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Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by MihajloJedi, Nov 24, 2018.


Where should plot be?

Poll closed Dec 2, 2018.
  1. Galaxy in Future

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  2. Medieval Age

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  3. Superhero World

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  4. After-Apocalypse World

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  5. Something Else (your idea)

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  1. This is very abriged and will probably be working on it more.
    56 B.E.
    Wraith warlord Qunocha` invaded the near by planet of Talas. The Talasi fell quite easily. From there the wraith started to invade and capture multiple planets

    46 B.E.
    Within ten years the wraith had over one hundred star systems under their control.

    43 B.E
    Mallec the bold becomes the new warlord

    36 B.E.
    The Wraith declared war on the Alliance of Six Humanoid Races (ASHOR,( What the GC and confederation once were)) At the planet Mythos becoming one of the bloodiest massacres in recent history.
    35.1 B.E.
    The wraith suffer their first lost at the planet Earth. While they had total orbital control they underestimated the inhabitants.
    34-32 B.E.
    During the war the Wraith came to respect ASHOR soldiers as well as a mercenary group called the Knights
    31 B.E.
    After a bloody five year war an armistice pact was signed between the two forces.
    10 B.E.
    The Wraith came to the aid of the Galactic Alliance during the Mulich incursion with their help the GA were eventually able to defeat the Mulich
    7 B.E.
    After the Mulich Incursion The Wraith and GA signed an official treaty signifying the official end of their war and the creation of the Alliance between the once enemies.

    4 A.E.
    The Wraith jumped into Mythos's star system and gave their support to the revolutionaries.

    Participated in the battle of Quzac.

    20 A.E.
    The Wraith came to the aid of the Confederation when their boarders are attacked by the Coven.

    24 A.E.
    Mallec the Bold dies in battle
    26 A.E.
    They signed the United Galaxy agreement

    39-59 A.E.
    They are involved in the Ashari war. Though their planets weren't invaded they lost nearly a third of their military
    The Wraith are a militarlistic honor bound society. They see strength both mentally and physically as a determining factor of leadership.
    They have reptilian like features (excluding a tail). Their cold blooded.
    Warriors wear a type of coral around their bodies that is able to absorb multiple blaster bolts. Their weapon of choice is the Echo Stick. A snake like creature that lives in a wraith's body. When needed they partly leave their hosts body and create a blade like object for them.
    Since the Wraith war they have been allies and friends to the GA and eventually the confederation
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  2. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    i think ima be a... terran lol #human4eternity #neveralien
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  3. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Here is the Aquastria History, made by me, and I know its short, but there just aren't much things to write about

    50 B.E
    Aquastria Republic is formed by group of peaceful planets from Aquastrius System and was named Aqua Kingdom lead by Dinasty Psári (Fish in Greek language)

    25 B.E
    First Gundam Mech was made and Great Economy and Industry Age began in Aqua Kingdom

    2 B.E
    Psári are slowly loosing control over people

    10 A.E
    Last ruler of Psári got killed by group of Rebels and Aqua Kingdom is starting to fall apart

    11 A.E
    Aqua Kingdom is almost gone. Bandits are everywhere. People have no money. Economy i sdestroyed

    12 A.E
    Before total destruction of Aqua Kingdom,few people that still had common sense made Aquastria Republic Agreement which was signed by representatives from all Aquastrius Planets

