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Forever Friends - The Tale of a Girl and her Luxray

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by animeluxray175, May 9, 2012.

  1. Hello. I just joined this site and I've been itching to post some Pokemon fanfiction lately. I just didn't know where, until Pokecharms came to mind.

    It's about an energetic twelve-year old girl named Norie who lives in Silverstar Town. She has only one Pokemon and perhaps her only one friend, her faithful Luxray. Follow their adventures and life, but most importantly, enjoy. c:

    Chapter One​

    Norie slowly began to lift her eyelids. She groaned as she rubbed her right eye and then stretched her arms. She proceeded to sit up when she noticed a large heap of shadow blue fur sprawled out over her legs.
    Norie put her hands on the fur and started to shake it gently.
    “Luxray, wake up, girl!” She whispered into her ear. Her ear only fluttered for a brief moment. Norie rocked her around some more, this time being a little more forceful.
    This time she flicked her tail and stretched her limbs.
    Norie chuckled and reached for something on her nightstand. It was a plump Pecha Berry. She pinched it by its delicate leaf and dangled it directly in front of Luxray’s nose.

    The Pokemon’s nose swiveled and then immediately lifted her eyelids. She opened her mouth and Norie dropped it in there. Luxray took a few seconds to savor and lick her lips before looking back at Norie—or at least where Norie was supposed to be.
    Luxray stood up on the bed and looked over at the doorway to see Norie standing there, dangling another Pecha Berry right in front of her.
    “If you want it,” She began. “you need to come get it!”
    And with that, darted down the hall. Luxray raced after her and it didn’t take long for her to catch up and pounce on her master who was just getting ready to speed down a flight of stairs.
    Before the two of them knew it, they were tumbling down the stairs. They landed right in front of Norie’s mother.
    “What were you two doing?” She questioned in a laugh, helping her daughter stand up.
    Norie brushed herself off.
    “I was trying to get Luxray out of bed with this—” She presented the berry to her mother. “You know how much Luxray loves Pecha Berries.”
    “It doesn’t surprise me. They’re so sweet and soft; it’s hard not to love them.” Mother replied, stroking Luxray’s head.

    “In fact, I plan making a Pecha Berry pie later on today. How does that sound?” Mother asked.
    The twelve-year old sprang up in the air and happily exclaimed, “Yes! That sounds great!”
    Norie and Luxray began making her way back upstairs.
    “What are you two going to do?”
    “I’m going to get dressed, then Luxray and I going to go to Eterna Forest!”

    Norie burst into the room and threw on a plum-colored shirt and a black pair of shorts. She slipped on a simple pair of purple shoes and then put her long jet black hair in a ponytail.
    Afterwards they sped out the front door, not bothering to get a bite for breakfast first. Norie hopped onto her bike and started pedaling in the direction to Eterna Forest, Luxray jogging beside her. Norie and her mother lived in a simple small town on Route 205 known as Silverstar Town. It was sunny and sometimes there was not even a cloud in the sky. It got its name from the peaceful evenings that always had sparkling stars on display.
    And thankfully Silverstar Town was not located too far from Eterna Forest, Norie’s favorite place to go with Luxray. It was maybe three or four miles away, but always worth the ride.

    The twosome skidded to a stop once they arrived. Norie got off of her bicycle and parked it against a thin tree. The first thing they did was run to their “secret” training spot: a small clearing.
    Although Norie never planned to leave home and explore the world and challenging gym leaders as some trainers did, she still thought it was important to train her only Pokemon, her faithful Luxray. She found Luxray when she was only a Shinx.
    When Norie was maybe eight or nine (probably younger), something kept eating all the Pecha Berries in their berry garden, and one day Norie and her mother set up a simple trap to catch whatever was eating their food.
    They ended up catching a filthy young Shinx. Norie pleaded to her mother to keep her, and eventually Mother gave up. Needless to say, Shinx was hers and she was Shinx’s.
    “Alright Luxray, hit that tree with Iron Tail!”

