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Government Utilization of Super Powered Forces

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    OOC- This is INVITE ONLY. Any body who has not been invited to this RP will have their post removed. I'll also be tempted to warn people >=O


    "Computer, History File #0001. Play," A strong, masculine voice said. A second voice spoke, the voice sounding much more mechanical.

    "The Government Utilization of Super Powered Forces, or the GUSPF for short. Fifty years ago, the goverment became aware of the existence of supernatural entities. Humans and animals began showing signs of abnormal activities. The normal limitations of a human were surpassed. These people could do things most people thought impossible - conjure fire from their fingertips, freeze water with just a touch, lift up a car effortlessly, flight, et cetera. Animals that could change shape, move faster than the eye could follow, change the colour of their fur or skin and so on. These lifeforms were put under observation. Fifty years ago, the Government Facility for Observation of Supernatural Lifeforms, or GFOSL, was formed.

    "Computer, pause," the voice said. He looked down from his desk, down to the room below. He was sat in a glass room attached to the ceiling. On this room, speakers were attached and a microphone placed inside for the 'higher-ups' (as they were affectionately referred to) to speak to whoever was occupying the room below. In this case, the new recruits. A fresh batch of super-powered humans, willingly admitted into the GUSPF. The commander, for that is who was sat behind the desk, looked down on the new recuits. They would need briefing on how things worked in the GUSPF. Hopefully, the history file would open their eyes.
    "Computer, continue."

    "The GFOSL continued monitering the supernatural behaviour, but it soon became apparent that these super powered lifeforms were abusing their power. There were countless reports of businesses broken in to by someone who could set things alight just by looking at them, or someone who simply teleported in, took something and teleported back out again. It was a disaster for the government, who simply did not have the resources to combat or restrain these people. Then, a super powered human known as Jason Thane stepped forward and joined the government, with plans for just what to do with the super powered people."

    "Computer, pause," the commander said. He turned his microphone and said, very clearly, "Will the wolf-human hybrid please stop harassing the guards."

    Down in the room below, one of the new recruits looked up at the commander, shrugged and returned to his place in the line. The commander sighed to himself, then ordered the recording to continue.

    "It was Thane's proposal to take in the super-powered lifeforms, give them a place to stay and give them all their needs for life. In return, the super-powered lifeforms would perform tasks, later referred to as missions, to earn their keep. The proposal was widely accepted, and the GUSPF was born."

    The commander stood up and walked around to the front of his desk, pushing a button as he went. A platform broke off from the front of the glass room and descended slowly, so that he was stood on the same ground as the new recruits. The man screamed of authority, and he reeked of intimidation. He wore military dress, though it was completely black. His face was scarred badly. His hair was forced back and black with streaks of grey. A veteran. No, a commander.

    "You have been recruited into the GUSPF. While you are here, you will be supplied with accomodation, food, drink and entertainment, along with training facilities. In return, you will be approached with missions, set by various people in charge of this facility," the commander explained. "Now, wait quietly and answer any questions you are asked."

    The commander nodded to men at the side, dressed in identical lab coats. They were both carrying clipboards and pens. Without any further ado, they approached the first person in the line.

    The first person in the line was possibly the most unusual of the bunch. He did not look entirely human. His head, for example, was not that of a normal human. It looked a lot more like the head of a wolf, albeit an unusual one. Covered in brown-grey fur, his yellow eyes hidden by specially-molded sunglasses. He was wearing clothes, thankfully. On his torso, he wore a t-shirt that had the sleeves ripped off, showing his equally furry arms. His hands were almost human hands, though the long, sharp, polished nails were most definitely not. He wore ripped jeans on his legs, fur poking out from the tears in the material. He did not wear shoes, preferring instead to just walk around barefoot. His feet were equally animal-like, sharp nails extending from the toes, the rest of the foot covered by hair. At the base of his back, there was a tear in his jeans for his tail.

    "Name?" One of the men enquired.
    "Marcus Smith," the wolf-man replied.
    "Codename?" The second man asked.
    "Werewolf," Marcus said.
    "Powers?" The first man asked.
    "Isn't it obvious? Part wolf. Better-than-average senses, faster than the normal human, stronger too. Prone to fleas, though, and they're a bloody nightmare," Marcus said, grinning, exposing all of his sharp teeth.
    "Thank you," the second man said, and the pair moved to the next person in the line.
  2. Stepping forwards, the next person in line smiled pleasantly. He kept his hands in his pockets, though had the good grace to let his black hat dissolve, clearly revealing his face. He was dressed in what looked to be a neat black suit, with a black shirt, black tie, black scarf, black shoes and, from what could be seen of them, black gloves. When one of the men in lab coats, presumably a technician or scientist, looked towards him, he inclined his head politely.

