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Open Galactic Journey through the Primal system 2!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tatzu, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Ahem, on November 30, 2016, I made an RP about a galactic journey through space (Basically a region but its a bunch of planets)

    Millions of years after the Events of every Pokemon Game, the world of Pokemon advanced to new Heights by creating a way to Journey to other Systems full of Pokemon, After years of discovering new Planets and documenting them, Humans and Pokemon started to Live on these Planets, Extending the Society of Earth to Different Planets, After more years the Pokemon League started to build Gyms on the Planets and a Massive Castle for the Elite Four on the Largest Planet in the System and now.... They are accepting Visitors
    You will be in the Primal System, a System named after Groudon and Kyogre's Battle, The Pokemon Professor: Professor Cypress Has sent you to Conquer the Gyms and the Elite Four
    Ragnarok: A Desert Planet with Red sand and many Fire and Ground type Pokemon
    Gym Leader: Zag Jackson ( Fire) and Ground)

    Anthian: A Planet with a Gas Core, It's mostly just an Orb of Gas but Floating Islands exist, Floating over the Core, Many Flying types fly over the Islands every day, Any wild Pokemon that could not fly would most likely Die on this Planet
    Gym Leader: Jacob King ( Flying) And Dragon)

    Ying: A Planet that does not Spin so it is stuck in an Eternal Day, It is almost Identical to Earth but More Normal and Fighting Types live on the Planet
    Gym Leader: Yang ( Fighting) and Normal)

    Yang: the Complete opposite of Ying, put in Eternal Darkness and Full of Dark and Ghost types
    Gym Leader: Ying ( Dark) and Ghost)

    Alohe: Named after the Alola region from earth, It closely Resembles it except for the Massive Hi-tech City and more Bug and Psychic type Pokemon
    Gym Leader: Duncan Gulan ( Psychic) and Bug)

    The last three Gym Leaders Reside on Zeus, The main Planet of the System, No one really knew what the Planet looked like before they put a Massive Hi-tech city over it
    Gym Leaders:
    Mr. Rock ( Rock and Steel)
    Ms. Gardener ( Grass and Water)
    Mr. Shocker ( Electric and Fairy)
    Elite Four:
    The Four Elite Four members reside on Zeus
    Wendell ( Ice)
    Wacky Jacky ( Dragon)
    Super Emo Sabrina ( Dark)
    Ninja Genji ( Poison)
    ??? (Mixed Types)
    We have to Progress together, We need to always stay on the Same Planet, No beating the 4th Gym when everyone is still in the Lab
    Yours allowed to go to the Planets moon and do stuff there but I would like if you would do it only for specific Planets and not all of them
    Your allowed to Make side plots like Jungle Bug type Wars, A massive Gyarados attack
    No fully evolved Pokemon or a Full team before the First Planet, THIS IS MEANT TO BE A JOURNEY (A Pokemon like Absol or Rotom would be allowed but no more than one)
    You can have Pseudo Legendary Basics at the start but I ask that they Don't evolve before the 3rd Planet
    You can have more than one character but not 5 max is 3
    Backstory (If needed):
    Extra things:
    My Bio
    Name: Jack Devlin
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jack is a Trainer who likes to Improve and help others, If he finds something like a Froakie in the Wild he Won't be an Ash Ketchum and become its friend, He will just capture it
    Appearance: Jack has messy Black hair and Yellow eyes, He wears a White and Red jacket with Normal Shorts down the bottom of his Knees
    Backstory: Nothing much to say really
    Extra things: Nothing
    Name: Ignis
    Species: Charmander
    Personality: Ignis is always trying to get better and destroy his Enemies
    Appearance: Normal

    Name: Torrent
    Species: Froakie
    Personality: Froakie is always Calm and really never happy
    Appearance: Is Shiny

    Name: Stick
    Species: Treecko
    Personality: A Combination of Both Torrent and Ignis's Personality, Always calm and never happy but is always trying to improve and Destroy Enemies
    Appearance: Is normal

    The Official RP will be made when we have at least 3 people
  2. I still love the names (Totally didn't copy my old bio)

    Those names just get better and better... I wonder what Wacky Jacky will be like

    Name: Will Whitman
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Although he can be a bit intimidating at time, will is really quite nice and willing to do what is right. sometimes he can be a bit clumsy and isn't the smartest, but tries his hardest. He is a loyal friend and a great one to have in a time of crisis, as he would never abandon a friend, even if he has to put his own hopes and dreams on hold
    Appearance: Short for his age, Will has Dark hair and eyes
    Backstory (If needed): Not really
    Extra things: Not Much

    Name: (No Nickname)
    Species: Squirtle
    Personality: Is quite intelligent and gets annoyed easily when others are not as smart at him, he also really doesn't care about anyone not that close to him, and is a bit selfish
    Appearance: Normal

    Name: (No Nickname)
    Species: Wynaut
    Personality: On the surface he doesn't seem to even be capable of rational thought, but is actually a tactical genius, he just never shows it
    Appearance: A normal Wynaut, his eyes always seem distant, as if staring at something far, far away. If his eyes become tense and concentrated, RUN