    Norie pointed to an innocent small tree. Luxray dashed toward it and sprang up in the air. Her tail became a milky white and then slammed the tree, smashing it in half.
    “Yes! Great job!”
    As a reward, Norie threw Luxray a Pecha Berry.
    “Now, use Thunderbolt on that shrub!”
    Luxray obeyed, blasting a perfect jolt of lightning. The shrub wasn’t so lucky and became a pile of blackened twigs. The attack left the faint smell of smoke in the air.
    “That was magnificent!” Norie exclaimed. This time she threw Luxray two Pecha Berries.
    “Alright, Luxray, now I want you to break this stone using Crunch!” Norie commanded. She held the stone in front of Luxray’s face.
    She grabbed it and started to squeeze it as hard as she could. Suddenly there was an explosion of small pebbles, startling both Norie and Luxray.
    “Excellent, girl!”
    She gave Luxray another Pecha Berry. After eating the berry Luxray passionately nuzzled Norie in the face, nearly knocking her over.
    “I love you, too.” She whispered softly in her large round ear.
    After a few more attacks, Norie and Luxray decided to take a quick break.
    She zipped open her small bag and retrieved a can of lemonade and sat down on the dirt, quickly guzzled some lemonade down while Luxray nibbled at a handful of Chesto and Oran Berries.
    “Aaah!” Norie exhaled after taking a big drink.
    Luxray looked up and beamed at her. Norie stroked the fur on her head and beamed back.
    After finishing her lemonade Norie fell back on the dirt and sighed again.
    “Although I don’t really want to go on a Pokemon journey, I do sometimes wondering what it’s like outside of Silverstar Town.”
    Lux-Lux!” Luxray chimed back, slumping down beside Norie.
    “If I went on a Pokemon journey I know I’d miss Mother too much and all the pies, cookies, and—”
    Luxray growled.
    “Oh, I’m sorry! Am I making you hungry?”
    “Oh please, you’re always hungry, girl.”

    They remained lying on the dirt, gazing up at the clouds and cherishing the beauty of the day. Half an hour later the twosome finally decided to turn back and begin on their way home.
    Norie leaped onto her bike.
    “You ready, Luxray?”
    Luxray replied with a sharp, “Lux-raaay!
    Norie snickered and peddled off, Luxray loping gracefully beside her. When they arrived at their neighborhood they could already smell the aroma of Pecha Becha pie.
    “Hurry, Luxray!” Norie exclaimed, peddling slightly faster.
    They halted right in front of their house and Norie parked her bike by the front door and then they burst inside.
    The two found themselves meeting eyes with Mother, who was just standing by the sink.
    “Oh, it’s just you two. Could you ring the doorbell next time? You scared the life out of me.”
    “Sorry, Mother, we just got a little bit excited.”
    “Are you two hungry?”
    “Yeah, for some pie! Is it finished yet?”
    “Almost. It needs a few more minutes. Take a seat in the meantime.”
    Norie sighed impatiently and seated herself at the table. “Fiiine.” She grumbled in her thoughts.
    Mother slid into a seat across from Norie’s, sipping from her coffee cup.
    “So how was your time in Eterna Forest?”
    “It was nice.” Norie replied with a grin. “We got lots of training done.”
    “Haven’t you ever wanted all that training to pay off, Norie?”

    Norie exhaled deeply and leaned on her elbow. She knew what her mother was about to talk about.
    “It does pay off, Mother—Luxray and I become a stronger team.”
    “But haven’t you ever wanted to show someone how strong you two are?”
    “We do! Luxray and I battle lots of trainers. We don’t win all of the battles, but it’s still fun to show them what we’re made of!” Norie smiled over to Luxray, who was sitting in front of the oven, watching the pie cook anxiously.
    “Yes, but haven’t you wanted to show someone else what you’re made of? Like a gym leader?”
    Norie looked down.
    “No, not really. I’m not really into that 'badge' stuff like other trainers are.” She said quietly.
    Mother sighed in defeat.
    “Fine. After all, I can’t force you to.”
    Not twenty seconds later did a buzzer go off.
    “I’ll be right back, that’s the pie.”
    Mother returned with a steamy hot pie a minute later.
    “Would you like a big or small piece, Norie?” Mother asked with a warm smile creased across her face.
    “Big piece!”
    Norie watched Mother hack away at the pie, placing a gigantic slice on a saucer and passing it to her.