    "Name?" asked the man.
    "I'm Gideon Dale." stated the man calmly with another smile.
    "Codename?" was the only abrupt reply greeting such a statement.
    With a shrug, Gideon simply went with what he'd been called as a child. "Shades."
    "Powers?" asked the technician, as Gideon's clothes shimmered slightly.
    Taking his hands out of his pockets, Gideon let his glove break apart, reforming into a small dense sphere of murky darkness, before letting it melt back onto his hand to reform a glove, stitching and all. "Light based shadow manipulation. I work better in light places."
    As the questioner waved him forwards, Gideon placed his hand back in to his pocket and continued to move forwards. It wasn't till he was almost past that the technician stopped him.
    "Excuse me, you're not moving your legs. Powers?"
    With an almost mischievous grin, Gideon shrugged and let his face briefly congeal into the same dark substance as his clothing.
    ".... Fine." murmured the man, letting him past.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Torin scanned the rooms he was in, absorbing every detail. Not for any specific reason, it was just what he did. He paid no mind to those around him. He was dressed in a stormy blue-gray shirt, black cargo-pants, black 'skater' shoes, and a black overcoat, the trim of which was in the same stormy-blue color. A light gray scarf adorned his neck, along with a pendant that contained the design of a rain-drop and lightning intertwining. His jet-black hair was highlighted with gray, straight hair fell over the forehead of his pale face. Grey eyes peered between strands of hair, his mouth was curved down, expressionless.
    "Name?" asked a man in a lab coat.
    "Torin, Torin Stormcloud." he said, his eyes now fixed on the face of the man before him, again scanning every detail.
    "Codename?" he asked as he wrote on a pad.
    "Taranis." he said simply.
    "Powers?" he asked again, looking up finally, certainly expecting a small demonstration.
    Torin held out his arm that was hanging limply at his side until now, he flexed his fingers, electricity danced from fingertip to fingertip. "I can manipulate electricity, lightning." he said matter-of-factly, his arm hanging by his side once more. "I'm also alright with knives, and I'm not a bad strategist." he added, looking the man in the eye. He finally moved forward when he was beckoned.
  4. There followed an awkward silence as the next in line utterly failed to notice the labcoat-clad men shifting over to stand in front of him. His eyes were trained down to hands, showing nothing more than the top of his shaggy blond head. He seemed to be rather out-of-place amongst the serious, straight-backed individuals, not only due to his daydreaming posture, but his bright attire. He looked as though he'd come in off the street, wearing a zip-up hoodie that was so vivid a green that it bordered on offensive and a beat-up pair of jeans. It was safe to assume that his shoes had been blue at some point in their lives, but were now so filthy and scuffed up that their color was faded almost beyond recognition. A silvery chain lead from the side of his pants to his back pocket, presumably connected to either a wallet or a pocket-watch that was in danger of being sat on. Above that, a studded belt -- a tribute to teenagers worldwide who wanted to look edgy but feared they'd be grounded if they got a tattoo. Finally, the weirdest touch of all, a crowbar that had been shoved through a beltloop in a shoddy attempt at holstering it.

    To their credit, the men waited quite patiently for the blond before him to pay attention. After a moment had dragged by with no result, one of the two cleared his throat quite loudly. It had the desired effect, as the young man finally looked up and realized what was going on. He glanced down at his cupped hands, which held a tiny metal rabbit; obviously some sort of keychain or charm he'd been toying with. "Oh... uh... name, right. Theo. Theodore Giles."

    "Mmmhm." Neither of the two looked very impressed as they both scribbled on their clipboards. "Powers?"
    "I, uh... metallurgy, I think it's called? I can make metal do stuff. Nothing bigger than like... one of those dippy-looking little cars. You know what I mean?"
    Neither scientist responded. There was a brief pause as they wrote, then one of the two spoke up again. "Codename?"
    A blank stare from Theo. "I, uh... didn't really think of anything good. I thought maybe Quicksilver... that doesn't sound too lame, does it?"
    The degree of lameness, it seemed, would forever remain a mystery to Theo. Once the labcoat-wearing duo had finished taking their notes, they simply moved on to the next person in line without a reply.
  5. The next guy looked a little pensive. All the while, he had been thinking how best to explain himself. It had nothing to do with how he looked. Brown hair, blue eyes, black turtleneck shirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes... Nothing about him looked out of the ordinary. No tattoos, no scars, no piercings. He didn't even look disheveled, but he did look tense. He was looking down at his shoes, scratching the back of his head, and pretty much doing what he could to keep from pacing out of his spot in line. When the scientists came up to him, he was half-startled and almost immediately began talking.

    "Okay, first of all, I want to say that..."

    "Name?" the inquisitor interrupted.

    The boy stopped, immediately flustered. "Well, uh, Adam Jones."

    "Codename?" came the inevitable second question.

    "Oh, uh, I don't have one," Adam replied. "I couldn't really think of a good one given the specific nuances of..."

    "Powers?" the scientist impatiently asked.

    "Um, yeah," Adam replied, scratching the back of his head again. "The thing is..."

    "You do have powers, right?" the scientist asked.

    "Yeah, yeah, of course," Adam answered. "It's just that..."

    "Then get on with it," the scientist insisted. "Don't keep us in suspense, boy."

    "Yeah, I'm getting to that," Adam continued. "I could just give a simple label to them, but it's just not going to convey..."

    "I'm sure it's not nearly as weird as you think it is," the scientist said dispassionately. "We get all kinds here."

    "In general, yeah," Adam argued. "But the specifics of the..."

    "Just tell me something, okay?" the scientist blurted out. "I don't care if you have to explain the entire process to me. I'm just going to write the important bits down."

    "Okay," Adam said. After a brief pause to collect himself, he added, "I'd also like to say that I wouldn't've picked this exact nature for these powers, and when you get right down to it, they're not even my..."

    "Sir, permission to have this recruit shot," the scientist said to the commander.

    "Fine, fine! I'll cut to the chase!" Adam exclaimed. He took a breath and said, "Instant Self-Replication... after a fashion."

    "After a fashion?" the scientist repeated.

    "Well, they're me, but they're kinda not me," Adam explained. "It'll be easier if I demonstrate."

