the outcome. Her worst class is divination. She has a short temper, and gets annoyed when things don't work instantly.
    Blood: Pure blood
    (September drawn by yours truly)




    It was a cold, crisp September day. September was her favourite month, for obvious reasons. Her parents, clutching September's hand tightly in theirs, lead her through the crowded train station. Muggles swarmed around the family, not aware of the magic that resided in them and hundreds of other families visiting the station on that day. "Muggles are such idiots!" Fumed her mother, angry about how loud the station was. September had inherited her mother's short temper and love of the quiet. "Well, you have to admit the graffiti on the walls is mystifying!" Her father responded. Likewise, September had inherited her love of the arts from her father. "Mum, Dad, you don't have to hold my hand. This is my third year at Hogwarts!" She complained, face flushing. She had already seen 2 of her housemates: Chamille Louis, a skinny, dark haired girl, and Max Gordon, a lanky, scruffy haired boy. "No matter. We've already arrived at Platform 9 and 3/4ths!" her father cheered, walking right through the brick pillar. September charged in after him, closely followed by her mother.

    Steam filled September's nostrils as she stepped onto the platform. The Hogwarts Express glimmered in all of its glory, puffing a steady stream of smoke into the air. Children were hugging their parents as they boarded the train. "Make us proud, girlie." Her mother smiled warmly, giving September a loving embrace. "Yeah. Win that house cup for Ravenclaw!" Her father cheered, joining the hug. September pulled away. "Goodbye! See you at the end of the term!" she exclaimed, boarding the train. "Say hi to Professor Longbottom for me!" Her father called as the train let out a long, smooth whistle. With a large puff of steam, the Hogwarts express lurched out of the station, and onto the track.
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  2. Name: Vivienne De Vaughan
    Year: 6th
    Gender: Female
    Patronus: Swan
    House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: Vivienne is the ultimate perfectionist. Born into an extremley wealthy family, Vivienne De Vaughan is very snobbish. She is incredibly to herself and quite bookish. She dyes her hair often, and uses contacts to change eyelid colour. Vivienne enjoys a glass of red wine. She loves her pet Birman cat, Vermillion. Vivienne can and will be rude at times if you've done something to upset her or annoy her.
    Blood: Pure blood
    Looks: Vivienne (when not in uniform) will wear long dresses with scarves. She wears makeup often such as red lipstick and black eyeliner. Vivienne has dyed red hair.
    (Vivienne would like to enter)
    Vivienne, her mother, Georgie and father, Henry strolled through King's Cross Station, they arrived at Platform 9 and checked dead sure that there were no muggles staring at them. Vivienne, Georgie and Henry all exchanged looks and nodded. Georgie went first, then Henry and finally Vivienne. At this moment, Vivienne was wearing a white fur coat, black heeled boots, long tights and a red beret. Vivienne hugged her mother. "I'll be back before you know it. We've done this six times, now! Pull yourself together, mother!" Georgie did her best to hold back her falling tears. Vivienne then turned to her mother. "Father, I'll write to you when I can." Vivienne gave a stern look to her father, and before he could say anything or even hug her, she boarded the train.

    Vivienne found an empty cabin and immediately claimed it as hers. She clicked open her red dragon skin purse and brought out a white cloth. She started to wipe the windows clean. Vivienne looked out the window, impressed with her work. The train shunted forwards, and so began Vivienne's sixth and penultimate year at Hogwarts. Vivienne looked at her wand, it was (of course) red. It was a 13 inch apple tree wand with dragon heartstring core. The wand had rose gold studding around the side. Vivienne lay back and shut her eyes.
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  3. image.jpg Name: Lauren (most call her Monster Kid)
    Year: 3rd
    Gender: Female
    Patronus: Dragon
    House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: Monster Kid is quiet and reserved, usually shying away from situations. She is a half breed: her mother being a witch and her father a dragon anigmus. Because of this, she was born with horns, claws, wings, a tail and sharp teeth. Many people make fun of her for this, dawning her Monster Kid. even though the bullying is hard on her, she still manages to get ok grades. (Mostly b's). She likes to read and sit outside. Monster kid hates the rain and water, so she is always seen with a umbrella during the rainy season.
    Blood: pure blood

    Lauren trekked through Kings Cross station, alone once again. Her wings concealed by her blue, tattered jacket, she attempted to draw as little attention to herself as possible. Without hesitation, she walked right through the brick wall. She sneezed a tiny bit, smoke puffing out of her nose. It rose in the air, mixing with the steam puffing out of the train. She boarded the train, entering a trolley with only one girl in it. She instantly reconized her as Vivienne, one of the richest girls in school. Another puff of smoke came out, this time for shock, clouding up the window.
  4. Vivienne looked at "Monster Kid" furiously. She had just ruined her cleaning. "What did you do that for?!" Vivienne shrieked. Grasping her wand. Vivienne stood up quickly. She picked up her purse and moved directly over to the girl. "Who are you, anyway?" Vivienne looked at the girl.