    Norie didn’t waste a second to dig in.
    “I’m assuming you’d like a big piece too, Luxray?”
    The twosome greedily stuffed their faces. They hardly left a crumb. The two slices had both been devoured in less than ten minutes.
    After wolfing down their food, they both sprawled out on the living room floor.
    “Aaah, that was great, wasn’t it?” Norie asked.
    A bloated Luxray only nodded.
    Norie started to giggle. “Luxray, you’ve got crumbs all over your face!” She pointed to a series of pink crumbs scattered all around her mouth and in her mane.
    There was a short moment of silence, and then the two broke into laughter. They sat up and Norie embraced her.
    “Forever friends, right?”
    Luxray nuzzled her and this time she did knock her over. Luxray licked her face as she tried to recover.
    “Yeah, yeah, I love you too. Do you want to go to park first thing tomorrow?”

    Luxray yipped again in happiness, wagging her tail so fast Norie was worried that it might clear everything off of the coffee table.

    Norie pressed her face against Luxray's and whispered,
    “And so do I,”
  2. It's a little short, yes.

    Chapter Two​

    As Norie and Luxray had planned, as soon as they awoke they started getting ready to go to Silverstar Park, the cheeriest place in town. It was a very popular gathering place for trainers and perfect for battling and training. Like Eterna Forest, it was maybe three or four miles away, but it didn’t really bother the two. In fact Norie loved the ride there because she got to ride through where a lot of tall buildings and skyscrapers were. She loved looking up and seeing all the foundations towering above her.
    Not only were there lots of buildings to look at, they could smell lots of delicious foods being cooked. Sometimes Norie and Luxray would stop to share a hot dog loaded with mustard.
    They were just about to rush out the door when Norie’s mother halted them.
    “Wait, Norie!” She called.
    Norie was just turning the doorknob.
    “Have you eaten breakfast? I can’t let you go hungry.”
    “Don’t worry; I have a snack and some lemonade in my bag!”
    “No, you need to eat a meal. I let you go without breakfast yesterday and now you need to eat today.”
    “Okay, fine.” Norie slowly walked over to the table and took a seat, where a plate had three hot pancakes piled on top. Norie wolfed them down and shouted, “I’m leaving, bye!” to her mom before she and Luxray hurried out the door. Norie sprang onto her bike and rode off.
    As they whizzed down streets and avenues a colorful banner caught Norie’s attention and she jammed the life out of her brakes. They skidded to a stop.
    “Huh, what’s this?”

    The banner read:
    30% off on all goods and supplies this week!
    And it was taped to the window of a Poké Mart

    “We do need some supplies, don’t we Luxray?”
    “Yeah, I think you’re right, so let’s go in!”
    They walked in and immediately headed to the Potion aisle, snagging a small basket along the way.
    “I wonder who we’ll battle at the park.” Norie said to Luxray, taking two battles of Fresh Water from the shelf.
    “Yeah, I hope we win those battles don’t you?” Norie reached for the last bottle of Super Potion.
    As soon as she put her hand on it someone hissed, “Hey!”
    Norie flinched and look to her left to see a girl with a long steel blue hair and her hand on the same bottle of Super Potion. Standing next to her was an Absol
    “Oh, sorry, you can have it.” Norie said. She released her grip on the spray bottle and allowed the other girl to put it into her basket.
    “It's alright. Thanks.” The girl grinned.
    “Are you on a Pokémon journey?” Norie asked.
    “Me? No. I live around here, in fact, and I was on my way to Silverstar Park.”
    “Really? So am I! We go to Silverstar Park a lot together, right Luxray?”