    Adam concentrated for a moment. The air shimmied around him, like the shadows of heat, until he was completely blurred out. In about the amount of time it took to perceive the effect, it dissipated, leaving not one, but two individuals in Adam's place. One was Adam, and the other was very similar to Adam, aside from the fact that she was a girl. She was only slightly shorter than Adam, with waist-length hair held back by an amber clip behind her head. Her clothes fit her much better, too, but where otherwise completely identical to Adam's.

    "Right," the girl said. "Um, just call me Amber."

    "You see, it all started when..." Adam began.

    "Don't care," the scientist said, moving on to the next guy.

    "Um, okay," Adam replied.

    "We can explain later, I guess," Amber added.
  6. (OoC) Update. Yoshimitsu27 has handed over the duties of this thread to I, Secad. I will be taking charge of this thread, and controlling the head of the Gov. Utilization of Super powered Forces, etc. and posting a new character. It's time that some girls got on this thread.

    It's been so dead lately.


    The next person in line, was surprisingly, a girl. She looked normal enough, about 13, and was wearing black skateboard shoes, black jeans, black hat, black jacket, black-banded braces, and a navy shirt with some company's logo on it. She had medium darkl brown, elbow length hair in a ponytail, cut in the 'emo' style with bangs sweeping over one eye. The bangs were streaked with thin red and black lines. A normal 'skater chick' as she had been described before.


    The girl stepped up, while fiddling with a piece of hair from behind her ear. She appeared nervous, but when talked to, a cocky expression crossed her face.

    "Name?" The inquisitor asked.

    "Samantha Anders. But I'm called Sam." The girl answered.


    "Geez. I really haven't thought about it. Shifter, perhaps?" Sam mused.


    "That's kind of hard to explain. I'll put it this way. partial emotion based shape-shifting. I can control the shifting somewhat, but when an emotion becomes too strong or changes suddenly, I just change into something, and-" Sam was then cut off by the inquisitor.

    "Shut up and just give us a demonstration then!" The inquisitor exclaimed.

    "'kay, but I'm not paying for the tailor's bill!"

    Sam closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and concentrated on her favorite form. She shot up up suddenly, to about eight feet tall, streching her clothes, sprouted wings that burst through her jacket, a tail ripped through her pants, her face elongated into a dragon's snout, teeth like daggers burst from her mouth, stretching her braces, clawed feet burst forth from her shoes, her hands grew claws more then two inches long, her hair sucked back in her skull, and finally,shiny, hard, black scales covered her body.

    She was a dragon.

    Her clothes were in shreds on the ground.

    "Umm...yeah. Forgot to tell you that." Sam said in a voice grittier then her own. "I can't shift clothes. And you are NOT going to make me change back! "

    "Just go away! Next person!" the inquisitor shouted.
  7. (Ooc) Update. Yoshimitsu27 PMed me and told me he did not want his character participating in the RP. I also have a few very nice suprises in for the characters and an extra evalution after we have a full roster of characters. We have two more openings! (Not counting Gardie Master's extra character) PM me and I'll decide if you can join. Okay Yoshimitsu, it's going to happen!


    Marcus was being escorted to the confidential transportation vans to be taken home to pack and to arrange his affairs. He had a week to do so, and was sure going to use it. The group was quiet until a guard said, while gesturing with his gun,
    "Look wolf, I've had enough of your mouth, now shut it, or I'll be doing it forcebaly."

    "Ooh, scary, what're going to do? Shoot me, macho man? Scaarry." Marcus retorted. The guard quickly cocked his gun and fired, but his aim was off, and only shot his leg.

    "I warned you wolf! You don't smartmouth a guy with a gun!"

    One other guard said, "He'll be out for a while.."

    The third guard radioed in to GUSPF. "Werewolf is shot, we need an ambulance stat! Davies here shot Werewolf and it hit a major arterey!"

    An ambulance wheeled around, while the third guard was trying to stop the flow of blood with his tie. Marcus was lifted onto a stretcher and was placed into the ambulance. The ambulance sped away, and Marcus would not return to GUSPF for quite a while.
  8. OoC: This is my first RP so it wont be as good as the others above ^_^'
    Hope its okay...


    The next in line watched the Ambulance wheel away. "What a shame..." he mumbled to himself. He had been looking forward to sparring with the wolf-man...
    He looked to his right, they had just about finnished with the girl- er, Dragon, and were on their way towards him. He dusted down his red vest, which was covered by another vest, fishnet material.
    His skintight black jeans were deliberately torn at the knees, and with the combonation of his studded belts, he looked quite the punk. He wore ordinbary black converse on his feet. These also looked rather drab. almost like they had been scorched...

    His thoughts were interupted by the man in a long white lab coat. The next in line looked at him with a dazed expression.
    "Name, sir?" The man repeated, with a bored tone.

    He took his time realized what was happening.

    "Sheesh, would it kill ya' to be a little, I dunno... nicer?" He said with a smirk.

    "It is not my job to be nice. My job is to inquire. Now name please, or get out!"

    The man flicked his jet black hair out of his crimson red eyes.
    "Okay, okay! Don't blow a fuse... My name is Marshell. Kenyon Marshell."


    "Ooh, are we playing spies now?" He seemed to enjoy toying with the man.


    "I know, I know... How about.. Sunburst?"


    'Sunburst', as he had chosen to be named, had a glint in his eye as he saw an oppourtunity to show off.

    "Weeeell, lets see, I guess you could call it.. Pyrokinesis."

    "Could you be more specific?"

    The man had fallen right into Kenyon's trap.

    "I can make stuff blow up with my mind. I can also manipulate air particles to effectivley create my own fire. I can control that too."

    He looked at the two men who didnt appear to fully understand. Sunburst smiled.

