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Halo Fan Fiction: The Siege of Beta Centauri XVI

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Team Rockets Executive, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. I'm sure there are not many Halo Fans here, although, I make a fan fiction about it. I am on the Covenant side as well. Please Feedback.

    Also this series is being posted on Halo.Bungie.Org. If you know what the Covenant on Halo is, That is what perspective the plot will be following. Keep in mind that all Elite's in the fick will have a {'} before their names and have a "mee" at the end.

    In the far reaches of the inner colonies, The Covenant bypassed a world known as Beta Centauri XVI for their attempt to obliterate Reach. The Covenant will soon attempt to take this world as well...


    Ninth Age of Reclamation, The Relic of Truth\Covenant Base and Rendezvous center "Khalid"\Sanctum of the the Hierarchs

    'Ala 'Omnamamee stepped on to the firm soil of the Planatoid and Information Center of the Covenant Legion Brigade "Khalid". A horde of Skyscrapers of a Bluish/Purple Color were present in the Black, Star dotted sky with a sanctity of Floodlights on the city floor. The Skyscrapers were Riddled with Holy markings and lexic, and therefore inside them, the Engineers were at work, making probes and enhancing Technology. This is also known as the Covenant technological center of the heavens.

    'Omnamamee approached one of the skyscrapers, and a Servant of the Prophet of Ceremony, Greeted him.

    "'Omnamamee, Your excellency. You have been summoned here for what is known as the breifing of the absolute destruction of a Human world we bypassed when we took Reach."

    'Omnamamee replied, simply. "My assistance is needed for what reason? We have enough forces in the brigade to storm any Primate world 'Greteresee."

    'Greteresee replied generously. "The Prophet of Ceremony is certain that any human world can go down faster with you and your squads assistance, and I assure you, the Filth in this universe that is accompanied by those primates can get scrubbed away much quicker than you thought possible with your help your Excellency. Come. Let us go into the Human Worlds database."

    'Omnamamee was very pleased. If they need me this much in the heavens 'Omnamamee thought, Then why would the holy one himself send me to this small human world instead of the Primate's Epicenter, "Earth?"

    'Omnamamee approached a Guard Jackal, who requested Identification from both of them. In turn, he simply turned around and showed the Jackal his Holy marking embedded in a 1mm area around the top part of his back* that the Prophet of Ceremony engraved himself. The Jackal was stunned, and immediatly admitted his entrance.

    Inside the great building, a light at the top glowing a bright blue illuminated this great structure. 'Greteresee led him to a door, in which a tired and overworked Jackal stood guard over this.

    "Please insert your hand into the DNA Tissue Reclipitatcor." The Guard Jackal said.

    'Omnamamee banished the pain quickly, something he learned to do a long time ago, when he was still a Imperial guard for The Prophet of Ceremony. He saw his hand encompassed by the Space Black armor he wore, being scanned under the green light.

    "DNA Confirmed. Please, go on. The Prophet of Ceremony is expecting you." The Jackal spoke.

    Unlike others, he was an Overseer, so he was permitted to carry his entrusted Silver Plasma Pistol into the Meeting area.

    There was a podium, where, clearly, he was expected to stand, walked up to. The Prophet, in Silver/Black Robe was hovering in midair, and along with him, The Ship Master 'Ama 'Eneremee of the Ramadan, the ship that him and his squad stayed on. He was a good friend of 'Omnamamee's and enjoyed long conversations together.

    "'Omnamamee, you are hear for the breifing of the Mission to erase the filth that the infedel's have enscribed in our prestigious universe. The world is known as Beta Centauri XVI, a primitive name of a sort."

    A screen appeared with a world of lush jungles and rainforests, swampy and thick marshlands, freezing tundras, endless plains,and trackless desert. However, in orbit, 64 UNSC Warships were in orbit, a Snag.

    'Omnamamee spoke. "How many will we take with us for this destruction, and how long are we expected to be there, Holy one?" 'Omnamamee queried.

    The Prophet was very calm, but sharp. "Patience. We just discovered this world. We will be taking 61 ships, minus yours. The pestilence is easy to outwit, they are not intellegent to any degree. You are expected there for 128 Units, and if you do not prevail, there will be Prescence of immerse punishment on you shoulders."