    Luxray nuzzled Norie in the face.
    “I’ve been four or five times, but I don’t think I saw you.” The girl replied.
    “We also hang out in Eterna Forest sometimes. We train in our secret training spot and it’s a lot of fun.”
    “Why don’t we continue onto Silverstar Park together? We can battle when we get there!”
    Norie smiled.
    “Yeah, sure. It’ll be fun and most of all we can see who’s stronger!”
    After paying for their items Norie went outside to see that the girl, who introduced herself as Omi, had a bike as well.
    And her Absol would keep up beside her just like Luxray would.

    When they arrived at the park, they spread out between each other.
    “You can go first, Norie!” Omi shouted.
    “Thanks! Luxray, use Iron Tail!” Norie instructed.
    Luxray sprang into the air as her tail grew white and she prepared to slam it down onto Absol.
    “Dodge it, Absol! Then use Shadow Ball!”
    Absol swiftly moved out of harm’s way and then fired Shadow Ball at Luxray.
    “Luxray, use Iron Tail and hurl it back at Absol!”
    Luxray’s tail shined white again and whacked the dark glob back at Absol. Absol failed to dodge this time and fell to the ground.
    Absol quickly recovered and staggered back to its feet.
    “Absol, use Double Team!”
    Suddenly several copies of Absol started to surround Luxray.
    Luxray flinched and nervously chirped, “Luuuux?”
    “Don’t fall for it, Luxray! Use Discharge!”
    Luxray let loose an array of thunder bolts. Every Absol vanished instantly, including the real one, which suffered a terrible shock.
    “Come on! Get up, now, Absol! Keep fighting!”
    Absol slowly rose back to its feet.
    Absool!” It howled as it stood back up. The scythe on the side of its face shined brightly and when it stopped, it looked sturdy and as hard as a rock.
    “Absol, use Shadow Claw!”

    The claws on one of Absol’s paws became a ghostly black and it leaped into the air, ready to land on Luxray.
    “Luxray, use Spark!”
    Luxray’s body became engulfed in electricity. When Absol landed its claws onto Luxray it wailed as volts flowed throughout its body.
    A fried Absol dropped to the ground.
    Absol weakly tried to rise again.
    “Absol, don’t get back up!” Omi called, running over to it.
    She kneeled down beside it.
    “The battle’s over, Absol. You lost, but were still very great out there.”
    Omi gently placed to fingers on Absol’s scythe and felt it softening by the second.
    Absoooll?” Absol sighed.
    Omi chuckled. “You must be tired. Why don’t we go to the Pokémon Center so they can heal you?”

    “So Luxray is your only Pokémon?” Omi questioned as they patiently waited for their Pokémon to heal. They sat on a rather comfortable bench, watching their Pokémon slumber and regain strength through a glass window.
    “Yes, but she’s all I need. I love her so much.” Norie replied.
    “Absol is my only Pokémon, too. We have a Glameow at home, but she’s not really mine—she’s more like the family’s. By the way, how do you know your Luxray is female?”
    “Because one day, when I was little and Luxray was a Luxio, we were battling a trainer with a Tauros that knew Attract. And you know how Tauros are only male Pokémon, so she had to be female.”
    “Wow, that’s neat.”
    “If you’d like, I could use Attract on your Absol to see if it’s male or female when our Pokémon wake up. I actually taught my Luxray how to use it a few months ago.”
    “Thanks, that’d be nice! I always wanted to know what Absol’s gender was.”
    Omi suddenly coughed.
    “What’s wrong, Omi?”
    “My throats a little dry—I’m going to a vending machine real quick.”
    “Wait, I have two bottles of Fresh Water.” Norie said. “You could have one if you’d like.”
    “Thanks, Norie!”
    Norie handed her one of the bottles and Omi guzzled some down.
    “Aaah, how refreshing!”
    “Yeah, I know, right?” Norie said, grabbing a can of lemonade from her bag and popping it open.
    “My, haven’t we become such good friends?” Omi chuckled.
    “Oh, you’re right! We actually have. I didn’t realize it.” Norie replied.
    Suddenly Luxray and Absol started to stir.
    “Looks like our Pokémon are beginning to wake up, so we should get ready to go.”

