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Forever, Again and Again (PoChaNoWriMo)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. (The only story long enough for this challenge..and a story I've always wanted to get out. I love my Rain.)

    The sun was excruciatingly bright and she had to raise her arm to shield her eyes, but Rain was still thankful for the beautiful day. A few merchants shoved their way past her, their arms full of exotic fruits and gems. Other people rushed by, either on their way to begin a journey across the desert or just to get home to their families. Rain smiled slightly, raising a hand to pat Gobi on his neck. The camel let out a small groan, which was in his language a way of showing his contentment. Looking around, Rain watched slaves pass back and forth, sweat running from their pores. Strangely enough, Rain didn't sweat. Her pale skin was always icy cool, and never even took on a tan. For this reason alone, everyone she passed had to at least cast a glance in her direction. Their hazel and brown eyes would meet her glacier blue ones, and they couldn't help but shiver. There had always been something different about the woman.

    Gobi snorted, stopping in place, and only then Rain realized they had finally reached home. She reached out, touching the hot stone doorway after making sure no one was around to see what happened next. Crevices in the stone seemed to light up, becoming light blue in color. The rock door slide to the side, revealing a pitch black cavern within. Gobi waited for his master to step inside, then followed after her. With a loud slam, the rock slid shut.

    Her eyes fluttered open, only to meet pure darkness. She groaned, tilting her head to the left to see that the dark wasn't as pure as she thought. A bright red glow met her eyes and she squinted. 3:28 AM. With a loud groan, Rain slid off the couch, her knees touching the carpet. She yawned, slowly getting to her feet and shuffling into the bathroom. Another dream, just like she had every night for the past year. She dodged the bathroom door, flipping the light switch on. “Urrg.” Squinting, she shut the door behind her, locking it. After standing in the bathroom for a good minute, her blue eyes finally became accustomed to the light and she stared at the shower. “Might as well.” Rain stripped off her pajamas and turned on the water, nearly as hot as it could go. Still, it didn't feel hot enough for her, she was always way too cold. Stepping in, she let out a long sigh. “What does that cavern look like beyond the darkness?” She found herself whispering. Her own voice startled her and she froze for a moment, then began to scrub.

    Stepping out of the shower, Rain grabbed her dark red towel and wrapped it around herself. She shivered lightly and walked over to the mirror, wiping away the fog that layered it. She stared at her somewhat pale reflection. Her blue eyes were almost emotionless, and there were small tired circles around them. She rubbed her cheek a bit, yawning quietly. Rain snapped out of her trance, drying off her hair and beginning to dress. She looked up at the bathroom clock. 4 AM. Didn't matter, she decided to dress in her clothes for the day anyway- a tight black dress that ended in silver lace, fishnet stockings, and black and pink striped arm warmers.

    Rain searched the house for an hour for her boots without even turning on a light. She finally found the knee high, black, lace-up boots in the corner of the kitchen. She belatedly realized she must have left them in that spot when she had decided to cook dinner after the concert the night before. This thought made her feel even more exhausted. She sat heavily on the couch, pulling on the boots and lacing them up slowly while staring out the dark living room window. Her eyes were so focused on the night sky, she couldn't look away for a while.

    9 AM. Rain's eyes opened slowly. She was curled up against an arm of her couch, already dressed. “Uhh..” She groaned softly, hardly remembering waking up and showering earlier. It seemed like a dream. She sat up, putting her head in her hands and running her fingers through her black and pink hair. “Nnn..” Rain snatched up the remote from the table, turning on her small flatscreen television. There was a news report about Egypt on. She stared at the sands for a moment, then turned the TV back off, not wanting to think about her dream any more.

    “Rain? You home?”

    Rain shot a glance at her front door. She hadn't even heard a knock. “Yeah, Trin. Come in.” She brought her knees up to her chest and watched calmly as the door opened and Trinity stepped in. “Morning. Want tea?”

    Trinity smiled warmly. “No hun, that's alright. I got my caffeine.” She held up a large energy drink and laughed when Rain stuck out her tongue in disgust. “I know, you don't like it.” She stood there for a moment, looking Rain over. “You didn't sleep well last night again, did you?”

    Rain sighed lowly. “How'd you know?” She mumbled as the taller woman came over and sat down beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Rain immediately felt better. Trinity had that power over Rain, and always had since Rain was just a baby. She spent years taking care of the girl, and knew just how to calm her. “Thanks.” Rain laid her head against Trinity and was quiet for a bit.

    Trinity was the first to speak again. “What are you doing today?”

    “I got another concert at seven.”

    “Awesome, I'll totally be there.” Trinity grinned, setting her energy drink down on the coffee table. “In all seriousness, I think you guys are totally smashing that other band.”

    Rain looked up at Trinity. “What, those gothy guys? I can't even remember their name, but I really think they're doing better. Have you SEEN their vocalist?”

    “Have you seen YOU?! You're hot.”

    Rain growled, pushing her guardian playfully. “Shut up.”
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