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Halloween's Dimensions

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jenova, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. (OOC: Seems like Halloween's around the corner, eh? Inspired by Secad, this is a little Halloween RP I came up with. Like Secad, this is rather open-ended. Anyone can join c:)

    It was evening, and the sky was somewhat purple in colour, yet the silver half moon had risen up. The wind danced around on as it partnered with the autumn leaves up on the hilltop. Next to a black, leafless tree that almost seemed dead was a little girl in an oversized green, military-esque jacket. She was standing idle, with her hands in her pockets. She was singing to pass the time, the song being "Don't Say Lazy" as her head bobbed up and down, and her right foot tapping silently in rhythm and beat.

    "Please don't say you are lazy,
    we all know you're so crazy.
    The swans race through the sky!
    They're fluttering their wings faraway, no one knows why."

    Next to her was a small floating Skeleton with a hooded cape, as if it was the Grim Reaper's spawn. However, for some peculiar reason, its cheekbones were pink, as if there was actual flesh on its bones. The small creature was equipped with an electric guitar, and was playing along to the little girl's singing. The guitar made the skeleton look dwarfed in size, yet oddly enough, the creature was not weighed down by the instrument.

    Suddenly, a cold chill creeped up on the two. "Waiting for someone in particular, mademoiselle?" asked a deep, alluring voice, as if someone was going to take you by the hand and take you to the unknown.

    A man appeared out of thin air, towering the child from the front. His hair was a mane of blonde, and his face was handsome and very defined, as if he was from a portrait of some kind. The man sported a black cape, which he draped the girl under it, as if he was an eagle taking its child under its wing.

    The little girl, as if she has felt the person's presence since the beginning of time, stood up on her toes and ruffled the stranger's hair without hesitation. She smiled at him and replied with a quiet, soft voice.

    "Not really, but it's not everyday that you get to visit me, Holixz."

    The man referred to as Holixz smiled as well. "It's All Hallows Eve. The one time where my hair deems itself as perfectly normal, not counting the 1980s, little Kimmy. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Now, let's go to that Dimension Meeting, shall we?"

    The skeleton tugged his shirt and looked up at him with pleading eyes. Holixz looked down and smiled at the Grim Reaper pointing at itself. "Yes, Chowder," he said. "You can come along as well. We need your help to get there, after all."

    "Skreeeee!!!" Chowder said with glee, and with a snap of Holixz's fingers, the skeleton teleported them away from the depressing area.
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  2. (OoC: This character is based off my DnD one. However, I have edited her somewhat as this is not a D20. In addition, I please tell me if I have to edit her/my post. I can't figure out the time period of this RP, but she's rather medival. By the way, she's a Razorclaw Shifter Rogue, so she's highly dexterous and charismatic.)

    Tyris Panthera was slinking along the side of the street near the alleys of a rather run-down town. Often idiotic people would dash into an alley do to various tasks, such as public urination, rape, etc. Right then, she would dash in also, threatening them with her various poignard-style daggers. Mmm, blood, violence, murder. She enjoyed getting cash, rewards, and other things of personal satisfaction. She even had her three daggers enchanted, as one flamed (when she said a certain word, of course) and returned to her hand when she threw it, one just flamed, and one just returned. Of course, the first was her favorite.

    The short, 5'5, 120 pound Razorclaw Shifter (human form, as she was uninjured, but she still looked a tad feline) was clad in men's brown breeches (you can't move well in a skirt, correct?), a light green women's tunic, brown leather shoes, and a long, grey hooded cloak that made her look like she was floating across the ground like the lithe feline she could be. Currently, her hood was down, as leaving it up would be suspicious.

    "Hmm…" Tyris said to herself in her purring voice, leaning against the corner of a building, closing her dark red eyes (Which wrinkled the hash of three thin red scars over her right eye) and pushing back her blunt, light brown, chin length haircut. "What to do, what to do…"

    Then…'SKREEE!' And then a ‘POP!'