    "Yes, holy one. Do not worry about punishment, it will not happen. I expect this world to be glassed?" 'Omnamamee asked, even though he already knew the answer.

    "Of course. Like many previous occasions, this world will be irradicated." The Prophet spoke, irratated.

    "It will be my pleasure to lead the ops in space." 'Eneremee finally spoke.

    "Well, lets not waste any time. Board the ship, and jump to the centauri system. Immediatly." The Prophet said, feeling like he was surrounded by imbasulls.

    'Omnamamee spoke again. "The pleasure will be mine to obliterate the Primate's again. It is almost becoming as fun as any game."

    To be continued...


    *-If you kill an Elite on Halo, Gold or Camoflauged after they reappear, you will notice the forerunner symbol. That is what I was referring to except it glows Red and it was done by The Prophet of Ceremony.
  2. Part I: Orbital Control
    Chapter I: En Route


    Ninth Age of Reclamation, Relic of Truth\In Genosyncronous orbit over Brigade intellegence center "Khalid"\Sanctum of the Hierarchs.

    'Ama 'Eneremee tapped the holographic throttle control as the Seraph-Class fighter he was piloting burned and made way out of "Khalid's" atmospheric ozone layer, just as it kicked speed around Mach 30.

    "So 'Omnamamee, is there a problem with destroying another installation colonized by the interlopers?" 'Eneremee queried.

    "No Ship Master." He spoke softly as he leaned aginst the back wall of the Bluish, hard alloy making up the interior of the Seraph cockpit. "I simply am pondering the idea why the holy one himself would not let the Ramadanjoin the Covenant fleet convoy heading towards the primate's epicenter, "Earth" and instead ship us and 61 others to a small world that is of not much relivance to us, even though it is still human." He sat in deep thought, wondering why this is the case. Is there an artifact or Relic from the great ones to ensure victory on "Earth?"

    'Eneremee waited a full 3 seconds to process this data that was of relevance and was full of curiosity. He then spoke. "I beleive this is one of the "Doorstep" worlds to "Earth." Intellegence refers that this world is a major intellegence for the infedels, and it is one of the first worlds added to the UNSC government colonization. The Engineers also say that there is a strong radio signal interface that blocks us from transporting into slipspace with those exact coordinates. These signals scramble the Slipspace timeframe, causing it to send you to another portion of the galaxy." He finally finished.

    'Omnamamee replied. "You speak with wisdom Ship Master. I now understand what this is about." 'Omnamamee finished his statement and sighed and leaned aginst the wall of the Seraph.

    "Good. We now enter our ship." 'Eneremee spoke and gazed around as the Seraph got closer to the immerse flagship.

    Ramadan was a Flagship that dwarfed the Medium-Tonnage standard fleet vessels that mark the Covenant standard ops in an Isolated orbit. However, this ship was equipped with more technology than many other ships in the Fleet. Ramadan was equipped with not only superheated Plasma Torpedoes, but the newest weapon in Covenant technology.

    A Discharge laser, the newest interface in Covenant technology. In one shot with its devastating white beam, it can detonate and destroy any of the obsolete vessels the Interlopers use, and can recycle within 45 seconds. Also, the Plasma Torpedoes have been rearranged so that the booted new system used EM pulses per priori to alighn the stochastic motions of the plasma atoms, herding their trajectories and eleven degrees of electronic freedom into a laser fine columnated beam within a microsecond.

    Also the ship sported fifty Assault boats, a Squadron of Seraph fighters, and of course, The best Covenant the Heavens had to offer.

    The Seraph fighter verred into a steep turn, then entered the illuminated docking bay of the Ramdan. 'Omnamamee stepped out onto the firm alloy making up the interior of the flagship, and looked at the Countless Seraph fighters and Phantom Dropships being refitted by the best Engineers. It would be a shame to lose this ship.

    "Come, overseer. We go to the control room now." 'Eneremee said in a pleased voice.

    'Omnamamee didnt say anything. But he had a feeling that those filthy infedels would put up a fight this time.


    0240 Hours, October 26, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Destroyer-class vessel Emerald, military staging orbit around Beta Centauri XVI

    "Status of the ship?" Captain Kaleb barked. Captain Kaleb was a very hasty officer, assigned to the Emerald he was very rushed to do things. He was ordered security head of this Planet. He thought it wasn't worth it. But now that the Covenant were coming, it didnt make a diffrence.

