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Frontier Challenge 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hoenn Master, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. I know some of you probably don't remember (Or hoped to not remember) the Battle Frontier. Well, from S/R it got six new facilities, or a major redo. What if another one happened... I still doubt you care.

    Well, if any do care, I'll outline the rules, etc.

    There are the usual rules. But some I should outline:
    And if you swear, do so sensibly. Don't end up like idiots on Youtube cursing every two words. God I hate those people. Also, check out Snap's Mary Sue/Gary Stu topic to see if your character is a Mary or a Stu.

    Please follow these, and all, rules. I will allow nine other people to join. And, for other morons on this site...
    [size=15pt]NOTE: I will allow ONLY NINE PEOPLE!![/size]
    [move]Number reduced to five, four taken, but NO MORE JOIN-INS!!![/move]

    ((OOC: Hopefully I didn't forget anything... Nope! :)))

    The Challenger 5000 sliced through the clear blue water off the shores of Hoenn. On board were the ten challengers who were well-trained. There were more people on the upcoming island, waiting for the Frontier Challenge to open. Over the past five years, the Battle Frontier has been redone.

    A stray bird Pokemon wandered by the ship. But this Swellow was already someone's. "Return!" called a boy from the bow. A small ray illuminated the bird and brought it back. On the boy's belt was five more Pokemon that had been trained in Sinnoh and Hoenn. This boy was 14 year-old Troy. He was born in Hoenn, but in the middle of his journey was required to move to Sinnoh. With a Combusken and Swellow, he continued into Sinnoh. Later he took a trip to Hoenn and finished up.

    Troy had an impressive collection of Pokemon, but he always carried six specific ones. Blaziken named Trek; next was his Swellow, Headwind; third was Digi, his Porygon-Z; then was a Ludicolo named Disco; his Garchomp, Isyell, which was weaker by a chronic disease; and last was Spook, a Dusknoir raised from a Dusclops by trade.

    This team and him were now traveling with nine others to the new Frontier. And, with the salty sea breeze in his face, he knew they had a good chance at winning. Troy walked back to his cabin, away from the beautiful sunset. With tomorrow's events looming ahead, they needed a good night's sleep.


    As the boat drew near to the coast, Troy and the other ten people could see a faint outline of various buildings. A tower... a stadium... a great mountain... and a smaller building. That was not all that was there.

    Much more awaits... at the Frontier Challenge 2.0!!!
  2. As the Challenger 5000 skimmed through the water like a blade quickly slicing a sheet of paper, Madison sat patiently, and had become somewhat mesmerized by the gentle splashes of water the boat made. She sighed out of boredom, and then raised her head in hopes that the dull view of Hoenn's oceans would somehow have changed, even slightly, so she could take her mind off the challenges she would be facing ahead. This time, alone...

    While still looking around for something of interest, she gripped her belt of Pokeballs tightly. There rested the few Pokemon she had brought with her. Suddenly, all her nervousness began to creep back towards her, as in her mind she began to debate as to what could go wrong.

    She only brought Four Pokemon with her this time. One of which wasn't fully evolved. And she was sure her choice in the roster could be easily defeated somehow. But wait, she was sure there'd be a Computer system somewhere on the island. That way, she could bring in any of her other Pokemon in case she needed to change her team. Yes that's it, no need to worry. Besides, there's bound to be other powerful Pokemon on the island. The Battle Frontier surely has some interesting, new and powerful Pokemon exploring it, just waiting to be captured...there's no need to worry...I don't need him.

    And as she saw a Staraptor suddenly disappear from the sky in a flash of red light, she smiled. A strange thought came to her this time. She imagined her old friend, smiling at her, and telling her it would be alright. Madison was sure of it now, now that she thought about what he would say.

    "Alright, I can do this," she whispered to herself. "And when I do, I'll come back to you and battle you, and this time I will surely win." She then smirked, and made her way to the boat's front, as the Battle Frontier came into view.
  3. "Th-there it is, Rift," Ophelia whispered to the furry sausage she struggled to hold in her arms. It mewled plaintively in reply, bright green eyes looking up into her hazel ones. She sighed, shoulder-length auburn hair following the breeze as the Challenger 5000 swiftly neared their destination. Being up against the balcony was certainly breathtaking, as the ocean spray caught her legs and sandaled feet in their grasp. Not that the small-statured girl minded, but the Furret certainly did. He squirmed in her hold, and she let go in defeat. He scampered further into the ship, but she caught him again, this time with the infamous red beam of light that came with every Pokeball. "Return."
    Replacing the ball into her belt around her cream-colored dress, she stared at the pokeballs absently while fiddling with the hem of her garment. There was Syrita, a female Typhlosion; Rift, the ever-ubiquitous Furret; Lucian, the Ampharos; and Aderyn, her shy Pidgeot. Ophelia smiled softly to herself. She wasn't sure if they'd get very far, but it was to be a challenge. It was the Battle Frontier, after all.
  4. ((OOC: Hey, RX and Auburn abstraction! Due to the possible trouble of finding 10 people, I've reduced the amount to 5, now 2. 2 SPOTS LEFT!!))

    The ship's horn broke the silence that Troy craved so much. For a split second, he believed he was back at home, supposed to wake up at 7:35 for school. That lasted around... oh, say two seconds. The second thought was of awesome Pokemon battles, possible wins, and certainly losses.

    Troy hurried and dressed, packing his things in a traveling bag. Picking up his six Pokeballs from the bed stand and hurried out the door. The other nine trainers were already waiting for him. They had to go as a group, as they were taken by the same, kind fellow. He recognized Madison, an old friend of his. Also was Ophelia, one person he didn't know.

    Smiling shyly, he squeezed his way into the group. Their guide stepped out of his room, on the floor above them. Professor Samuel Oak stepped out in his usual tan pants and lab coat covering a red shirt. Usually Kanto's lead Pokemaniac was joyful, but he now wore a frown.

    "Excuse me!" he shouted, getting the group's attention. "I've an announcement!"

    "Took you long enough," whispered Madison. "We've been waiting for at least ten minutes."

    "Well, sorry. I didn't know that I was supposed to wake up at the crack of dawn!" Troy replied quietly. Madison would have replied, had not the stunning sight of five trainers sadly walking off. One girl was even crying quietly. "What did we miss?" Troy asked.

    "Weren't you listening?" Ophelia asked. "Five trainers must l;eave because of ticket shortage."

    "Now everyone!" Oak shouted, wearing a smile. "Here we are! The new Battle Frontier!" The horizon was replaced with a close up view of the large island on which the challenge was taken. A large tower, that seemed to touch the clouds, stood in back, barely dodging the hills of the mountain. A stadium was east and a smaller building, almost like an old-time Chinese house, to the far west. On the mountain was carved a gateway and, most likely, a big challenge.

    "Onward!" Oak said once more, now headed for the gangplank. "To the challenge of a lifetime!"

    ((OOC: I'm guessing Troy and Madison are friends? ???))
  5. "That was really weird," Madison whispered to Troy as they made their way down the gangplank and towards the dock. "If it were me, I'd feel really disappointed about being brought all the way here to be told to go home minutes later," The events that had just occured left Madison somewhat annoyed and all the more tense.

    "Well, I guess that means its more for us, right?" Troy told her in an attempt to cheer her up. Madison frowned back at him, and wanted to tell him that statistically speaking, they stood a better chance of winning the Frontier if there were more people to defeat. But then she remembered several trainers on the boat that made her feel somewhat uncomfortable. Not too mention a really annoying and arrogant man. She gave a slight smirk as she could only imagine his face after being sent back after coming all this way.

    As they made their way into the arrival area, Madison looked around a bit to find the 3 other trainers that did make it through. She could only see the quiet young lady she had seen before, Ophelia. The others were probably looking around or getting checked in. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her as she scoured the arrival area again. "Where did Professor Oak go?" She asked Troy.

    "Probably sorting out this whole thing, I guess." he told her. Madison figured that, and decided they might as well get themselves checked in as well. She went ahead and approached one of the Gates, and a booth next to it.

    "Welccome to the Battle Frontier," a cheerful voice answered from behind the glass. As Madison scrambled in her bag to find her ticket and other registration requirements, she called Troy over and asked him to do the same.
  6. Ophelia stepped in line at another booth, glancing over at the two in the line beside her. She gripped her ticket tighter, as if afraid it would be blown away in the wind. The lady behind the counter smiled at her cheerfully.
    "Ah, hello! I take it you're here for the challenges?"
    She nodded. "Y-yes."
    "Your ticket, please? And registration papers?"
    She handed the flimsy ticket over, and reached into her obsessively-organized bag for the papers, also handing them to the lady, who gave them a once-over.
    "Ah, so you're a Breeder?" She said in interest. "We don't get many of those that battle."
    She blushed. "Ah, um, yes, I battle as well."
    "Good luck to you, then!"
    "Th-thank you." She was waved through the gate.
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Hey Brian. Yoohoo. Wake up!" said Axel, the Infernape with gold fur, slapping his trainer's face. Brian slapped the hand away and yawned.
    "What is it Axel?" he asked rubbing his eyes. He had been napping on the deck of the ship. The calm sea breeze and gentle rocking of the Challenger 5000 had been so relaxing he just couldn't help it. Just then the ship's horn sounded for the trainers to gather.
    "You couldn't let me get another minute, could ya?"

