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DPPt/HGSS Fumans Dojo (GOGO Challenge me|I trade stuff too!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Fumanshu, May 13, 2009.

  1. Now that I have made some WiFi teams, its time for me to test them!
    If you are interested in a WiFi Match you should contact me somehow.
    I will post my Friendcode when I get my hands on my DS D:

    I only battle standart right now~

    I look for:

    Nothing! But feel free to offer Pokemon if you need anything I offer. I like shinys, rares and Event Pokemon!

    Now on to my Pokemans that I can offer you:
    - Shiny Adamant Larvitar!
    - Shiny Adamant Bidoof! i know you want it!
    - Shiny Forgot the nature Geodude! Looks cool in gold~
    - Legit Movie 11 Shaymin

    -Adamant Charmander with Belly Drum (were lucky with 2 eggs so I have one that I dont need)
    -Jolly Gible with Outrage
    -Many many many Eevees (just ask if you need a special Personality. Maybe I have one)
    -some Larvitars with Dragon Dance (2 Male ones so you can breed one with a good Personality)
    -Lapras with Dragon Dance (so you can pass Dragon Dance to a Larvitar)
    -Scyther with Baton Pass
    -many Dittoes that I have 2x (like Jolly) just ask if you need a certain Nature!

    If you need anything certain else, ask me, I have lotsa items and can get many Pokemon

    I only take Legit Pokemon!
  2. Dang, if you only came a week earlier I would have needed your Charmander and Scyther. xD
    I might still take 'em... depending on its IVs if you know 'em. Any particular pokemon/moves you're looking for? Check my thread too and see if you like anything there.

    Anyway, welcome to Pokecharms and happy trading. :3
  3. Woo what a fast answer :>
    The problem with the scyther is, that I have to breed one first. So I'm not certain about the nature/ability and IVs.

    and how do you check IVs? give them Rare Candy and check the stats or something like that? I have 2 Adamant Charmanders so maybe one of em is good enough for you. Just tell me how to check the IVs.

    And I've got an eye on your Shiny Charmander :O
    I can also offer you a cleffa ,leaf stones and moon stones.
    Just say if it is enough or whether you want more for it. I really want a shiny charizard for my team~

    [EDIT] Ok I've tried some IV calculators and one of my charmanders turned out to be a special attacker :/
    The other one has these possible IVs:
    Sp.Atk:15 - 19
    Sp.Def:25 - 29
    Speed:25 - 29
  4. Ah, well the best way to check IVs without AR is to do a lvl 100 battle on wi-fi while the pokemon is untouched. Then use an IV calculator so it's accurate.
    I'm in constant need for IV battles so if you want one just hit me up.

    Rare Candies work too but it's kinda tedious adding 99 candies to a newly bred. xD
    Is that Charmander that you checked UT? (Whether or not, I might still take it if it's male, lol.) I'll get the shiny Charmander cloned today and we'll work out a deal.
  5. Yeah it is UT and Male.I used Rare Candy to get it to lvl 20 to check the IVs, but didnt save.
    (had to look up UT. Im new at this D:)
    Tell me when you'll be online and I'll try to contact you. but please say in how many hours from now, because im in Europe, or say in which timezone you are~
  6. You live in Europe? Shouldn't you be asleep by now!? D:<
    Lol, jk. Anyway, I'll be on from now until 4 hours later. I live in GMT -6. Usually I'd tell people to pm me because I get alerts through my phone but it's out of service right now...

    And it's alright, it wasn't that long ago that I knew about all the wi-fi "lingo" of pokemon.

    Just letting you know that with IV battles, I or the other player disconnects so no one needs to run to get a win/loss.

    Edit: I'm gonna be watching a movie so I'll be available in 2 hours.
  7. Gah, missed you. Just wanted to go to sleep D:
    Well. Im gonna use the time and use my AR to push it to 100 via Rare Candy.

    [EDIT] Done! here are the IVs:

  8. You didn't really miss me. xP I come on and off a lot. Did you get some sleep?

    Anyway, lol... I'll take it. It's better than the one I have with single digit numbers. x_x
    That Charmander + Cleffa with Moon Stone and Leaf Stone for shiny Charmander?

    When can you be on? I'll be asleep in an hour or two.
  9. k I'll be on in a minute. do you have one of the pokemon from the list in my first edited post that I need, that you dont need?
    If not I'll accept a bidoof ;P

    and nah I didnt get any sleep. had to get a paper done so yeah.
  10. Wait, I can't trade right now. xD Give me 10-30 mins. And sure I'll breed you one of those. Your choice. I got all 4.
  11. Totodile then. his evolution is great :D
  12. Alrighty. Are you ok with the wait though? Don't wanna take away your sleep time. ;[
  13. Updated with shinyness!
  14. What would you be looking for for one of those Shaymin?
  15. depends on how many I'll get tomorrow.
    its an official event at german Gamestops right now.