    "Sir, all hands at battle stations and MAC gun capacitors charging. At 75 Percent and climbing." Reported Lieutenant Williams.

    Emerald was the Capital ship of Beta Centauri XVI. It was a gleaming destroyer built by the best technicians the UNSC had to offer. It supported dual MAC Guns, around Ninety thousand Archer Missiles, and of course, nearly 3 meters of Titanium-A Battleplate. It was one of the finest and most proud destroyers in the UNSC.

    "Sir, long range radar contact." said Lieutenant Adrian as he spoke with a trembling voice. "Matched with Covenant ship specs. Sir, there are sixty two of them."

    "No. This cant be happening. Alert Planetary COM channels of this, and to arm the Super MAC Guns, and the rest of the Fleet. We have got them this time."

    Beta Centauri XVI was surrounded by ten Super MAC Guns, enough to blow Covenant ships to molten slag and burn them up in the Planet atmosphere.


    Ninth Age of Reclamation, Infedel Prescence\En route to Filth carrier's Planatoid "Beta Centauri XVI"\Beta Centauri System

    "Ship Master, I need to know when we will be there." 'Omnamamee spoke, impatiently.

    "Indeed 'Omnamamee. We will arrive within Six MicroUnits. Please, relax." 'Eneremee spoke in a cool voice.

    "I needed to know for your sake Ship Master. I will make prayers during the space battle to relax myself and ensure victory groundside. You have control of this ship until the space battle is over."

    'Eneremee was shocked on how much 'Omnamamee was devoted to the Gods. Maybe it was how he was such an Elite fighter. But 'Eneremee would not ask that question. It would be partially treason. "Yes your Excellency."

    Ramadan's control room was very big, around thirty units high. It was thick with Imperial Elites,Brutes and Jackals. Unlike human ships however, This ship didnt have a bridge crew. The Elites, Jackals, and Grunts were for Maintenence and protection. The "Crew" was Ship Master 'Eneremee and the AI "Dekanta."

    "Arm Plasma Torpedoes and Pulse lasers. Send this order to all ships." 'Eneremee spoke. He pushed a holographic control that flicked red and warbled twice. "Arm Over Shields. This will be one more step to the end of Human kind." After he said this, he gave a short chuckle.
  3. Part I: Orbital Control
    Chapter II: Tatics and Destruction

    Here you go, a space battle.


    Ninth age of Reclamation, Infidel's Prescence\In gravitational realm of Beta Centauri XVI, Beta Centauri System

    The Ramadan entered the normal space region localized by Beta Centauri XVI, along with sixty one other fleet members. 'Omnamamee sat in a meditating stance, cross-legged on the alloy that made the control room solid, and 'Ama 'Eneremee was the one to assume absolute command of the vessel, as well as the rest of the fleet.

    Stars winked into existence around the fleet as they entered the boundaries of normal space. The planet also winked into view, as did sixty four primitive vessels waiting for them, complete with a primitive piece of alloy, one of their "repair" stations, and was ten terraunits long, being used a sacrificial shield.

    "Ah, the interlopers. We have located the interlopers. Find out what arsenal they have in their primitive hands, and report that telemetry to the rest of the fleet. Warm a plasma discharge."

    The Covenant AI named Dekanta replied in a cool, slender voice. "Yes, your excellency. Fleet consists of normal human weapons, as well as the orbital defense platforms used at the battle of Reach."

    'Eneremee replied, harshly. "This cant be! The humans may have a small advantage over us." He added after cooling off. "No matter." 'Eneremee spoke as he flicked his hand over a holographic control that pulsed red and initiated a view of the obsolete arsenal that lay before him, while clicking his mandibles in curiosity.

    The Covenant fleet gathered in flank formation, as per his orders. They warmed their opening salvo of plasma torpedoes, ready to obliterate the planets defenses, while Ramadan gathered a blanc white beam that was ready to protrude in a gleaming death ray that had the potential to destroy five enemy ships, as he saw happen before.

    The Super MAC orbital defense platforms were at attention, as they gathered a yellowish beam and gathered protons to accelerate at a extraterrestrial high velocity using the magnetic coils that supervised this seamless process.

