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Happiness: Vitamins vs Massages vs Battling

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Pheonix, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Ok... looked through and pretty sure I didn't see this anywhere.

    Well, I was going through and knocking out some of my friendship evos the other day and it got me thinking. Now, I usually take the really easy route of just force feeding my Pokes vitamins till they are happy (which coincidentally I have found is pretty much the same number for all of them- roughly 50, 10 for each stat not counting HP before they won't take anymore). Now this route is rather expensive as it costs just shy of $500k for each one you want to do, and considering you can get roughly $80k each round on the E4 using an Amulet Coin/Lucky Incense and each run through is roughly 30 min if you are pushing it, can take quite a few hours to do. Now I know that there are other options to increase your Happiness without actually spending money. I have noticed a decent increase in happiness if I just plop an Exp Share on them with my runs through the E4 and they are usually at 2 small hearts by mid to late 40s if I start with a level one (according to the Team Happiness meter on the Poketch), and of course you can just battle with the Soothe Bell. The other option is of course the two massages you can get daily, one from the girl in Veilstone and the other from the second floor girls of the Ribbon Syndicate at the Resort Area.

    Now to my actual question. Does anyone know the equivalency (sp?) of how much happiness you attain between a massage and one vitamin? per battle w/ soothe bell?

    I know this is a very technical question and probably digs more into the coding than is really necessary, but was really curious about this.

    Been wondering if I should test and see how many massages it takes just to get my happiness maxed on some newborn, but I am kinda scared it is a one to one ratio and I don't know if I can stick with it for 25 days. ::)

    Also curious to see how people prefer to get their Happiness for those must have evos? ;D
  2. I'm trying to think of what I did for my Crobat. I know in-fact i used a soothe bell.. i believe theres berries that boost happiness? I'm not sure sorry :-\
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I have no idea about the equivalence between massage and vitamins. That's a bit too technical for me. I don't think it's great. The massage options is something I only use alongside my usual method (Berries)

    Geo's right, there are berries that boost happiness, but they also make you loose stats. A level one pokemon should be fine though, or a low level. The berries don't take away stats if the stat is already quite low. I always go for the HP lessening berry, since a level 1 pokemon can't really lose any XD

    The berries are;

    Kelpsy Berry (Lowers Attack)
    Qualot Berry (Lowers Defense)
    Hondew Berry (Lowers Sp. Attack)
    Grepa Berry (Lowers Sp. Defense)
    Tamato Berry (Lowers Speed)
    Pomeg Berry (Lowers HP)

    This was always the method I used, on low level pokes anyway. Of course, it can take a whole load of berries, around 50 at a guess. So planting keeps you busy :p

    I've always found this to be the easiest method. Hopefully someone will know the answer to your equivalence question... I'm kinda interested too.
  4. I totally forgot about the berries! But considering that all my berries usually waste away in my pack and all soil is currently empty, I guess it isn't a big deal for me. :p

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