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Private/Closed Fourtrees Gathering

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. This is basically an RP for the people @WindRyder has in Fourtrees Gathering convo, now here we go!

    Songstar leaped up onto the highrock, the rest of EchoClan watching, she had only recently become leader, and EchoClan was the first to arrive, she was formerly Songbird, and had to announce her leadership to the other clans.

    Frostwing gulped her daughter was coming for her first gathering, and she hoped that she would be ok

    Rosepaw was exited to see Songstar filled with energy after the previous night, when Songstar and her mentor went to the moonpool. She looked at her clan, they were doing well.

    Spottedtail sighed, he had to leave his mate at home with his two kits and foster kit, he had only just gotten to know Dovekit, and didn't exactly want to come to the gathering, but he had to for it was his duty.

    Finchheart looked at Rosepaw, she was a beautiful young cat, he knew he was forbidden to love her, but his heart left him longing to. He tried to hide his love for Rosepaw by looking at Songstar

    Lilacpaw gulped, it was her first gathering! Songstar would announce her to the other clans! She was nervous, but the other clans seemed welcoming, she had wanted to come to a gathering since kithood.

    Sunfall looked at the three kits, Eaglekit and Falconkit were older than Dovekit, and she hoped they would be careful with the tiny scrap. Something about Dovekit reminded her about Songstar, but whatever.

    Dovekit looked at her foster siblings, she pounced on Eaglekit who easily pulled her off, Dovekit felt as if her small size left her different, her foster siblings were gentle, but they were still alot bigger.

    Don'y start RPing till we all are set up!
  2. (For those interested, the clans so far are;
    SHARDCLAN: @Eeveechu151 @WindRyder @Twilight Nova
    ECHOCLAN: @MissPinkRebelle @SismicFlareCharmander @Bluefeather
    SUNCLAN: @Shadewing @NocturnalNetwork @LizardWizard
    One clan spot open, three more can join.)

    DashStar stood atop his clan's ShardStone, the Highrock of ShardClan. Letting out a great yowl, he summoned the cats. "LET ALL SHARDCLAN CATS OLD ENOUGH TO RUN THROUGH THE FORGOTTEN SANDS AGAIN GATHER HERE BENEATH THE SHARDSTONE!" DashStar said. After he was done, he glanced to see if Jessie or WindRider were nearby.

    In the apprentice's den, DawnPaw and LeafPaw were fake-fighting and BarkPaw was talking to the other apprentices. When the call went out, the two energetic cats bounded out of the den. "Ready to go?" BarkPaw asked to his other friends.

    FlarePelt and StarStroke were talking about the weird happenings in Memorial Forest when the call went out. The two walked over to the gathering together.

    DiceClaw had been training when the meeting was announced. He walked over, in no hurry.

    OakPelt had been sleeping when WaterTail had dragged him to the gathering.
  3. Windrider and Falconpaw walked out of the medicine cats den and headed for the rock.
    Eaglehunter limped over to get within view.
    Wolfspirit emerges with his apprentice Desertpaw from the undergrowth. Wolfspirit had a rabbit dangling from his mouth which he set in the fresh kill pile.
    Racconpelt stretched as she left the birthden. Bumblekit tried to follow but his mother pushed him back. "You are too young to hear this, go back to sleep." Bumblekit pouted the whole way back to the den.
    Stromstrike bounded across the clearing with the rest of the border patrol.
  4. Jessie padded over DashStar, giving a curt and polite nod. "DashStar." She sat as his side.

    Major let out a grunt. He stood, his big, used to be strong muscles aching. He smiled as Snowball ran up to him, mewling about a meeting. Major lead Snowball to the meeting.

