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Ask to Join Harrington Forest ( Pokemon RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by MOI N, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. This is a attempt at Re-Uploading , i didn't copy or paste anything
    I reeeeeeeeeeeeallly dont want to screw up

    A wild Pokemon RP with a bit of bad stuff , but overall chill set in a forest with cliffs , lakes , ocean , caves and a settlement



    1. Pokecharms RP Rules (I didn't want to copypaste a link version)
    2. No Galar ( Sorry, i don't know them well enough) (Includes Forms)
    3. No Mega , Gigantamax (I can't spell it right i think), Z-Moves or Legendary (Includes Ultra Beasts)
    4. Be Patient
    5. Up to 6 characters for now
    6. This is set nowhere in particular, so you can be from any other region
    7. You have to be a Pokemon ,Which means no Pokemorphosis people or Gijinkas
    8. You can be shiny
    9. You can be trainer owned but your trainer won't show up
    10. Yes ,there will be some trainers in the woods looking for Pokemon
    11. I decide on NPCs but feel free to suggest any
    12. There will be violence and swearing
    13. Discuss death and romancing (of people's characters ) here
    14. If you read the rules , like this post
    15. No Fakemon
    (You can use your own)
    Appearance: (only things which make it different
    Trainer Owned/Shiny: (say both if both )

    My Bio is OC Needing a home
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  2. Name: Eve
    Species: Eevee
    Personality: Revealed in RP
    Backstory: Does she have one? Yes. Will she tell you? Hahahaha no.
    Family: Tiara (Friend)
    Appearance: Appears to be a normal female Eevee. Wears a small purple scarf.
    Trainer Owned/Shiny: Neither

    Name: Tiara
    Species: Riolu
    Personality: Revealed in RP
    Backstory: Not much of one. She's lived a relatively normal life as a wild 'mon.
    Family: Eve (Friend)
    Appearance: The blue on her skin is a slightly lighter shade.
    Trainer Owned/Shiny: Neither
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  3. Accepted , Plus i'm ok with PRPs
  4. I don't even know wether this roleplay will exist... i'm thinking about closing it. Nice art though.
  5. Ok andty....sorry I'm just wanting to do a pokemon rp were you rp as the pokemon
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