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Friend Is A Four Letter Word

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Chadwyck, May 29, 2009.

  1. OoC: Yea, my internet was b0rked for the longest time, but now it's finally fixed. And in the meanwhile I've been writing. Like this One Act that I wrote the other day. For those of you who don't know, a one act is a play that is generally only about 10-30 minutes long. Tell me what you think.

    List of Characters

    Jeff - A young man in his late teens.

    Inner Jeff - Jeff's inner thoughts, he serves as the audience's view into Jeff's doubts and fears.

    Monica - A young woman of about seventeen.

    Inner Monica - Monica's inner thoughts, she serves as the voice of reason that tries to convince Monica to see what is right in front of her eyes.

    [The lights should be split between SL and SR. JEFF is standing on SR, he is holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands, preferably Red Roses. He is dressed in a heavy jacket and we can hear the sound of waves crashing in the background whenever lights are up on SR. He keeps on glancing at his watch nervously.]

    JEFF: It's alright, calm down, Jeff. She's only 20 minutes late, she's definitely on her way. Any minute now, she'll come running up and she'll say, "I'm so sorry, there was no parking," or, "I couldn't remember which pier the carnival was on."

    [He pauses to look at his watch again. He can't sit still and begins to pace. From offstage right comes INNER JEFF. He should be dressed in a manner that matches JEFF exactly. He examines JEFF and shakes his head.]

    INNER JEFF: Oh, come on, buddy. Do you really believe that? Like she just happened to forget that the carnival was on this pier, what other pier has a goddamn carnival on it? Face it, pal, you've been stood up.

    JEFF: That's not true, she wouldn't do that to me. She's not like that.

    INNER JEFF: Why not? Because you're friends with her? Last time I checked, friendship didn't have any laws stating that you couldn't ditch someone to hang out with someone else. In fact, she could have even gotten a date tonight.

    JEFF: She wouldn't do that! She promised that we would hang out tonight, tonight is our date. Tonight I'm going to--

    INNER JEFF: Going to what? "Tell her how you feel"? Romantic notion, but nothing more. You should have made it more clear that you were asking her on a date.

    JEFF: I asked her if she wanted hang out together tonight. I thought that was pretty clear, wasn't it?

    INNER JEFF: Because you guys have never hung out before? Oh wait, you hang out all the time, you're friends. But that's the problem, she only recognizes you as a friend.

    JEFF: That's why I was going to tell her how I felt about her tonight. That's why I bought the flowers. She would show up and I would sweep her off of her feet.

    INNER JEFF: And yet, here you are. Care to take another glance at your watch?

    [JEFF reluctantly takes a look at his watch and his shoulders drop when he sees the time. INNER JEFF shakes his head again as he looks at JEFF'S watch as well. Lights fade on SR and simultaneously come up on SL. Monica is sitting on her bed with a telephone up to her ear. She glances up at the wall clock. She should be dressed like she going out.]

    MONICA: Uh-huh. Okay. I'll see you in a little while, then. Yup! Bye Brendan.

    INNER MONICA: Brendan? So you made plans to go out tonight. That's all well and good, but what about Jeff? Aren't you supposed to meet him at the pier. Or rather, weren't you supposed to meet him about 40 minutes ago?

    MONICA: Well, this is a date, Jeff will understand. I mean, we're just friends, and Brendan is… Well, he's Brendan.

    INNER MONICA: Oh, I see. So this guy is more important than the friendship that you've had since the fourth grade? Brendan is more important than the guy who has been there for everything you've ever needed help through? More important than the guy who would do anything to make you smile, and does so on a daily basis?

    MONICA: I'm not saying that he's more important than Jeff. It's just that, this is a date, and I can hang out with Jeff anytime. I mean, he's like my brother, I'll bake him some cupcakes and then we'll watch horror movies together or something. He likes movie nights.

    INNER MONICA: But this time, he wanted to take you to the carnival. This time, he went out of his way to make sure you weren't doing anything tonight. This time obviously meant something important to him.

    MONICA: That's just speculation, you don't really know that. It's just like any other time that we're supposed to hang out. I'll tell him I'm sorry and he'll get over it. It's not like I ditch him on a regular basis or anything.

    INNER MONICA: That's because YOU usually want to hang out with HIM. So, what you mean to say is that HE doesn't ditch YOU on a regular basis! In fact, he's never ditched you even once.