    Tyris suddenly disappeared, being flung into darkness, and then into a room filled with blood, almost real blood, but it had a cloying smell to it with a nasty 'ting' at the end of it. However, being a Razorclaw Shifter, she landed into a very cat-like stance on three limbs, her grey cloak covering her, temporarily concealing her pale face until she flipped her head back.

    "Where the **** am I?" Tyris cursed, her hand on her favorite dagger. This place was strange, with its unreal blood and odd furnishings.
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  3. (OOC: You should edit the last part with the tables and chairs, but it's alright ^^)

    When they arrived, Kimmy and Chowder were stunned. They had arrived in a humongous auditorium, large enough to probably seat a quarter of a successful metropolitan city. There were hundreds of rows of seats, each row consisting of cushioned navy blue chairs, with its frame out of wood, dark as the tree they were recently waiting nearby, and equally as haunting-looking. The room itself was dim, and could probably force those that are not faint of heart to shudder.

    "H-Holixz..." Kimmy began to say. "T-This place is magnificent. D-Did last year's interior designer died? I can't believe that the same person who painted this place a shuddering pink did... this." Chowder made a "skree"-ing noise once again, only this time, he was hiding under a nearby chair, quivering with fear.

    "Oh dear Goddess, you just had to remind me of last year, little Kimmy. Oddly enough, no, the interior designer that created that... that... Sweet Lolita abomination didn't die. Rather, it's the same person that made this," Holixz said as he shook his last shudder.

    "New dimension representatives are coming, right?" Kimmy asked, quickly changing the subject. What happened the previous year was a tale both

    Holixz replied as he secretly enjoyed the fact that the topic of horrible room themes was averted. "Yes, mademoiselle, new representatives are coming. If I'm not mistaken, they should be here soon." Holixz then turned and crouched down to meet eye-to-eye with Chowder. "Chowder, it's safe to come out now," he told the little skeleton as it slowly moved his head from the chair.


    "Yes, no more mentioning about the Barbie doll room."

    Chowder then embraced Holixz, somehow hugging Kimmy into the mix as well. "SKWEE!!!!!" it said, instantly cheering up. The skeleton soon released them, then teleported to every corner of the room, with each trip ending with a corner being decorated with realistic blood.

    "He's real excited about this meeting and Halloween, eh?" Kimmy said as she looked up at Holixz.

    The blonde man smirked. "He's a combination of the stereotypical icon of death, and an adorable icon of a potential children's cartoon. It's his job to be excited like this, should he ever have a career." The two laughed as they both watched Chowder, the hyperactive "skree"-ing Grim Reaper spawn, dance around the auditorium, tossing realistic blood and cobwebs here and there.

    It was going to be a very interesting meeting at this Hallow's Eve.
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  4. Tyris was then assaulted with a mass of cobwebs and globs of the unreal blood flung on her by this floating black-robed…thing, staining her green tunic and tangling her short brown hair. She had no idea what it was, but it seemed to be enjoying that. That ‘thing' was also accompanied by a blonde-haired human male and a young human female in a heavy jacket.

    "Who are you?" Tyris growled in a slightly disoriented manner, approaching them in an almost stalk-like motion. The whole time, she kept her hand discreetly on her dagger, covered by the swooshing of her grey cloak. "Where am I? Tell me. In addition, what is that being floating in the air above us, flinging cobwebs everywhere?"
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  5. Holixz flung his cloak over Kimmy, raising an eyebrow at the stranger. "We're in the Realm of Battlefields and Meetings, and as ridiculous as that sounds, it's true," he remarked. Holixz leaned over to Kimmy and whispered in her ear. "Forgive me, I had no idea how this person had gotten here."