    The enemy fleet accelerated in a tight formation and fired its opening salvo of MAC rounds and Archer Missile pods. Around five rounds hit a fellow ship, the Perseverance as its sheilds flickered and collapsed under the tremendous impact. The archer missiles made contact and hit the tritium reactors that diffused and exploded in a rainbow of colors mixed with the charcoal exhaust left of the Archer Missiles. Under the impact, it was eradicated.

    "NO! I will NOT allow this! Fire the plasma discharge now! And let the gods cleanse their filthy souls!" 'Eneremee roared, his face covered by his gold helmet that was interlaced with the laden rage he was feeling at the present time. 'Omnamamee sat perfectly still on the deck, praying to the gods.

    The Ramadan shuddered as the triple shielding dropped for a split second as a white beam that crackled with overloaded plasma mixed with EMP energy protruded from the hull.

    The white beam arced and severed the enemy ship that tried to evade the attack. It was severed, bisecting the ship cleanly, chaining a nuclear disposition in its reactors, setting off a mighty nulcear explosion. The explosion spread like a forest wildfire, taking out two ships on each side with it, canceling the fight they were about to put up.

    The other destroyers and frigates in the Covenant fleet lurched as they fired a tidal wave of plasma torpedoes, arcing and zeroing on their designated target. It boiled away countless amounts of Titanium-A battleplate. The ships that survived struggled to put out the fires engulfing their ship, and prevailed at the cost of the men below decks.

    "Launch a plasma torpedo salvo from all turrets while the discharge recycles. Set course for zero-nine-zero-five, a low planetary orbit. Collide with all objects that obstruct or get in our way except projectiles." 'Eneremee ordered, somewhat satisfied at the burning vessels.

    Before his triumph could be celebrated, the Super MAC guns fired - and launched five projectiles that was followed by fellow vessels being torn apart.

    "No! Push the reactors to overload, starboard thrusters to align our course. NOW!" 'Eneremee hastily said without a trace of fear in his voice.

    "Yes, your excellency. Reactor meltdown in three minutes." Dekanta's ever slender voice reminded him.

    The Ramadan's engines vibrated half a kilometer below decks as five more shots rang past the ship, which were satisfied by five more fellow ships being destroyed.

    "Reactor meltdown in five, four, three, two..."

    "Shut down all systems except life support. Fire thrusters to align our course. Fire Plasma Torpedoes at the first three platforms. You do the guidance." 'Eneremee spoke, glancing at 'Omnamamee, who did not care what was going on as he conceived prayers.

    Eight laser fine beams zeroed in on the targets as they scarred the vacuum of space with red. They finally impacted, arced and detonated. Three orbital defense platforms fell and burned up the atmosphere in a shower of sparks. The Ramadan hung in low orbit, so the MAC guns could not see the vessel.

    "Power up all systems. Give me undercarriage camera." 'Eneremee ordered.

    The tiny camera zoomed in on the battle. The Forty two remaining Covenant ships focused all their frontal fire on the docking platform, while ships hung back, waiting for the platform to dissolve so they could ambush the remainder of the forces.

    The platform bent to the side in unnatural directions. Holes appeared everywhere, including where the bridge was. The armor boiled away, condensated than left a obscuring cloud of vapor where the repair station was. The fleet opened fire on the human vessels, while MAC rounds penetrating 'Eneremee's allies ships and destroying them while Archer Missiles finished the work.

    "Radar contact. Its a Super MAC round!" Dekanta yelled, but without any fear in her voice.

    "Now what?" 'Eneremee thought.
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    Welcome, and thanks for joining the forums :)

    I don't have the time to read all of this now (nor am I a fan of Halo) but it does raise a good question. Where should non-Pokemon stories/fanfiction go? Time to start a poll :twisted:
  5. Part I: Orbital Control
    Chapter III: The end of the struggle

    Ninth Age of Reclamation, Infidel's Prescence\In low orbit around Beta Centauri XVI, Beta Centauri System

    The Super MAC Round raced towards the Ramadan with incredible speed. A legion of sparks were seen dancing from the beam as it streaked towards the flagship with unmatched speed.