    20 A.E
    Aquastria Republic almost recovered from years of destruction

    26 A.E
    They signed United Galaxy Agreement

    35 A.E
    They made their finest production line of Mechs that could compare with Star Fighters

    39-59 A.E
    They are involved in Ashari war

    50 A.E
    Raider attacks are more common and common
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  4. Alright that just leaves Mulich Dynasty and the Confederation. Since the Confederation is probably going to be getting the GC treatment. I'll get started on the Mulich after work tomorrow.
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  5. I can try join, life is hectic so don't expect much sorry!
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  6. Bear with me. This might sound a bit convoluted
    BWH (Before written history)
    The galaxy in the civil unreast that was the War of the eight races. The Mulich took advantage of the situation. for the next hundred years the Mulich War spreaded throughout the whole galaxy. In a desperet act the seven other humanoid races ( In current names) The Terrans, Quzacions, Vegans, Valkarians, Solistians, Arians, and Aquarian gave up their powers given to them by the Ashari (Though some regained their powers over the millenniums) and formed seven rings. With these rings they were able to destroy the entirety of the Mulich war machine, their technology, and sent them to the outer regions of the A sector of the galaxy.
    Seeing what the Seven races had done to the galaxy the races they hurt and nearly destroyed they decided it would be best to go to their own home worlds and start over.
    380 B.E.
    Mulich Archelogists started to uncover artifacts dating back to over five hundred millennia. Hating what those other humanoids did to them leaving what was left of their species on a rock that could barley support life. The Mulich started to plot and plan a way to regain everything they lost. Firstly they started on control darkness in each of them.
    76 B.E.
    The Mulich slowly started to take over systems near them. From what text they were able to salvage they knew the errors of their ancestors and planned accordingly. They sent out ten of their strongest and young warriors through out the galaxy their plan was to learn how things have changed and in bed themselves in what they belived would be powerful goverments.
    37 B.E.
    As their technology grew back they discovered threw their source in the A Sector that a small collation was forming. Six of the seven humanoid races were joining forces as well as a few sub and non humanoid species. They took precaution watching as this ASHOR rose to power. Around the same time they caught word of a small mercenary group was being formed by a Human/Quzacion hybrid name Chris Morriland. The organization was called the Knights.

    17 B.E.
    After two decades of planning the Mulich made their presence known as they under the command of Dracon attacked a Galactic Alliance deep space station above the planet of Necromia their homeworld. The Battle was swift as the legions of Mulich troops stormed the station. Paladin Alanos Ragnrock sacrafices his life to save his wife and a few soliders. He died at the hands of Dracon's second Malgon. Shortly after the victory Malgon slayed Dracon thinking of him as too weak. He Assumed command as the commander of the Mulich Forces.
    12 B.E.
    In five years the Mulich had broken the entire GA fleet in their numerous attacks in the mid boarders of GA's boundreis. Their final push to take the planet of Solist and leave the GA with only a third of their planets failed when Mulich Imperator Zion was cut down by Squire Johan Morriland. With that victory the Alliance was able to push Mulich forces back.
    10 B.E.
    At this point in time the war effort for the Mulich started to wain as the Alliance started to push back.
    Over the planet Yaven the largest military show of might happened between the GA and Mulich. The battle lasted days as the Mulich fleet was able to repel GA ships. While on the ground the battle was brutal. As it appeared the GA fleet was going to lose eighteen Wraith ships descended from subspace and turned the tide of the battle. By the end the Mulich had to retreat from their last planet in the mid region of GA space. During the battle Malgon was severely injured by Paladin Seiko the wife of Alanos. He survived his wounds and escaped from the planet killing eight soliders and three knights.
    9 B.E.
    Malgon having fully recovered from his injuries launched a brazen sneak attack on the GA capitol of Quzac. using a commandeered shuttle and forged security coeds. He and five thousand legionnaires attacked Quzac during the midst of the battle Chancelor Cinder Caleese was killed. The battle was quick as Malgon and four thousand legionnaires left the planet in chaos. From the ashes the Quzacion senator Cero was announced as the new GA chancellor. Since he was there from the beginning of the Alliance first as an aid and now a senior senator he had the blessing of nearly all voters.
    7 B.E.
    The great crusade ended where it began . The battle lasted two months until Malgon was defeated by Knight Jake Morriland. The remaining Mulich under their treaty were given back their home world and every world they prior to the war. While some disliked it the Mulich high Leader Nero agreed to the terms shaking hands with the Chancellor.
    4 B.E.
    While civil unrest plagued the outer boundries of the GA for three years leading to multiple disputes and mini wars. A Mulich spy in the government continued to gain fame and power. When the Knight's Grand Master Chris Morriland got word of who the Mulich spy was he confronted him with three of the best paladins and a Knight of the round. The Mulich quickly took care of all of them except The Grand Master. Their battle lasted much longer moving from one floor of the building they were in to another. While this was going on a Mulich that infiltrated the Knight Order a few years back started to assassinate the GA Senators framing the Knights as he did so.