    (This is what Vivienne looks like)
    Headshot of Leslie.jpg
  5. She rolled her eyes. "I can't help it." She growled, meeting the girl's gaze. "And the names Monster Kid." Lauren only gave her name out to people she trusted, and this girl was not one of them. She reached into her bag, pulling out a copy of The Princess Bride.
  6. Vivienne stroked Vermillion as she looked at the book. "The Princess Bride?" Vivienne gazed in awe. It was a book she hadn't read. "What's it about?" Vivienne questioned, her eyes lighting up.
  7. Lauren stared at her in confusion. "it's about a girl named Buttercup who is kidnapped by 3 people, and her true love comes to save her." She replied. "I like your cat."
  8. "Oh, Vermillion? She's a birman. Lovely blue eyes." Vivienne picked up the pussy cat. Suddenly, Vivienne realised what she was doing. "Why are you here?" Vivienne asked plainly, filing her nails.
  9. "...Because there were open seats?" She exclaimed, narrowing her peircing green eyes. " Why, do you have some sort of problem?" For effect, Lauren snapped her book shut.
  10. "I'm sorry, but these seats are taken." Vivienne said. "For my coat, my purse and..." Vivienne struggled to find another item to put on the seat. She looked at her boots. "My...boots." Vivienne said weakly, removing her large red boots made of leather. "I'm so sorry, it looks as if we're full." Vivienne put her hand on the door, ready to slam it shut.
  11. "I'm not moving." Lauren glared at the girl, angrilly crossing her legs. She swipped the boots of the chair and sat down. Her wings flared as she attempted to scare Vivienne. Lauren forced herself to smile, showing off her fangs. "You really want to mess with me?
  12. Vivienne was furious. Not only did the girl think she had the right to try and scare her, she touched her leather boots with her grubby fingers. Vivinne bent down to the girl. "Pick...those...up...now." Vivienne said, barely above a whisper. Vivienne was ready to slam this girls head against the window and put her into a coma. Vivienne took hold of her wand.
  13. Name: Skye Maziloy
    Year: 3rd
    Gender: Female
    Patronus: Wolf
    House: Slytherin
    Personality: Skye sounds nasty, but to people she likes and her friends, she's actually quite nice. Her family were all Ravenclaws, and she was also expected to be one, but wasn't. Her parents were angry at her and never treated her the same way since. Because of that, Skye lost hope of being like her family and tried her best at fitting into the house she was sorted into instead, Slytherin.
    Blood: Pure Blood
    [Skye wants to enter the Tri-Wizard Tournament]