    MONICA: Look, I'll just call him on his cell and tell him I can't make it, we'll reschedule, blah blah blah. Then he'll know that I'm not coming and he can go home, and I can go on my date, and you can get off my back.

    [MONICA picks up the phone again and dials in a number. INNER MONICA watches with her arms crossed and her foot tapping. Lights fade on SL as the lights on SR come up. JEFF is sitting on a bench with his head resting on one hand and the flowers in the other. INNER JEFF is waving at a "person" who is supposedly walking by.]

    INNER JEFF: Hey there! Having a fun night? Having a better time than we are, at least?

    JEFF: Stop that, you aren't helping. You're just being obnoxious, now.

    INNER JEFF: Oh come on, where's that ray of sunshine that was shining against all hope earlier? [He picks up JEFF'S arm and looks at the time.] Oh… That's where it went. Sunset was over an hour ago.

    JEFF: Please, just stop. I realize that she's late, but she'll be here. She has to be here, there is no way that the universe would be so spiteful as to keep her from coming on the night that I was going to tell her how I feel.

    INNER JEFF: Are you talking about the same universe that has allowed you to break your leg 3 times? Each time, right before a dance that you were going to ask Monica to? That universe?

    JEFF: [Defeated, letting out a sigh] Yup, that's the one.

    INNER JEFF: Okay, just making sure. Not to try to get your hopes up or anything, but why don't you just call her and ask if she's still coming? At least that way, when she says no, we can go home and get out of the cold.

    JEFF: I can't, my phone battery died. I forgot to charge it.

    INNER JEFF: Ah, another brilliant move on your part. So, how do we know she hasn't been trying to call you this whole time and tell you she isn't coming?

    JEFF: Well, she promised that she wouldn't miss it for the world.

    INNER JEFF: Hm? So I guess someone made an even better offer. This could somehow relate back to the whole "universe" problem. She wouldn't miss it for the world, so I guess the next offer was the universe?

    JEFF: You know, you really don't know when to shut up.

    INNER JEFF: It's a gift, I'm simply using your own reason to align you with my reason.

    JEFF: You know, if I wasn't such a pessimist, I bet you'd be cheering me on.

    INNER JEFF: Yea, but I'd also be wearing bright colors and holding up some sign that read "You can do it! Tell her how you feel!" [pause] I'd just like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude that you aren't optimistic.

    JEFF: You're an ass.

    INNER JEFF: Which makes you wonder where I get it from. Since you're so sickeningly nice to everyone. All the time. Maybe it's just been building up.

    JEFF: Sure, then you use it as a weapons stockpile against me, and I tear myself down.

    INNER JEFF: I guess it wasn't such a mystery after all.

    [JEFF sighs again and looks at his watch again, this time he punches the closest solid object near him as the lights fade SR and come up SL. MONICA is putting on her jacket and INNER MONICA is watching disgusted.]

    MONICA: I guess this looks alright. It's a shame it's been so cold out, this jacket ruins the outfit.

    INNER MONICA: I can't believe you, you couldn't get a hold of Jeff, and you're just going to ignore it and go out anyway. You know how horrible his home life is, and the only time he gets to escape is when he's with you. And you're just going to leave him, alone. Do you value your friendship with him at all?

    MONICA: Of course I do! He's my best friend, but what am I supposed to do? I couldn't get through, he must have forgotten to charge his phone's battery again. That boy will never learn. [She smiles at the thought]

    INNER MONICA: Ah-hah! There! Just now, what were you thinking about?

    MONICA: I was thinking about how Jeff always forgets to charge his phone so no one can get in touch with him. What? Is that a crime?

    INNER MONICA: You mean you don't see it? You already know exactly what happened because you know him that well.

    MONICA: Well, yeah, he is my best friend, like I said.

    INNER MONICA: And that look on your face, I've seen it before, you get it whenever you think about him, whenever you're talking to him. How many times do you start telling a story about something the two of you did, no matter what the situation? Or how about when you find yourself laughing at something he says or does, that no one else thinks is funny, but you can't help but laugh anyway?

    MONICA: What's your point? We get along together, so what? I told you the guy is like the brother I never had.