    The little girl peeked out of his cloak. "I am Kimmy, and this is Holixz. That creature throwing disturbing festive decorations is Chowder. To be honest, we have no idea what is he," Kimmy explained, stepping out of the cloak. "He seems to regard me as his mistress, and with each Hallow's Eve, he seems to age. By the time I reach adulthood, Chowder will also reach adulthood, only to shrink in age and body development as I pass that period of life. He is able to teleport long distances, such as moving us all from the previous realm to this one." Kimmy continued to explain, only to be muffled by Holixz's hand.

    "Darling," he said in shushing tones, "Let me explain. Also, remember that you must stay with me at all times, otherwise some deranged person will attack you, and me and Chowder will be out of a job."

    Holixz then faced Tyris, the two meeting eye level. "Now, the reason why we're here is because today is Hallow's Eve, a time where specific realms have little children dress up as obscene characters and greet others, receive an ungodly health-deteriorating sample of food that somehow brings joy to the rambunctious idiots, then repeat the whole thing until the next sunrise. Us people," Holixz said before wincing at Chowder," or at least organisms, are apparently the obscene characters the children disguise as. Luckily, they don't know we actually exist, so there's no harm done. Various representatives from specific realms gather here to uphold a traditional meeting, explaining the customs of their realm, and we all eventually battle each other up on the platform over there. Later on, we visit the Hallow's Eve-sporting realms, and have a good jolly time scaring the little brats. "

    Chowder floated in front of Tyris. "Skwee?" it said softly, holding out a piece of candy.

    "Ah," Holixz said, pointing to Chowder. "That item he holds is the sample of horrid food I was talking about. Sweets or candy, as they call it? Seeing as Chowder is immortal, at least while the bloodline he serves under is still in existence, he has no side effects. To be honest, it's a nice little treat, as long as you don't eat the thing every goddamned day. He's asking if you want to try some. It's bubblegum, a chewy substance that lasts its flavor for a limited amount of time, and can be formed into a spherical shape, although it pops anyhow."
  6. "We're in the Realm of Battlefields and Meetings, and as ridiculous as that sounds, it's true," The blonde-haired man said. The human male then whispered something to the little female so softly, even the Razorclaw couldn't catch.

    Then the little human decided to come out from behind the blonde man's cloak and introduce themselves. I am Kimmy, and this is Holixz. That creature throwing disturbing festive decorations is Chowder. To be honest, we have no idea what is he," Kimmy explained, stepping out of the cloak. "He seems to regard me as his mistress, and with each Hallow's Eve, he seems to age. By the time I reach adulthood, Chowder will also reach adulthood, only to shrink in age and body development as I pass that period of life. He is able to teleport long distances, such as moving us all from the previous realm to this one."

    Kimmy then had her mouth covered by Holixz's hand. Tyris chuckled. Introducing herself, she said "Evidently, you're a talker. I'm Tyris, one of the Panthera line."

    Kimmy was then chatisted by Holixz. Watching people being verbally reprimanded was almost as interesting as watching them be punished.

    Turning to the Razorclaw Shifter, he finished with a long speech on what All Hallow's Eve was in other dimensions she had no idea existed. Evidently it turned into a time to stuff one's face with sweets and to scare each other with costumes. These people (and herself) were here as representatives from each dimension to explain customs and then battle. Battle was fun, but she preferred her prey have no idea who got them. At least this far, she was in no trouble here.

    The 'Chowder' thing than swooped up to her and offered Tyris some chewy substance called 'bubble gum.'

    "No, thank you." Tyris said politely, a bit of a throwback to her past home (and rank) as a noble. As there was no reason for alarm yet, she took her hand off her dagger and finished, "Razorclaws aren't fond of sweet things."

    Taking off her horrid shoes (they were needed in the town) and stuffing them in her pack underneath her cloak, Tyris gave a short sigh of relief. She could finally take those nasty things off, letting her feet be natural, revealing her thickly calloused feet perfectly capable of trekking through woods.

    "Excuse me," she started, "I'm still curious on why I was sent here. What sort of requirements are there? I mean, did the brave get sent here? The fast? Or was it just plain luck?"

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