    Pincher and Bluebell looked at each other. Pincher licked Bluebell's forehead before padding out to the meeting.
  5. "Jessie." he nodded, acknowledging her presence. Since all the Clan cats that could come to the meeting were gathered, it was time for his announcement. "CLAN CATS! TODAY, I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. SOME OF THE CLAN CATS AND I WILL BE TRAVELING TO THE STARLIGHT SHRINE TOMORROW, AS PER ONE OF WINDRIDER'S DREAMS. I WILL BE TAKING A SPECIFIC GROUP, WHILE THE REST OF YOU WILL STAY AT THE CAMP. WINDRIDER, JESSIE, FLAREPELT, STARSTROKE, EAGLEHUNTER AND MAJOR WILL COME WITH ME. WHILE WE ARE GONE, LEADERSHIP OF THE CAMP WILL BE ENTRUSTED TO OAKPELT. WE LEAVE AT DAWN." With the announcement done, DashStar leapt off the ShardStone. The cats dispersed, but he stopped WindRider and Jessie. "We need to talk." he said.
  6. Windrider bowed respectfully and walked over to Dashstar. "What do you wish to discuss?" she asked as she dismissed Falconpaw back to the medicine cat den.
    Eaglehunter smiled, it had been a long time since he had been picked to go to starlight shrine.
  7. There was excited chatter. Snowball looked up at Major, excitement in his eyes as Major looked down at him. "Hm. Look after the other elders while I'm gone," Major meowed, nudging Snowball encouragingly before padding over to Jessie. Jessie was looking around at the cats of the clan, and when she saw old Major pad over, she went to talk to him.
  8. "Your dream." DashStar said. "You said it had something to do with all the clans... what did you mean? What EXACTLY happened in the dream?"
    Outside, FlarePelt and StarStroke were smiling. DiceClaw snarled with jealousy, and OakPelt blinked at WaterTail in astonishment.
  9. Windrider sat down and curled her tail around her. "In the dream, is was dark and all I could see where silhouettes of cats. When I went closer they turned around and had glowing red eyes. I tried to defend myself but none of my attacks were doing any damage... it was like they were just shadows. They circled me until I was surrounded. They kept pressing closer and I was having trouble breathing. Then the sky was set ablaze. All the stars pointed towards Starlight shrine. Two cats emerged from the stars and started fighting off the shadows. I ran as fast as I could, following the trail of stars. When I came to Starlight shrine there where cats already there, Jessie, Flarepelt, Starstroke, Eaglehunter and Major. As soon as I stepped into the cave a gust of wind blew and the whole scene shattered. Something is coming, a dark and evil force. Starclan wants the ones I saw to know about it. My guess is that you have been chosen to spread the word and alert the other clans. That is all I have, if you don't need me for anything else, I must help Falconpaw prepare for my leave." she bowed respectfully and waited for Dashstar's response.
  10. "Thank you." DashStar said. "Indeed, I have felt dark tidings too. But nothing like this. Perhaps the Pyramid holds some answers. When times like this come, it almost always involves the pyramid. But, yes. Go to FalconPaw. And perhaps you could help the other cats prepare as well. I... I need to think. I may call you again near sundown." The clan leader turned to look at the twoleg cloth that had been hung in the clan leader den by the last leader of ShardClan. It pictured a group of cats fighting off a dark demon.
  11. Songstar sighed, were where the other clans? Maybe she had lead them to the gathering to early? Ugh, she wasn't sure if she was cut out to be a leader