    After hearing Prof. Oak's speach, Brian and Axel dissembarked on the Battle Frontier.
    "Ah, Brian, there you are. I see you got that ticket I sent you." said Prof. Oak.
    "Yeah. But how did you know where to find me? I'm always on the move." Brian inquired.
    "Easy, I knew you were in Sinnoh, so I sent it to Prof. Rowan. I figured he'd have a better idea of where you were than I would." explained the Proffesor.
    "And what irony that you got it on your birthday." Axel said playfully.
    "Yes. Yes it was. Anyway, good seeing you Prof. Oak. We should get checked in. Let's go Axel!" said Brian breaking into a run. They got to the check in desk and Brian handed the lady his ticket and registration.
    "You may want to put your Infernape in a Pokeball." she suggested.
    "Actually Axel's Pokebal broke a few months ago. Since then he's followed me around like this." Brian admitted.
    "Well it's not like it really matters. Have fun and good luck at the Battle Frontier!"
  8. ((OOC: Oak just comes and goes in this first bit of the challenge.))

    As the five trainers stepped past the gate, they saw a large stage, covered by a red curtain. At least forty-five other trainers stood in what must be the courtyard. With everyone accounted for, a large spotlight cut through the morning sky, followed by another. "What the-" Troy was suddenly cut off by a growing tune you'd find in the beginning of Tom & Jerry.

    "Ladies and gentlemen," announced a voice. The curtain started to part, showing 6 people behind another. The six behind were hidden in shadows. "You are part of the Frontier Challenge 2.0, a series of various events that will show which of you deserves this!" The man in front was illuminated, holding a glinting medal. "The Champion's Medallion! Not only a sign of your winning of the contest, but it is legend that it was forged in the volcano of Heatran; in our very own volcano!"

    There was a cough from behind him. "Oh! And these are the Frontier Brains of this competition!" The lights shined on the six people. Three men and three women. Starting from left to right, he introduced them. "Dave, Stadium King; Cynthia, Mountain Empress; Chuck, Labyrinth Master; Odell, Peacemaker; Trinity, Tower Queen; Trey, Volcanic Master; and Elizabeth, Frontier Leader!"

    Elizabeth stepped forward. "To win the Frontier Challenge, you must win the facility first, and then you must do it again. After two tries at one facility, I and the others will decide who goes on to fight the Frontier Brains! You will do so with every facility. When you are finished, there should be four left. Those four will compete for the medal and then the victor battles me!"

    "Seems overly complicated if you ask me." Troy said humorously. Madison smiled.

    "And to finish, the challenges will start tomorrow," Elizabeth finished.

    Another man dressed casually in jeans and a seafoam shirt stepped up. "I am Dave, the 'King of the Brawl Stadium. We use regular tournament standards. So, rest up this whole day, and see the sights. The view from the shore is fenominal ((sp?)) during sunset! So meet me at the Stadium at 8:30 sharp! Hope none of you aren't morning people."

    Troy tucked that last bit of information away for later. But for now, he worked his way through the crowd to the cafeteria, hoping to grab a bite. As he did, he could have swore someone was watching him. Turning his head, he found himself looking at the volcano. For some reason, the announcer's voice echoed in his head.

    "Not only a sign of your winning of the contest, but it is legend that it was forged in the volcano of Heatran; in our very own volcano!"

    EDIT: ((OOC: Oh! Hey Psycho Monkey! Glad to see someone else joining in! 1 spot left!!
  9. ((I believe it's spelled "phenomenal." Oh and I have no idea what this place looks like so I'm kinda making it up as I go. 8D I remember the Frontier place in Emerald, so I'm sorta going off of that a bit. Correct me if I'm wrong XD))

    Ophelia viewed the show with awe-filled eyes. The people looked so confident up on the stage. Her last-minute nausea welled up again, but she shook her head. She would do fine, or so she hoped. Against all these people, though...

    She sighed quietly. No use getting worried over it. After looking around she gripped her bag strap in her hand and followed the dispersing crowd torwards the cafeteria. With luck she would be able to eat outside.
    Though the crowd was large, they filed through the cafeteria quickly. Managing to get something she deemed edible, as she was a picky eater, she stepped outside onto the grass. Sitting down beside her bag, she took the Pokeballs off her belt, enlarged them, and released the four creatures inside them. Rift immediately jumped into her lap, demanding her attention. She stroked him absentmindedly as she rummaged in her bag for the generic plastic bowls she brought. Placing them out on the grass, she filled them with the Pokemon's food she'd bought at the cafeteria. As this caused the Furret to get off her lap and join the other three Pokemon, the tiny Breeder began to eat her jasmine rice, watching them occasionally to make sure the Typhlosion and the Furret didn't get into an argument over something.
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: I'm basicly winging the cafeteria scene not knowing exactly what they would serve

    Brian and Axel stood in line patiently waiting to get to the cafeteria's food stand. Brian had his arms crossed with his left pointer finger tapping the other arm's bicep.
    "The competion looks intense. Did you see them all? You must be as excited as I am." comented Axel.
    "I know. I can't wait." responded the trainer calmly. "I also can't wait for this line to get moving." he said with alittle more force. Things had been running smoothly until a minute ago. Apperently some fool accidently dropped an egg roll and the guy behind him slipped on it spilling his food. Finally the line began moving again.
    "They must have gotten it cleaned up." said Brian. When his turn came he gabbed a plate of what appeared to be shrimp lo mane(sp?) and rice as well as some Pokemon food.
    "Yours and your team mates food looks more edible than mine" Brian said looking questionably at his plate.
    "I'm inclined to agree with you. But we're the ones that need our stregnth for tomorrow's match." Axel mocked.
    "And I need brain food to think up tactics and give you commands." Brian retorted. They walked outside and saw Ophelia sitting alone in the grass.
    "Mind if we join you?" he asked her.
  11. (( Shrimp lo mein, I think. *loves correcting spelling* XD ))

    The girl looked up at the new face and flushed with suprise, but quickly recovered.

    "Oh, y-yes. Please do," said she, smiling. She moved over to make room for them.

    "So, um, what's your name?" she inquired. "My name is Ophelia. I came from Johto."

    Syrita the Typhlosion eyed the Infernape warily. She liked meeting other fire types, sure, but since they were in the Battle Frontier she didn't really know what kind of personalities to expect. Rift just grinned like a maniac while Aderyn the Pidgeot tried to hide behind the ever-stolid Ampharos Lucian.
  12. ((OOC: This cafeteria would be just east of the stage. Oh, and BTW, the stage is removable, and will be gone "tomorrow". And if no one else shows up for person #5, I will make them a 'computer'. Within 2 days tops.))

    Seeing the wary Typhlosion and the eating Infernape, Troy recognized the other two challengers. The fifth one hadn't quite arrived yet. Shrugging, he sat down with the other two trainers. "Hey," he said. Brian paused in his eating a spoonful of rice to respond. "So, what do you guys think?"

    "About what, exactly," Ophelia asked.

    "About the Stadium tomorrow. How do you think you're going to do?" he asked. The other two just turned their attention away. Well... Troy thought. That's nice. The Infernape gave a short, irritated snort, as if on cue. "How...?" he started. But Troy stopped immediately, sensing one of those long, boring conversations.

    Madison sat down next to Ophelia. "So, Ophelia, how do you feel about the match tomorrow?" she asked.

    "Pretty good," Ophelia replied. Once more, Brian just ate on. His plate finished, he went to take it back. "Don't worry about him. He's just... shy." Ophelia continued eating as Brian sat next to Troy.

    "Sorry 'bout earlier," Brian apologized. "Just edgy thanks to this competition."

    "Aw, don't worry about it." Troy said, extending his hand. The two shook and smiled. Turning around, Troy saw that Ophelia and Madison were smiling to each other as well. This is going to be a great tournament. And I've already made a good friend or two!

    And, once again on cue, Axel jumped and gave a cry of joy.

    ((OOC: Sorry, Psycho Monkey, if I made you out as the bad guy for a minute. :D))
  13. (( Um, I think what you're doing may be against the rules..

    You're certainly not trying to kill them, but... Either way, I'd rather you not take control of my character, please. And Ophelia and Brian only just met so she couldn't possibly know how he acted.(Plus she's the shy one! xD)

    I just thought you might want to know. ))
  14. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: It's alright Arceus. I tend to be unresponsive when eating anyway XD. And I appologize in advance for the autoing but I didn't really do anthing to interfere with anyone's personality.

    Brian layed down in the grass and stared up at the sky. "You seem nervous Ophelia." Brian pointed out.

    "Huh?" she asked wondering if it had been that noticable. Brian sat up.
    "I'ts pointless to get nervous before a big tounament like this one. A wise man once told me 'A Pokemon is only as strong as it's trainer.' If the trainer goes into battle stressed out they won't be able to give effective commands, and there Pokemon will sense their trainer's unease and will also loose focus. However, if you relax and go in with a cool head, you can make better decisions and your Pokemon will be able to fight at their full potential." he explained.

    "Ya know, I never thaught about it that way before." Troy realized.

    "Just a helpful hint." Brian said laying back down. "I can't wait for tomorrow. This is getting exciting!"

    "What ever happened to relaxing?" asked Madison sarcasticly. Brian let out a soft laugh. His excitement came from the chance he'll face one of his new friends in combat. Axel hung down by his tail from a nearby tree. Brian and Axel had been together for a long time, so knew exactly what was going on in his trainer's complex mind.
  15. ((OOC: :o Ooh... So sorry! I've been away for a while from the board and, I forgot.... Bad AL! :D But seriously, I'm sorry! I guess I took the whole 'Make longer posts' and 'Interact' rules to a bit of an extreme. I hope it's alright to move on to the next day!))