    "Hows about a little demonstration?"

    At this, Kenyon closed his eyes, and focused on one of the vehicles he had seen before being lead into the complex.

    "This really isnt necasery, sir..."

    Kenyon's temples bulged.

    "Sir, please, we dont need anymore demonstrations!"

    Kenyon continued with his show, either oblivious to the mans plea, or had chosen to ignore him.

    Outside the building, two soldiers were loading some weapons onto a van. These were being shipped put to some of the other GUSPF operatives out on the field.
    They had just finished loading the last crate, when the whole frame of the van started glowing.
    "Hey, Frank, look at this!" The first soldier beckoned his collegue over.
    Frank inspected the van as it got brighter and brighter...
    "Youch!" The first soldier had burned his finger whilst trying to touch the apparantly burning van.
    "Son of a- its burning hot!" Frank looked at his partner with a worried look.
    "Dude, look its glowing white-"

    Back inside the complex, Kenyon opened his eyes.

    "There we go. Now, watch the fireworks."

    The two lab coated men looked at each other.

    "Is this some kind of joke?"

    Kenyon smiled.

    "See for yourself budd."


    At 0813 hours today, an explosion caused near fatal injuries to two men loading a weapons van. The report states that the frame had started glowing red, and then white, where upon the explosion occured, leveling the whole area around the van. Upon further inspection, it would appear that the vans molocules began rapidly vibrating with each other, causing the violent reaction. Thanks to statements made by the recrutment inquirers, it became clear this explosion happened to the will of new recrute, Sunburst (alias Kenyon Marshell)
  9. ((I was actually thinking of dropping this character, but since you mentioned it I might as well follow through.))

    The next girl in line didn't look particularly impressed with Sunburst's display. She probably would've, if she hadn't been gabbing away on her cell phone the whole time. The cell phone, like the rest of her attire, was a tragically trendy shade of pink. The blonde wore a pink minidress, pink platform heels, pink gloves, pink wristwatch, pink bangle bracelets, pink earings, a pink baret, and chances were the gum she was chewing was also pink. The one things not pink on her were her white leggings.

    "...So I was all like, 'There's no way you could eat the whole thing,' but he all like, ate the whole thing anyway and he was all like, 'Yeah I showed you' but then he like, totally barfed the whole thing up..."

    "Name?" the scientist asked.

    "...and he was still all like, proud of himself for like, eating the whole thing and I was all like, 'Yeah, but it doesn't count if you like, barf it all back up again' and he was all 'Yeah it does' and I'm all 'Yeah it doesn't' and he was all 'Yeah it does' and I'm all 'Yeah it doesn't' because it totally doesn't count if you can't like, hold it down and stuff..."

    "Name?" the scientist repeated himself, only louder and more obtrusive.

    Apparently recognizing neither the man's authority nor the situation she was in, the girl put her hand over the cell phone's microphone, loudly whispered "I'm on the phone," pointed to the phone in case the man hadn't noticed it, and continued her mile-a-minute soliloquy. Now long past fed up with the idiosyncracies of the recruits, the scientist proceeded to yank the cell phone from the girl's hand. The phone promptly snapped back into position thanks to a strand of greenish slime connecting the mobile device to the aforementioned limb and she continued to gab unabated. The scientist, pausing momentarily process what just happened, took the girl's hand away from her head and snapped the cell phone shut.

    "Excuse me, but I was on the phone, thank you very much," the girl snapped. Rolling her eyes, she reopened her phone and proceeded to dial.

    "Excuse me, Princess, but this is not a mall, thank you very much," the scientist snapped back, snapping the phone shut again. "You are expected to follow some semblance of protocol and regard this as the serious situation it's supposed to be. Do you understand?"

    The girl simply glared at him as she took her hand back and crossed her arms over her chest.

    "Thank you," the scientist said, turning back to his clipboard. "Name?"

    "Valerie Alicia Pierce?" the girl answered, impatiently stamping her foot and rolling her eyes. Her voice went up at the end as if asking a question, even though it was actually a statment.

    "Codename?" the scientist inquired.

    "I dunno... like, Slime Girl, I guess?" Valerie replied, examining her fingernails dismissively.

    "Powers?" the scientist asked.

    Valerie rolled her eyes. It was pretty obvious by now. In her mind at least. "I like, ooze this slime or something out of my skin and stuff? It's like, all sticky and junk? It stinks real bad sometimes, too? I think it might be like, knock-out gas or something?"

    "Knock-out gas?" the scientist inquired.

    "I once like, accidently spread it on this guy?" Valerie explained. "And he like, fell over and started twitching and stuff? So he like, had to go to the hospital. He might be dead or something. I dunno."

    "You don't know?" the scientist asked.

    "I don't care?" Valerie replied.

    "Fine," the scientist said, rolling his eyes after jotting a few notes down. "Thank you."

    Valerie rolled her eyes as the scientist moved on to the next person. She immediately put her phone in its rightful place by her ear and redialed. Soon enough, she had picked up where she left off as if nothing had happened.
  10. Ooc: Update. Because I don't want this topic to completely die out, I am opening up the application to anyone who can write a decent character intro. So the next two people who post their characters here are the last two people to participate in this RP. After those two people post their characters, applications are closed and the RP storyline will begin.

    So please post! The smilies beg you too! Just look at their faces! :-[ :'(

    Edited it to make it nicer on March 31st, 2008.

    Edited on April 2nd, 2008 to bump it.