  12. Windrider padded back to the medicine cat den. She took and inventory of herbs. she turned to Falconpaw, "We are running low on cobwebs, I am going to go into Memorial forest to gather some, make sure that you have everything you need for when I leave." Falconpaw nodded. Windrider grabbed the stick used to collect cobwebs with her teeth and headed out of the den and towards Memorial forest.
    Bumblekit was moping in the kit den. "Too young, hmph. I could run across the Forgotten Sands if I was just given the chance." He looked around, a plan forming in his mind. Darkkit lay fast asleep in the corner and Racoonpelt had left to have a bite to eat. Bumblekit quietly padded out of the camp's rock barrier. He was determined to make it across the Forgotten Sands. "I'll show them," he muttered.
  13. Major grunted a greeting to Jessie as the two sat down. "Can you make the journey, Major?" Jessie asked. Major nodded. "I may be old, but I can still travel to the Starlight Shrine. Now, I have some concerns I want to share with you." Jessie's gaze had been elsewhere, but she was still listening. Her blue and brown gaze now fixed on Major. "What is it?" She asked, the older tom getting her full attention now. "Well, it's about Thorn," Major began. Jessie knit her brows together. "The kit?" Major nodded. "He's been behaving dangerously. I saw you have a word with Bluebell. After all, you are best friends, am I right?" Jessie smiled. "You know me well, Major. I shall go talk to her now. Say hello to Leaf for me," she mewed before standing and gracefully bounding to the nursery.
  14. DawnStar started to walk to the outskirts of camp. Soon, however, he saw a kit.
    "BumbleKit?" he asked. "What are you doing this far from your mother? Not doing something extremely dangerous, I hope."
  15. Bumblekit fluffed up his fur. "I am going to prove to everyone that I'm not too young by running across the Forgotten Sands!"
  16. "WHAT?!" DashStar was shocked. "No. Absolutely not. The sands have killed stronger cats than even me. You CANNOT go there at your age. It would be a death sentence!" The swift cat then started to haul BrambleKit back into the main camp.
  17. Dovekit looked around camp, she was very bored, she decided to sneak off to the gathering.
  18. Bumblekit hissed under his breath but he didn't put up a fight. He knew he was outmatched. As they neared the camp a brown and white blob collided with them. It was Racconpelt. "YOU DID WHAT?" she howled at Bumblekit after he explained what he was doing, "That was DANGEROUS you could have DIED! You are only 5 moons old YOU can NOT be doing stuff like THAT. Even FULL grown WARRIORS have to be CAREFUL when crossing the sands!" She picked him up by his scruff and wrapped her tail protectively around him. "You are my only kit I just want to keep you safe." She turned to Dashstar "This is the 3rd time this month he has tried something like this, please tell me you have some sort of punishment in mind."
  19. "Well, we can't exactly have him clean the ticks off the elders, can we?" DashStar said with a chuckle. "Just keep him in the den. Remember, the group leaves at dawn tomorrow. Just keep BrambleKit in sight." The clan leader then turned and walked to the clan border. He saw WindRider and Jessie. "Jessie! WindRider! I need you two to meet me in Memorial Forest in a few minutes. You know the place."
  20. Racoonpelt smiled and nodded as she picked Bumblekit up by his scruff and brought him back into the den.
    Windrider turned around to greet the leader. "That works out, I was going there anyways to gather cobwebs, I will meet you there," She said her speech sounding a bit garbled because she was carrying a partially covered cobweb collecting stick in her mouth.
  21. Jessie halted mid-stride. "Oh...... Yes. Of course, Dashstar." Her brown and blue eyes flicked to the Nursery, then she closed her eyes. Jessie then opened them and began on her way to the Memorial Tree.