    As the bright morning sun drenched the new Frontier, Troy was still sleeping. His six Pokemon were sleeping across the room, sound asleep. The sunlight invaded the room, waking Isyell. He wakes early and easily. Still getting used to the new daylight times, Isyell started to drift off to sleep. Suddenly, a loud sound echoed throughout the area.

    The sound startled all still sleeping. A surprised Troy rolled onto the floor, landing on Digi. The sound was very close to an Exploud's Hyper Voice attack. With a groan, Troy realized that Dave wanted his challengers to wake up early, and battle into the night. I might get... a medal, Troy thought hopefully.


    Soon, all 50 challengers were gathered into the stadium. It was an amazing sight to behold, a gigantic dome with seats around it. The stage was the usual long, blue court. The challengers were currently seated in one area, facing the stage holding Dave on it.

    "Now," his voice boomed over four large speakers in the corners of the Arena. "Let me explain how the tournament shall commence!" Over the course of one hour, Dave explained the way it would go. The rules would be going the same way as a Gym Battle, but a really big Gym and a really big Gym Battle.

    "When we are done here, 25 of you shall be left." he continued. There was a murmur of worry amongst them. "Yes, your number shall be reduced by half. But, tomorrow will not eliminate the afterwards number, only sort out a winner. If you hit the top ten, you shall be granted with going towards challenging Elizabeth. Get at least four of these medals, and you can challenge her. Now get ready for the Arena Challenge!!"

    ((OOC: I really am sorry. :-\ And I hope it was alright to go onto the challenge. Did I mention I was sorry?))
  16. OOC: Auburna has a point. I didn't mind it at first, AL, but you're really going against Madison's character. If you read her profile, you would know that she's calm and stoic, and doesn't tend to smile as often as you make her. ;D All is forgiven, I think I can remedy this anyway.


    As Madison sat with her new friends, she began to meditate on the match herself. So far she only seemed to ask everyone else about how they felt about the match, but never really gave it much thought. "Excuse me," she asked quietly as she stood from her spot and walked towards the docks. The others probably didn't expect this sudden change of character from her. After all, she and Troy were probably the most excited to take up this challenge.

    But to be honest, Madison had never given it much thought. She was much too busy diverting her attention with such remedial things like hanging out with her friends. She tightened her fist as she approached the docks. And as she remembered her old friend Lee, she began to frown once more.

    Four Pokeballs flew into the air, and several flashes of light emerged from them. One beam flew down into the water. It enlarged and materialized into a huge blue Pokemon. The other three materialized on the ground, and formed into Pokemon much smaller. There before her was her entire team. Though she was unexpectedly comfortable so far, nothing could beat the sort of ambiance that she had when she was with her Pokemon.

    Gyarados looked at her, and despite constantly opening its mouth, its eyes made it seem that it was frowning. Sceptile was quiet, simply diverting its attention towards the sky. Mightyena and Shelgon growled affectionately towards Madison, as though asking her what was wrong.

    "Sorry," she told them with a slight smile. "I was totally out of synch back there, wasn't I?" Gyarados, the only one who was not completely happy to see her, also was the only one not to divert its attention from her as the other Pokemon began to wander around and explore this new place. "I guess I just really miss him," She told it quietly. Mightyena had heard this, and returned to her side, nudging her hand with its nose so that she could pet it.

    Madison bowed her head down, and for a moment, slightly shook, as though about to cry. But she lifted her head, and showed Gyarados a serious face. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get through this. I'm not going to go back to him a loser." She raised a fist into the air. "I will come back to him as the winner of the Battle Frontier, and I will beat him." She told it confidently.

    For a while Gyarados just stared at her. Then with a slight grin, it turned around and began to swim around the shores. Madison smiled as the rest of her Pokemon came to her attention. At this time, Ophelia and Axel had followed her. "Well guys, these are our opponents tomorrow, what do you think?" She said, though not specifying to who she was referring to. The Pokemon greeted her friends with a nod, and Sceptile showed particular interest in Axel, approaching it calmly and looking at it.


    The next day, Madison found herself at the Stadium, listening to the rules. So it seemed that the battle between her and Ophelia, Brian or Troy, might no take place after all. She sighed a bit, though it was not knwn if this was a sigh of relief or disappointment. As she surveyed the trainers around her, she tried to see if she could guess what each trainer would most likely use in their battles. Among the many trainers, she spied a few dressed in a manner she recognized to be a Bug Catcher, one who specialized in Bug Pokemon. This was going to be trouble. Though when she was starting out, she found these types of trainers easy to defeat, she knew that there were certainly more powerful Bug Pokemon out there, especially with the discovery of new species of Pokemon in Sinnoh. Besides that, some of the Pokemon that would be effective against that type weren't with her at the moment.

    As the Announcer concluded his explanation of the rules, Madison decided she should try and get some of her old Pokemon from Lanette before the matches would start. As everyone began to exit the gym noisily, she attempted to make her way to their Quarters and find a PC to send her Pokemon to her. As she caught a glimpse of Ophelia and Brian, she waved at them before suddenly wondering where Troy was.

    As the crowd died down and gradually began to empty the arena, Madison rushed out in hopes of getting to the sleeping quarters quickly.
  17. (( Oh, no, really, everything's okay. Just wanted to point that out. XD I certainly wouldn't want the roleplay to go down the drain either. XD Just when we were getting to the exciting part! ))

    "Ah, um... y-yes." Ophelia blushed profusely at the obviousness of her state of anxiety. Rift only grinned wider, but she ignored the furry sausage. It was also embarassing that she was the only one there that didn't know everybody else. But regardless, she should get ready for the next day. As the others left she packed up her stuff again, recalled the Pokemon, and stepped off torwards the room she was to stay in.

    Bright and early the next morning, Ophelia sat among the array of trainers looking up at the stage as the rules were announced. They all looked so much more confident than her, but she knew she could beat them, or at least prove a match for some of them. Being a Breeder, she'd trained her Pokemon to able to think by themselves if needed, bringing out their personalities; if she got confused or tounge-tied they'd be able to hold up for a while. She had confidence, sure, not for herself, but for her Pokemon.

    As soon as it had started it was over, it seemed. Being swept out among the throng of people, Ophelia caught the eye of Madison, and waved before the chance went and she dissapeared from sight. Now that the crowd had dispersed in different directions, she stood looking aorund and getting a hold of her bearings. Maybe she should follow that crowd, they seem determined; or maybe that one over there. Or she should go to the Pokecenter to get out two other Pokemon and maybe get a map.

    She picked option C.

    (( oh and I have nooo idea where exactly she'll be going afterwards 8D;; ))
  18. Madison hoped she wouldn't have to visit the Pokemon Center, knowing that the other trainers were certainly going to crowd it. Alas, the sleeping quarters did have a PC, but lacked the necessary equipment to transport Pokeballs over to her. As she left the sleeping quarters, she found that everything wasn't as hectic as she figured. The trainers were all socializing across the grounds, and it didn't seem like anyone was rushing to find out who would battle whom.

    As the excitement died down, Madison calmed herself and casually began walking towards the Pokemon Center. Until now, she hadn't seen Troy, but she didn't have time to guess where he could be right now.

    As she watched each step she took, she began to wonder just which Pokemon she was going to be getting from Lanette. She reviewed her team, it seemed pretty balanced. She had a Water Type, Grass Type, Dark Type, and Dragon Type, most of which knew attacks that could counter their own weaknesses. Therein lied the problem that most of her Pokemon only had one type on them, and they would become highly susceptible to their weaknesses. Gyarados was also a problem, him being part flying ype meant that he was going to have a hard time with Electric Pokemon.

    Then she review each of their strengths. She reassured herself that most of her Pokemon were fairly tough, Gyarados especially shouldn't have a problem, now that she thought about it. And then it hit her, she was missing two of the most powerful Types on her team!

    Having decided on her roster, Madison was about to break into a run, when she found she was already inside the Pokemon Center. "Oh," was all she could say at her complete obliviousness as to wear she was going. In any case, she was there, and as she looked around she saw that the center was indeed full. There was a rather large crowd gathering around the teleporters, and this made her sigh.

    Thinking it would be better to wait ehr turn, she made her way instead towards the head nurse. Her Pokemon haven't been in battle since her last visit to a Center, but still, it was best to give them a check-up anyway.

    As she sat down and crossed her arms, she was about to see if she could check out any of the other trainers' Pokemon. However, a familiar face had stepped in, and Madison stood to greet Ophelia again, somewhat glad that she could try and take her mind off the matches later with some light conversation.
  19. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: AL just to be sure are the matches 3-3 or 6-6 elimination?

    Brian lifted his legs up bring his knees to his chest. He then shot out so he now stood in a crouched possition. "Axel." he called. On cue the Infernape hopped down from the tree.

    "See ya around Sceptile. Nice meeting you Syrita." Axel said bidding farewell to his new friends.

    "I'll see you three tomorrow." Brian said walking toward the dorms.

    *BEEP!! BEEP!! BEEP!!*
    Brian slapped the alarm clock. The time read 6:00am, the sky outside still dark. Axel got up off the floor as his trainer began getting dressed.

    "Ready for an early morning jog?" Brian asked putting on his shirt.

    "Try and keep up." Axel taunted. They left the dorm and began their run around the island until sunrise 20min later. Brian threw Axel a water bottle out of his pack and took out another for himself. Only two more hours until it's time to report to the stadium. Brian thaught drinking his water. I wonder what time they serve breakfest.