    Skye was very late for the train. She quickly ran through the barrier. Her parents didn't even come through with her. She sighed, then looked around. The train left! Skye began to panic. She took out her broom, a Nimbus 10,500 , quickly got on with her things, and took off after the train. It was surprisingly easy to catch up to it. Skye landed at the back of the train and got inside to look for a compartment.
    Most of the compartments were full. She didn't even have to check them because they were so noisy. She recognized a few of her friends' voices, but decided to take an empty compartment. Well, it sounded empty. Inside were two girls: One was holding up her wand, and the other- the other had wings and fangs. She heard of that girl. Everyone called her Monster Kid, although Skye was sure it wasn't her real name. She personally thought it was cool, but others would make fun of her for that.
    The girl holding up her wand was Vivienne, the 6th year who thought she was the best because of all her money.
    Skye put her hand in her pocket, touching her wand. If Vivienne would point it at her, at least she could try to defend herself (and Monster Kid).
    "Ugh," she didn't know why out of all the compartments, she had to pick that one. Vivienne's wealth and attitude made Skye despise her.
  14. Vivienne cast an eye over to the corridor and saw Skye, the 3rd year. Skye seemed a bit of an outcast to the others, Vivienne pitied her. "What do you think you're looking at, a private screening of The Woman in Black? Move along, darling." Vivienne rolled her eyes and moved back to "Monster Kid".
  15. Skye was disgusted. Not only did Vivienne think she was able to shoo her off like that, she actually called her darling! Skye felt a strong urge to take out her wand and smudge Vivienne's face on the dusty window, but knew better. Instead, she told Vivienne, "So what? Sure, she pushed your boots off the seat, but why'd you put them there in the first place? To make her leave? What did she ever do to you?"
    She slammed the compartment door shut, not waiting for an answer, and left to find a compartment without crazy 6th years.
    The compartment next to Vivienne's was empty, so she sat down and closed the door.
    Skye already had enough. Everyone that weren't in Slytherin are always horrible to her, even if she never actually did something wrong to upset them. She removed her muggle clothes, revealing her school robes, and waited for the train to get to Hogwarts.
  16. Vivienne chuckled at the girls impertinence. "What a savvy young lady." Vivienne said to herself. Vivienne went back to the problem at hand. It's time for you to leave now. Vivienne waved her wand, opening the door and pushed Monster Kid out. "Ta-Rah". Vivienne said in a sing-song sort of way.
  17. Lauren sighed. Coming up with a plan for revenge, she inhaled deeply, letting out a huge puff of smoke. Smiling in victory, she waved mockinly and went to sit with the other girl.
  18. Skye was surprised to see Monster Kid sit beside her. Usually, people from other houses don't even come near her. She was happy Monster Kid did, though. Skye smiled.
    "I like your wings, they're cool," she said, trying to be as nice as possible. She didn't want the girl to hate her, like most people do.
  19. "Thanks." She exclaimed, twiddling her thumbs. "So, what house are you from? I'm from hufflepuff." Lauren exclaimed, glancing at Skye. She placed her bags on the floor, and plopped onto a leather seat.
  20. Skye shifted a bit in her seat. She hoped once Monster Kid would know, she wouldn't think she was bad, or anything like that.
    "I'm from Slytherin," Skye told her. She felt a bit uncomfortable, but tried her best not to show it. She knew she shouldn't be embarrassed by her own house, but sometimes it bugged her that she wasn't in the same house as the rest of her family.
  21. "Cool! Slytherin is a cool house. I could be a Slytherin, but I'm not as ambitious as most." Monster kid smiled happily. "I'm Lauren." She exclaimed.
  22. Skye was overjoyed. She couldn't believe Lauren was being that nice.
    "I'm Skye," she told her, thought for moment, then added, "Maziloy," grinning. She usually didn't point out her last name too much, but she didn't think it mattered if she would tell Lauren.
    "So, are you entering the Tri-Wizard Tournament this year?" Skye asked.
  23. Vivienne pulled her wand away from the wall and stopped listening. She got up and swiftly made her way to the compartment next to her. "As if you two have a chance of winning, let alone entering, the Tri-Wizard tournament!" Vivienne looked at the two. "Sweet...please keep your voices down." Vivienne turned around and went back into her compartment. She took out a radio and pointed her wand at it, the radio started playing "The Flower Duet" from Lakmé, the wand amplifying the sound.
  24. Lauren rolled her eyes a Vivinne. "Nah, I'd rather watch. All that stress isn't for me. I like to see costumes for the champions, though!" She told Skye. "How about you?
  25. Skye had enough of Vivienne. She was going to win that cup, no matter what.
    "I'm entering," Skye answered, "and I'm going to beat Vivienne."
    She disliked Vivienne a lot, even though it was her first time meeting her. Skye thought a person like that shouldn't deserve to win.
  26. Finally, at long last the train pulled into Hogsmede. "Finally, all I had to listen to was YAP-YAP-YAP ME-ME-ME" Vivienne rolled her eyes and held Vermillion. Vivienne's heels clicked on the solid concrete, she turned for the exit, only to catch sight of the two new "best friends".
  27. "Nice, were here!" Lauren exclaimed excitedly. She looked at Skye. "What year are you?" She asked.
  28. "I'm a third year," Skye replied as she stood and picked up her rather large and heavy brown bag, "What year are you?" She opened the compartment door to exit.
  29. Vivienne made her way to the school finally. Of course, it being the first year, the first years had to be sorted. She sat down at the Ravenclaw table, she was greeted by some of the other students.
  30. Name: Eleanor potter
    Year: 2nd
    Gender: Female
    Patronus: sparrow
    House: gryffindor

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