    Bump (hopefully)
  11. A non-descript man stepped up to the technicians, wearing blue jeans, hiking boots, a grey t-shirt, and an authentic Navy peacoat, complete with anchor buttons. He stood to attention, his blue eyes staring straight at the opposite wall. The technician approached warily, having had his share of unusual experiences today, hoping the normal looking individual next in line wasn't packing any disturbing surprises.


    "Adam Walker."

    "You're not in our records, Mr. Walker."

    "That was intentional, sir. I use several aliases." The man's eyes never left the wall.

    "Ah. Your real name, then?"

    "As far as you're concerned, sir, Walker is my real name."

    "I'm sure one of our officers will want to talk to you about that. Well, then, at any rate, what is your codename?"

    "Last one I was given was Clocktower, sir."

    "Clocktower?" The technician raised an eyebrow. Temporal manipulation was rare, and almost too much to hope for...

    "The Clocktower Sniper, but that takes too long to say. Too long for Dick and not short enough for Richard, as they say, sir."

    "Why do you keep calling me sir?"

    "Call it a formality, sir."

    "Former military, Mr. Walker?"

    "If it helps you sleep at night, sir."

    The technician sighed. He simply wasn't being paid enough for this. "I get the feeling, Mr. 'Walker', that you're not going to tell me anything much that you don't want me to know. So to save us both time, let's wrap this up. Powers?"

    "Increased hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, translating to high marksmanship. Augmented visual acuity. I can see very far. And manipulation of sonic dead zones."

    "Sonic dead... No. Don't tell me. Just move along."

    The man nodded, finally dropping his stance as the technician moved on.
  12. Ooc: I will 'BUMP' this up so people will actually see how cool this RP is.
  13. Heart nearly pounding out of his chest, the next person in line approached the two men. He had dark black hair, blue eyes and new looking clothes. His clothes were in fact new, he had bought them in a feeble attempt to look nice. The brown corduroys weren't exactly the most trendy things in the world but they were comfortable and that was all that mattered to him. The zip up green sweatshirt was bought only to match the plain green shirt he was wearing.

    "Name?" The scientist asked the nervous boy, who had been trying to avoid his gaze since he had stepped up.

    "Ol-" He paused to clear his throat, something he had to do often in order to be heard. "Oliver Newbury."

    The man just gave him a confused look. "What? I can't hear you." He had expected that. He repeated himself louder but the man with the clipboard still had to strain his ears to hear him.

    "Code name?"

    Oliver froze. He hadn't expected this. "I.." He started nervously.

    "Don't have one?"

    Oliver nodded.

    "Well, can't you think of one?"

    Oliver shook his head.

    "Well ya better start thinking. Powers?"

    Oliver had tried to prepare himself for this by thinking of something half intelligent to say. "Slight time control." He mumbled, forgetting the prepared sentence completely. He had seen everyone else perform a demonstration so he figured he had to do one as well.

    Oliver clenched his hands into fists and held them in front of him, elbows bent. His eyebrows slanted downwards as he began to concentrate. The vains in his body began to bulge out more than a normal person's should. Slowly, he began to unfold his clenched hands and when they were halfway open he flicked all his fingers. Oliver gasped, losing his breath for a moment. His hair had turned pure white, just as it did everytime he used his power. His eyes had also changed and were now a bright orange. Not that anyone besides the two men asking the questions would have noticed these changes, they were all frozen in time.

    Oliver tried to hold time for as long as he could but after five and a half everything was back to normal. No one knew anything had happened.

    "I'm not very good at it, though... the most I can really do is pause for seven seconds, go forward about-"

    "Not important. Now we're back to codename."


    "Fine, I'll pick for you. Since you can only go for about seven seconds..." He wrote something down on his clipboard. "How about seven?" Rather than wait for an answer he pushed Seven aside and called for the next person in line.
  14. (Ooc: Okay people, registrations are closed, RPing begins! Here you can expand on your character history, and there will be further testing of your abilities, along with some very nice surprises for your characters.)

    The scientist checked his notes. "Nope, sorry, no one else is on the list. Boss, brief 'em!"

    At that time, Sam had just come out of the bathroom in a white t-shirt, grey flip-flops, and blue shorts. They weren't her style, but her clothes were ruined when she transformed, and that's all they gave her.

    "Welcome, new recruits. A new life in GUSPF has begun. When you come here next time, you will be picked up from your resisdence in a black sedan. You have one week to pack and arrange your affairs." That short speech was given by the man in the glass box above everyone's heads, who was, of course, the commander. "Training begins immedietly after you test and arrive. The tests are non-invasive. Those who are still in school and college will recieve the best education the country can provide. You will be briefed next week on what you are expected to do. Dismissed."

    Sam left, pondering what she was to do in the next week. The weekend ended that day, and she'd be back in school. Sam shuddered of what would happen. The shape-shifter was escorted to the black vehicle, and was returned to her home.

    When Sam got home, it was horrible.

    "Sam! What did they do to you? What happened to your clothes? I know you have to go away because of those press-" Sam's mom fretted.

    "Relax, Robyn, she'll be fine. She can protect herself for sure. And we do get paid for what she does." said a black-haired man who was Sam's dad. Putting an arm around Robyn's shoulders, he finished. "It wasn't her fault she got that gene."

    "I know, Sam." Robyn sighed. Sam was named after her father, Samuel.

    "Uh...Mom," Sam began, pointing to her uncharacteristic attire. "Did you finish the laundry today?"

    The night passed fine, but there was tension in the Anders household. No one spoke during dinner. Samuel and Robyn didn't speak to Sam for the rest of the night, except for a "Sam, go to bed now, okay? It's 10 o' clock, and tomorrow' school."