    "To the cafeteria!" he yelled cheerfully. When they arrived at the cafeteria there was a sign that read 'Open at 7:00am' Brian took out his Poketech and checked the time. "Only 6:41? Oh well, at least we're first in line right?" Brian joked.

    After a breakfest of sausage, eggs, and toast Brian and Axel headed to the stadium for what ever it was Dave had planned for them. After the announcement Brian followed the crowd out of the arena. He checked the 5 other Pokemon he had with him. Kingdra, Metang, Slaking, Primape, and Aerodctyl. All were completely health and ready for battle. Excellent. Brian was sure he'd be one of the 25 staying, he'd be in that top ten, and he'd defeat Elizabeth. For now he and Axel would just sit back and wait for the games to begin.
  20. The Pokecenter, while always crowded, made Ophelia feel a little safer. Every one looked pretty much the same, with the counter and the healing machine with the identical nurses. Fiddling with her dress hem once more, she looked around. The PCs had a long line, and she frowned slightly. It would take a while for her to be able to get her other two Pokemon out of storage, but if she waited, the line may get even longer...
    Her train of thought was suddenly interuppted by the appearance of Madison, and with a grateful smile she opted to wait it out. She stepped over to the other girl.
    "Hello again, M-Madison."
  21. ((OOC: Sorry I've been not-so-active. My life outside 'Charms has been a little hectic... Also I'm wondering who wishes to battle first?))

    After a quick trip to the PC, Troy realized that his team was just right for now. So, he just healed his pokemon and went back to the dorms. Setting his alarm for 7:00, he released his Pokemon into his room to have a natural sleep. Troy believed that it helped them sleep.

    There was another reason. Isyell's problem was that he had things close to heart attacks happen to him if he doesn't get medicine in his Poke-food. If the other Pokemon are with Isyell outside his Pokeball, they can signal Troy just in case.

    After about 10:17, Troy drifted off to sleep.


    The next morning, Troy talked to the others about the tournament before rushing over to the arena. While on the way there, he felt his Pokeball shake. Pulling it out, he gave a relieved sigh. It wasn't Isyell. But it was Spook. That happened when he sensed something- or someone.

    Whirling around twice, Troy saw no one. With abruptness, the Dusknoir leaped out of it's Pokeball. It pointed to a tree in the distance with a gray finger. Looking, Troy only saw a man standing there. Then the man turned and walked away. ((hint-hint))

    Troy was in the area designated for the trainers competing. Dave was in front standing on something. "Alright everyone here?" he called out. After roll call, he told them to get into straight lines of ten, resulting in five lines. "Now take one of these tournament planners and pass it backwards. With these you can tell the challenges apart and which ones go first."

    When Troy got his, he gazed at it, trying to find his name. Soon, he found it. He would challenge some woman named Darylin. Specialized in grass-type pokemon. He and Brian's challenges would be held in Stadium B, while the other's would be held in Stadium A.

    This is going to rock! he thought excitedly.

    ((OOC: Once more, who wants to battle first? Oh, and we have no fifth person, so they're a Computer! Too late, no more entries!))
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    OOC: I've been out all weekend, but i can't believe no one else posted! :o Oh well, I have no problem going first. For the sake of simplicity the first round will be 3-on-3.

    "Looks like we're the second match at Stadium B." Brian said to Axel reading of the planner.

    "What about the others?" Axel inquired. Brian looked for there names on the planner.

    "Troy is right after us in match three and Madison and Ophelia are in Stadium A." explained Brian finding each name. They casually walked to the designated stadium, the bright sun light practicly(sp?) representing their mood. After finally arriving, Brian and Axel took their seats in the stands to watch the first match. The Ref for Stadium B took role, and after confirming all ten trainers were present, called the first two competitors, a male and female, to the field and began thier match. The female trainer sent out a Milotic and the male sent out a Delibird. The match concluded with the female trainer as the winner.

    "Now for the second match! Brian vs. Travis!" the Ref shouted enthusiasticly into the microphone. Brian and Axel rose from their seats and walked on to the field. Travis soon followed and stood across from Brian.

    "Let's get one thing straight here. I'm going to win, understood?" said Travis coldly.

    "No need for an attitude." responded Brian.

    "Begin!" declared the Ref.

    "Go! Rhyperior!" called Travis. From the Pokeball's red beam of light emerged the lage, heavily armored Drill Pokemon.

    "How do you expect to live up to your earlier taunt if you're making my life easy. Go! Kingdra!" laughed Brian. Travis was in shock.

    "I can't believe I did that to myself!" complained Travis seeing the majest blue water Pokemon. "Guess I'll have to do what I can. Use Rock Blast Rhyperior!" Rhyperior pointed it's palms at Kingdra and fired rocks from it's hands. Kingdra was able to dodge a couple but was hit by the rest.

    "Start us off with Bubblebeam Kingdra!" called Brian. Kingdra shot a concentrated blast of bubbles from his snout hitting Rhyperior.

    "Grrrr... Rhyperior! Megahorn!" Rhyperior charged through the Bubblebeam and rammed Kingdra with it's horn.

    "Don't give up Kingdra! Do a close range Brine!" commanded Brian. Kingdra released the water attack dropping Rhyperior to one knee.

    "Get up Rhyperior! Hit it with Rock Wrecker!" called Travis.

    "No chance! Finish it with Dragon Pulse!" Kingdra glowed for a second a fired the dragonic energy at Rhyperior KOing the Pokemon.

    "Rhyperior is unable to battle! Please select your next Pokemon!" announced the Ref.

    "You just got lucky that's all. But let's see you defeat my Manectric!" said Travis sending out the Discarge Pokemon. "Use Charge Manectric!" Manectric began absorbing energy from it's surroundings until sparks began coming from it's body. "Now Thunder!"

    "He's not taking any chances this time!" Brian yelled as Manectric released a massive amount of Electricity toward Kingdra enveloping the Dragon Pokemon. Kingdra let out a cry of pain before falling to the ground. "Are you alright Kingdra?" asked Brian hunched over the Pkemon.

    "Kingdra is unable to battle! Please select your next Pokemon!" declared the Ref.

    "No big deal. I've still got plenty more Pokemon to use. Come out Slaking!" Brian called sending out his lazy ape like Pokemon. Slaking layed on the ground and yawned.

    "That's your rebound Pokemon? Ha! It'll be back in it's Pokeball soon enough." mocked Travis.

    "I wouldn't be so sure if I were you." Brian said calmly. "Use Amnesia Slaking!" Slaking scratched his head trying to remember what he forgot.

    "If that's how you want to waste your precious time with that slacker then fine. I'll gladdly attack away. "Manectric! Use Charge and then Discharge." Manectric began absorbing energy until it sparked. It then released the stored lightning on Slaking. The lazy Pokemon looked over at Manectric and roled it's eyes. Travis laughed in amusement. Bite it Manectric!" commanded Travis. Manectric bit down on Slacking's arm, but Slaking just rubbed his chest.

    "Are you ready to fight yet Slaking?" Brian asked. Slaking rolled over and stood. "Good. Travis, your big mistake was using a physical attack. Counter Slaking!" Slaking lifted a massive arm and smacked Manectric across the arena. It then layed back on the ground.

    "On your feet Manectric!" ordered Travis. Manectric staggered trying to stand up. "Alright, that slacker's in lazy mode againg. Get it with Quick Attack!" Manectric ran at full speed toward Slaking.

    "Can I get a Hammer Arm out of you?" Brian asked calmly. Slaking lifted it's arm and dropped it on Manectric as it came close.

    "But how?" questioned Travis trying to understand.

    "Simple. Slaking and I have an understanding. I'll let him get away with taking it easy in the begining, but when I kindly ask him to attack, he'll do it. And once his opponent is defeated, he gets to go back to the Pokeball." Brian explained.

    "Manectric is unable to battle. Please select your last Pokemon." announced the Ref. Brian also returned Slaking as per their agreement.

    "I'm ending this now! Go Kingler!" called Travis sending out the giant red crab emerged.

    "I agree. This ends now. But not the way you want it to. Primape!" said Brian. Out of the Pokeball came the violent fighting monkey. "Use Seismic Toss!" Primape rushed over and picked up the crab Pokemon.

    "CrabHammer Kingler!" Kingler rammed Primape in the head with it's largest claw. If the objective was to make Primape drop Kingler than Travis was sadly mistaken. However if the objective was to piss off the Pig Monkey, then mission accomplished. Primape violently threw Kingler to the ground.

    "Now while it's off guard, use Close Combat!" called Brian. Primape moved in face to face and began a rush of punches and kicks.

    "Bad move getting in close like that. Use Vicegrip Kingler!" The crab gripped Primeape tightly and began squeezing.

    "Primape! Break free with Stregnth!" commanded Brian. Primape began pushing Kingler's claw away from his body. When enough room was made Primape jumped back. "Now use Thrash!" The fighting Pokemon unleashed all of his anger and began his violent assult on Kingler. Both Pokemon were begining to where out.

    "You better not loose Kingler! Metal Claw!" Kingler's big claw began to gleam from hardening. It lifted it's claw and punch Primeape.

    "Time to end this Primeape. Use Cross Chop!" Brian said confidently. The Pig Monkey hit Kingler in it's temples as its arms became an X shape. Kingler fell unconcious from the attack.

    "That's it! Kingler is unable to continue! The winner is Brian!" The Ref declared lifting Brian's arm into the air. The fellow trainers in the stands cheered.

    "Good match." Brian said extending his hand to Travis.

    "Save it." Travis snorted angrily. Brian shook his head in disapointment. Why must some people be that way? He wondered.