    Bluebell pinned her ears back. "Thorn! Stop it!" She snapped. Thorn had been trying to trick Sweet into following DashStar, and was now attacking his sibling with his claws unsheathed for saying no. Bluebell grabbed the kitten by his scruff. "You've been acting like a rouge, you fluff ball!" She snapped angrily.
  22. DashStar soon came to the tree in the forest. In front of a large tree was a stone slab, with markings etched on it.
    "HERE LIES DAWNSTAR, NOBLE CLAN LEADER AND HERO" it read. DashStar knelt down. This was the grave of the mentor he had respected so much.
  23. Jessie leapt silently out of a bush a few fox-lengths away from the tree. She noticed DashStar kneeling and stayed silent as she padded over and sat by DashStar's side, looking around alertly.

    Thorn hissed as Pincher came into the Nursery. Pincher let out a sigh, padding over and pinning his ears back. "Respect your mother," he hissed as Bluebell set Thorn down.
  24. Windrider padded into the clearing and set down her cobweb collecting stick, which was at this point full. She bowed low and then knelt near Dashstar.
    All of the commotion in the nursery had sparked Darkkit's attention. He usually preferred to sit in the elders den and hear stories, but he could hear lots of noise coming from the nursery. He comes in to find Racconplet with her fur on end scolding Bumblekit, and Bluebell looking mad at Thorn. "What is going on?" he asked shyly.
  25. Bluebell shook her head slowly. "Thorn is acting like a rouge!" She snarled gently. Sweet nodded in agreement, hiding between her father's legs. Pincher looked at Darkkit. "It's ok. We were hoping Jessie would talk sense to him...... When she gets back." Just then, old Major padded in. "What's the commotion? Thorn, what have I told you?" Thorn pinned his ears back. "All cats are equal. I should be nice to everyone." Major gave a satisfied nod.
  26. "...you two remember DawnStar, right? Barely a twoleg year ago, he led our clan. Remember what he did for us? He crossed the Forgotten Sands and braved the pyramid. He took me as his apprentice, and later as his deputy once I became DashPelt. He led us to glory." DashStar said, remembering history.
  27. Jessie nodded. "He was an amazing leader, DashStar. We remember him." Jessie was a new warrior when DawnStar had died. She shut her differently colored eyes, recalling DawnStar, and how he looked.
  28. Windrider bowed her head and paid her respects to the brave leader that had passed. Dawnstar had shown sympathy for her after she has horribly wounded and orphaned as a kit in the dog attack. Even when Dawnstar had been told that Windrider would never be able to see good enough to be a warrior and that she was afraid of fighting, Dawnstar had still allowed her to stay with the clan and let Windrider become the medicine cat apprentice. Windrider knew that if she was seen as unfit to survive and trust into the wild with her injuries still healing, she would have been gone in a night. Over time, Windrider had healed and with the help of Oaktree (the medicine cat before her), she became an exceptional medicine cat. She owed her life to Dawnstar.
  29. "But then... there was the treachery of DuskPelt." DashStar continued. All of them knew the traitor. "He wanted to become the deputy, but I was chosen instead. He... he wanted revenge, and tried to attack me. He was expelled from the clan, but created his own. He led a second dog attack, more fierce than the one that orphaned both me and WindRider. ShardClan fought back, and DawnStar killed DuskPelt. But even in death, DuskPelt would have vengeance. He... poisoned DawnStar with a poison, ending his last life. But he sacrificed himself to protect the clan and killed himself and the dogs in a rock slide." DashStar bowed his head one more time to his mentor and leader's grave before turning and leaving the tree. "Jessie, WindRider, let's go. We have to prepare for the trip."
  30. Windrider nodded and slowly rose. She picked up her cobweb stick from where she had set it at the start of the clearing. She went over and joined Dashstar in leaving the forest.
  31. Jessie nodded, following her leader until they reached the camp, where she then dashed into the Nursery. She had a small chat with Bluebell before heading to the warrior's den. The thought of Thorn's actions troubled her...... Jessie hoped he wouldn't be another DuskPelt.
  32. DashPelt headed to his den and went to sleep. However, he dreamed that night...

    ...he dreamed of DawnStar. Yet he saw DawnStar.
    "DashStar!" the fallen leader said.
    "DawnStar?" DashStar said, confused. "Why have you come to me from StarClan?"
    "Evil is brewing." DawnStar said. "Only the clans united can stop it. You must meet at the Highrocks when the moon is at the highest point in the sky. My time is limited, however, and I cannot tell you it all. I will finish explaining at Starlight Shrine. Just stay away from the pyramid!"
  33. After preparing for the journey all day, Windrider curled up in her moss bed in the deepest underground part of the herb storage area. Falconpaw too came and curled up on his bed next to hers. She could tell he was troubled about something. "Are you not sure that you can handle being medicine cat on your own?" She asked and he nodded sleepily. "I was nervous too my first time..." and she continued on with her story until she could hear a snore come up from his moss bed. He shivered in his sleep as though an icy wind had blown across the den. Windrider hadn't felt it, but just to be safe, she put some extra moss on Falconpaw. Her paw brushed against his coat and suddenly everything started spinning. Her eyes closed and she fell on top of him... she was getting sucked into his dream...
    ((OOC: I will finish this later, but right now I have to go))

    She was suddenly standing in front of the pyramid in the Forgotten Sands. Two cats stood a ways in front of her. There was a strong breeze and the sand was swirling around. As she approached she could make out the shape of Falconpaw confronting an older, stronger looking cat. She gasped in horror for as she neared, she recognized the other cat, it was Duskpelt. She hid in the sand, not wanting to interfere, what was Falconpaw doing with the cat she hated most, the cat that severely scarred her and killed her parents. She heard an unfamiliar voice, " I will not, and you can't make me!" it howled over the wind. Windrider suddenly felt stupid, even though Falconpaw was mute in the real world, didn't mean that he couldn't talk in his dreams. But, this felt different than a dream. She looked up at the endless dark sky, there were no stars, this wasn't a vision from Starclan. This was a vision from the Dark Temple...