    INNER MONICA: Open your eyes! You can't be serious! Look at the way you guys act around each other, look at the way he looks into your eyes and you get that feeling, for that split second, when your heart melts. Am I wrong? It happens, I know it does.

    MONICA: You're crazy, that isn't true. He's protective of me because I'm like his little sister, and I feel safe around him, that's why my heart warms up when I look at him.

    INNER MONICA: My God! Why can't you just admit it?! You know what he's going to say before he even says it, and you still hang on his every word. Admit that you have feelings for him, admit that you've just been too naïve to see it!

    MONICA: What do you want me to say? That I like him? Well, what's it matter anyway?! He doesn't think of me like that, he couldn't. I mean, we've known each other almost our whole lives, how could he ever see me as anything but a friend?

    INNER MONICA: Why can't you see what's been right in front of you all along? Why do want to label him as nothing but a friend? He'd treat you better than anyone has ever treated you before, and yet the most you'll give him is friendship?

    MONICA: I… I don't know. Just leave me alone, I can't think!

    INNER MONICA: Then don't think, just get your ass down to that pier and hope to God that he's still there.

    [The lights fade immediately to black and the lights come up slowly on SR. JEFF is pacing back and forth hastily and INNER JEFF is sitting on the bench, his legs and arms crossed, looking impatient.]

    INNER JEFF: If you keep on walking back and forth, you're going to beat a trail into the cement. Just admit it to yourself, she isn't coming. Another look at that watch will prove it to you.

    JEFF: I just thought that tonight would mean something, I finally gathered enough courage to ask her here, and got my hopes up--

    INNER JEFF: And then she took them and hurled them at the ground where they splintered into a million tiny fragments and then she made you walk across the shards and they pierced into your soul- [JEFF glares at him and he stops mid-sentence] Sorry, I got carried away.

    JEFF: The worst part of it is, she didn't even show up out of friendship. Do I really mean so little to her? I mean, she didn't even want to come and spend a night out with her best friend? Even if I hoped to be more than that by the end.

    INNER JEFF: You know how it is. She probably just got too busy and forgot about it. Don't beat yourself up too bad.

    JEFF: Well, hopefully our friendship still exists. Even though hearing her introduce me as her friend forever will be like getting stabbed in the heart every time.

    INNER JEFF: Well, what can you do? Friend is a four letter word. [JEFF looks at him, and opens his mouth to ask a question.] It means that it's just one of those words you don't want to hear coming from her. You know, like the CAKE song, "But to me / coming from you / friend is a four letter word"?

    JEFF: Oh, yeah, I remember now.

    INNER JEFF: Yea, but back to the topic at hand, I suggest that we get out of here. Two hours waiting is long enough, don't you think?

    JEFF: I guess so. I'm getting out of here, I'm going as far as my gas tank will take me and I'm not coming back. There's got to be something better out there somewhere.

    INNER JEFF: That's going a little far, don't you think?

    JEFF: You're the one who showed me that the only thing I had to live for was a lie. I should thank you I suppose. [He pulls out a pencil and finds a piece of paper in a nearby wastebasket. He begins to scribble a note.] "Goodbye, Monica. I love you, and I always will. Forever yours, Jeff."

    [He drops the flowers and note on the ground before he walks offstage right. MONICA comes running on a few seconds after he exits. She sees the flowers on the ground and falls to her knees and holds them close to her.]

    MONICA: My favorites, he still remembers my favorite flower.

    [She picks up the note and reads it. Tears fill her eyes as she calls out to JEFF and looks around for him. She gives up and raises the flowers to her nose and smells them as the lights fade to black.]

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  2. This was gorgeous, Chadwyck. It...it...it...was wonderful.


    I guess this shows that if you're too much like a friend, your boy/girfriend/friend will just think you'll be there forever, letting them do whatever else.

    The Inner characters were wonderful. Slap common sense into those people!
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    That was deep. Very deep. I love it Chadwyck. The tragic ending you had made me feel like I had a heart. It's stories like these that make me wish I had someone special.
  4. Aawwww...that was so sad. D: *wipes eyes* Man, that hit me right here *points to where heart would be* real deep.

    Even though it was sad, it was a great story, real powerful....Sigh, she came just a few moments late.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I like this. A lot. But I like most your stuff anyway as you know. xP End did feel a little rushed, but it's not that bad, nothing a little editing can't fix.

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