    Sam shut off the light, and got into flannel PJ pants and an old T-shirt. But she didn't get to bed. She stood in front of her mirror, and shifted.

    "Fun...school. Who knows what they're going to think?" Sam said, shifting through anthro-animal and human forms, some of the easiest for her to do. Shifting was a way of stress relief for her.

    She finally climbed in bed after a half-hour of shifting, but her dreams weren't pleasant. She'd had the same dream ever since the incident.

    (Ooc: The dream replays the incident)

    She was in the second row of a nearly empty high school classroom, finishing up an essay. She was smart, so she got to skip a few grades. A few of her friends were in the front row talking, messing around. A boy she really liked, but didn't let on, was there with his girlfriend, and they were getting ready to leave.

    "Okay, okay okay, sorry I have to leave." but Tobias's girlfriend (Ooc:Tobias is the boy) Kira, kept pulling Tobias closer. "Stop pulling!" Tobias swatted at Kira.

    At that time, Sam decided to look up from her essay. At that time, Kira pulled Tobias into a long liplock.

    Sam suddenly grew very, very, very angry and very jealous. She saw fur growing on her hands, an long, golden tail with a tuft was growing, and her ears were shifting up her head. Sam felt the instincts arising, predatorial ones, at that. Sam tried to regain control, but the instinct was taking over. Sam grew and grew, until she was a female LION! And an angry one at that.

    Prey... The primal lion-Sam thought. Sam roared, and ran at Kira, but was pulled back before she could gut Kira, only leaving a long scratch on her stomach. The other students ran out of the room, but Kira and some red-headed boy were left.

    Wha... thought the lioness/Sam.

    The red-head was concentrating, keeping Sam from attacking Kira. He was telekinetic, the first super-powered person Sam had seen. Red-Head had the great idea of bringing heavy chairs down on Sam's head, thus knocking her out.

    Sam woke up, human, but covered in a blanket. The rest of the dream was a blur of courts, pressed charges, and bits of sentences being read out.

    "Mr. and Mrs. Anders, your choice is either to send your daughter to reform school, or to juvenial hall." The judge said.

    The Anders chose the reform school, but it was secretly GUSPF, which was one of the many ways they recruited the super-powered.


    Sam's alarm clock rang, and she was awakened. "Fun...school. I want to sleep!" Sam moaned, yanking herself out of bed.

    School was actually okay, except for the odd 'I heard you like Tobias. Is that true?"

    Sam didn't answer. On Thursday, she finally saw her best friend, a fellow skater-chick named Tara Marks.

    "Hey. Where were ya this week?" Sam asked, while catching up to her in the hallway.

    "Sick." Tara responded.

    "Oh." lowering her voice to a whisper, she said. "Hey, you know I have to go to that reform school on Monday?"

    "No. Why?"

    "'Cause I 'assalted' Kira, Tobias's idiotic girlfriend. It's amazing how they stay together. They fight and break up and get back together nearly every week!"

    "Oh. Yeah." Tara said.

    They split up to their separate classes. No one, except for the people who had been in that classroom, knew about her powers. They had been sworn to secrecy. Her parents knew, but only because it had been revealed to them secretly. Now they were all 'no shifting on school days' and 'You're grounded! No shifting!' That was the exact reason why she didn't tell them.

    Friday came and went pretty quickly, so when she got home, she packed a large rolling suitcase with about three weeks worth of clothes, some books, a coat, a handheld video game system, toiletries, and some money.

    Sam dragged the suitcase downstairs, and said good-bye to her parents.

    "Call us if you need anything! Or write! Or something!" Sam's mother was trying not to tear up.

    "Bye Mom, Dad." Sam said sadly, hugging her parents.

    Sam got herself out of the door, and was escorted to the sedan outside, as told.

    The trip was boring, in Sam's perspective, but when she got there, it was amazing.

    Sam and the other recruits were escorted to a dormitory that had a common room with a large, tan, micro suede sectional, a few tan, microsuede recliners, a coffee table, tan plush carpet, a nice, tiled kitchen area, and a large plasma TV. Off to the right of it were a bunch of doors, which Sam assumed were rooms.

    "Excuse me, where do I put my stuff?" Sam asked an escort.

    "Huh?" she had gotten his attention. "Oh. Your room is that one. No roommate." He added, seeing Sam open her mouth again.

    Sam followed his finger, which pointed to the third door down. Sam walked in, and was amazed. It was awesome!

    "These guys definitely have cash to burn." Sam said, dumbstruck.

    It had cream colored plush carpet, a large, double bed with what looked like expensive bedclothes, another tan recliner, a tall floorlamp, a large closet, a large bookshelf, a nightstand, a desk with a computer on it, and a corkboard. It was like being at a nice hotel, except for one, unsettling detail.

    There was a large tranquilizer gun in a glass case above the bed.

    "Woah. Not a good sign." Sam said, backing off a bit.

    "Recruits! Further testing! Get out here now!" a voice called.

    Sam dropped her stuff in her room and ran outside to join the group.

    The voice came from the commander.

    "Okay, recruits. Very soon, we have testing. But on to 'house rules' to put it in a way you can understand. The kitchen area is where you can make and get your food from. It will be restocked weekly. There is no 'light's out', but classes for the ones still in school begin at eight AM outside this dorm area." the commander said, pointing to a door next to the kitchen area. "You may decorate and furnish your rooms to your tastes. Training sessions begin at three PM and end at eight for the minors, and training sessions for the adults are from nine AM to five PM. Training sessions are on weekdays only, because of the importance of resting to help muscle develop. When we do get missions, you will be alerted to them via that TV near the sofa. The TV is a normal TV for the rest of the time. You will earn a weekly salary, and the minors will send a quarter of their's home to their parents, for legal reasons." The commander looked at Sam. "Outside communication is allowed, but mention of GUSPF is prohibited. That is all."