    "Evasive action! NOW!" 'Eneremee barked, seeming that this was unpredicted the guns could track back this far in the atmosphere without dissolving. The Blasphemers seemed to have known what they were doing with the magnetic fields.

    The flagships engines rumbled six hundred units below. The reactors tritium deposit output redlined, exceeding operational capacity. The bluish engines aft of the vessel flared to life. They propelled it to flank speed and thrusters fired afterward, clearing most of the round, but one third of it still hit the ship.

    Ship master 'Eneremee was thrown like a toy across the bridge, as were the rest of the guard and 'Omnamamee, who slammed into a bulkhead, unconscious, as if he was expecting this to happen and never braced himself.

    'Eneremee sluggishly got up, finding a puddle of his own purple gore was next to him, spouting from his leg. He wondered why his armor's shielding system did not protect him. But there was no time for that. He had to get the ship's status and find a tatical defense.

    "You, Sakakz, get over here and tend your Ship masters wound. Ship status?" 'Eneremee said, with a bit of worry in his iron-dense voice.

    A grunt ran over towards his superior, disabled his personal shield and tended the gold-armored elite's wound. "Shields down at one hundred and ninety eight percent. If we sustained the full hit, we would be crippled, or destroyed. I strongly recommend-" Dekanta was cut off by 'Eneremee with a strong intention.

    'Eneremee still sat on the floor. "Never defile my orders. We must destroy this pitiful colonized world that could have been put to good use, perhaps a Grunt home."

    Sakakz and the other Grunts looked up and nodded their heads, in strong support of the idea. "We should get moving. Immediatly." 'Eneremee ordered. "I want my Plasma Discharge heated up now."

    Dekanta replied with a ping of irritation in her glass smooth voice. "Working. Plasma Discharge ninety five percent recycled. We have full engine power since our shield took the brunt of the attack."

    The Ramadan pulled out of the startled state of lag, and moved, in a stealthy way, but not enough.

    Another Super MAC gun turned and fired, but a clean miss as its golden beam shot towards the planets atmosphere and dissipated.

    "We need to get lower, so the Super MAC guns cannot see us. Dekanta, get us lower." 'Eneremee spoke.

    "Impossible. Any lower will interfere with our targeting system, making it impossible to fire while hot. but of we cool them down, we can avoid that." Dekanta replied.

    "No. I want us to go lower. Fire the discharge, now, and aim for numbers four through eight." 'Eneremee spoke, with absolute confidence.

    The Ramadan fired another deathly pale shimmering beam that screamed through the vacuum of space before descending lower. The beam shot through with unmatched speed, and eradicated any sort of intentional defense. It impacted on turret number five, while it shuddered for a pycosecond, then evaporated and quickly condensated in a oort-like cloud filled with vapor that cooled down to ice crystals shimmering in the night of space.

    The EMP disruption cut out numbers four, six, seven, and eight. They simply sparked, crackled, and melted into a smoking carcass of metal floating lifelessly through space.

    "Well done Dekanta." 'Eneremee remarked. "I want our weapon systems powered down. Let us launch two thirds of our squadron of Seraph craft. They are the best there is, and could efficiently cut down the two remaining turrets. Meanwhile, stabalize our orbit to course zero-six-nine-five."

    The flagship cooled as its thrusters stabalized its almost internal planetary orbit. Its blue engines flared to life as its glowing turrets cooled off. The only hope to kill off the remainder of the human crusade on this planet is a fighter attack.

    Ninth Age of Reclamation, Infidel's Prescence\Aboard Seraph-Fighter craft, Upper atmosphere of Beta Centauri XVI, Beta Centauri system

    "Let the heathens be diminished once again!" cried 'Kak 'Xenomee as he piloted the Seraph class fighter that left the upper exosphere of the planet. Its engines propelled the craft to around Mach thirty. "Set course for six-zero-zero-eight 'Qwerenemee!"

    'Qwerenemee looked at 'Xenomee, finding him high spirited about the destruction of the last of this planet's defenses. But it is a good thing. He thought. That is how all of his kind should feel. To go and to die with honor with pride. That was his creed. "New course adjusted your excellency." 'Qwerenemee replied. He tapped the warning Klaxcon for the order for it to turn off. He could not stand its loud, hooting, horn like sound that reminded him off training for the Covenant horde he lives among today.