    In the end the GM was allegedly killed being betrayed by his own son. The Spy being revealed as Cero comforted the fractured Galactic Alliance and promised that this would never happen again turning the GA into the Galactic Community secretly giving the Mulich control over one of the biggest goverments in the A sector.
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  7. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    So the knights weren’t actually terrorists... but cero framed them as that?
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  8. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Cool. Now I just wish I knew more about the humanoid races.
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  9. Humanoid races. All look human with a few differences. Such as Vegans having tails, Quzacions have purple eyes and end up with white hair before their thirties.
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  10. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Anyone had any progress in RP making???
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  11. Well N-OPS command gets word about raiders in a system and they send one of their crews to help get rid of them. Little do they know that something bigger is going on.
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  12. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    @Semper Iuvenis
    Have you done anything yet?
    What are you doing? Any progress?

    I want to start soon so pls hurry up!
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  13. some but I'm going to be busy for the next few days. So it'll be speratic. But you do have a decent picture of it correct? you can start it and edit it later.
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  14. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    You mean OPS picture?
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  15. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Tomorrow I will post how Character sheet will look like!

    And if anyone has working photoshop (because my is dead) can he edit picture of Nova Ops for me.
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  16. Alright. I should be able to post regularly by tomorrow night. Since Semper seems to be off here's the Coven outline

    The Coven is a various group of Alien races brought together by what can only be describe as a succubus named Amelia
    in the year 29 B.E.
    She and her houndred daughters were able to seduce and enslave the fifty races.

    In 20 A.E. do to the undying loyalty for her the Coven declared war on the Confederation, and the Terran- Vegan Alliance. Their plan was to keep the goverments focused on them while Amelia and her daughters slowly take over every source of power in the A sector of the galaxy.

    In 25 A.E. Her plan failed as Amelia was killed during the battle of Ancoragh. Do to this a decent portion of the Coven was able to break free from their control. This resulted in infighting resulting in the death of most of the daughters.

    In 26 A.E. The Coven though having been under control decide to stay together forming the fourth most powerful government in the A sector.

    39-59 A.E. They participate in the Ashari warhelping the combined forces of theConfederation, GC, Alliance, Mulich, Empire, and Republic. They suffer heavy loses and multiple planets during this time.
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  17. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    (Will people be able to be only in N-OPS or? If they can,then I will change character sheet a bit!)

    Code Name:
    Special Skills:
    Politically Supporting:
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  18. They can if they want too.. Also people can be in different factions such as raiders, knights, governmental militaries ect.

    Alright tomorrow I'll write down the first draft of a discussion thread
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  19. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    What that means?

    BTW,I will change then Character Sheet a bit?
  20. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    This is N-OPS suit,I hope you like it
  21. That means that I'll start working on the discussion thread for N-OPS.

    Put it here and if there is any problems with it I'll fix them.
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  22. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Oh,I get it now!
    I can do something too,I hope we will make official discussion few days before X-mas
  23. draft one

    After a twenty year war against the gods (Ashari) And the uprising of the dark ones (Sitari) The seven goverments goverments of the A sector of the Galaxy have been wounded. As solar system that were once well protected are now open to attacks from raiders and other groups. As a result of the more common attacks the goverments have turned to mercinary groups to keep the systems protected. One such group is Nova Operations or known more commonly as N-OPS.
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  24. Yeah it's unfinished but just can't think straight at the moment
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    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
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  25. So people could have a wider Variety of choice species wise then just picking Terrans here's some samples roughly five to seven from each goverment.

    Species are broken into three categories

    Humanoid: Those that look like humans just with a few subtle/ minor differences

    Sub Humanoid: While they have human like body they have clear differences.

    Non Humaoid: the name should explain it.

    Humanoid and sub humanoids can have hybrid esq offspring with each other

    Confederation Species.

    Quzacions from Quzac: Humanoid, They have control over what is known as energy, Most have white hair and either sapphire or ruby like eyes. While they are powerful fighters they get drained easily best way to defeat them is let them use up their power reserves before opening fire.

    Almecians from Almec: Non humanoid, They look like bi pedaled bears with the head of dogs. Their voice is primarily growl like having to use a communicator to talk. Their weapon of choice is the Saber having had trained the early knights with how to use them. They have powerful upper body strength able to rip any person in half.

