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Open Fusion Beast Tournament

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. This RP takes place in a world where genetic science has evolved into making DNA splicing a part of everyday life. Tournaments are being held to see who has the superior creations. You are part of one of the 4 team participating in the annual fusion tournament where the prize for winning is DNA of a extremely rare creature.
    1- follow Pokecharms rules
    2- swearing is allowed
    3- no one liners or double posting
    4- romance is allowed but keep it tame
    5- have fun and stay positive
    6- you can have up to 3 creature DNA from the start

    DNA on hand:
  2. Name: Allison Young
    Gender: Female
    DNA on hand: Gray Wolf, Dragonfly, and Komodo Dragon
    Appearance: Allie has brown hair with pink tips, brown eyes, and wears an orange tee-shirt under denim overall shorts, pink knee-high socks with a lime green star at the top, and brown combat boots.
    Personality: Allie has a strong sense of determination and a lot of grit. She can be a little awkward at times, but that doesn't slow her down too much!
  3. What is it about? Are we the contestants or the scientists?
  4. well the contestants are the ones that will create the creatures
  5. Also I need a better title for this, the current was just the basic idea
  6. Name: Isult Gale
    Gender: Female
    DNA on hand: Lion, Deathstalker Scorpion & Vampire Bat
    Appearance: Isult has waist long green and purple hair and red eyes. She wears a black shirt, a pair of dirty white pants held up by two belts, a pair of worn black sneakers and a white lab coat covered with green, purple and red paint splotches. She also always has a headset on which has a long cord which is wrapped around her arm and then goes into a phone which is in her lab coat pocket
    Personality: Isult is crazy and unpredictable, she is full of crazy and life threatening ideas and goes to crazy lengths to make them a reality. Isult will do anything in the name of science even risk her life or the life of others.
    Others: N/A
  7. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Damien Corona
    Gender: Male
    DNA on hand: Hammerhead Shark, Great Horned Owl, Tiger
    Appearance: Damien has black mid length hair, that is styled to cover one of his eyes. He wears a red and black hoodie with a white top underneath. From the waist below conisists of black jeans and black combat boots. Eye color is green and skin tone is fair. Damien is fairly lean and decently attractive.
    Personality: Some may call him emo or goth, but he really just considers himself as introverted in a unique way. He likes to keep to himself during the day, staying away from socializing and adores the night. When he's not busy "socializing" and/or other essentials, he spends time conducting his own research and experimenting on whatever he feels like whether that's chemistry, cooking, music, etc.
    Others: N/A
  8. Alright. I was confused thanks for clearing it up.
  9. Name: Amie Lot
    Gender: female
    DNA on hand: chameleon, black widow, cheetah
    Appearance: short blond hair, greyish blue eyes, wears blue tanktop that is made to work with her chameleon Dna, brown shorts, grey socks and blue boots
    Personality: she dislikes loud noises and avoids most human contact because of it. She enjoys classical music though along with food like pizza
    Others: n/a
  10. Name: Jessica Yakinowa
    Gender: Female
    DNA on hand: Peregrine Falcon, Ant, and Gecko
    Appearance: Jessica has long flowing black hair, brown eyes, and fairly tan skin. She is 6 feet tall. She mostly wears tank tops and sweatpants.
    Personality: (Will be decided in the RP if that's okay with you)
    Others: She is bisexual
  11. accepted
    My Bio
    Name: Ken Koda
    Gender: Male
    DNA on hand: Grizzly Bear, Python, Porcupine
    Appearance: wears grey pants, black shoes, a black jacket covering a red t-shirt, wears a blue baseball cap
    Personality: is care free but very excitable
    Others: How many teams do you guys think there should be?
  12. Name: Tom Blade
    Gender: Male
    DNA on hand: Ox, Crocodile and Vulture
    Appearance: Wears a full grey Trench coat, Green jeans, A red T-shrit and Brown Safari hat along with Black hiking boots
    Personality: Gets along well with others, He is very confident with himself
    Others: His favourite creature is a mammoth
  13. I think the groups should be decided as soon as the RP starts.
  14. how many team will there be? I think it should between 4 or 8 team of 4
  15. Um am I accepted?
  16. would you be that eighth person @Godjacob?
  17. Oh, uh. Sure.

    So, I just need to think of a fusion of three animals?
  18. no you don't, those are the starting animal you ca use to fuse with, you can get more animal DNA in the RP
  19. Ah, got it. Alright, here's the bio:

    Name: Ryder
    Gender: Male
    DNA on hand: Falcon, Polar Bear, Rabbit
    Appearance: Pale skin with white hair and miscolored eyes (One blue and one black). Skinny and short that wears a grey t-shirt and black jacket along with brown cargo pants and tennis shoes.
    Personality: Anti-social and quite, practically a mute. Takes a lot to get him to communicate, though he seems incredibly observant and can think on his feet.
    Others: Holds a dark past he keeps hidden to himself...
  20. Does that mean we can start the RP now?
  21. yeah I'll create the RP thread later
  22. Ok ok i justs needed to ask
  23. Bio
    Name: Dan
    Gender: Male
    DNA on hand:
    Appearance: Dan wear's a Black jacket with a white shirt and blue jeans. Dan always wear Air Jordan but will wear Nikes on special occasion's. Dan has short brown that goes with his tan skin and Black eye's.
    Personality: A Smart thinker and a even smarter team player
    Others: More of a Thinker than Fighter but will occasionally fight
  24. delete your repeated posts
  25. Are we gonna start this rp?
  26. yeah, I was just too lazy to make the thread. Also I need a better name, any ideas?

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