    The seraph fighter adjusted its course, and aligned with the convoy of other fighters going into destroying the last of the planet defense turrets.

    'Xenomee tapped the engines, and the craft accelerated. He soon saw the smoldering remains of most of the turrets, including a mini-oort like cloud. He did not know how the Ship Master did it, but he was brilliant.

    Turrets nine and ten came into view, shooting at the Covenant ships that made the rest of the fleet, destroying them. He had no idea how many remained, but the thought of the humans doing something like this to them was pitiful.

    The Covenant COM frequencies came about, and orders were barked about from 'Eneremee himself. "Do not fire at the incoming enemy ships, only their fighters. If this is done or this action is taken, I WILL have you skinned alive!"

    'Xenomee obliged to this order, and understood it throughly. He tapped the thrusters and spread out, like he was told.

    The fighters spread out, and looked like a swarm of locusts attacking a crop. Pulse lasers started firing, as did a cloud of smoke left behind from incoming missiles. Longsword fighters. They outnumbered them three to one. But 'Xenomee had no worries. They were the Covenant's best, and 'Omnamamee's squad had to be in some of those vessels.

    "Impact!" 'Qwerenemee barked, "Take evasive action!"

    A missile found its way over and detonated on the the craft. It shields held, but hardly.

    'Xenomee acknowledged. "Of course. We must get to those weapons."

    The Seraph craft banked into a turn, and trailed an enemy longsword craft. The longsword craft banked into a steep turn, and dived towards the planets atmosphere, the signal for a dogfight.

    "Let us trail this craft, and extract more pestilence from the heavens!" 'Xenomee remarked.

    'Qwerenemee twisted his face in what passed to be a smile in his species. He obliged, and gee's started creeping into the craft.

    The Seraph and longsword dived towards the atmosphere, like a predator chasing prey. Both of the craft descended into the atmosphere. Pulse lasers emanatited from the Seraph's auto-targeting system. He turned the auto-targeting off so that he could do the destruction himself.

    Pulse lasers touched the surface of the craft, and it caught on fire, and banked into the atmosphere, burning up in it via its hull breach. Two more enemy craft appeared behind him, trailing and firing their autocannons.

    The Seraph caught a great amount of this, and the shields disspated, leaving themselves open to any attack.

    "We need to get out of this mess!" 'Qwerenemee barked.

    But to 'Qwerenemee's suprise, 'Xenomee was enjoying himself. He banked the craft and touched the edge of the atmosphere, dodging death by a pinch, and the fighters trailing them met that fate they avoided. They headed towards the gun.

    A flurry of rounds hit the turrets gravitational stabilization system, found out by Dekanta, who brought those orders right to them.

    The installation shuddered and smoked as it fell towards the planets atmosphere. It burned and was dissected into various pieces falling into the planet, almost like a meteor shower.

    The craft accelerated towards the next gun.

    "I guess that was good since we got rid of six more interlopers?" 'Xenomee chuckled.

    "Well, they seem to be in the bottomless pit where the gods can tend to their needs." 'Qwerenemee remarked, laughing at the sheer thought of it.

    The next gun appeared, and fell towards the atmosphere, meaning someone already did their job, making the two pilots angry, but this was canceled by another three longsword fighters that approached the craft at flank speed.

    The fighters approached them on each side, making them open, even though the seraph's shield was back up. A flurry of projectiles hit and rebounded off the shields, but both 'Xenomee and 'Qwerenemee knew this would not last long.

    The craft dived and did a forward loop, making the two flanking ships impact and breach themselves. If the pilots were not wearing helmets, they would have suffocated. The ships were locked together for the moment.

    The craft that is now aft of the Seraph approached the starboard side and rammed the ship. Sparks protruded from the enemy hull. Since the enemy had no shields, it hurt them, but not the seraph. A bold move.

    The ships that were locked a moment ago exploded, since they could not get free, a moment of self destruction and sorrow for the human pilots. The covenant pilots were now happy since this was their own doing. The craft starboard rammed again, taking out the shields. But in spite of this, 'Xenomee and 'Qwerenemee both agreed it would be worth it and rammed back.