    Name: (No Nickname)
    Species: Pidgey
    Personality: Shy, innocent and Naive, Pidgey is both Fascinated and Terrified of everything in the galaxy
    Appearance: Regular Pidgey

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  4. You're Back?

    and of course I'll join
  5. i'll join later, i'm busy right now
  6. Bios:
    Name: Ken Mavis
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Personality: is calm most of the time and a bit lazy but is dependable when time come
    Appearance: wears a black fedora, a black jacket over a red shirt and red pants with white shoes
    Backstory (If needed): I got nothing
    Extra things: like his hat a lot

    Name: Bass
    Species: Squirtle
    Personality: Squirtle love fun, excitement and battles
    Appearance: his shell is shinier

    Name: Sarge
    Species: Sandshrew
    Personality: is a intelligent little rascal that like to stay with his trainer
    Appearance: Shiny form
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  7. Name: Ashei Ibuki
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Ashei is a prankster, he loves jokes and pranks, especially ones that humiliate Mei. He likes to be flirtasious and is moderatley nice, but does have some temper issues.
    Appearance: Has black hair, blue eyes, and wears a blue Trench coat with matching black dress clothes.
    Backstory (If needed): Ashei and Mei hail from the Ibuki family, a group of well respected Water/Dark/Dragon/Ghost Trainers, Each member of the Ibuki family before "Ei" Twins(Which is what their family refers to them by) have tried at becoming champions, but none have have been successful. The "Ei" twins siblings and parents all want them to be great trainers, and hopefully one of them the Champion.
    Extra things: Is Mei's Brother

    Name: Saizo
    Species: Froakie
    Personality: Just like Ashei
    Appearance: Regular

    Name: Mei Ibuki
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Mei is pretty chill, but she is flirtasious and tries to whoo people. She loves singing and grooming Melody. She is alos a little nervous around people she first meets.
    Appearance: Looks like Ashei, but has long hair tied into a pigtails. wears a light blue dress with black coat and a pale pink bow in her hair
    Extra things: Is Ashei's Sister

    Name: Melody
    Species: Popplio
    Personality: Same as Mei
    Appearance: Normal
  8. Are our Pokemon allowed to have different colors than normal/shiny Pokemon? Also, can we use TMs from previous generations (like Thunderpunch)?
  9. @koopa000 Accepted, GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN

    @AstralDarkrai37 also accepted

    @Dapper_Cat I dunno, If it's not too crazy then I'll allow it (I'm not gonna allow a gray Pikachu or a blue Charmander)
  10. Understandable. Essentially, instead of the usual greenish-blue fur a Cyndaquil and it's evolutions have, the one I want to use would be black, along with blue flames. Although, she would still keep the cream-colored underbelly. And, if we need an in-universe explanation for it, is it impossible the atmospheres and chemicals in the air of some planets would affect the coloration of Pokemon? Sort of like a galactic-scale Alolan Form, specific to certain planets. Even though the only physical difference is the coloration.

    If you think it's too much, just say so and I'll just make it a normal one.
  11. I guess that could be fine
  12. THE GREAT Z is 'le back!*faceplants onto the floor* I meant to do that!

    Name: Carrie J. (Joaquin) Moore
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Carrie was born in a rich family, although being in a rich family that did not stop her fascination of travelling, Carrie is the kind to stand up for her friends and not shy to make new ones, but being the bookworm she is people find her boring
    Appearance: Carrie has a Black beanie cap that covers her Black long hair with Brown streaks of color, Black bottom framed glasses she rarely wears them but meh, she wears a Green and Black scarf when it's chilly she keeps it in her Bag whenever she's not wearing it, speaking of Bags her bag is Beige Sling bag with a Lock On Handle for her Teacup and a Special place for her Thermos of Tea which seems to be never ending which she never takes off except when showering or going to bed... She also wears a Beige hoodie with the words "Praise Helix!" On the front, she usually keeps the Hood down except when she's cold Under her hoodie is a Blue round neck T-Shirt she wears a Slightly lighter hue of blue for her Long Skirt She wears Black strap on shoes with Dark Blue Green stockings and finish it off she has a wrist band that says "I Promise" On her Right Wrist
    Backstory (If needed): ...
    Extra things: She has a slight addiction to Tea, she always carries a Teacup and a Thermos filled with the stuff, She is absolutely terrified of Bug Types


    Name: Quill
    Species: Pidove
    Personality: Quill shows almost no signs of life... If it wasn't for his uncontrollable anger , but Tea seems to calm him down
    Appearance: A normal Pidove

    Name: Fell
    Species: Houndour
    Personality: Fell is usually in his Pokeball, when he's not... He's either Saving Carrie from a lone Caterpie... Or saving her from another lone Bug Type
    Appearance: A normal Houndour until you realize that one of his ears has been bitten off
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  13. im extremely busy, ill be back active on july 31
  14. btw what's your time zone Z?
  15. @PeachyPie Accepted

    @koopa000 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

    Btw, The RP should be out in a couple hours, I'm trying to do three things at the same time (Homework, Another post and the RP)
  16. Focus on homework first multitasking is hard
  17. btw I still call Rotom, He's mine
  18. Yes I'll join but I'll have to post my bio later because I am going some where
  19. Huh... an intergalactic Pokemon RP? Can't say I've seen anything like this before! Sure, I'm in. Would it be possible for me to take the Yang Gym Leader? Oh, and there's some stuff I'll need to talk to you about in a private convo.