    "I'm just disapointed I didn't get a turn." grumbled Axel.

    "Don't worry. You'll fight next time for sure." reassured Brian.

    "I better." responded Axel

    "Our next match will be Darylin vs Troy!" shouted the Ref. Brian passed Troy on his way back to the stands.

    "Good luck." Brian said giving Troy a thumbs up.

    OOC: *Phew!* Well that post only took two and a half hours! Awww man. Well I hope my battle was entertaining and everyone enjoyed reading it. I leave the rest to you all.
  23. ((OOC: I'm fine with that. And yes, your battle did entertain!))

    As Troy walked toward the arena entrance, he passed Brian. Troy gave a wave and smile and proceeded to the middle stage. The crowd cheered as he and Darylin stepped on stage. To tell the truth, he was nervous like crazy, and didn't like it. Troy didn't feel as if he had butterflies, he felt like they would come bursting out his stomach soon!

    "Match #3: Darylin vs. Troy! Begin with one Pokemon each!" shouted the ref.

    "I hope you enjoy these battles more than I do!" she said enthusiastically. Darylin released a soft-looking Vileplume happily. "Let's give this a try, Vileplume!"

    "Let's go, Headwind!" he shouted as a bright red light enveloped a shape on the ground. Out came a soaring Swellow, covered in gorgeous, black feathers. It cried out joyfully, soaring in circles above the arena. Seeing his Pokemon so lively brought joy to Troy. He smiled, and the butterflies disappeared.


    Troy ordered an Aerial Ace to Swellow, who came rocketing down out of the sky. It looped once and shot at the Flower Pokemon. But Vileplume suddenly had become ten! Confused, Swellow dashed through a false Pokemon.

    The true Vileplume absorbed it's copies and bent down. From it's flower came out a green cloud that enveloped Headwind, putting him to sleep. With a flash of orange, Vileplume used Sunny Day.

    "Oh, no!" Troy said to himself. He knew what a Sunny Day meant with grass-type trainers. With Swellow asleep, Vileplume unleashed a powerful Solarbeam attack that slammed Headwind against the walls. the resulting shaking sound startled the audience.

    Troy returned Swellow and continued with Digi. With one Ice Beam, the Vileplume was not only KOed, it was frozen solid. Sadly, Darylin brought back her Pokemon. But, with a half smile, brought out a Leafeon. "Leafeon, use a Leaf Blade attack!" Troy's opponent ordered.

    The Pokemon swung the leaf on it's head next to Digi, missing by an inch. With a Dark Pulse, the Leafeon was down, but not out. The sun still shined, something that worried Troy. Leafeon just stood there, seeming to glow. Then it occurred to Troy what Leafeon's ability was: Leaf Guard.

    With that in mind, Digi couldn't use it's Thunder Wave attack. So, Troy proceeded with a Conversion Attack. With a sudden flash of black, Digi was a Dark-Type. With that in mind, Darylin ordered an Aerial Ace to strike Digi. The attack landed, being unavoidable.

    Troy hated letting an attack land, but Digi isn't very fast, he didn't have any moves that could ever use to protect, and he was just able to take the hit well. But a quick look at Troy's Poketch told him otherwise. Porygon-Z was in critical health with 27 out of 203!

    "Digi, use Dark Pulse, followed up with an Ice Beam!" Troy ordered. That quick command sent a mutter of confusion through the audience. Usually, only a well-trained Pokemon could use one move, and follow up with another quickly enough! But Digi, somehow, pulled it off.

    A ripple of black energy struck Leafeon, blinding it for a couple seconds. When sight returned, it found it staring at Digi's snout. With a blast of icy-cold, the Leafeon was KOed. This time, both trainers returned their Pokemon. And soon, the final match was between Darylin's powerful-looking Wormadam (Grass) and Troy's Isyell.

    Luckily, Isyell had it's medicine food just before the match, so she could give her all. "Isyell, begin with a Dig attack!" Troy ordered. The Garchomp used it's powerful claws to dig under the arena's dirt-filled ground. With a rumble, she emerged back from underneath Wormadam, who merely gave a small, startled cry.

    "Now use Dragon Claw!" Troy ordered again, this time confused. Wormadam didn't move when hit by a double Dragon Claw either. "Okay, now finish with Dragon Rush!" Glowing red and sapphire, Isyell rocketed at the Wormadam. Just before contact, Wormadam gave a short, loud screech.

    "Woooormadaaaaamm!!!!" There was a sudden flash as a pillar of light struck Isyell. The collision of the two attacks gave a blast that rocked the entire arena. A heavy, black cloud loomed over the stage, almost as if an omen. Troy felt as if he had just had his Bidoof kicked.

    The cloud cleared, and the sight was amazing. Wormadam was unconscious, but Isyell was nowhere to be found! There was a rumble and A blue shape flew out of the ground. When it landed, it showed a Garchomp, badly beat up from the explosion, smiling.

    The following applause deafened Troy and Isyell as Troy ran over and gave it a great pat on the head. "Way to go, Isyell!!" he shouted over the crowd.

    "Amazing!" said the Referee. "Isyell seems to have burrowed underground before feeling the brunt of the blast! With a great win, Troy is the victor!"

    As Troy held his arms up high next to a very proud Garchomp, two eyes gazed at him from afar. On the hill far from there, a man in black clothing was looking through binoculars. There was a static sound of radio contact. "Viper?" the male voice said. "Viper? Come in."

    "Yeah?" the first man said, not taking his eyes off the stadium.


    "I've seen the boys' battling skills. Quite formidable." Viper replied grimly.

    "And the girls?" asked the radio voice.

    "They're coming up next in Stadium B. I'll check over soon."

    "Well, hurry," the voice said half-angrily. "Master Magma wishes for these reports to be precise, helpful, organized-"

    "I know the drill, Kid," Viper interrupted. "Their matches have been placed so that I have enough time to go to the other stadium. Viper, Out."

    ((OOC: Yes, we're all being stalked. Deal. He's the fifth trainer and he is in the final match right after Madison's & Ophelia's separate matches. Enjoy!))
  24. (( Oh boy, stalkers! 8D And both those battles were very entertaining. xD))

    Now that Ophelia had entered the stadium, her nerves began to flutter for the millionth time. She gripped her dress hem once more out of habit, then calmed herself, contented to watch the battles between Troy and Brian. She was pleased that they had both won, but now, her palms began to sweat. It was almost her turn.

    "First battle. Ophelia versus Remus!"

    She gasped. Her, first?! No. No. Oh dear. Oh, my goodness.
    Standing up, she blushed wildly under the thunderous applause. Her opponent, a snotty looking boy, also stood up and strode over to the stage, making it a point that he reached it first. Once they were in position, he eyed her doubtfully.
    "A girl? you look weak."

    "S-Sexist pig!" she spluttered, pink dusting her cheeks in embarrassment and outrage.


    Remus immediately tossed his Pokeball. "Go, Hitmontop!" As it appeared in a beam of light, the Fighting-type spun on its head menacingly.

    The tiny Breeder almost sighed in relief. Gingerly holding her precious Pokemon's Pokeball, she released the creature within without letting go of the sphere.
    "Go, Aderyn."

    The graceful Pidgeot flapped its wings and glared at its opponent, tense but ready. Immediately it rose into the air.
    "You know what to do, Aderyn," she said, loud enough for it to hear. "It'll be harder though, since it spins also. Fly."
    Soaring high above the battlefield, the bird Pokemon wheeled about before diving in- but with a bit of a change. Instead of coming strainght down, the Pokemon spun rapidly, almost becoming a blur. The hitmontop wasn't ready and was sent sprawling. Still spinning, but not as quickly, the bird pulled upwards.
    "Aerial Ace!"
    The Hitmontop was knocked down again.
    "So, speed is your forte, eh?" Remus mused. "Gyro Ball!"
    Recovering, the Pokemon charged up the Steel attack and hit Aderyn a direct hit. The Pokemon fell to the ground, but struggled to get up.
    "Aderyn! Are you okay?!" The Breeder received a nod. "Quick attack, then."
    The spinning began once more, but Remus countered it. "Triple kick!"
    The Hitmontop blocked the blow with his feet. The Pidgeot moved back a few yards.
    "Air Slash!"
    The Hitmontop was now only barely conscious, struggling to see straight. Ophelia hated to see Pokemon suffering, so one Quick Attack later and the Hitmontop was down. Remus recalled his Pokemon with a snort.

    "Hunh. You're stronger than you look."

    "Sh-shut up!"

    He shrugged. "Go, Aggron."
    Ophelia recalled her worn out bird. "Go, Syrita!"
    Both Pokemon glared at each other, an obvious anger rising.

    "Strength, Aggron!"

    "M-Meet him head-on, Syrita!"

    Both Pokemon clasped front paws and shoved. Syrita's back was exploding with the flame know to all Typhlosions, and it was making Aggron uncomfortable. Syrita grinned, the suddenly made her hands flare, causing the creature to let go with a roar.


    Critical hit. Ouch. The Aggron winced as its torso was engulfed in flames.

    "Take Down, Aggron!"

    Syrita managed to dodge at the last second, but was still delivered a glancing blow. The two locked paws again.

    "Metal Burst!"


    The result was catastrophic. Not only did metal pieces suddenly fill the air, but they were melting and/or on fire at the same time. Smoke filled the air, as did angry roars of pain from both sides. When it cleared both Pokemon could be seen, both heavily injured but one slumped on the floor. Syrita stood next to the fallen Aggron, bleeding from a gash in her side where a chunk of metal hit her and her paw crushed from where the creature had gripped it incredibly tightly.