    They did this, and the enemy ship shuddered and detonated just three units aft, throwing their engines offline for a second. But as a miracle of Covenant technology, the shields held when this happened, not damaging the thrusters, but depleting their life support.

    'Xenomee made a bold statement. "Lets stay out here and make sure that there are no more enemies.

    'Qwerenemee hesitated for a second, seeing life support dropped to ninety five percent, then agreed, realizing how much honor this was.

    Fellow Seraph craft pulled ahead and shot towards the Ramadan, but 'Xenomee turned to face the one last longsword. Orders were hailed at them from 'Eneremee, but he ignored these.

    Life support down to eighty percent.

    The remaining Longsword tried to flee, but did not manage it. 'Qwerenemee fired the pulse lasers and an antimatter discharge. The craft eminated and shook, and dived at the Seraph.

    Life support down to sixty percent.

    The craft sped towards the Seraph and self-destructed, bringing the craft's life support and speed lower, along with a breach.

    Life support down to forty percent.

    The Seraph turned with agility and rocketed towards the Ramadan with all the speed it could manage. It screamed around Mach fifty leaving a blistering wake in the stars.

    Life support down to twenty percent.

    The Ramadan became closer and closer. The last other Seraph craft entered and the ship began moving away.

    Life support down to ten percent.

    The air became thin, 'Xenomee and 'Qwerenemee held their breath, the pilots pushed the ship to its limits.

    Life support down to five percent.

    The air was almost diminished, the craft entered the shuttle bay. 'Xenomee hit the emergency brake and 'Qwerenemee hit the signal for the doors to open. The craft descended vertically as the sign said:

    Life support down to zero percent

    'Eneremee was waiting for him on the docks, as was the newly awaken 'Ala 'Omnamamee, and the brute Aemdaues. Both pilots breathed in air, and did not know if this greeting would be good or bad.

    'Eneremee was the first to speak. "Greetings, and welcome back."

    Both pilots, only blue and red armored, bowed before their two superiors. 'Qwerenemee was slightly shaking, but not enough to notice.

    "I see you went through alot." 'Eneremee spoke. "I also see you downed five enemy ships, and you destroyed one of the guns yourselves. I also see you contradicted and disobeyed my orders directly." 'Eneremee's voice and anger slightly rose.

    "Normally, I would execute you for this, but Overseer 'Omnamamee saw your work out there." 'Eneremee spoke again.

    'Xenomee did not look terrified, instead he looked calm apart from how 'Qwerenemee was acting.

    'Omnamamee spoke up. "You did good, escpically considering the fact you risked your own lives for destroying every interloper, something I would normally do. So in turn, you are now heads of the squadron." After saying this 'Omnamamee bowed for them.

    'Eneremee spoke up. "You do realize this is a great honor, and this is not over. Do not bask in your own glory, because further action is required on the planet, where Overseer 'Omnamamee will be leading the operation. You will be in charge of airborne combat. I want you to reflect on this." 'Eneremee strode away with 'Omnamamee and the brute after saying this.

    'Omnamamee spoke. "If you dare defy my promotion, I will execute you. They deserved it."

    'Eneremee rejected. "I whole-heartedly agree with it. If it wasn't for you though, I would have executed the two because the idea never came to mi-"

    'Omnamamee held up his hand, indicating silence. "We may need that kind of skill downside. I have a feeling it may not be so easy down there."

    'Eneremee paused and understood. "Yes, great one"

    Ninth Age of Reclamation, Infidel's Prescence\In docking bay of Covenant flagship Ramadan\Beta Centauri system.

    "So only Eight of our own ships remain?" 'Eneremee asked.

    "Yes only eight. I have called for reinforcements, and they are en route. Time is running out." After saying this, 'Omnamamee strapped himself in the Covenant Dropship that would be among many others into the planets surface. He carried an energy sword that wasn't activated, his personal plasma pistol, and a dozen plasma grenades.

    "Good luck on your mission overseer." 'Eneremee said. "And may the gods find perserverence in you." 'Eneremee bowed.

    'Omnamamee looked at him, gave him a nod, and the dropships hatch closed and accelerated out of the Ramadan's artificial atmosphere.

    End of Part I.
  6. Thanks. This is only Part I. I hope you take time in reading this. I will post a comments topic as well.

    ~Team Rocket's Executive

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