    “So, I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” Omi asked.
    It was time for Norie to return home now and they were saying their goodbyes.
    “I’ll try to make it to the park, but I won’t promise anything.” Norie answered.
    “Okay, I understand. Bye, Luxray!” Omi stroked her head.
    “See you later, Omi!” Norie said, beginning to get on her bike.
    “Wait, Norie!”
    Norie whirled around. “Huh?”
    “You forgot to tell me what Absol’s gender is.”
    “Oh, right. Thanks for reminding me.” Norie looked at Luxray. “Use Attract, Luxray!”
    Luxray winked at Absol and fired an array of hearts at it.
    Absol’s eyes became hearts and it started to get dizzy, wobbling in place.
    “Boy.” Norie said.
    “Here that, Absol? You’re a boy!” Omi said after Absol recovered.
    “Abssoool?” Absol said in a tone that clearly read, “I think I know that already.”
    “Goodbye, Omi, I’ll see you later! My mother’s waiting for me.” Norie exclaimed.

    And with that, she rode off into the horizon.
  3. Chapter Three​

    “So what did you do at the park yesterday? Did you win any battles?” Mother asked, taking a sip of tea.
    “We battled one trainer and won against her.” Norie replied before taking another bite of scrambled eggs. “Her name was Omi.”
    “Really? What Pokémon did she have?”
    “Just one—an Absol.” Norie guzzled down her orange juice while Luxray picked at her Pokémon food. “We actually became friends with her. She’s nice and her Absol is strong.”
    “Aaah, that’s nice. What are you and Luxray going to do today?”
    “We don’t know just yet. We might go to Eterna Forest and go to our secret training grounds.”
    “Would you mind walking to the market and getting some items for me?”
    “Uh, okay, sure. What do you need?”
    Mother handed her a slip of paper and some money to pay for the goods.
    It read: Bread, Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Elbow Pasta, Milk, and an extra for you and Luxray
    “This is all, right? You don’t need anything else, do you, Mother?”
    “Nope, that’s all.”
    Norie took another look at the second, third, and forth items on the shopping list.
    “We’re having Macaroni and cheese tonight, your favorite—and Luxray’s favorite, of course.” Mother explained.
    Mother made the best macaroni and cheese in the world. The cheese was melted to perfection and then combined with pasta that had been boiled until they were soft and tender. Sometimes Mother would pour a little milk so it wouldn’t be too thick and loosen things up.

    Norie snickered.
    “Luxray likes everything I like. What a copycat!” She thought.
    Aloud, Norie said, “I think I should be on my way, now. We’ll be back.”

    “But Norie, you haven’t finished your breakfast.” Mother called as she and Luxray walked out of the kitchen.
    “It’s alright, I’m full!” She called and then walked out the door.

    The walk to the market wasn’t very far—in fact, it was maybe a mile and half walk (probably less.)
    Norie paused when she found herself under the sign that read, “ANDY’S MARKET” in giant letters.
    She and Luxray entered the store and went off to find the items they needed for supper this evening.
    Once she paid for her things she left the store carrying a large brown paper sac. Luxray carried their treats in a smaller paper sac. What were their treats? Two king-sized chocolate bars with a creamy center.
    “Whoa, wait up!” A voice called from behind them.
    It was Omi and her Absol. She too was carrying a sac in her arms.
    “Oh, hey, Omi. What are you doing here?”
    “I told you, Absol and I live around here, remember?” She chuckled.
    They started walking together.
    “So do I. I’m heading home right now. But if you live around here, how come I haven’t seen you around or in the market?”
    “Well, we just moved in two months ago and my parents didn’t really want me going out too much because they didn’t really know their way around Silverstar Town yet and they couldn’t find me if I got lost. I’ve only been going out on my own for like, two or three weeks. Ugh, they kept me inside forever.”
    “I see.” Norie looked over to Absol. “Hey, Absol! Have you been getting stronger?”
    “Absol, Ab!” Absol answered.
    “I hope you have, because you and your master are going to be having a rematch sometime.” Norie said.
    “Yeah, and I’M going to win this time.” Omi said confidently.
    “We’ll see about that.” Norie chuckled under her breath.
    “Here’s my house, so I have to go now.” Omi said, pausing in front of a small red house.
    “Wow, I didn’t know you lived so close to me. I live further down the road where there’s maybe only like nine houses. There’s a lot of wide open space.”
    “Why don’t you come visit me sometime?” Omi suggested.
    “I’ll need to ask my mother first, but I should be able to.” Norie grinned.
    “Alright, see you later!” Omi opened her front door and walked in.

