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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by hsoyn, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I'm learning how to draw real good pokemons and i've tried to draw grovile.I think that i made good work on it.(Its a picture from my mobile so its no so clear).Anybody who wants and love groviles or any other pokemon can draw it and reply with it. :D
    Notice:Sorry but the picture is bigger than i thought. ;D
  2. This is a nice drawing line-and-proportion-wise, but it looks rather flat. Maybe you could shade. I would advise pressing down on the paper with the pencil slightly harder as you go over a curve, to make shadow and dimension appear.
  3. this is really good, but the background could use some work.
  4. The leaf on it's head is out of place, background is :p, and shading will do wonders. Other than that, it looks good.

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