    She grinned at her trainer lopsidedly, one eye swollen shut. She was recalled instantly, along with the Aggron. Remus was appalled. "I can't beleive it. A girl's beating me."

    "I SAID SHUT UP!" Ophelia screamed, suprising both herself and half the audience. She quickly covered her mouth in shame, but Remus had thrown out his last Pokeball. "Go, Arcanine!"

    "Rift, I'm counting on you!"
    The crazy Furret burst out of his Pokeball with a whoop. Remus stared at the creature, akwardly holding an Iron Ball, and started cracking up.

    "A FURRET?! You gotta be kidding me! That thing'll be toast! And what is it HOLDING?!"

    Rift suddenly burst into sadistic laughter, which was scary coming from a furry sausage. The Arcanine looked slightly perturbed.

    "Rift, Trick." Another wild grin and suddenly, to the Arcanine's surprise, he was holding the bloody Iron Ball!


    She didn't wait for her opponent to order an attack. Now that Rift was holding his opponent's item, she ordered him to fling it at the confused canine, which he did. It had little effect, but that wasn't what she was aiming for.


    The akward Green Generic Doll appeared in Furret's stead. Ophelia was really beginning to wonder when the Arcanine would move.

    "Now, Last Resort!" It was apparent he wouldn't have a chance to. Hook, line, and sinker; the Arcanine was out, and Rift had not even a scratch. He began to laugh maniacally again.

    "Match over. The winner- Ophelia!"

    The crowd applauded wildly, and she recalled the Furret, blushing. She soon ran off the stage, leaving a confused Remus.

    "Wh...wh... What just happened?"

    "Please move for the next match, sir."

    ((*dies* XDD))
  25. ((Ooc: Excellent Battles there. ^^; Sorry if I took so long to post, I had trouble trying to figure out a nice little scene for the battle. Anyway, hope it'll do.))

    Backstage, Madison had noticed Ophelia just entering. She was terribly red. As Madison approached her, she gave her a slow applause. "Well done, Ophelia," she said quietly. Ophelia smiled back. "You think I did all right?" she asked. Madison paused at this. Truth be told, it could have gone much better, but she had no right to tell her this. "It was fine. Besides, its just the first round," she told her as she gently held her hand. "It's over, now you can relax, maybe train some more," she said as she forced a smile. But before she could say anything else, a loud voice erupted from the Arena.

    "Now let's move on to the second battle! Madison versus Ben!" it cried out.

    And as the audience began to cheer, Madison gave Ophelia a gentle nudge before calmy walking up towards the Stadium. "Wish me luck," she said before an even louder cheer from the crowd welcomed her onto the field.

    Ben was about the same age as Madison, probably even younger, and he sneered as she made her way to where Ophelia stood just moments ago. "This'll be good," he said sarcastically. Madison glared at him quietly as the crowd's noise began to die down. She never saw this kid back in the center, that would probably be an advantage, for at the cost of not knowing who he is or what Pokemon he used, at least she was sure he wouldn't either.

    "Second Battle, Begin!" yelled the announcer. With a wave of his hand, Madison and Ben calmly reached for a Pokeball hanging from their belts.

    "Let's go, Four-arms!" yelled Ben as he threw his Pokeball high into the air. Light spewed from it and fell to the ground, materializing into a large, gray Pokemon. Machamp flexed its muscles at Madison, who just stood there and gave it a cold stare. "Medicham, go for it!" she said as she, too tossed her Pokeball into the air, the same light released from it and revealed a human-sized Pokemon. "Medicham!" It cried as it got into a martial art stance in front of Machamp.

    "Four-arms, start things off with a Karate Chop!" Ben told his Machamp. As it took a hulking step forward, Madison quickly asked Medicham to use Psychic. "Medicham!" it said as it crossed its feet and brought its hands together. As the Machamp approached, Medicham began to glow blue, and lightly floated into the air. It floated motionlessly before suddenly waving its arms forward. A huge force, glowing blue like Medicham did began to rush forward towards Machamp. As Machamp raised its arms into the air, it was hit squarely with the Psychic energy. Glowing blue itself, Machamp suddenly began to float too, before being pushed back as though a great explosion had occured. "Machaaaaamp!" It cried before falling hard onto the ground.

    Medicham remained afloat, and it was Madison's turn to sneer as the Machamp attempted to get up, before fainting completely. Madison wanted to comment on how stupid it was for Ben to use a fighting attack on Medicham, but she remained quiet, as her smile began to return to a cold frown. All around them the crowd cheered as Ben recalled his Machamp. He watched Madison and gritted his teeth, annoyed at how calm she was.

    "Alright, let's try something else! Go, Weavile!" He said as he threw a second Pokeball into the ring. A small, dark Blue Pokemon emerged and waved its claws theateningly at Medicham. "A Weavile, huh?" Madison whispered to herself. "Good, I can try out that move with Medicham."

    "Okay, Weavile, Blizzard!" Ben instructed it. "Weavile took a deep breath, as a strong gust of wind and snow came out from its mouth. "Medicham, dash around it!" Madison told her Pokemon, as it broke away from its pose and began to run towards the side of the arena. Weavile tried to turn its head to follow it, but it was too slow, as Medicham made it towards its back, It coiled its fist back. "Fire punch!" Madison yelled toward it. Medicham's fist burst into flames and then proceeded to hit Weavile squarely in the face. Weavile was knocked back and Ben yelled to it in distress.

    Weavile however had quickly recovered and proceeded to get back up. Ben smield towards it and then ordered a Shadow Ball. Weavile dashed towards Medicham and began to charge an ominous black orb between its claws. "Uh-oh," Madison said to herself as Medicham stood awaiting her orders. "High Jump Kick!" She called to it, and Medicham sprang high into the air.

    Weavile however threw the Shadow Ball at it anyway, and it hit Medicham squarely in the gut. Medicham was shocked and fell to the ground like an airplane careening out of control. Madison watched her Pokemon worriedly as Ben's smile widened. "Okay, Weavile. Finish it with Shadow claw!" Weavile leaped into the air as its claws began to glow in the same, ominous manner as the Shadow Ball. Madison stood there quietly watching as her Medicham slowly focused its eyes on the scene on top of it.

    "Now, Medicham! Fire Punch!" Without a minute to spare, Medicham's fist once again was covered in flames. Weavile was surprised by its sudden action. It couldn't block as Medicham fired a swift uppercut into its belly. "Weavile!" it cried out before soaring into the air and crashing down a few feet away from Medicham. It tried to move but couldn't; and subsequently coughed out before fainting.

    The crowd roared insanely as the referee announced the results. Ben recalled his Weavile and looked at Madison again, she still glared at him coldly. Ben was beginning to get worried, even scared at how emotionless Madison was towards her consecutive victories. He tightened his fist and called out his last Pokemon.

    "Go, Ghostfreak!" He cried out as a large Purple Pokemon emerged from the ball. "Gengarrr," it growled menacingly at Medicham, its mouth holding a perpetual smile. "Medicham, return!" Madison told her Pokemon, as it disappeared in a flash of light and into the pokeball in her hand. She knew that it had taken critical damage from that shadow ball, and surely wouldn't make it through an attack by a Gengar.

    "Mash it, Mightyena!" she said as she threw her second Pokeball into the air. This time, the failiar form of a black dog emerged from it. It roared at the Gengar, causing it to frown and jump back in surprise.

    "Don't back away Ghostfreak! Brick Break!" Ben told it. Gengar rose into the air and raised its arm, which began to glow. Brick Break!? This was trouble. Madison thought as her eyes widened. "Mightyena! Dig quickly!" she told her Pokemon worriedly. It nodded towards her and began to claw at the ground quickly, whipping up a small sand storm. Gengar slowly hovered in thae air trying to pinpoint its target, but eventually the dust settled, and Mightyena was nowhere to be seen.

    "Stay in the air, Ghostfreak!" Ben yelled to his Pokemon, and Gengar began stayed afloat, looking all around it. Mightyena emerged directly beneath it, just as Madison told it to use Crunch. Mightyena jumped into the air, opening its mouth wide and revealing its pointy teeth. "Double team!" Ben cried out, and Gengar obeyed, suddenly moving at such a high speed that it left copies of itself all over the arena. Mightyena landed on the ground, looking for its true target.

    "Use Hyper Beam to clear the field!" Madison told it, and it fired a bright orange beam from its mouth, vaporizing all the Gengars that littered the field. "Hah! Everyone knows Normal Attacks go right through Ghost types!" Ben yelled to her. Madison however was too busy watching her Pokemon to notice. Frustrated at being ignored, Ben cried out, "All right, Ghostfreak! Hit it with a Brick Break!" Gengar's arm glowed once more, this time getting up close towards Mightyena and bashing it in the shoulder. Ben sneered triumphantly as he heard Mightyena yelp.

    Madison however was smiling as well. "Payback, Mightyena!" She told it, and Mightyena began to glow ominously. It then charged towards Gengar, trailing horrific black shadows, before hitting it in the belly. Gengar cried out as well and it rolled all over the ground before utterly collapsing.

    Ben stood there horrified as Mightyena glared at him, still glowing black. But all around him, people were cheering. The match was over, and Madison was declared the winner. Madison called her Pokemon back to her, and it approached her happily, no longer glowing and even smiling affectionately towards her. She finally managed a smile and showed it towards Ben. Ben stood there for a minute before recalling his own Pokemon and approaching her. The two shaked each other's hands quietly and proceeded to exit the arena.