    Duskpelt laughed a laugh that could freeze blood. " I knew I couldn't count on you, you, my own son is going to betray me!" Duskpelt spoke in a harsh cold voice. "NO!", howled Falconpaw, "You are no father! You abandoned me the second you found out I was deformed!" It all made sense. Shortly before Duskpelt died Falconpaw was found, a newborn kit, cold, and alone in the forgotten sands. His legs were different sizes and he couldn't talk due to a vocal cord defect, but I took him in. In all my years I never would have guessed that Duskpelt was his father. But who is his mother? There were so many questions, but not enough answers...

    Duskpelt edged ever closer to Falconpaw. "I am not asking Falconpaw, I am commanding. Go to the pyramid, release the demon cats and finish my work for me! Go to the inner-most chamber and unlock the door with your blood. Then the cats banished from Starclan, the cats in the Dark Temple will walk the Earth again!" Falconpaw edged back, he tried to run but he tripped and fell. "Tired of your limp? Let me out and I can fix it for you! You and me! Father and Son, our power would be unrivaled! You could help me lead the shadow army!" Screamed Duskpelt as he leaned over Falconpaw an evil red look in his eyes. "I can teach you what SandVeil taught me! I can teach you the power of the shadows!"

    "NO!" howled Falconpaw. "You fool! You are not alone! Sandveil and I have other on our side, even others in your clan!" Yelled Duskpelt over the growing sandstorm. "Let me show you the power, the power of the shadows!" He howled. A huge void opened up and started to suck Falconpaw in. Falconpaw screamed in distress. Duskpelt let out a bone-rattling laugh "You can resist! Let it suck you in! Let is suck you into the dark side and then you will understand the true power of the shadows." Windrider had seen enough. She leaped out of her hiding place and between Falconpaw and the hole. She used an old medicine cat mind trick to shock herself awake and out of the dream. It was much harder than usual with the void pulling on her consciousness, but she pushed through. With a jolt, she awoke in the den. She didn't have a moment to spare. She smacked Falconpaw with all of her might. He woke up screaming, not from the smack but from the nightmare...
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  34. Jessie bounded in. "What is going on?! Are you both ok?" She asked calmly yet urgently. Her multi-colored eyes searched eagerly and warily for an answer.
    Jessie had also been dreaming. She saw in her dream the tiny kit Thorn grow to become a large, strong kit and slit her throat with his claws. Her eyes and body language showed fear from the dream.
  35. Windrider took a deep breath "I have something to tell the leader, Falconpaw and I have had a vision. We are still weak, bring him in as fast as you can this is urgent!" Windrider said to Jessie her voice still shaking.
  36. Jessie nodded, running gracefully as fast as her long legs could carry her. She skidded to a stop and announced herself with a loud meow at the entrance to DashStar's den. Jessie shivered. Her long multi-colored coat did little to keep out the cold chill of fear that remained from her dream.
  37. Silverpelt walked through the Dark Temple, "Duskplet, Sandveil, I am here like you have asked." she said to her fellow cats in the Dark Temple.
  38. Duskpelt let out a long low hiss " My runty idiot son refused to join me, and was rescued by that one cat I thought I had killed. We mustn't let Falconpaw get away, we need his blood..."
    Sandveil let out a scratchy laugh " He doesn't have to willingly give his blood. Soon Thorn will be old enough to be of use and he can get the blood for us. But, that is not what I have called you here for tonight Silverpelt youust try and stop Shard Clan from making it to Starlight Shrine at all costs."
  39. "With which I am to help with, I assume?" DiceClaw said. "After all, I am directly involved with the clan."

    DashStar awoke, the dream having ended. He turned to look at the cloth on his wall. One of the cats resembled DawnStar, and the current clan leader placed his paw on the picture.
    "What else do you have to tell me?" he asked. "What is it about the Pyramid? What questions can you answer?" He then turned towards the entrance... and saw Jessie dashing to his chamber. He met her on the way. "Jessie, what's wrong?" he asked.
  40. "It's Falconpaw and Windrider. They need your help, as quick as possible," she mewed urgently. She shook out her multi-colored pelt, as if trying to shake the horrible memory of her own dream away. Even as a kit, she never shared her dreams. She didn't think her dreams were ever important.

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