    “So you and Omi don’t live that far from each other after all?” Mother asked after Norie returned.
    “Nope. She wants to know if I can visit her.” Norie said, putting the groceries away.
    “Of course you can. I think it’s great that you have a friend other than Luxray.”
    At suppertime Norie and Luxray devoured helping after helping of macaroni and cheese.
    “Slow down, you two, whoa!” Mother laughed.
    “Sorry, it’s just so yummy, Mother!”
    “I know it’s delicious, but slow down and take the time to enjoy your food. Don’t wolf it down like that or you’ll get upset tummies.”
    “Ha! Luxray and I don’t get upset tummies. We live to eat and eat to live! Now pass me the macaroni and cheese bowl.”
    Norie piled more onto her plate.
    Luxray growled.
    “Oh, you want more too, Luxray?”
    Norie filled Luxray’s bowl.
    “What am I going to do with you two…?” Mother chuckled. “You two just love to eat.”
    “Could I visit Omi tomorrow? I remember where she lives.” Norie asked.
    “It’s fine by me, dear. But take it easy, they just moved in.”
    “I will!”

    Norie had only put her knuckles on the bronze-colored door when it swung open.
    “Norie!” A voice shrilled happily. “You came! Hey!”
    “Hi, Omi! I thought I’d come visit you at your new home.” Norie smiled.
    “Luxxraay!” Luxray chimed in.
    “I’m glad to see you, too, Luxray!” Omi exclaimed. Her Absol was standing behind her smiling. “Step inside and I’ll be glad to give you a tour of our house!”
    Omi showed Norie every room in the house. She introduced Norie into their Glameow, her grandmother and her parents.
    She saved the best room for last—her bedroom.
    It was no bigger than Norie’s room—not like it really mattered or anything. The walls were decked with framed photos of Absol and Omi and various Pokémon related posters. She even had a purple lava lamp on her nightstand.
    “It’s a nice room!” Norie said. “I like it a lot. My room is quite plain.”
    “Thanks!” Omi collapsed on a violet beanbag chair and stretched out. Norie eventually sat down and crossed her legs. “What would you like to do, Norie?”
    “I know this delicious pie shop in town. We can ride our bikes there and get a bite.”
    “Really? Then let’s go!”

    “So this is it, right?” Omi questioned, watching a sign reading, “GRACIE’S DESSERTS” dangle above her head.
    “Yep!” Norie answered, putting her bike in the rack. “Let’s go inside, shall we?”
    They entered and a bell jingled. Luxray and Absol were to wait patiently outside for them. They sat across each other at a table and opened the menus before a waitress approached.
    “Hello and welcome Gracie’s Desserts. I am Sierra and I am delighted to be your waitress today. What can I get you two young ladies?”
    “The ‘Chocolate Blast’ sounds good. What are you getting, Omi?”
    “I guess I’ll just the ‘Lemon Swirl.’” Omi said.
    “All with extra whipped cream!” Norie added quickly.
    “Alright, is that all? Then I’ll be back shortly with your food.”
    “The Lemon Swirl is really good. It’s one of my favorites—especially since lemons are my favorite fruits.” Norie said.
    “Lemons are your favorite fruits? But how? They’re so sour!”
    “Not to me. I’ve eaten them so much I’m almost immune to the taste!” Norie replied. “But don’t worry—they make the lemony parts sweet.”

