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Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Ked, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Ked


    Which game do you think has the best graphics? Why are those graphics the best? Tell me what you think!

    I would have to say Arctic Tale for Wii. The graphics look so realistic, and better than what you would expect from a movie-based game. Throughout the game there is snow falling and the waves are always moving. In the ocean and ice there are white pixels everywhere so it looks like the sun is shining onto the water.

    I think the game with the second best graphics is Petz Horses 2, again for Wii. The graphics are also realistic. The people and horses look very real. The enviorment is quite nice. The bushes and trees have little lines and stuff coming off of them to create a leafy effect.

    So, which games have the best graphics?
  2. *Sigh* If your gonna do a discussion like this, the award would have to go to Crysis. :p It's so realistic, that it can only be played on a PC. And even THEN you have too pay $300+ in hardware for that game! Only true graphic whores would buy this.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I would have to say that all wii games that involve no exercise have good graphics, the one that stands out to me though is poképark wii.
    The pokémon look so realistic and 3Dimensional and even the environment's smallest features are easy to see from a long distance.
  4. Toastie

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    Do you mean the most realistic graphics, the best art style, what?

    Art style wise, I'd give that award to LostWinds, with Okami a close second. It captures the ancient druid feel perfectly.

    Realistic/Detailed graphics? For Wii, it is Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions. The cutscenes are excellent, and the ingame graphics are great too, each dimensions having their own graphical style.
  5. Ked


    Whichever Toastie. Anything you think looks nice :D

    I like the style of the graphics in Active Life Outdoor Challenge. Alot of things only have straight lines, and the colors are all bright and vivid.
  6. Crysis, Half Life, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock 1/2, Fallout 3.

    These all have good graphics.
  7. Crysis, that just wins by a long shot becuase of how feaking expensive it is to play it. Red Dead and Bioshock however, even though they have astonishing graphics, have obvious glitches becuase consoles sometimes can't handle engines.

    Another thing: If were talking about the realistic graphics, let's be honest to ourselves. THE WII ISN'T HD! NO GAME WILL EVER LOOK AS GOOD AS ONE ON THE OTHER CONSOLES!!!
  8. Well, I'll say a Sonic Unleashed for me.

    Unleashed wins for me because it maintains the awesome graphics while the speed blurs around you. It just looks so awesome, it practically says "Jump in man!". Seriously, it felt so realistic, like I could reach in there and touch it.
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  9. Linkachu

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    It really does depend on whether you mean artistic graphics or realistic, because the two are drastically different. Personally, artistic graphics tend to stand out to me more as being unique. I can't even list off which realistic games look best this gen. Once you get to a certain point with realism it's all the same.

    Artistically however... Some of the prettiest games I've ever seen are Wind Waker, Okami, and Flower (for PS3). The first two, Wind Waker and Okami, are very stylistic but in a really vibrant, beautiful way. Okami is more muted than Wind Waker, but when you revive an area the sequence is utterly gorgeous. That's what makes me appreciate the graphics of Flower, too. The entire game is basically just reviving fields with plants and flowers, and while the gameplay isn't overly indepth - the graphics are breathtaking. The game set out to create a peaceful mood and experience with its graphic style, and it definitely succeeded in doing so.
  10. I would actually say Pokemon Battle Revolution. All the Pokemon look real and the landscapes look real, but the trainers look like clay. And the attack moves (Like Flamethrower) have really good graphics. Go Pokemon!

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