    Mythonians from Mythos: Sub Humanoid, While they have the physical body of a human they're skin is a variety of colors ranging from light yellow to black and every color in between. They have cat like ears and narrow eyes. They have a matriarchal society. While men over the years have gained in support the women still have complete control over the world ( Will explain when I get started on the confederation). They're quick and agile

    Slerki from Obion: non humanoid an alien race with grey skin. they have big eyes a long body with long fingers. most of the time they are bald. They are a species that make logical decisions. They've abandoned the need of blood shed centuries before the other races. They are considered one of the most advanced technological species in the known galaxy. While they don't create warships they do lead in other areas that help out all species. They are weak physically so they use their wits in battle.

    The Togon from Riolo: Sub humanoid. They have maroon colored skin with horns coming out of their head. They are quick and powerful usually able to trip up oponnets. Since joining the confederation they have become one of the leads in military defense.
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  26. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Great dude!!!

    Yeah, BTW, @Semper Iuvenis was not online for awhile so do we miss one more history
  27. Well I posted the Coven outline on here. So we can work off of that since that's what he asked for.
    I'll get started on Confederation after work. It'll probably end up being a four parter since I'll be including ASHOR and GA in it.
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  28. Part one of the Confederation Pre ASHOR to the Galactic Alliance
    79 B.E. to 58 B.E.
    General Sorin of house Aquel a former Quzacion general turned tyrant. He declared war on Quzac nearly winning. As a result the king nation of Corllea sent his daughter (Who would later be known as Catharine Leaf) And the son of his most loyal servent and guard to a planet known as earth. For the past twenty years the two have developed their skills and became friends with many humans. For the last four years Sorin has had sent multiple teams to eradicate the princess beliving she held the power that could either kill him or make him invincible.
    57 B.E. ( 2016)
    Earth learned that Aliens existed as Sorin's army started to attack Earth being desperate as the loyal Quzacion forces were able to push him off of Quzac.
    Though the Quzacions were technologically and physically superior the humans were able to keep them at bay for an entire year. This was known as the Quzacion- Human war.
    58 B.E.
    With the help of the loyal Quzacions Earth was able to defeat Sorin's soldiers driving the rest into deep space. The two races decided that it would be in their best interest to join forces creating the Human-Quzacion Alliance.
    50 B.E.
    Humanity started their interstellar project known as Excalibur their plan was to create ships that could fly long distances into the stars.
    43 B.E.
    The first of the Excalibur Star cruisers was finished and ready for it's long journey. It's mission to seek out new life and civilization to boldly go were no man has gone before.
    41 B.E.
    The first interstellar mission was completed. though not without cost. nearly one third of the Excalibur's crew was killed during what they called the search for the seven humanoid rings. Though they made clear enemies they also made allies such as the Vegans, the Slerki, Solistians, Valkariens, Ariens and their sister planet inhabitants the Almecians lastly the Mythonians
    37 B.E.
    With more Star cruisers out and the formation of a pseudo military group the nine races join. While there were multiple different races the majority looked like humans. Thus they decided on the name the Alliance of the Six Humanoid Races.
    36 B.E.
    With what seemed like a year of peace the council decided to cut military cost beliving that there were no other powers that could Rival them.
    At the Anniversary of their first year they were proven wrong as five unkown ships appeared in Mythos's solar system. Within a matter of hours they destroyed Mythos's defense force and started attacking the planet destroying two cities and killing nearly every soldier on the planet. These Wraith as ASHOR dubbed them continued breaking threw nearly all of ASHOR's outer defenses.
    31 B.E.
    After the five year war and millions of deaths ASHOR and the Wraith signed an armistice agreement. Having one of each groups ships patrolling the boundaries between the divide that separated that separated their space.
    29 B.E.
    Amelia a ancient sub race of Mythonians with the power to seduce men to do her will gained control of ASHOR's Senate. She also took control of the Knight's Grand Master making him sleep with her. She nearly gained complete control of ASHOR. Once her plans were found out and her hold broken she made a run to the outer limits of ASHOR's borders.
    28.5 B.E.
    Having more than quadruple their original amount of races ASHOR was renamed the Galactic Alliance.
    If you guys want me to go deeper into the wars let me know. Also as for "The search for the seven humanoid rings" That will be explained if I ever do the Knight's history.
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  29. Sorry for my lack of updates. Writers block is screwing with me
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  30. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    No problems mate, just I hope to launch Discussion Thread on Christmas
  31. Well you do have the basic idea of the rp, and most information on the goverments. So you could get started on the discussion. And I could update the histories later.
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  32. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Sure, and if you can, send me histories in private messages
  33. Roger that
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