    “Here you go, ladies. Enjoy.” The waitress returned and placed two plates on the table.
    Norie immediately started on her pie.
    Omi hesitated for a few seconds before picking up her fork and slicing off a small chunk.
    Norie looked up and watched carefully as Omi bit it off, chewing thoroughly before swallowing.
    “It’s good!” Omi exclaimed. “You were right—the lemony parts do taste quite sweet.” She took another bite.
    Norie smirked.
    “I knew you’d like it.”
    Once the two finished Norie left the amount of money corresponding with the price on the bill and exited the store.
    “My, that was delicious.” Omi said, mounting her bike.
    Norie was petting Luxray.
    “Yeah, they have other good food and not just pies. Their milkshakes are well done and so are their cakes and cookies.”
    Norie stepped onto her bike.
    “I suppose we should be on our way home now.”
    “You’re right—let’s go.”
    They peddled off.

    After Norie arrived at home she checked in with her mother before riding off to her secret training area in Eterna Forest.
    “Luxray, use Thunder on that tree!” Norie ordered.
    Luxray fired a lightning bolt at an ash tree. It was burnt to a crisp and it toppled to the ground smoking.
    “Now use Iron Tail!”
    Luxray soared into the air as her tail shined white and then cut the tree’s trunk right down the middle. It split into two.
    “Magnificent!” Norie tossed Luxray a Pecha Berry. “Keep it up, girl! Use—” Luxray shoved Norie to the ground nuzzling her.
    Norie laughed.
    “Okay, okay! I love you too, alright? Just get off!”
    The bushes suddenly began shivering. There was no wind, so it had to be a Pokémon.
    “Luxray, why don’t we take a look?”
    Luxray grinned and nodded, replying with a, “Lux!
    She cautiously approached the rustling bushes and her eyes started to glow gold.
    Lux-Lux!” She barked in alarm.
    “What is it, Luxray?”
    Luxray growled and then suddenly a Beedrill rose from the brush, fluttering its wings as it lifted itself in to the air.
    “I-It’s a Beedrill!” Norie gasped. The Beedrill’s stingers suddenly grew violet and it charged straight at Luxray, buzzing violently.
    “Oh no—it’s Poison Jab! Luxray, move out of the way!”
    But it was already too late—just as Luxray prepared to jump to out of the way Beedrill prodded her in her sides.
    Luuuuuxxxray!” She wailed as she flew back and skidded across the dirt.
    “Luxray!” Norie ran to her side and hugged her. “Are you okay?”

    She looked back up to the Beedrill hovering right in front of her. Norie braced herself.
    Luxray snarled and released a weak jolt of electricity at Beedrill. It wasn’t enough to defeat it—but enough to frighten it away.
    Not long after, Luxray fell unconscious.
    Norie shook the Pokémon.
    “Luxray?” She chirped worriedly. “Wake up!”
    Then it hit her—Luxray was poisoned.
    Norie reached into her bag for a Pecha Berry and waved it in front of Luxray’s nose. Luxray regained consciousness for a brief moment to open her mouth and consume the berry, but then fainted again afterwards.

    How would Norie get home? She couldn’t bear to leave her friend out in the wilderness while she went back home to get her Mother, yet Luxray wasn’t comfortable in her Pokéball and preferred being next to Norie at all times.
    Norie stayed by Luxray’s side for two hours, watching her stir fitfully in her sleep, fighting the poison as best as she could. Her breaths would occasionally become rapid and quick.
    “Mother’s probably so worried…” Norie thought.
    Eventually it became late in the afternoon. Norie stroked Luxray when she briefly woke up.
    “I know you’re in pain, girl. Here, have another Pecha Berry.”
    Luxray ate it and then groaned in agony.
    “What you really need is a Pokémon Center. The berries won’t do.” Norie felt Luxray’s forehead. “You have a fever—but it’s good because it means your body’s fighting the poison.”
    But Norie still didn’t know how much more Luxray could take. Luxray lifted a forepaw and set it on Norie’s leg.
    Norie smiled and a tear spilled from her eye and she clutched the paw.

    “Things will be alright, girl. I promise.”

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