    Madison left the crowd, still roaring in excitement and made her way off stage. There she looked around to find Ophelia, hoping to hear any comments about the battle she just had.

    ((and that's that. lol Ben10 reference. It should be noted that when battling, Madison becomes all scary and emotionless with a "I will destroy you" look in her eye. ^^;))
  26. ((OOC: Nice battles, everyone! And I did catch the two Pokemon, RX. :p Although I didn't catch the fact that the trainer was Ben until the end... I'm doing this to show the power of Viper and his Pokemon.))

    After Troy was done cheering for Ophelia and Madison, he dashed to stadium A again to witness the battle between Daisy and Murry, the other trainer who was brought along. Troy got a good seat in the third row from the floor.

    There was a bunch of static as the announcer spoke. "And now, the final battle of the day!" he said. "Daisy versus Murry!" There was a roar of applause as two people stepped on stage. One was a woman in jeans and a T-shirt, while the other was a buff man who wore only black. He had a slight tan. "Begin!"

    The two sent out one Pokemon each; the woman a Clefairy, the man an Electivire. But there was something about the man and his Pokemon. Spook's Pokeball shook violently, but Troy ignored it. "Clefairy, use Water Pulse!" But as soon as the Pulse was out of Clefairy's hands, a Thunderbolt struck it. The water vaporised, and the attack landed a powerful blow.

    Clefairy got up, but it couldn't move. "Clefairy is paralyzed!"

    "Return!" shouted Daisy. With a bright flash, she returned Clefairy and brought out a Macargo. Mistake number one. Electivire's arm glowed orange and it rushed towards Macargo. Without a word from Murry. Macargo used Protect and the Brick Break was deflected.

    "Electivire, return and switch with Lucario!" The first deep words Troy heard Murry say. Suddenly, Lucario was out and Electivire wasn't. The Lucario's arm glowed white and he leaped at Macargo. The Protect shattered as Lucario hit Macargo with Feint. One Aura Sphere finished Macargo off. Murry smiled grimly.

    "Macargo, return!" Daisy said. When it was in it's Pokeball, she released a Kricketune. Mistake number two. Lucario glowed red an he unleashed a powerful Flamethrower. The Kricketune dodged, but still got a glancing blow. As it tumbled down, Lucario jumped at it, foot held out. The foot burned and it struck, delivering a lethal Blaze Kick.

    And now Daisy was left with Clefairy, still paralyzed. Clefairy wiggled it's fingers ever so slightly. Lucario then made the mistake of getting close for a Close Combat. There was a sudden Flash attack that blinded Lucario momentarily. He missed, and Clefairy landed a Fire Blast, KOing the Lucario.

    Now Murry had Electivire back out, ready to fight. "Okay then, Clefairy," Murry said. "If you won't go down easily, we won't show any mercy." Looking at Electivire, he ordered something odd: "Use Combo 12!" The Electivire, seeming to know what the heck that was, fired a Thunderbolt at Clefairy while also dashing at it.

    The Thunderbolt seemed to mix with the Quick Attack, forming some kind of weaker Volt Tackle. The strange attack landed, sending Clefairy rocketing into the wall. The Ref was so startled, he forgot to say that the match was over. Even the audience forgot to cheer because they were so stunned.

    Who was that guy?, Troy thought, frightened at the ferocity. Then, Troy remembered how Spook's ball had shook so violently. Whoever he is, he isn't what he seems, that's for sure.

    ((OOC: WOOT!! 2nd page!! KUTGW, people! And remember, this is the last battle for today. Round two begins tomorrow. That means there's 25 people left... around 15 battles, of which five are ours. After that, there should be about 14 left. I think.))
  27. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    After watching Ophelia and Madison win their respective matches, Brian and Axel went back to the other stadium. There was one more match Brian wanted to see. On the boat there was one other person, a man that seemed like the quiet anti-social type and Brian was interested in seeing what this man was capable of. He and Axel took their seats in the audience to watch the match. Through out most of the battle, the young trainer was quite impressed with the man's skills, but with the execution of the last move Brian's eyes widened. Combo 12?! Ok, I could probably figure out a good way to counter that, but what aboout Combos 1-11? And Lucario and his other Pokemon, do they have combo moves as well? he thaught motionlessly in his chair.

    "Truely a marvalous opponent." Brian said at last. Axel looked over at him.

    "This Murry is also terrifying and formidable. We can't afford to hold anything back on this guy." said the Infernape seriously.

    "Agreed. That's why, if it comes to it, you're using your ultimate move if he becomes our opponent in the next rounds. I suggest we watch his performance in all other battles." responded the trainer. Axel nodded in agreement. The two left the stadium to catch up with the others. As they wandered through the crowd of trainers, Axel suddenly stopped and began turning his head.

    "Something wrong?" Brian inquired.

    "We're being followed." Axel responded grimly.

    "Axel we're in a crowd. There are people moving in all different directions. Maybe someone was just goin in the same direction we were." said Brian.

    "Then why did he stop moving when we did?" asked Axel. Brian began looking around for anyone suspicious. Through the crowd he couldn't really distinguish any particular people, but he knew Axel wouldn't lie about something like this nor was he the type to be paranoid.

    "Alright. We'll casually wander into a clearing, and confront this guy when he's out in the open." explained the trainer. They went through the crowd of people until they got down to the beach. They waited for 10min, but remained the only two people(or rather one person and his Pokemon) on the beach.

    "Obviously the one following us is a coward that would dare not leave the safety net of a blending in with a crowd. Axel pointed out.

    "Forget him for now. Let's just get back to looking for Troy and the others." said Brian.

    OOC: What you think you're the only one to be stalked AL? ;D
  28. ((OOC: Of course not. Just look at what he said in my post back on the first page. He is watching all four of us... but why? I dunno.))

    As the challengers went back to their respective rooms, Troy went over to the shore to think. He brought out all six of his Pokemon, and fed them. Isyell now had his usual dosage of medicine, so Troy gave a large sigh of relief.

    His Pokemon were playing around the beach, just having fun, when Troy asked them a serious question. "What are we gonna do?" The Pokemon stopped. Spook, sensing something was wrong, got closer. A large, dark gray hand was set on Troy's shoulder.

    Granted Trek was Troy's first Pokemon, Spook was always the sensitive one, able to sense discomfort, worry, or other things. Maybe it was the Ghost-Type attribute, but there was more. Troy had once saved Spook's life during his time as a Dusclops. Spook had been dangling above a seemingly endless pit, weakened by an opponent when Troy stepped in and surrendered, saving Spook.

    "Brian... Ophelia... Madison... um, Viper! Yeah that's his name!" Troy said to them. "They're all so good, and I've been a trainer, what, three years? Brian and them have been trainers for maybe twice that. And Viper's been one only God knows how long!" He looked over into a concerned Dusknoir's eye.

    Seeing his Pokemon so concerned, except his cool and calm Swellow, Troy smiled. "Oh, never mind! It's getting late, and we need some more sleep for the challenges tomorrow. Y'know, now that I think hard about it, the day after tomorrow, I'm battling Brian if he and I win tomorrow's battles!"


    "Viper! Come in, Viper?" called a voice quietly from a radio.

    Viper, watching Troy at the moment from a cliff, clutched the radio. "You know, Kid, when I'm on stealth missions, I turn my radio volume down. Why? Because you talk way. Too. Loud."

    "Regardless," Replied a very irritated Kid, "How are the four children?"

    "They're... good. They all won their challenges. Of course, they haven't fought me yet. But the other challengers are terrible. I beat my challenger in five minutes flat. I'm hurt that they didn't clap though."

    "WHAT?! You battled? The mission is to watch and learn and tell us when. Not to battle for fun!" Kid said harshly.

    "Relax and let me do this my way!" hissed Viper. "Boss put me in charge, and so I do my part my way." Kid sent a string of rules and agreements, mixed with the occasional curse, at Viper. "Viper out," he said, interrupting.

    ((OOC: I just realized I made a bit of wordplay in this post. 'hissed Viper'? :p See, I'm not the only one getting stalked by a buff man in his 30's!))
  29. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: I got your PM AL. You weren't being that buggish (well maybe just a little ;)) Let the next round begin!

    The next morning Brian and Axel walked to the stadium for the second round. Their opponent today was the woman who used a Milotic in yesterday's match. Brian wondered what she'd use this time. They got to the arena and took their seats to wait for the Ref to start the matches.

    "Goooooooooood morning Battle Frontier!" the Ref shouted enthusiasticly into the mike. "Today's first match will be Melinda and Brian! Will you please step onto the field!"

    "I wish you the best of luck. Let's have a good match." said Melinda kindly.

    Finally, an opponent that's not a jerk. thaught Brian. "Thank you. I wish the same to you." he said.

    "Begin!" declared the Ref.

    "I assume you're using your Infernape, so I'll use Togekiss!" Said Melinda throwing a Pokeball into the air. Emergining from the flash of light came the Jubilee Pokeomn.

    "Actually Axel's Pokeball broke awhile ago, so he walks outside of one now." Brian said. He was abit suprised since no one else seemed to notice or care that Axel was there while Brian battled unless he was the actual opponent.

    "Oh I'm so sorry!" said Melinda embarassed. "I used Togekiss because she has an advantage. I'm sticking with my decision, but you may use who ever you want."

    "Well I won't let you get the upper hand right away, so I'll have to go with Aerodactyl!" Brian threw the Pokeball and out came the Prehistoric flying Pokemon letting out a piercing battle cry. "Now Aerodactyl! Wing Attack!" called Brian. Aerodactyl flew at Togekiss with his wing in attack possition.