    When he finished, more scientists came through a door and lined up. One said, "Go with one of us. Now."

    Sam went to a woman with blonde hair. She was then led to a large warehouse with plenty of scientists on the sidelines, and a table with two chairs. Sam sat down on one, the woman the other.

    "Okay." the blonde lady said. "Tell me about skills other than shifting. That comes next."

    "Sure. I have a red belt in both karate and ju-jitsu, have a 4.0 GPA, I am a freshman, am very good at English and History, and speak a little Spanish." Sam wasn't sure how trustworthy GUSPF was after she found a tranquilizer gun in her dorm room. She had to keep some skills in reserve.

    "Any weaknesses?"

    "I laugh too much, I am not very strong, I make desicions quickly without weight the pros and cons, I am too headstrong, too aggressive, and I am addicted to chocolate." Same with the first, she couldn't tell them everything.

    "Okay, on to shifting." The blonde lady gestured for a shower curtain to be dropped about five feet behind Sam. "Shift for me. Can you shift objects if you go to the right form?"

    "No." That was true, but she never thought of a form in which to change objects. "I'll do some simple ones first, though, some that don't require changing. As in clothes."

    Sam concentrated, and went through a myraid of hair colors, eye colors, hair lengths, sking colors, etc. Those were easy, not taking a huge toll on her energy levels. the full body transformations did.

    Next, Sam went anthro-animal. Those were only slightly harder, but with the added power, and the added disadvantage of minor instincts. She could never get rid of instincts.

    "Rawr! Cool, huh?" Sam said, stopping at an anthro-jaguar.

    "Yeah, uh huh." Blondie said, writing stuff down. "Do some full-body."


    Sam stepped behind the curtain and undressed. She concentrated on her classic dragon, and stepped out.

    "This good enough?" Sam asked, getting annoyed.

    "Yep. Do some real animals."

    Sam shifted again, into a black gerbil. Agh! The run-run-run instinct, one of the worst. Sam thought. She couldn't speak, though, so she squeaked instead.

    "Cute! Do another one!"

    Finally! Sam thought, changing into a red-tailed hawk, and fluttering down on the table, and 'TSEEEER!"-ing the life out of Blondie.

    Blondie jumped. "Okay, good enough, dismissed. Training starts soon."

    Sam fluttered back behind the curtain, shifted back, and got dressed. She walked back to the dorm, plunked on the couch, and watched movies 'till about ten at night.

    (OoC: Most of the recruits rooms are the same, except for some special additions because of their powers.)
  15. Oliver had placed his bags in his room, which he was going to have to share, unfortunately. He noticed a computer which caught his interest. Just as he was about to boot it up he was called out for testing.
    Oliver listened with interest while the commander gave details. The education part seemed ok, he had been homeschooled his whole life so was used to small classes.

    Then came the one on one questions. Oliver hoped they wouldn't ask him who he usually hung out with, whenever he was asked a question like that he always had to lie. The truth was, he didn't really hang out with anyone. He didn't have any friends. Except for his dog, Justin. Justin was a small Jack Russel Terrier that wasn't even very fond of Oliver.

    "So Oliver, tell me about your skills, other than time control." A middle aged man asked Oliver once they were all ready to ask the questions."

    Oliver thought for a moment. "Um... I'm a straight A student... I have a black belt in Isshin Ryu karate... I can type 160 correct words per minute on a qwerty keyboard... I'm an ok climber..." He couldn't think of anything else.

    "Ok. And your weaknesses, if any?"

    "I don't do well in large groups of people I don't know... I guess I'm pretty shy. And I'm not the best swimmer."

    "Oh...kay..." He said as he wrote quickly on his clipboard. "Not the best swimmer..." He said quietly to himself as he finished writing. "All right. So tell me about-" He looked down at his clipboard. "Tell me about controlling time."

    "I can go freeze time, go forward, and go backwards. The most I've ever frozen time for is seven seconds, the most I've ever gone forward is about five minutes and the most I've ever gone back is an hour."

    "Uh huh." He said, scribbling fast. "Can you do it on specific areas? Can you freeze certain things seperately?"

    Oliver thought about it. "I don't know... I've never tried... I can make certain things not freeze, though."

    "All right. Let's try right now." He threw his pen in the air. "Freeze it!"

    Oliver was caught off guard, which was usually when he his freezing worked best. Unfortunately, he forgot to try and freeze only the pen. His veins bulged out, his hair changed from black to white and his eyes from blue to orange. Everything but himself was frozen in time. The man asking the questions had a smile on his face, his arm up throwing the pen, which was frozen in mid air.

    "Oops." Oliver said. He began counting how long it had been. Eight seconds went by, Oliver kept holding. Twelve seconds, he still had it. And he wasn't even trying. He got up from his seat and walked around for a while. It must have been at least a minute now and time was still frozen. "How am I doing this?" He asked himself, amazed. While it was working, he decided to try out a few things. He raised his arm and clenched his hand into a fist quickly. The pen fell to the floor. Oliver laughed a little. He opened his hand again before clenching it into a fist once more. The pen shot back up into the air and remained suspended. He had reversed it.

    He figured he should probably unfreeze time now. With a twirl of his wrists time caught back up with itself again. The pen fell to the ground once more.

