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Garchomp Deck?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Unexpected Dai, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. So recently I've been getting into the TCG and i was just wondering if anybody had any tips or critiques for this Garchomp deck.

    4x Gible BKP
    2x Gabite BKP
    4x Garchomp BKP
    2x Remoraid BKT
    2x Octillery BKT
    2x Zygarde-EX FCO
    1x Hawlucha FUF
    4x Strong Energy
    5x Fighting Energy
    1x Level Ball
    3x Professor Sycamore
    1x Float Stone
    1x Super Rod
    1x Town Map
    2x Brigette
    4x Ultra Ball
    2x Lysandre
    1x Training Center
    4x Korrina
    2x Focus Sash
    1x Escape Rope
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Professor Birch's Observations
    2x VS Seeker
    2x Muscle Band
    1x Professor's Letter
  2. I've always loved the rarec andy and korrina combo, but why have 4 ultra balls in there. That's 1/5 of your deck just with those 3 cards, and you're missing the most important card if you're discarding anything.... Lysandre's trump card... Every deck should run one, and a vs seeker, that way unless both are prize cards, you can never lose by being decked by your opponent, replace the super rod with it.
    Honestly, I'd suggest replacing the training centre with fighting stadium. At least 1 brigette should be replaced with pokémon fan club, that way you can get out both your zygarde ex and another pokémon without being limited.
    I know that octillery's got a very nice ability, but I never run a pokémon in a deck that is unable to attack, why not put in 2 regirock ex for extra damage? Or as an alternative put in a couple of biancas to be able to draw til you have 6, yes it uses up your supporter for the turn, but its a useful card.
    I'm not a fan of prof birch's observations, in this game where there are so many available options, why use a lower tier supporter. especially when this deck could definitely do with a skyla or a steven, heck even just a hex maniac would do you the world of good (greninja break looks at this and goes "partytime bitches!")
    This is by no means a bad deck, I'm annoyed you have 2 zygarde ex, i'm on my third box of fates collide and I still don't have one, love carbink break though, if you get one, put it in this deck, they're great, at which point throw a battle compressor in too and let the fun commence

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