    "Not so fast! Use Magical Leaf Togekiss!" As the Fossil Pokemon got in close, Toekiss fired a flurry of rainbow colored leaves at him. Aerodactyl had no choice but to take the unavoidable attack.

    "Don't worry about it Aerodactyl. Use Bite!" commanded Brian. Aerodactyl bit down on Togekiss's wing. "Now use Ice Fang!" Cold air came from the prehistoric Pokemon's mouth as his teeth temporarily turned to ice.

    "No Togekiss! Air Slash!" called Melinda. With her free wing Togekiss pushed Aerodactyl away with a powerful burst of wind. "Now get it with Extremespeed!"

    "Aerodactyl! Agility!" The two Pokemon went right past eachother with their high speed attacks.

    "Finish this Togekiss! Use Sky Attack" commanded Melinda. Togekiss began charging the attack from the air.

    "Use Fly Aerodactyl!" called Brian. Aerodactyl flew into the sky for his own aerial attack. Both Pokemon lunged at eachother in hopes of finishing the other off. "Aerodactyl! Combine Fly with Iron Head!" commanded the trainer. Aerodactyl pulled his wings back as his head gleamed a metalic color. Aerodactyl's and Togekiss's heads collided. Aerodactyl landed safely next to his trainer while Togekiss fell to the gound unconcious.

    "Oh no! Togekiss!" cried Melinda. "You're on Milotic!" The beautiful serpentine Pokemon emerged on the field. "Start us off with Water Pulse!" Aerodactyl let out a cry of pain as he was struck by the waves of water.

    "Hang in there! Use Roost Aerodactyl!" called Brian. Aerdactyl covered himself with his wings and began resting.

    "Don't allow it to recover! Use Wrap Milotic!" called Melinda. Milotic wrapped it's long body around the Fossil Pokemon.

    "That was a mistake! Aerodactyl! Thunder Fang!" commanded Brian. Aerodactyl's teeth began sparking and he bit down on the part of Milotic's body closest to his mouth. The Tender Pokemon cried out and let go.

    "Come on Milotic! You've almost got it! Use Aqua Tail!" Milotic didn't respond.

    "Thunder Fang must've paralyzed it. That's too bad. Aerodactyl! Take Down!" called Brian Aerodactyl recklessly bashed into Milotic, but recieved no damage of his own due to his ability being Rock Head.

    "Milotic! Refresh!" pleaded Melinda. Milotic glowed for a moment before moving again. "Finish Aerodactyl off! Use Hydro Pump!" The Tender Pokemon blasted a powerful burst of water at Aerodactyl.

    "Aerodactyl! This will be your last attack this battle! Hyper Beam!" commanded Brian. Aerodactyl quickly charged energy in his mouth. He pulled back his head and fired the beam at the Hydro Pump. The two attack collided creating a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared both Aerodactyl and Milotic were fainted.

    "Neither Pokemon is capable of battling! Please select your next Pokemon!" shouted the Ref.

    "Go! Nidoqueen!" called Melinda sending out the blue armored Pokemon.

    "Go! Metang!" From Brian's Pokeball came the Iron Claw Pokemon.

    "Nidoqueen! Earth Power!" commanded Melinda. Nidoqueen stomped the ground hard causing parts of the ground to fly toward Metang.

    "Quickly! Use Magent Rise!" called Brian. Metang floated into the air and the ground attack passed right beneth it.

    "Use Superpower Nidoqueen!" called Melinda. Nidoqueen's fists began glowing red as she charged at Metang.

    "Metang! Bullet Punch!" commanded Brian. Metang landed as swift punch to Nidoqueen's gut before her attack could conect. "Now use Psychic!" Metang's eys glowed blue and a glow of the same color surrounded Nidoqueen. The Drill Pokemon was then thrown against the wall by the attack. Nidoqueen started to stand but collapsed.

    "Nidoqueen is unable to battle the winner of the match is Brian!" declared the Ref. The crowd began cheering.

    " Aw I can't believe I lost. Anyway, congradulations Brian." said Melinda.

    "Thanks. You did very well too." he responded cheerfully. Brian walked back to his seat to await the next match. Once again, it was Troy's turn.

    "I'm starting to get bored." grumbled Axel.

    "Is this because you didn't fight today?" Brian asked knowing the answer. "Her Pokemon just weren't in your favor."

    "I better fight Troy tomorrow after he wins today's match." said Axel.

    "I'm sure he'd be insulted if you didn't. Anyway, to make up for these last few days, how about we spar for a little while, and then I'll get you a banana." Brian suggested.

    "Make that two bananas and you have yourself a deal. Axel said happily.

    OOC: I've begun to notice that compared to everyone else my battles are pretty drawn out. Oh well, that just makes them more fun for me. ^_^
  30. ((OOC: Thanks, Psycho Monkey. Thanks a lot... ;)))

    As Troy stepped into the massive doorway leading to the open arena, Spook's ball shook violently. Out of the corner of his eye, Troy could see the man in black, seeming to mind his own business. Troy just shook his head and walked into the arena. A wave of loud applause struck him.

    "With both challengers ready, the battle begins!" shouted the ref over the crowd. "Troy versus Darril! Go!"

    Two Pokeballs flew into the air, releasing a massive Wailord and Troy's Blaziken, Trek. "Wailord, use Surf attack!" The Wailord glowed a powerful-looking blue as it drew water together. Soon, a gigantic wave was hurtling at Trek. The Blaziken did not flinch as the wave was upon it. With a twitch of a hand, a barrier surrounded Trek, keeping the water from striking him.

    "Now use Body Slam!" The Wailord, still in the air, shifted it's gravity at Trek. Seeing the massive beast, Trek thrust his hands outward, seeming to want to hold it back. But instead, six pointed stones surrounded Trek in a Stealth Rock attack. The Wailord tried to move, but couldn't. The massive beast hit the stones, and used it's tail to get away.

    Blaziken smiled and tossed it's open palms outward, arms outstretched. The hands glowed green, and he brought them together. A rope of green flew from his hands and struck Wailord. Being 877 pounds, it fell, KOed, with a resounding crash.

    The massive Wailord was replaced by a very strange sight: a Castform. Going from a large Wailord to a tiny Castform was quite ingenious. "Castform use Rain Dance!" With a bright ball flung in the air, a storm brewed above the arena. Now it was dark, and the lights came on. Castform was now in Water form. "Now use Thunder!"

    A bolt of lightning struck an already wet field, electrocuting all on-field, which was only Trek. Unconsciouses, Troy switched him for Spook. Being caged up for a while, Spook stretched it's arms. While it stretched, the Castform fired a powerful Thunder attack directly aimed at Spook. Glancing in the blot's direction, It held out one hand. A pulse of dark energy struck it, matching it's power.

    Coolly turning to face the tiny Pokemon, Dusknoir would have smiled. "Now it's our turn, Spook!" Troy shouted over the pounding rain. "Use Thunderpunch!" Dusknoir's fist tingled with showering sparks, which was flung at high velocity at the Castform. It was hit, but not out.

    A flash of orange and the rain turned to unbearable heat. But Dusknoir was just fine. It shrugged. Spook didn't care weather it was hot or cold, raining or blowing sand, he would not disappoint Troy. With it's orb-like eye glowing bright pink, Spook summoned it's ghostly powers.

    A last breath was taken before attacking, he hurled himself at the Castform, glowing white. The Castform summoned it's weather powers and hurled a Weather Ball attack. But Spook's attack cut through it like hot knife through butter, and struck. The Castform flew 40 feet into a wall and collapsed.

    Now, with final desperation, Darril released his prize: Tyrannitar. A horrid Sandstorm whipped about the stadium, blowing Spook's health in various ways. Troy returned Spook, and sent out Isyell. She gave a high-pitched moan of a cry, making Tyrannitar think twice about it's Sandstorm.

    Isyell appeared to vanish as Sand Veil took place. There was a flash or red-blue from behind as Dragon Claw struck Tyrannitar. It roared in pain and fired a Hyper Beam out in a circle. It hit nothing. But it, in an outrage, unleashed it's amazing Earthquake attack. The ground flew upwards at different places, knocking Isyell off balance.

    Tyrannitar brought a Brick Break down on Isyell, who followed to counter with Fire Fang. It didn't do much, but it burned the Tyrannitar. Stepping back for Hyper Beam let Isyell charge at it and unleash a combo of Dragon Claw in one hand, and Slash in the other. They alternated, striking again and again. The frenzied Tyrannitar fired Hyper Beam and Fire Blast every which way.

    With a final breath, Tyrannitar fell. The Sandstorm died, and the ref declared Troy winner. As Troy came back in, he came across Viper. "Nice job back there," he said in his deep voice. Troy smiled and replied, "Thanks. Good Luck!" Viper nodded and proceeded.

    Viper and his Electivire, Aggron, and Scizor dominated against a Snorlax, Wormadam (Steel) and Torterra. Once more, Electivire used a Combo. Combo 7: Poison Jab in a Thunderbolt attack. And Scizor used Combo 13: Aerial Ace with an Iron Head. This time the crowd cheered, but most noticed that his Pokemon were different. Almost as if...


    (( :o Oo-Eee-Oooooo... Well, only our Pokemon seem to notice Viper's watching us. And there are only 13 Combos, don't worry! After Ophelia and Madison's battles, there will be four battles in next round: Brian vs. Troy, Viper vs. _??_, and the other two battles in Stadium B. No matter what, if RX and aubernabstraction make it, will all four of us and Viper get one point towards the Tower.))

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