    Any special nice pokemon that you have to offer :>?
    Shinys, event-legendaries, whatever?
  16. I have a shiny Zubat, a shiny Jirachi (which I don't think is legit) and a legit Latios. I also have a legit Deoxys, but I am eager to keep and train him, but I guess I could dex trade him just so I have Shaymin on my dex as I have no interest in training one.
  17. The Shiny Zubat sounds interesting~
    But if you would rather just like a dex trade then what would be ok too I guess, since you just have one shiny I wouldnt like to take it from you if it means something for you :D
  18. I'll leave it down to you man. I'll be on for the next two hours, so if you make a decision just send me a PM with your FC and what you wanna do. You can take my FC from my sig.
  19. You'll have to wait. I'll get the shaymins in ~10 hours.
    Im waiting for some people to go to the gamestop with.

    So we have some time :>
  20. EDIT: Actually, I'll have to just go with the dex trade. I just remembered that I already offered someone the shiny Zubat.
  21. Meh thats ok. I have 3 Shaymins so far if someones interested!

    and GM, just contact me through PM or something then we can make the dex trade!
  22. I've got a trade pending for two Lotads. As soon as I can trade with someone, I could trade one or both for you. Could you hold one of the Shaymins a couple of days (depending on how long the trade takes)?
  23. A Shaymin for a lotad D:?
    thats not enough in my opinion.I would rather like to trade it for a shiny or another event pokemon.

    Im gonna get a lotad this week anyways, I think :O
  24. lol, sorry, I misread it as you having 11 "movie Shaymin" not "movie 11 Shaymin".
  25. i'll give you some thing for the shaymin like ummmm a shiny pokemon i just need to chain one first cuz i don't want to give away my only shiny
  26. sounds good. If you're chaining could you also look for a good nature :>?
    With the synchronize ability from abra or ralts/evolutions of ralts you can get the nature that you are looking for!
  27. Is there anyway you can get me an Adamant Gible with Outrage? I can give you a lot of egg moves for competive battling, there is a list in my Trading post [link in sig]
  28. Should be possible. have some fathers and an adamant ditto. Gimme a day though. Im ill and am not in he mood right now.

    Ludicolo or one of his pre evolutions would be great. Even greater with breeding moves. if you have something like that? doesnt matter! ludicolo/lotad alone would be enough~
  29. That's sounds possible. I'll see what I can get. I can get almost any natured one as well, all except Adamant. I just cannot find an Adamant Ditto. XD
  30. nature doesnt matter. I have enough dittoes for alsmost every nature I think :D
  31. I really want a shaymin... i can get you the tm for explosion and a pokemon, because I don't think just the tm is worth it.
    PM me if your interested and have a pokemon in mind.

    You may want to check my trading post for some pokemon i have. If the pokemon you want is not on there or if you are looking for some egg moves tell me and i may be able to get them for you (considering i have not updated my trading thread in forever) I don't have the egg moves up, so if there's any specific ones you are looking for just ask. Also i beat my diamond so a lot of pokemon from ruby, emerald, and fire red are available
  32. WOOP! Updated with Shinyness!
    Been gone for a while because I was ill + final exams.

    Sunny I can get you your Adamant Outrage Gible! Contact me through PM or in this thread.
  33. You wouldn't have a Naive Chimchar by any chance? 'Cause I am sick to death of breeding for natures; I never get the one I want, usually everything but.

    Also, what would you want for that shiny Larvitar and Growlithe?
  34. mh well thats weird. I have so many dittoes but no Naive ones ;(
    I can get you an adamant one or a jolly one though.

    as for those 2 Shinys.. well I would trade them for legendarys and other shinys I guess~
  35. What lengendaries do you need?

    I'll pass on the Chimchar, I specifically need Naive.
  36. Im going to contact you through PM~!
  37. Hey there again man,

    What is the nature of the Shiny Geodude?
  38. Hey, would u take a TRU regigigas for a shiny larvitar. I would also like any of ur other shinies if ur want anything for them, i might have it.
  39. I'm interested in your Shiny Larvitar. Check my thread if you see anything you like. :] I'm pretty sure it's still in page 1. xD
  40. Hey everybody who wrote here and sent me a msg, Im taking a small break from pokemon right now, as I just passed my exams now, so most of my time is spent by being outside and stuff.

    But I will be back in one week maximum and then we all can trade!

    @GM the Geodude has a quiet nature. got it by EV training D:

    @DA~Kai I will check it out. Im sure we can work something out :>

    @ulises dont know about the regigigas as I can get regigigas by trading some regis back and forth. Im interested in the normal regis though!

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