    The man picked up the pen. "All right, that time didn't work. Let's try again." Then he looked up at Oliver. "What happened to your hair? And you weren't standing before."

    "My hair?" Oliver asked, ignoring the bit about him standing.

    "It's white. And your eyes.."

    "It's still white?" He didn't get it. Normally when he unfroze time his hair and eyes went back to normal. He whimpered slightly. Had he done something wrong?

    "I think I see what happened.."

    Oliver couldn't possibly believe this person would know more about what happened than he did. "What?"

    "Well first I need to ask you something. When did you find out about your power and how often do you use it?"

    Oliver thought for a minute. "I found out about it a few days ago and I haven't had many chances to use it."

    The man smiled and nodded. "I see. It sometimes takes a while for people with talents such as yours to really gain control of their powers."

    "Oh.." Oliver thought about it. "So do you think now I can do whatever I want with them?"

    "I think only you can answer that."

    Oliver's vains began to bulge out. His hair turned from white to black, his eyes from orange to blue. Time stopped. He counted but he felt confident he could control it this time. After thirty five seconds he figured it was fine. He unfroze time and pulled a strand of hair down near his eyes. It was black.

    "That's about all I need. You can go now."
  16. (Ooc: Sem wants out, so I'll kick his character out. Here goes!)

    Torin arrived at the testing room with a black-haired lady. He was asked questions about his strengths, weakness, etc. but when it came to power demonstrations, he was stuck.

    "Umm...I can only do them at certain times of day." he said, trying to evade the question.

    "Yeah right. Do it, or else I call in a few powered employees to help force them out!"

    Geez. She seemed very aggressive.

    "I told you already! I can only do them in the afternoon! It's early nightfall now!"

    "Enough! Smartina! Yertz! In here!" the black haired lady said over the intercom.

    Only a small man and a large, intimidating woman came through the door.

    "Hello. I'm Smartina." said the man.

    "Cut to the chase, Smartina. We're telepathic. We can tell when you're lying." Yertz said.

    They both stared out in space concentrating on nothing. Torin felt a probe in his mind, someone digging through his thoughts. He fought back the best he could, but they still found something.

    "Liar!" Yertz cried. "He's not electrokinetic! The was a combination of static electricity and something he won't reveal!"

    "Out!" Smartina cried, concentrating again to control Torin to force him out of the facility, forever.
  17. Kenyon felt a feeling of satisfaction spread across his body as he looked across the room.
    He smiled when his eyes fell upon the mini-bar.

    "The mini bars are alcohol free, if thats what your thinking, sir."

    Kenyon looked at the white coated informant on his left.

    "What, so a guy can't even have a cold beer every once in a while?"

    The informant adjusted his glasses.

    "I'm afraid GUSPF does not allow drinks to avoid unwanted destruction through some peoples powers.
    Concerning calls to the outside, they are permitted, however any mention of GUSPF is strictly forbidden."

    Kenyon nodded slowly, his freedom was restricted, and he didn't like rules.

    "Now, please take a seat, so we can talk in more detail about your powers."

    He motioned to a chair by a desk, which was facing the window. Kenyon sat down, and the Informant sat on the bed.

    "First question: What other strengths do you have?"

    Kenyon thought for a second.

    "I used to be a cage fighter, I guess I can take a few punches. Deal 'em out too. My power seems to render me fire resistant, I have never been burned in my life. Also, I can use a gun, though I gotta say, I ain't used one for a while..."

    The informer scribbled down these details...

    "I see, and how long have you had these powers?"

    Kenyon thought for a second... When had he got his powers? He couldn't remember not having them.

    "Ever since my momma brought me into this world."

    The informer once again wrote something down on his clipboard.

    "Okay, final question. Do you have any weakness?"

    Kenyon absentmindedly whirled a small flame around on his index finger.

    "Well, obviously my fires can be doused by certain quantities of water, all depends on how big the flames are. My 'explosive' abilities are limited to things I have seen, and only work within a certain radius. My flame control only works when the flame is within a centimeter of my skin, not sure if I can extend that radius. never tried. I'm a sucker for pretty women."

    The informant wrote down feverishly every detail. When he finished, he snapped the clipboard shut, and looked up.

    "Thats all for today, you may decorate and furnish your rooms to your tastes. Training sessions begin at three PM and end at eight for the minors, and training sessions for the adults are from nine AM to five PM. Training sessions are on weekdays only, because of the importance of resting to help muscle develop. When we do get missions, you will be alerted to them via that TV near the sofa. The TV is a ordinary for the rest of the time. You will earn a weekly salary, and the minors will send a quarter of their's home to their parents, for legal reasons."

    He paused, looking flustered.

    "Any questions?"

    Kenyon looked around, then looked at himself.

    "Yeah. When do I get a costume?"
  18. (Ooc: Slink, I'm answering your character's question. I hope it was an actual question, or else I'll look stupid. Also, Xanthier has told me he wants his character to become an NPC, which means anyone can control him. The character is Shades, who has umbrakinesis.)

    The informant paused, to mentally gather the information that was told to him a while ago.

    "There are no 'costumes' like you see in comic books, but you will be given black body-suit type uniforms to wear in training and on field, which are altered for your specific powers. For example, yours will defintely be extremely fireproof, but for a recruit called Slime Girl, she will get the basic model, with a few alterations. The basic model is bulletproof, fireproof, waterproof, electric-proof, and as many 'proofs' as GUSPf can shove in it to keep the wearer as safe as possible. It also has gloves and a mask/hood combination with underwater capabilities."

    (Ooc: They're kind of like souped-up scuba diver suits, minus oxygen tank.)

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