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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Fumanshu, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Well I might join into the fun as well.
    Every now and then I draw something Pokemon related, so I will post that stuff here too.

    quick Aggron head to show someone how to draw that thing in a more angry manner.
    I know that the head is kinda weird but the it was about the expression (at least I think it was?)

    first try using Painttool sai, so i was working a little bit with luminations n stuff,
    which is fitting for ghastly D:

    Newest one. Had to do something with Gengars grin, and I think its oh so fitting for stereotype 19th century Badguy :D!
    added a better background for Gengar , but I like the colors of the old one more, so heres both!
  2. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    hi just saying i like gengar that mustache just screams gengars evil essence

    btw do you do requests :)
  3. Um I dont know D:?
    Actually I dont think Im good enough for requests, plus I might get motivation Problems.

    But if you dont depend on it too much, you can of course ask for something!
  4. your Gastly looks sweet. Love the evil Gengar also. I mainly like how you use the purple in Gastly
  5. Hmm, these look like Sugmori art, and yet not. I like that. :)

    I really do think the mustached Gengar is pretty cool. It suits the evil grin the Pokemon has, so now it looks like an evil magician.
  6. Well its because the Gengar was based on the Sugimori art, but drawn with my kinda style ;O

    And well its supposed to look like typical 19th century badguy~

    Thanks for the Kudos so far, heres some more stuff:

    Cactuar, made in paint, therefore its not that perfect, but I liked the idea~

    some random robo-snake head I doodled in class~

    anatomy lesson Sagat, I actually copied that picture off of someone but its for practice so yeah~

    that one has a little story behind it.
    its based on stuff I used to draw in and onto my school sheets/folders and everything. I took old stuff I drew from grade 5-13 and put it together here with some nice colors in a simple style that I like. Im gonna print that one out and glue it onto one of my University Folders , to kinda keep up with the tradition :D

    Those werent related to Pokemon, and werent even really new but at least its somethin!

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