    Name: Max
    Age: 16 (yeah, he's the youngest so far)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Quiet and reserved, keeping to himself and for the most part trying to ignore others. However, that's just a persona he puts on, as those with the patience to befriend him will discover. In reality, Max is a lovable goofball with a free spirit and a will to protect those close to him - especially his Pokemon.
    Appearance: Has long brown hair and blue eyes with white skin. He wears a blue long-sleeved shirt, a black vest, black track pants, blue shoes and blue fingerless gloves. Also sometimes wears a black headband.
    Extra: The descendant of my main OC, Sun. Doesn't make sense to use him here, but I figured I'd give him a connection. And yeah, that's why Max has a Ralts.

    Name: Raven
    Species: Kirlia
    Personality: Very polite and kind, as well as accurate and graceful in battle. Like his ancestor, he would give his life for his master. Is easily offended by rude people being rude, and has a tendency to throw said rude people into walls with psychokinesis.
    Appearance: Shiny Ralts
    Extra: Will evolve into Gallade during the second half. Already in second form since Raven has been traveling with Max since they were kids. Raven is a distant descendant of Estelle, Sun's Gardevoir. Name is based on Raven, a character from Tales of Vesperia. Continuing the theme!

    Name: Moon
    Species: Absol
    Personality: Shy and reserved, and incredibly frightened of new people. But will always stand up and fight if anything threatens her master. Can warm up to people her master trusts, and becomes more confident around those she considers her friends.
    Appearance: Normal Absol.
    Extra: Could possibly Mega Evolve near the end of the RP, but that really depends. Probably not. Moon was a Pokemon given to Max by his father on his tenth birthday. Can sense imminent danger (because she's an Absol).

    FUTURE POKEMON (Pokemon gained over the course of the RP)

    Name: Thief (nickname given by the people of Anthian), Selt (nickname given by Max)
    Species: Sneasel
    Personality: Very rough, but also very resourceful. Think about it - this Sneasel managed to survive alone on Anthian for years. Smart, quick and tricky. He tries to be a cool dude, as well... but oftentimes when he tries, it comes across as lame.
    Appearance: Normal Sneasel.

    Name: Evo
    Species: Eevee
    Personality: Very happy-go-lucky and shy, except when faced with someone from her past. Then she gets super-shaky and scared, heck even frozen in fright.
    Appearance: Regular Eevee.
    Extra: Things I gotta talk to Z about before I put it down.

    Name: Blade
    Species: Skarmory
    Personality: Cold and witty. Doesn't get bugged by much of anything. Incredibly vain and cocky, but honorable. Has a superiority complex.
    Appearance: Shiny Skarmory.

    Name: Hydra
    Species: Hydreigon
    Personality: Rough and hot-headed, and never backs down from a challenge. Wild and aggressive when faced with a foe. Calms down when fed Pokepuffs.
    Appearance: Normal Hydreigon.
    Extra: Name is based on the Hydra, a beast from mythology.
  20. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

  21. Name: Alice Brown
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Personality: a passionate lover of literature, often finds her mind off on its own and will suddenly get off topic when a streak of inspiration hits her
    Appearance: pale green hair that reaches her shoulders and is usually pulled up into a messy bun, purple zip up sweater, dark blue tank top, light green shorts, purple thigh high socks and dark blue boots, a pencil is always behind her ear and a red leather bound book is Alya's on her person, brown eyes, grey backpack
    Extra things: has a huge fear of the dark

    Name: Talia
    Species: Purrloin
    Personality: teasing and a bully sometimes
    Appearance: normal Purrloin but has a small burn on her right shoulder

    Name: Rosa
    Species: audino
    Personality: motherly mostly and often worries herslef with caring for her friends
    Appearance: shiny audino wearing a big floppy sun hat that she cherishes
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  22. Both accepted
  23. Need to do it in private because of possible plot spoilers - I'll throw up a convo.
  24. when will the RP thread be made?
  25. Tomorrow maybe? I dunno, I have a lot of stuff that I'm trying to do
  26. So, uh anyone wanna make small talk? XD
  27. Well, Z still has yet to respond to the convo I made where I'm asking him plot-related stuff. So I can't do much until he answers me.
  28. Yea give the Lord a break he has alot of stuff to do..
  29. I posted the convo on Wednesday. He's had plenty of time to respond.
  30. Z just returned to Charms, and he might have a lot of stuff on, you never know. Plus, you could always do other RPs while you wait
  31. Been doing that - just check my profile.
  32. Helllloooo? Anyone still there?
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  34. This is the most Z thing I've read since you've returned

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